Saturday, September 07, 2013

"Homophobia", too, is witchcraft

We all know how obviously important Equal Opportunity is in all areas of life, right? It's beyond obvious.

So let me add specifically that "homophobia", like "racism", is