Monday, September 30, 2013

The Solution Meisters

Liberalism is built on "problem" solving. For Liberals, and a lot of other naive or idealist people, there are no insoluble problems.

If they appear to be insoluble or intractable, it's just that the Liberal solution hasn't been applied yet...or correctly...or long enough...or fully...or liberally enough...or whatever.

Since Liberals all worship the idea of equality and profess to find inequality as the prime source of moral evil, their response to any inequality they dislike* is just to prescribe more equality. By any means necessary.

And Liberal solutions always require more law, with penal or financial sanctions, more bureaucratic regulation, more taxing and spending, and more energetic cultural reshaping of human nature and society against its grain.

And somehow, there are always problems left for Liberals to solve, an endless supply of "victims".

*There's lots of inequalities they quite like, but we aren't allowed to notice that.

theological musings

If, as Mormonism asserts, there was no Church on earth from the death of the last apostle to the LDS restoration in the 19th century, why, one wonders, did the Mormon God let that awful situation go on for all that time? Every human born is an incarnation of a pre-existent spirit-child of that Mormon God and his wife or wives, a literal son or daughter. Why let so many of your offspring be born so, well, pointlessly, into times when their progress toward exaltation was simply unavailable to them?

I wonder the same thing about the Reformation. All those many centuries of decay, when the True Faith was unavailable. How do Prots make sense of that?

One of the things that theists have to deal with, and don't, is that in the long evolution of the planet, aeons prior to the emergence of Homo sapiens, "innocent" animals were suffering and dying, killing and being killed, eating and being eaten, in vast numbers. These creatures, lacking immortal souls, can have no recompense for their pain. God designed all that, long before, as the Christians say, the sin of Adam and Eve brought death into the world. What does that say about The Creator?

One of the characteristics of polytheist paganism is that ultimate power does not belong to the gods. Whether they be Greek or Norse, what rules them all is Fate. (And Eros...)

In Buddhism, where there is no God, it is Karma which rules all. Merely Fate with an ethical twist.


Racial Rapture

In the egregiously sentimental 1949 Christmas film, It's A Wonderful Life, the guardian angel Clarence shows a suicidal Jimmy Stewart what life would have been like in Bedford Falls without him. Realizing his unexpectedly pivotal role in so many people's happiness, he puts aside his gun.

Perhaps the most useful way in which I have wriggled out from under the juggernaut of our culture's fraudulent Racial Narrative --Racist Whites oppressing Noble Peoples of Color-- is by doing my own thought-experiment version of Capra's movie: It's A Wonderful Race.

It's a two step process. First, you have to acquire some basic factual and statistical information about each of the four major race-group players in the US: White, Black, Brown and Yellow*.
As a group, what is their economic state (what is their wealth, where does it come from and how do they spend it), what skill sets do they excel at or show lack of aptitude for, what are their physical and intellectual endowments and achievements, how many engineers, skilled tradesmen, scientists, politicians, bankers, teachers, physicians and nurses, cops and military, business owners, etc do they have, what are their mating and family patterns, their cultural norms and values (real, not PR), what are their crime rates, educational and health trends, etc. All this is available online if you're willing to look for it.
Secondly, do what Capra did for Stewart: remove each group, one by one, with all their strengths and weaknesses, from the USA and then describe what unfolds in their absence. Sort of like The Rapture, but racial.

This gives you a sense of who they concretely are, as a group, by seeing the world without them, just as Clarence showed Jimmy. What changes? What's better? What's worse?

America without Whites. America without Blacks. America without Browns (Hispanics). And American without Yellows (Asians and Pacific Islanders).

It's eye-opening.

You can do it with sub-sets, too. America without Jews. America without LGBTQs. America without Catholics. America without Somalis.
Two objections have been made to this experiment. First, since Whites are still about 2/3 of the country --something that, were you to get all your info from the media, you would never know--- it is unfair to compare a big majority with minorities. Well, this experiment is about the real world, not some racially adjusted flat playing field abstraction. And anyway, if you took the N factors and made them into percentages and then made all four groups equal in N, you'd get similar results.

The second objection is that this obscures individuals and exceptions. Yes. But that's not a valid objection. Individuals and exceptions are statistically insignificant.
A variation on this game, which I outlined in one of  my longer pieces on "multiculturalism" and "racism" is to remove three of the groups and imagine a series of mono-racial societies. That makes it even clearer.

Of the several conclusions I have drawn from this Capra-inspired game, I will say only one, the one which cracked the grip of the dogmas both of racial equality and White-Black oppression. Given the real shape of these two groups --especially after 50 years of "civil rights" obsession-- White America is not the oppressor of Black America; we're the only thing holding them up.

The Narrative is false.

And the reason I focus on this so much, this most taboo-laden** and dangerously explosive of topics, is that, to mix cultural metaphors, my group, the White race, is committing hara-kiri out of shame, based entirely on a story that is a lie.


*The Red men are not included here because they are so few, just under 1% of the 313+ million people counted in the 2010 census.

**If you'll pardon the etymological pun, nice White people blanch at this kind of discussion of race, having been so thoroughly brainwashed.

PS, and for all you feminists out there, try removing all the males and see what happens.


H8 fun

A young Texan grew up wanting to be a lawman. He grew up big, 6′ 2″, strong as a longhorn, and fast as a mustang. He could shoot a bottle cap tossed in the air at 40 paces.
When he finally came of age, he applied to where he had only dreamed of working: the West Texas Sheriff’s Department.

After a series of tests and interviews, the Chief Deputy finally called him into his office for the young man’s last interview.

The Chief Deputy said, “You’re a big strong kid and you can really shoot. So far your qualifications all look good, but we have, what you might call, an “Attitude Suitability Test”, that you must take before you can be accepted.
We don’t let just anyone carry our badge, son.”

Then, sliding a service pistol and a box of ammo across the desk, the Chief said,

“Take this pistol and go out and shoot:
six illegal aliens,
six meth dealers,
six Muslim extremists,
six Democrats,
and a rabbit.”

“Why the rabbit?” queried the applicant.

“You pass,” said the Chief Deputy.”When can you start?”

HT to Bookworm Room

PS Ex Cathedra would have asked, "Why only six?"


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Out of the mouths of cranks

An astonishingly prophetic piece, written in October 1923, by the famed American iconoclast, misanthrope and journalist from Baltimore, H.L. Mencken, 1880-1956.

H.L. Mencken

Whoever it was translated the Bible into excellent French prose is chiefly responsible for the collapse of Christianity in France. Contrariwise, the men who put the Bible into archaic, sonorous and often unintelligible English gave Christianity a new lease on life wherever English is spoken.

They did their work at a time of great theological blather and turmoil, when men of all sorts, even the least intelligent, were beginning to take a vast and unhealthy interest in exegetics and apologetics.  They were far too shrewd to feed this disconcerting thirst for ideas with a Bible in plain English; the language they used was deliberately artificial even when it was new.  They thus dispersed the mob by appealing to its emotions, as a mother quiets a baby by crooning to it.  The Bible that they produced was so beautiful that the great majority of men, in the face of it, could not fix their minds on the ideas in it.  To this day it has enchanted the English-speaking peoples so effectively that, in the main, they remain Christians, at least sentimentally.  Paine has assaulted them, Darwin and Huxley have assaulted them, and a multitude of other merchants of facts have assaulted them, but they still remember the twenty-third Psalm when the doctor begins to shake his head, they are still moved beyond compare (though not, alas, to acts!) by the Sermon on the Mount, and they still turn once a year from their sordid and degrading labors to immerse themselves unabashed in the story of the manger. It is not much, but it is something.  I do not admire the general run of American Bible-searchers -- Methodists, United Brethren, Baptists and such vermin.  But try to imagine what the average low-browed Methodist would be if he were not a Methodist but an atheist!

The Latin Church, which I constantly find myself admiring, despite its frequent astounding imbecilities, has always kept clearly before it the fact that religion is not a syllogism, but a poem.  It is accused by Protestant dervishes of withholding the Bible from the people.  To some extent this is true; to the same extent the church is wise; again to the same extent it is prosperous.  Its toying with ideas, in the main, has been confined to its clergy, and they have commonly reduced the business to a harmless play of technicalities --- the awful concepts of Heaven and Hell brought down to the level of a dispute of doctors in long gowns, eager only to dazzle other doctors.  Its greatest theologians remain unknown to 99% of its adherents.  Rome, indeed, has not only preserved the original poetry in Christianity; it has also made capital additions to that poetry -- for example, the poetry of the saints, of Mary, of the liturgy itself.  A solemn high mass must be a thousand times as impressive, to a man with any genuine religious sense in him, as the most powerful sermon ever roared under the big-top by a Presbyterian auctioneer of God.  In the face of such overwhelming beauty it is not necessary to belabor the faithful with logic; they are better convinced by letting them alone.

Preaching is not an essential part of the Latin ceremonial.  It was little employed in the early church, and I am convinced that good effects would flow from abandoning it today, or, at all events, reducing it to a few sentences, more or less formal.  In the United States the Latin brethren have been seduced by the example of the Protestants, who commonly transform an act of worship into a puerile intellectual exercise; instead of approaching God in fear and wonder these Protestants settle back in their pews, cross their legs, and listen to an ignoramus try to prove that he is a better theologian than the Pope.  This folly the Romans now slide into.  Their clergy begin to grow argumentative, doctrinaire, ridiculous.  It is a pity.  A bishop in his robes, playing his part in the solemn ceremonial of the Mass, is a dignified spectacle, even though he may sweat freely; the same bishop, bawling against Darwin half an hour later, is seen to be simply an elderly Irishman with a bald head, the son of a respectable saloon-keeper in South Bend, Indiana.

Let the reverend fathers go back to Bach.  If they keep on spoiling poetry and spouting ideas, the day will come when some extra-bombastic deacon will astound humanity and insult God by proposing to translate the liturgy into American, that all the faithful may be convinced by it.


(Which is exactly what happened.)

The Blabbing Pope

The Vatican tells us that Pope Francis has warned the Vatican police not to listen to or engage in gossip.

And he, as well as his recent predecessors, tells the world to stop fighting and have dialogue and be brothers and just, well, be nice, dammit.

It's been terrifically effective.

From Allan Bloom's The Closing Of The American Mind

There is so much effort wasted on exhorting men "to practice virtues that they rarely perfect, whose goodness for the individuals who practice them is questionable, and the preachings of which are boring to everyone concerned."

The Lucifer Principle

From Howard Bloom's work:

Five simple concepts help explain these human currents. Each section of this book concentrates on one of those concepts... and its sometimes startling implications. Together, these concepts are the foundation underlying the Lucifer Principle.

Concept number one: the principle of self-organizing systems--replicators--bits of structure that function as mini-factories, assembling raw materials, then churning out intricate products. These natural assembly units (genes are one example) crank out their goods so cheaply that the end results are appallingly expendable. Among those expendable products are you and me.

Concept number two: the superorganism. We are not the rugged individuals we would like to be. We are, instead, disposable parts of a being much larger than ourselves.

Concept number three: the meme--a self-replicating cluster of ideas. Thanks to a handful of biological tricks, these visions become the glue that holds together civilizations, giving each culture its distinctive shape, making some intolerant of dissent and others open to diversity. They are the tools with which we unlock the forces of nature. Our visions bestow the dream of peace. They also turn us into killers.

Concept number four: the neural net, the group mind whose eccentric mode of operation manipulates our emotions and turns us into components of a massive learning machine.

Concept number five: the pecking order. The naturalist who discovered this "dominance hierarchy" in a Norwegian farmyard called it the key to despotism. Pecking orders exist among men, monkeys, wasps... and even nations. They help explain why the danger of barbarians is real, and why the assumptions of our foreign policies are often wrong.

Five simple ideas. Yet the insights they yield are amazingly rich. They reveal why doctors are not always as powerful as they seem, but why we are compelled to believe in them nonetheless. They explain how Hinduism--the religion of ultimate peace--grew from the greed of a tribe of bloodthirsty killers, and why nature disposes of men far more casually than women. They shed light on America's decline... and the dangers that lie ahead of us.

Above all, they illuminate a mystery that has eternally eluded man... the root of the evil that haunts our lives. For within the five small ideas we will pursue there lurks a force that rules us.


Error has no rights

That was a phrase used by conservative Catholics of long ago as a rejoinder to those who wanted to have religious freedom in Catholic countries for Protestants and other misguided misbelievers.

How can an untruth have rights? That why, quite logically, when the Roman Empire moved from persecuting Christianity (from 64 AD on) to tolerating Christianity (313 AD) to institutionalizing Christianity as the State religion (380 AD), it naturally then forbade traditional paganism and closed all the temples.

Thomas Aquinas had no problem with penal sanctions (and worse) for heretics in Christian lands because he believed as fully in his religion as we do in money. He compared heretics to counterfeitors and asked, If coining fake money, which only harms your earthly pocket, is grounds for societal punishment, then why not heresy, which harms your immortal soul?

Our own society's Liberal religion is no less domineering than was medieval Catholicism.

The president of the Barilla pasta company recently declined to include gay families in his advertizing imagery, stating his attachment to traditional families.

The LGBTQs were outraged and shocked and horrified. The silly man apologized.

Why? Because error has no rights.

It has been the settled policy of the poor victimized bullied LGBTQs --a tiny 3.5% of the population, with gay parents-cum-children an even tinier percentage of that one--to assert that any disagreement with their demands du jour has no status whatever in any supposed dialogue or discussion about their "rights". There is no principled opposition, only evil and ignorance and bigotry and stupidity and h8.

Is that clear? So shut up and apologize.

Expecting to have a free dialogue with untruth is like questioning the universal equality of men and women, all races and all religions (except orthodox Christianity, of course, which is nothing but organized superstition and fascism.) Resisting gay marriage is like defending slavery; no decent person would even engage with such a monstrous idea.

As the reactionary Catholics used to say, Error has no rights.



Experiences this morning of techno-idiocy.

The California tax office website does not support Google Chrome, which has an approximately 45% share of the browser market.

The New and Improved Google Maps no long has an "Add Destination" option to A and B. AND it's been disabled even in their Classic Maps.

Neither Google Chrome nor Windows 7 nor my Dell Laptop has an advisory question before you sign off, so that you can close the browser or even shut down your computer without wanting to.


Reminds me of the comment of my 2nd Year German teacher at Columbia. We had spent year one reading literature. He asked us about table conversation. We did not know the words for "fork" and "knife", but we did know the words for "speed limit" and "transcendance."

Vell, gentlemen, he said, you are all very impressif, but you vould schtarve to death.

Geeks transcend the basics.


So far, however, the iPhone upgrade to iOS7 has only caused Kindle problems, nothing else. Cyber fingers crossed.

bTW, ATT Uverse internet has speeds available of up to 24 mbps, but here in Tech Central San Francisco, at least in my neighborhood, only 6 mbps is available. In 2013. My mother, out in the boonies of Eastern Long Island, gets over 10.



Feminist intelligence

You Can Tell Evolutionary Psychology Isn't True Because It's Not True: "I don't want to hate evolutionary psychology, but I do. I hate it. It's a field of study that could be legitimately interesting, if it weren't constantly being twisted into a justification for backward (and, frankly, un-evolved) anti-feminist bullshit."

A classic liberal mind: this can't be true because it is asserting something that makes me feel all icky and uncomfortable.

Evolutionary Psychology Insults Wymyn!

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Send Roma back to the border, French Ministers call 

A French Socialist government minister suggests that there might be limits to multicultural paradise and that some people --gypsies, for example...uh I mean "Roma people"-- are just unable to integrate into French society.


This would mean that...gasp...there might be other completely unassimilable groups.

Why, why...this can lead directly to genocide! Nazis! Holocausts!

The man is clearly an antizigan.

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Friday, September 27, 2013


"The truth is that neither sex, without some fertilization by the complementary characters of the other, is capable of the highest reaches of human endeavour. Man, without a saving touch of woman in him, is too doltish, too naive and romantic, too easily deluded and lulled to sleep by his imagination to be anything above a cavalryman, a theologian or a bank director."


H.L. continues:

"And woman, without some trace of that divine innocence which is masculine, is too harshly the realist for those vast projections of the fancy which lie at the heart of what we call genius. Here, as elsewhere in the universe, the best effects are obtained by a mingling of elements. The wholly manly man lacks the wit necessary to give objective form to his soaring and secret dreams, and the wholly womanly woman is apt to be too cynical a creature to dream at all."


On the way

I was grilling some summer squash on the back porch tonight, part of a dinner of cioppino and rice, when I noticed the lemons in the yard.

They are on their way but still quite green.


Revealing the obvious

A high Vatican official, a Black African cardinal, in a press release about the grave situation of ancient (and modern) Christian communities in the Muslim world:

He also talked about the difficulties of engaging Muslims on the issue, saying that because Muslims “believe they have the final revelation,” they often “don’t enter into dialogue believing they have anything to learn.” 
For instance, Turkson said when some Muslim nations wanted to press the United Nations to adopt a resolution condemning religious defamation, Christian leaders asked them to also support a resolution against religious persecution, but with limited success.

One of the many pathologies of the day: when conservative groups assert that they are not racist, no matter how they show that, the bien-pensants of the MSM don't believe it, but when Muslims show in both attitude and deed that, despite their PR statements, they are violent enemies of all non-Muslims, our moral and intellectual betters tell us that Islam really is peaceful.

The Narrative, above all.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Uh, no.

In the America's Cup race, Oracle USA beat out Emirates New Zealand...

Of the 11 members of the crew, only one is American.

Billionaire+ One Percenter Larry Ellison of Oracle is the funder of the "American" boat and the Muslim oil-rich United Arab Emirates funded the "New Zealand" team, which was in fact composed of Kiwis, with a few Australians thrown in.

But maybe that's what "All-American" means nowadays, a plutocrat behind a team composed mostly of foreigners.

PS And to add to the shame, they're all men. And all White. Awful. Structurally racist and sexist. How can that be "All-American"?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


No, not some droll same-sex post.

I saw a link to a new show called King of Thrones.


Hmmm. Even though Game of Thrones is kinda clunky, I like medieval sword-and-castle dramas as much as the next guy, so I checked it out. A spin-off?



Here's the blurb:

"King of Thrones" follows Hoxie Homes and Remodeling, a northern Minnesota-based crew of contractors, carpenters and designers who’ve built a “crap-load” of high-end bathrooms featuring giant flat-screenTVs, heated toilets, body dryers and even shower jets for a dog. Led by Jeff Hoxie and his partner Dave Koob, the team will stop at nothing to meet their clients’ imaginative needs.

Just in case you don't remember grade school English: "a homonym is, in the strict sense, one of a group of words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings."

Hey, I'm game.

PS. It was pretty good. Light-hearted. They built a high-tech bathroom with music, TV, full length body dryer for man, wife (and dog) and a Japanese toilet that will practically pay your bills and buy all your Christmas presents, plus --for a hugely obese and weirdly androgynous guy named Big Joe-- a portable outhouse, with murals, that you can sit in while doing winter ice-fishing on a Minnesota lake.

Civilization. A great thing.


Oh Trayvon!

Greenville Walmart shooter picked victims by race ::

One more in the torrent of reasons why I could give a shit about Trayvon Martin.

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Must be someone else's fault

Wide racial gap persists in education testing | The Columbus Dispatch:
"Disparities between races have existed across the country since schools were physically divided by race, researchers say, but many now view those gaps largely as a product of high poverty among minorities. 
In Ohio, though, wide race gaps persist even on a level economic field. 
Average passing rates among affluent white students last year topped those of affluent black students by 16 percentage points. Poor, white students outperformed black students from poor and wealthy families."

Vaughn Bell, a Westerville parent who revived a defunct group for black parents last year, said. “I do believe that schools are failing our African-American students.”

It must be somebody else's fault or everything we've been required to believe for the last 50 years might not be true...

And that can't be true, can it?


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No, that's not the Catholic eighth sacrament, but a White man's way of saying, "Right on!"

This post, from the Catholic version of The Onion, puts its finger on pretty well everything that's wrong with Catholic rites and ceremonies in the last 50 years.

“Why Ain’t Nobody Singin’ Back the Responsory?” Lector Wondering. “My Arms Is Raised Up High Like They Supposed To Be” | Eye of the Tiber:

Thing is, most Catholics don't want to sing in church under the direction of a middle-aged nanny cheerleader in a pants suit. (Especially the men.) They're not Evangelicals, after all.

And considering the embarrassing and demeaning dreck that they're supposed to holler out, I can't blame them.

Eye of the Tiber's thoughts on Francis The Talking Pope.

Funny stuff.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Curmudgeonly critic Harold Bloom, a contemporary champion of Gnosticism who portrayed Mormon founder Joseph Smith as a uniquely American religious genius, had unkind words for Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy. To him she was
 "an extraordinary wreck, a monumental hysteric of classical dimensions, indeed a kind of anthology of nineteenth-century nervous ailments."

Not nice. But very droll.



Greek hip hop bands unite against neo-Nazism 

Greek hip hop...getting together to jam against Golden Dawn, a right wing nationalist group,
because one of the GD members allegedly stabbed to death a hip hopper named...
Killah P.

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Evolving on evolution

The purpose of dinosaurs: Extinction and the goodness of God | The Christian Century:

Christians who accept evolution as a mode of divine creation and say that it is not a problem for them have yet to absorb the narrative shock of it. It remains acknowledged but unassimilated. In the above article you have some stumbling attempts at it.

What indeed was the point --and Christianity always assumes a point-- of all those extinct creatures and world?

What does the evolutionary history of the universe over the last 14+ billion years suggest about the character of the eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent Creator?

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An un-koan

If you don't make sure they are afraid of you,
they will prey on you.



After his explosive interview of a few days ago, where Pope Francis was declared a Cool Guy by the NYT and Nancy Pelosi, he made a speech in which he condemned abortion as equivalent to the murder of Christ, and then issued an order both defrocking and excommunicating an Australian priest who advocated women's ordination and gay marriage.


Days long gone

Norman Rockwell on Freedom of Speech in America

The current state of same:

A Black security guard drags a White man out of a town hall meeting full of White people for standing up and asking a question.

The man's words on being taken away are correct:

“Don’t stand for this. You are sitting here like cattle.” Then he asked, “Is this America?”

Yes, sir, it is.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Adios, Dex

Final episode of Dexter, ending eight years.


The final episode reminded me of the ending of Big Love. A surprising and touching close --which it was-- then muddied by an even more surprising and ill-fitting mini-epilog.

I knew someone important had to die for the ending, but thought it would be an either/or. As it turned out, Dexter has to kill Deb -a mercy killing- and then takes her out to bury her at sea as the hurricane approaches. He turns and drives his boat into the dark clouds and the roaring waves. I thought he was gone, too. That was moving.

But no. Everyone thinks he's dead, including Hannah and Harrison making a new life in Argentina without him. And then the 30 second reveal that he's now a lumberjack somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, solitary and broken... Well, that I could have done without.

His one voiceover line worth remembering, that for so long he had wished he could be like other humans, and now he was --feeling everything: love, fear, pain, loss, guilt-- and all he wanted was to stop it and go back. Welcome to the race, Dex!

A great character, an actor I loved to watch. I'll miss him.


Poor baby

Chris Brown claims he faces 'blatant racism'

Yeah, his picture shows why he'd inspire confidence and warmth in Caucasoids.

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More optimism from ExC

If I am correct*, and things in the US and the West are going as I think them to be going, I can't see too many alternatives, sometime in the future, to nasty violence.

Not that there isn't nasty violence now, which our masters do not want us to notice, but nasty violence from The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c). And if it comes to that, our worst enemies will be from our own people, as in the last Civil War.

It's either that or racial dhimmitude.


A good and longtime friend, a wonderful woman who just happens to be a Unitarian Universalist, is currently undergoing a week of Black victimist anti-White indoctrination on an organized Civil Rights Pilgrimage in Birmingham. Sorta like the Hajj for UUs. The UU's are an overwhelmingly White denomination which worships abjectly at all the altars of PC.

Weird how my personal relationships do not match my current politics and world-view. Present-day Birmingham is just one more piece of evidence about what the "civil rights" hoax has really turned out to mean, fifty years down the line in Obama's America.


*This is only a polite formality. I am Ex Cathedra. Of course I'm correct.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Navy Yard?

In the aftermath of mass shootings (outside Black ghettos, where they happen every weekend), we usually have extended news cycles about the tragedy and the shooter's background and the need for more gun control, etc.

B pointed out today that the event seems to be over. Some muttering about the need for better mental health care but that's about it.

Ex Cathedra has a hunch about why the different treatment for the Washington Navy Yard massacre. The shooter was just a crazy Black guy. Not a crazy White guy.

Oops. Let's move on here.


Skyline to the east

After an unusual September rainstorm. Photo by H Larrick.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Regime of lies, continued

The required PC formula for gender and for race in American TV, both on the shows and on the commercials, presents a Potemkin Village.

As much fakery and propaganda as what the Soviets used to pump out.


Infected by the Zeitgeist

An article on Francis The Talking Pope* referred to one of the 1960's Vatican II documents, Gaudium et Spes, which was a blueprint for the Church's attitudes toward "the modern world."

I ran through it. It's been many years. Godawful. It practically canonizes a particular attitude toward what is assumed to be some kind of identifiable "new age" of mankind. Despite the occasional theological disclaimers, it is fundamentally a progressive text, where "the signs of the times" --a New Testament phrase made gruesomely unbearable by hippy dippy nuns-- dominate. If you take out the God-language, most of it could have come from a United Nations sub-committee. Sadly, it was largely the baby of the Latin Americans and the French and Dutch Dominicans.

Even one of the giants of the post-Vatican II progressives, theologian Karl Rahner, said that it seemed unaware of the power of sin in the world and in all human undertakings:
“Something of the Kennedy era pervaded the Council, something of the na├»ve
optimism of the concept of the great society. It was precisely the break in historical
consciousness, the self-tormenting rejection of the past, that produced the concept of a
zero hour in which everything would begin again and all those things that had
formerly been done badly would now be done well.”

*The MSM piece was puzzled that the Pope, on the very day after he criticized people who are obsessed with "small rules" then launched out onto a very definite attack on abortion, as an attack on Christ himself. Since abortion is about "small rules" for them, they figured it must be "an olive branch thrown to conservatives." When I say I have more respect for whores than for journalists, I am not kidding.

Catholic righties are horrified inside at Francis, but  because of their Pope-reverence they insist that it's just a change of tone, not teaching or they'll say, with an uneasy smile, "Well, he's just trying to shake us all up a little."  Catholic lefties, still in denial about the dogmatic-hierarchical-sacramental triad that constitutes Catholicism, hang on every cool and groovy little thing he does in order to announce the return of The Sixties and this pope as John XXIII ReDivivus.

The MSM will fit any piece of info at all into their pre-existing cartoon narrative, so on one level he is bound to be misinterpreted by them no matter what he says. Benedict was a Nazi monster and Francis is an avuncular cool guy. And Jesus was really a proto-hippy. But like so many extravert feeling types, with an irresistible compulsion to express themselves all the damn time*, this man is a Wunderkind of confusion. He seems to have no idea of, or care about, the uses that will be made of his words.

*My former partner, a serious EF, once told me that if he felt something and didn't express it, it was like a swarm of bumble bees in his mouth. Having been stung many times, I knew he was not kidding.


A fine point

Robert Spencer, a very unPC expert on Islam, makes the point that Islam was not spread by the sword but that Islamic law was so spread.

A fine point, but one which illustrates the unique Muslim strategy for conversion of a territory which they control. Certainly the conquered peoples --as long as they are monotheists-- are "invited" to Islam. But, in principle, no one is forced to become Muslim.

The process is one of gradual attrition. "Muslim privilege" is enshrined in Muslim law and so is non-Muslim restriction, the sacred mandate of second-class citizenship --Muslim "Jim Crow", if you will. The easy way out is, of course, to convert.

Which is what happened, by and large.

Conquest by the sword creates the Muslim state and the imposition of Muslim law, sharia. Over time, the burden of sharia is what spreads Islam.


Friday, September 20, 2013

He's a class act

Our Affirmative Akshun Prez from the hood.

Republicans ‘trying to mess with me,’ Obama tells crowd at Missouri auto plant

Can you imagine if GWB spoke like this?
We'd be hearing about cowboys and Hitler all week.

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More papal bull

Jesuits have always baffled me. Lutherans make more sense to me. Hell, Buddhists make more sense to me.

Every time I try to find out what "Ignatian spirituality" is --after their founder, Ignatius of Loyola-- I draw a blank. I mean, I read the stuff and then look up and realize there's nothing in my head. They all seem very keen on it, whatever it is. I guess, fallen sinner and heretic though I be, I am still too much of a Dominican to "get it."

And the (extravert feeling type) Jesuit on the Throne of Peter continues that tradition.

After reading the breathless headlines in the MSM about his 12,000 word interview, --which basically say Pope Agrees With Us!--I found the original, in an official English translation. 

All I can say is that Francis the Talking Pope --a humble man who talks about himself all the time--has a real talent for misleading.


Oberlin College IS America

Oberlin College | Racism | Hoax | 

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Erased once more

Local SF politics has an election battle brewing between a Chinese guy and a gay Latino. Of course, the pious line is that these two "communities" are not competing, no, no ...And a pious PC homo on the Board of Supes reminds us that in the district in question there are also African Americans, so it's not just about two opposites.

There is one group involved, though, which Dare Not Speak Its Name.

Once the Red Pill starts to kick in, where everybody else still sees the Potemkin Village America that our local versions of Pravda keep pumping out, all you can see is the inside of the Matrix.


No surprise

but Ex Cathedra will not be viewing the latest crop of Black Victim movies, The Help, The Butler or Twelve Years A Slave.

These are propaganda flix, pure and simple.

Their aims are to keep Whites feeling guilty and seeing Blacks as morally righteous victims and to deter Whites from seeing Black America as it really is, so the hoax can continue unabated.

I'll pass.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Viva il Papa!

No, not Francis the Talking Pope.

John X.

He pulled together an alliance of Christian nobility from Italy and the Byzantine Empire and co-led the troops into battle in June 915 where, at Garigliano, he succeeded in killing off the last of the Muslim invaders of the Fatimid Caliphate.


The 10th century was a very tough time. He had a very busy reign but died in prison.

(And the Muslims kept coming back. Hell, they're still invading Europe! This time the Pope calls them martyrs and wishes them Feliz Ramadan.)


No White spaces allowed. Ever. Anywhere.

University of Alabama students march in wake of Greek system segregation controversy (photos, tweets) |

A perfect example of how the word and concept of "racism" actually functions. And why it must be ridiculed and rejected as the exact modern equivalent of "witchcraft."

Anyone who accepts "multiculturalism" as a value must also assess any all-White space as essentially defective, pathological or criminal. Only the presence of "People of Color" grants Whites temporary stay of execution, on sufferance.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet. (C)

*Is it rude to wonder why segregation by gender is allowed if segregation by race is not?

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Dark thoughts on a bright sunny day

JPnill just alerted me to the installation of special sinks for Muslim students' pre-prayer ablutions at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, one of Canada's western provinces. Of the 12,000 enrollees there, approximately 800 are Mohammedans.

Assumptions for these thoughts: the human species is unalterably tribal (built on in-groups and out-groups in competition and conflict) and unalterably territorial (requiring owned spaces controlled by particular tribes).

Thought 1. When a group, no matter how large and powerful, loses its self-confidence --and that includes an assumption of specialness and superiority--what possible forces can prevent its eventual collapse? 
Thought 2. When subaltern groups, who may be, on every measure, inferior to a dominant group, lose their fear of such a dominant group, what can prevent their eventually switching places? 
Thought 3. A self-confident human group will react swiftly, without paralyzing self-doubt or even reflection, when challenged. This will take civilized and uncivilized, organized and spontaneous forms. Both are necessary.
Thought 4. If a group is so possessed by a high-mindedly un-selfish ethical complex that it is unwilling to do what is required for maintaining its status, even its survival, then it is doomed to humiliation and likely to extinction.
Thought 5. Consequently, if a group wishes to maintain its status (and power and wealth), then it must be cohesive enough and self-confident enough be able and willing to do very unpleasant things to people in competing and/or subaltern groups, both formally and informally.

These thoughts seem to me, IMHO, to describe how human groups actually function in the real world on planet Earth. It is not basically a matter of morality, but, as with things like eating, a matter of survival.


Welcome to 21st century American journalism

Politico: 'What's Right About Obama' ... His 'Smile Remains Dazzling':

The only reaction I have to the Affirmative Action Prezident's smile is an urge to punch. Unlike some straight Jungian analysts I used to know, I have always been immune to his purported charms.

And for those who wonder if my estimation that electing this catastrophe twice is a sign of irreversible American decline, get this, from the Politico article:

A Gallup Organization survey this summer found that three-quarters of Americans saw Obama likeable, while 55 percent rated him as honest and trustworthy, and nearly six in 10 said that he understands the problems Americans face.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

La Paglia, once more

 Ms. Camille opines:
“Gay men are guardians of the masculine impulse. To have anonymous sex in a dark alleyway is to pay homage to the dream of male freedom. The unknown stranger is a wandering pagan god. The altar, as in pre-history, is anywhere you kneel.”

No comment.

At least here...for the moment...


PS.   "Paglia nearly came to blows with the founding members of the women's studies program at the State University of New York at Albany, when they categorically denied that hormones influence human experience or behavior".

Sometimes small moments are diagnostic, pathological synechdoche as it were: feminism founded on a refusal of reality.


Thanks to my anonymous commentor for this link. Like a jolt of tequila. Very enjoyable.

Nature is Too White

White People Love Hiking. Minorities Don't. Here's Why.

One more "problem" for fucking Liberals to solve.

Believe me. It ain't no problem.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

More Franciscan humility

Like Barry Soetero, Pope Francis is eager to exhibit his humility.


Rock and a Hard Place

Wandering over the Net as I do, I sometimes, in the space of the same day, find myself reading both LGBT sites and all their PC/Newspeak obsessions and then RC "same-sex attracted" sites and all their depressing theo-psycho babble.

Two madhouses.


Sunday, September 15, 2013


It's 11.45 PM and what I really want is a big piece of mincemeat pie with hard sauce, and a shot of peaty Irish single malt.

Neither of which, alas, is to hand.

Instead, I'm going to bed.

Buddha was right about that, you know, First Noble Truth thing.


You go, girl

 "Feminism allows women’s worst tendencies to flourish like weeds."

Canadian blogger (and woman) Sunshine Mary.


Meeting the Twain

I feel like this sometimes.

...when a printer made punctuation changes to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Twain wrote later that he had "given orders for the typesetter to be shot without giving him time to pray".

From the transgressive blog of Alex Kurtagic, enemy of equality.


Nope. Nope. Nope.

Letter from Jim DeMint to President Vladimir Putin on American Exceptionalism:

DeMint's tone is in response to Putin's masterful mockery of Obama in the NYT.

But his big point is in fact our big problem. The "creedal nation" unanchored in any particular people turns into the "ideological  nation" Liberals have been constructing. And it requires that the actual founding people, their culture, values, institutions, religion, status and power be brought down to make way for the multicultural paradise of social justice that DeMint thinks is America's founding idea. "Equality" has metasticized into a devouring sickness that makes "freedom" less and less real. There can be no "we" that is not constructed by the State.

Not a one of the Founding Fathers would agree.

DeMint is president of perhaps the premier conservative think tank in the country and is an example of why conservatism is no longer enough.

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Short term therapy

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Since late 2006 I have published 4000 posts on this blog, gotten 4000 comments and it has over a half a million hits (most of them, I am sure, computer-generated). Politics, sex and religion. Or as B puts it "naked men and angry Muslims."

Never thought I'd last this long. Or become so addicted to blogging.

And all on a program that works terrifically well most of the time and costs me not one penny. My thanks to Blogger, my enabler.


Post-Christian polytheism

Sometimes I think that the hatred which a lot of WN and Pro-Male writers have for Christianity is justified.

The current dickless post-Colonial form of The Faith which we now must suffer through is certainly out of character with most of its history. If you look at the Thousand Year Regime of Orthodox Catholicism (both Western and Eastern) from, about 400 to 1500 and even beyond, this was not a faith for pussies and liberals. The Knights Templar were monks with swords, after all.

Nowadays we must endure Francis the Talking Pope* and the mewlings of the mitred capons and polyester nun-crones who rule the American church, all grovelling before foreign invaders...oh, sorry, refugee migrants with human rights under social justice...who will benefit their new countries just like termites in a log cabin. Yeah, I can see the point of the hatred. Nietzsche wasn't entirely wrong about it.  Yesterday I was feeling it myself. And it included not only Church but State also.

Having been captivated even in grade school by the Greeks and the Romans, and later the Norsemen, and their gods, and having been softened up by Jung's vision of the archetypes in the collective unconscious of the human race**, I think I could cozy up --on days like yesterday-- to a revived form of polytheism for the West.

After a thousand and a half years of monotheism, and Christian monotheism at that, I don't think that pure polytheism is possible for Occidentals. Something more like Hinduism (which some White Nationalists claim as a paradigm of Aryan religion). You have a pantheon of gods and goddesses with all their stories and myths, including their avatars, and even a select inner circle, so to speak of the highest gods. But in the end, these are all manifestations of The One. You get the psychological robustness of polytheism and the intellectual respectability of monotheism in one religion.

If think about traditional popular Catholicism, the huge role of Mary and the saints suggests that archetypal polytheism never really died out in Europe until the Reformation, with its utterly humorless revival of King Josiah's logocentric and iconoclastic Yahwism. And in typical enantiodromic form, the Protestant churches are the ones who eventually collapsed into feminism.

Off the top of my pointy head, I think that a pantheon of twelve might serve, with seven male gods, five female goddesses. And a thirteenth god outside it, who would be Death. For the gods, you'd have, say, The Father --head of all the gods--, the Warrior, then two sets of twin brothers as The Hunter and the Farmer, and the ShamanHealer and the PoetSinger, then a god of trade and trickstering. You could have spirit servants (like angels, but not gauzy and frilly) and avatars and associated heroes. I think you could cover the archetypal bases pretty well. As for the goddesses, I am less apt, but again, with a subsidiary set of spirits, avatars and heroines, you could flesh out a real and non-feminist pantheon. Death would be neither male nor female. Or both.

And all of them would be the refracted colors of a single originating Godhead who creates the world (including us) for its prism. An interesting challenge would be how to situate the Thousand Years of monotheism in history, when the gods seemed vanquished by the stronger Christian God.

What kind of ethics would such a religion support? Well, it sure as hell wouldn't be a perfectionist universalist Liberalism based on deification of victims. Or some pussy kind of Wiccanism. It would be rooted in a particular people, as all polytheisms are.

Protestant accusations that Catholics are crypto-pagans do have some merit! Especially if their heads are as pointy as mine.


*Just in case some of my readers are too young to catch the insult, click here.

*James Hillman, a deracinated Jew and renegade Jungian, created a fascinating post-Jungian school of archetypal psychology which was frankly pro-polytheist but was also utterly captive to a shared Jungian Boomeronian Captivity to country club liberalism. Thomas Moore is the pre-eminent popularizer of this school. It was his book Care of the Soul that got me into the therapy business.

A soul mate


Someone else who has de-constructed the "isms" and "phobias", albeit in a somewhat more colorful form than ExC.

Just because gays are not your cup of tea doesn’t mean you’re scared of them. Homophobia is just about the stupidest word in the English language (though “African American” runs a close second). 

Your morning's guilty pleasure. :)

HT to the ever-rude Kathy Shaidle.

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Mr Steyn opines

American Ineffectualism | National Review Online:

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Just sayin'

According to the 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index, which ranks countries as "prosperous" based on a combination of economy, entrepreneurship & opportunity, education, health, safety & security, personal freedom and social capital:

The most "prosperous" nations on earth are

New Zealand
United States
United Kingdom

The most "prosperous" Latin American countries:

Costa Rica

Whaddaya think they all have in common?


PS. Francis The Talking Pope goes on and on about "the poor" based on his experience in his homeland of Argentina. Could be a lot worse, Your Chattyness.

Forest of gallows, continued, part 225

Catholic Push to Overhaul Immigration Goes to Pews -

The Nativists were right. 

When I was agonizing over whether to continue in the priesthood or not, some three decades ago, one of the factors that led to my departure was realizing that the Catholic Church's center of gravity was moving decisively toward the Third World.

Hillaire Belloc's notion that "the Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith" sounded more like a joke than a clarion call. The Church was pretty well dead in Europe and the Vatican saw the US, after the end of the world Communism, as little more than a cash cow. Third World values would dominate.

Since homosexuality was the issue for me, and the LGBT thing --which back in those benighted days was just called gay-- had little to no hope of getting off the ground among the Blacks, Browns and Yellows of the Third World, that was one of the final nails in the ecclesiastical coffin.

Subsequent experience has proven my estimate correct. When it comes to any kind of clash between the European matrix of Catholicism --whether in the Old World or the New-- the Church always chooses the Third World against the (White) peoples and lets the ancient homelands of Roman Christianity be damned. The antics of Francis The Talking Pope in celebrating dead African invaders as martyrs, kissing Muslim girls' feet on Holy Thursday, wishing the Mohammedans a Happy Ramadan, etc. show the style. Pius V must be turning over in his grave.

The American Church, firmly in the hands of dickless Boomer bishops, continues the treasonous parade of turning America into MexAmerica. All underneath the self-serving piety of "social justice" and "human rights" and all the other pontifical bilge.

Were this ex-priest Talleyranded into the role of First Consul of the New Commonwealth, there'd be hundreds of mitred heads swinging in that forest.


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Forest of gallows, continued

California lawmakers approve measure to allow driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants - Capitol and California - The Sacramento Bee:

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Laffing late in the day


Not dark and alien enough

Australia says “NO” to White Refugees:

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Grandpa Joe and Uncle Joe

‘Revolution’ pulses with heart, tension | Theater | San Francisco Examiner:

A third generation Marxist, a new-minted social justice lawyer all revved up to free copkiller Abu Jamia Mama whatever, discovers that her adored grandpa Joe was a spy for the Russkies in the 1940's and that her second generation Marxist dad kept this awful truth from her.

Family tragedy ensues.

I don't get it.

Why should a Marxist be perturbed that her Commie Granpa was an ally of the supreme Marxist nation on earth during WWII, when the Uncle Joe Stalin's USSR was an ally of the USA anyway?

Doesn't a Marxist want a Marxist America?

What's the atavistic bourgeois notion of national loyalty got to do with class warfare?



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Francis the Talking Pope

After reading one of the Pope's daily ferverinos at Mass, a website of quite traditional Catholics had a combox filled with people who admit that they often have no idea what His Holiness is talking about.

Welcome to the club.

The extravert feeling type Bishop of Rome, as one blogger put it, "writes little but talks incessantly."

Maybe he should get a blog. Ex Cathedra II?


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh no he di'n't

Obama masterminds ‘Operation Shuck and Jive’:

Dat be soooooo raciss.

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Suits him



A brilliant but quirkily verbose blogger of many years --quite unlike ExC whose quirkiness expresses itself, in St Dominic's phrase, breviter et succincte-- writes:

"The Left has no means of becoming less stupid."

Nor, may I add, any interest in it.



PJ Lifestyle » Does Buddhism Require You To Be a Liberal?:

Boodism is the preferred religion, uh, I mean spiritual practice of the SF Cool people. No one has a bad word to say about it. Of course for most of its cool practitioners, it's really just a form of coolness. Dolly L is its cool mindlessness icon.

This particular writer, a non-Liberal Bood, has good things to say about the "idiot compassion" of Boulder Buddhists, etc and actual compassion.

Ever But ever since reading the classic What The Buddha Taught, by a Theravedan monk-scholar, oh, decades ago back in Canada, I have had great respect for Buddhist psychology, which understands well how much of our unhappiness is a stubborn refusal to accept reality.

As a religion, however, as admirable as it seems in some ways, it is driven by a desire for oblivion. The Buddhist world ultimately has no purpose. Reincarnation, which cool Westerners think is some kind of reprieve from the One Chance Only religions of the West, is for its native believers in the East the ultimate nightmare. And escaping from it --one more unsatisfactory existence after another, endlessly-- is the driving motive behind Buddhism. Not appealing to Ex C.

But Mr Martin's description of the Four Noble Truths is both colloquial and accurate. And it's a real rarity to meet a Bood who is not utterly and predictably cool.

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Diversity macht frei

Every time I hear that GD word, that's the phrase the goes through my head.


Down under

New Australian PM Tony Abbot is a breath of fresh air.

A Catholic, he responded thusly to the typical liberal/statist clerical whining against conservative attitudes and programs about the poor and marginalized,
 "The priesthood gives someone the power to consecrate bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. It doesn't give someone the power to convert poor logic into good logic."


Monday, September 09, 2013


Only two more episodes of the Sunday night staple about our favorite serial killer.

I'll miss him, whether they leave him dead or alive.

Michael C. Hall has become even more of a pleasure to watch as he's aged. Now at the venerable number 42. Sporting reddish stubble this season. Shows why the Henley shirt was invented.

Writing and characters have been solid and better than that for most of the eight years.


Sunday, September 08, 2013

Exhibit 10,001

on why I don't give a shit about Trayvon Martin or any of the many thousands of Obama's coulda-been sons.

Kenn's Videos: NYPD: Man Brain-Dead Following Random Racist Rampage In Union Square:

Thomas Sowell, Black, thinks there's a censored race-war going on. Blacks against Whites. But our Liberal massas don't want us to know about it.

Have you heard about these murders? I'll bet not.

Or can you face the clear statistics about race and crime?

I repeat. I don't give a shit about Trayvon Martin, the whole Soap Opera Passion Play.

Update. And let me repeat. Oh yeah, and her torture-murder, too. I don't give a shit about Trayvon Martin.

Take a look at this constantly growing list of inter-racial crimes, Black perps and White victims.
And here is plenty of ongoing data that is either minimized or outright lied about by our "media" day after day, and if you have a lot of time, this very long list of crimes, that tells you why.

Or a whole blog dedicated just to tracking what the MSM don't want you to know.

I don't give a shit about Trayvon Martin..

When have you ever heard the Black leadership grieve that their young are attacking and killing White people? Make a list, if you can find any.

Here's more reasons.

And most especially here, (and be prepared to be upset) because you and everone in America knows the "tragic" story of the kid with the hoodie and the iced tea and skittles, killed by the "White Hispanic" but you never heard of

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

This, in a gruesome nutshell, is why
I don't give a shit about Trayvon Martin.

A wise younger man of my acquaintance recently wrote to his fellow Caucasians:
“Do black people as a group care what happens to white people as a group? Of course not. You cannot play fair with people who don’t care if you get wiped off the map.”

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The real meaning of "Civil Rights"

Although Shelby Steele --who is as Black as Barack Obama--would not approve of the use I am making of his work, here is a telling section from The Culture of Deference.

I think the great unacknowledged event of the civil rights era was that white Americans became a stigmatized group. I also believe that our entire national culture of racial and social reform -- the policies, programs, norms, and protocols by which we address race-related problems -- has been shaped more by the stigmatization of whites than by any other factor, including the actual needs of blacks. 
Ironically, it was the idea of equality that brought stigma to whites. In the civil rights era, when white America finally accepted a legal equality that would extend to different races, it also accepted an idea that shamed it…As a result, equality in the United States has depended on a vigilance that associates this racial shame with whites and American institutions… 
So far equality has worked by bringing whites down into stigma rather than by lifting blacks and other minorities up out of it. 

Steele's The Content of our Character outlines the continuing game of "license and deference" that Whites play with Blacks in order to bargain for some kind of racial absolution. That absolution will never be given however. Dangling its (fruitless) possibility before Whites is the basic source of the moral power that Blacks now have, a moral upper hand that they otherwise have no claim to at all. Why would they ever give that up?

All this was encapsulated brilliantly in Burnham's Law in 1964:
"The liberal, and the group, nation, or civilization infected by liberal doctrine and values, are morally disarmed before those whom the liberal regards as less well off than himself."

If you'd like an example of this perversity, check out how we Whites joined in the condemnation of Paula Deen merely for uttering the ultimate forbidden term nigger, --forbidden to Whites only, of course-- making her into a tearfully penitent pariah, while Negro freakazoid Dennis Rodman gets to pal around with Kim Jong Un, suffering no such opprobrium.

If that is not corrupt, I don't know what is. Such are the results of fifty years of "civil rights."


Moral Dis-Armament

There used to be a group called Moral Re-Armament. What Liberalism really should be called is Moral Dis-Armament.

My theme of late, centered around "racism" as witchcraft, is that Liberalism's list of evils, all its phobias and isms and privileges, take ordinary perceptions, observations, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in regard to certain groups (only) and demonizes and pathologizes them. The false construct "racism" is evidence for Liberalism of both moral corruption and cognitive insanity. It forbids them, rules them out of court, declares them anathema. And where possible criminalizes them. Only stupid and evil people refuse to see the great truth that, despite all evidence to the contrary, all races are equal.

For anyone who accepts the existence of the ism or phobia as a reality, rather than the emotional weapons that they are, they buy into the entire set of assumptions behind and in them.

By making critical or hostile attitudes, beliefs or behaviors in regard to non-White races by Whites --no matter how factual-- into a phantom called "racism", a combined thought disorder and moral crime, Whites are morally disarmed in relation to those other races. Whites may not, ever, hold beliefs or attitudes or enact behaviors which are critical of or hostile to those other races.

Liberal dogma requires us to believe that there are no non-White racial or ethnic groups which are disruptive, dangerous, or inimical to White people or do not belong living among them. None. They do not exist. And if you think they do, you are both deluded and evil. That is, a "racist."

All these groups have a fundamental right to preserve their cultures and ways of life, no matter what they are or where they are. You, however, do not.

And if the evidence, say, of Black criminality is too overwhelming to ignore, then the White must ascribe blame for such behavior to causes outside the Black demographic, usually to some kind of White mischief or crime.

Once you accept that any of these isms and phobias are real, that distancing, critical or hostile beliefs, attiudes or behaviors towards these groups is always both erroneous and immoral, then you are in a constant state of defensive anxiety, trying to avoid losing a game that is already stacked completely against you. If you are White and a Gentile, especially if you are male, then you are always just a whisper away from being Hitler.

What is called "racism" --distancing, critical or hostile beliefs, attitudes or behaviors by Whites in relation to non-Whites-- is the blanket pathologization (or to follow the witchcraft metaphor, demonization) of beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that may in fact be wholly rational and wholly justified.

But because an oppressor group has no moral standing in Liberalism in the first place and may never act on its own behalf or publicly assert its own self-interest, these realities must be consigned to the fantasy hell of "racism". Denying them is the price of tenuous admission to the society of "decent" people. Asserting them excommunicates you and condemns you to the pyre.

The same is true with all the other superstitious mind control memes of Liberalism, which also determines which beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are forbidden and which are mandated in regard to women, gays, Muslims, illegal immigrants, Jews, gypsies "Romas", trans-genders,etc.  These become Sacred Tribes who must never be offended by you, whom you must placate and praise at all times. Any evidence to the contrary must be denied or must be condemned as "hate."

This also shapes the real meaning of Whites, men, heterosexuals, Christians, native citizens, Gentiles, etc. as fundamentally oppressive. The intellectual and moral task of these groups is to prove that they are not, by self-critique, self-hatred and self-erasure in the face of "those less well off than themselves."

These supposed evils are all intellectual, perceptual and moral implants designed to dis-arm the targeted group so that it simply surrenders to the Liberally favored group and in the process, feels morally satisfied in colluding with its own downfall and suicide.


Saturday, September 07, 2013

"Homophobia", too, is witchcraft

We all know how obviously important Equal Opportunity is in all areas of life, right? It's beyond obvious.

So let me add specifically that "homophobia", like "racism", is fraudulent and superstitious, another form of Liberal witchcraft.

This has become apparent in the gay marriage "debate", which never was a debate. As with all these justice and liberation issues, it was always a war, with unconditional surrender the only acceptable outcome. Regardless of consequences.

There are only two options now, you see: accepting and celebrating it or being consigned to the infernal realms of "H8."  If you do not embrace gay marriage  --or whatever the LGBT cause du jour might be--then you are merely a bigot and a hater and a homophobe, without either intellectual or moral standing. Get used to it.

Democrats, with their usual dispensation from their own rules, get to be not-for it, then to evolve and then to embrace it and get awards from GLAAD for doing so. As if they had never had a contrary opinion or, in Bill Clinton's case, authored DOMA. Our next President, Hillary, is scheduled for such a canonization by the Elton John Foundation.

There can be, you see, in our Brave New World,  no principled opposition to making the gender of marriage partners --its oddly immemorial and universal fundamental structure-- optional now. None.

This is how the contemporary Witchcraft Game is played. Like its original version, it simply demonizes its victim and that's the end of that.

So once you accept that "homophobia" exists there's no way out. You can say, "I don't hate gay people, but..." It will do you no good.

Burn the witch.


A brief time out

from national and civilizational decline.

Isolated and on the run from an increasingly powerful Voldemort, with an unstable and paranoid Ron's whereabouts and status unknown, Harry and Hermione find themselves at a dead end.

Harry tries to cheer her up. Even this cranky old declinist is moved by the strength and the sweetness of it. Harry plays the man, authentically, both taking charge and clowning for her. And she accepts the gift, without ego. All without words. You see some of the rare beauty of male-with-female friendship. It's touching, sweet and admirable.



Limbaugh: GOP ‘Frozen’ By ‘Paralyzing’ Accusations of Racism Towards Obama:

Rush is catching up with Ex Cathedra.

The truth, of course, is that the GOP will not, no way nohow never, stand up as the advocate of the historic American people: the Whites, the only people who vote for them.

We are the only group in our country who cannot advocate for ourselves. Apparently we have no right at all to ask for that, much less demand it.

And that, dear friends, is the sum and substance of a half century of "civil rights" progress.

This, however, heartened me. A little pushback from Whitey?

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The Seventh Spoke

The Seven Spoked Wheel of the Law, the Liberal Religion's shape, includes multiculturalism, feminism and redistributionism --the foundational unholy trinity of race, gender and class-- plus the four further ideologies of pacifism, secularism, transnationalism and lastly, environmentalism.

Most of Ex Cathedra's rants have come to settle on multiculturalism and its destructive superstitions dogmas about race, especially the groundless beatification of Blacks and the suicidal passivity of Whites. Feminism's superstitions dogmas come in second on my radar screen, as the state of Western man continues to deteriorate.

I just watched a nature pic --by itself quite fascinating and worthwhile-- which brought to mind some of the superstitions dogmas of environmentalism.

My Life As A Turkey
The film is a dramatic re-enactment of naturalist and artist Joe Hutto's experience, chronicled in his 1996 book Illuminations in the Flatwoods. 

Hutto spends a year raising a flock of wild turkeys in the Florida panhandle, from eggs to maturity. Not the famously stupid domesticated type of turkey we eat on Thanksgiving, but the kind that live in the forests, the kind that Ben Franklin wanted chosen as our national bird.

One of the strong messages of the film, typical of environmentalist art, is that not only are animals not the dumb creatures that environmentalists think you think they are, but they are in fact superior to you. This is the Noble Savage treatment applied to the natural world. Recognizing their virtues requires you to erase your own.

Liberal "egalitarianism" shows itself here by its duplicitous rhetoric: in order to equalize man and beast, you need to reduce man, take him down a peg, get him to think of himself as not only no better than you, but actually lower than you for thinking that he was ever better than you. (Same game with race and gender, where "equality" means the humbling of Whites and males in awed exaltation of People of Color and Wymyn.)

Doubtless species who have lived for so long have an adaptive intelligence which makes them able to survive and reproduce in their home environment. And that is no small thing. Mother Nature is generous with life but casual with extinguishing it. (And in fact, lovely Gaia's entire system --especially once you get past the plant level-- is about killing and eating, being killed and eaten...and not always in that order.)

You can come to a new appreciation of a species (or an alien people) without reflexively diminishing your own, but Liberal environmentalism's deep seated hatred of the human race, seen as vicious interlopers in Eden, requires on a psychological level the same kind of self-flagellation as any Hispanic fraternity of penitentes.

Hutto asserts frankly that "humans have no privileged access to reality." Bullshit. Turkeys do not make movies based on experiments in learning about humans. And his praise of their Buddha-like "living in the moment" vs humans' future orientation "betraying the present" is ludicrous. Without future orientation, humans could not live beyond a hunter-gatherer state. (Which I supposed Hutto would like us to return to. Eden is always there, beckoning.)
A perfect example of the blindness this attitude induces: After about a year, the flock no longer recognizes Hutto as a parent and they no long follow him wherever he goes. They begin to wander in the direction of a local farm, where he knows that there are loose dogs. In a panic, he spends hours trying to coax them away from this future danger. Without his human "prejudice," many of them would have wound up eaten. 

As with feminism's fake creation narrative of primal peace-loving matriarchy being raped by male raiders from Somewhere Else, environmentalism's complementary myth of perfect Eden plundered by evil homo sapiens retains both the archetypal and the ironically Christian* cast that characterizes so much of Liberalism. It's no accident that such a beast as eco-feminism exists. It is the unofficial religion of Vatican II Catholic sisterhoods, their real faith. They are complementary sister victim narratives, raped women and raped Mother Gaia. Man, of course, the eternal rapist.

I can hear Joni Mitchell singing in the background, lines from the haunting but insane song that, along with John Lennon's unbearable Imagine, marks my Boomer comrades' flight into highminded unreality:

We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

Played, of course, on your iPhone 5.


*Ironic because the Secularism spoke of the wheel is driven by a specific hatred for the Christian religion. Liberalism is, in many ways, a toxic remnant of a decayed Christianity, full of universalist pretensions and perfectionist moralism but lacking its densely archetypal dogmatic specificity. 
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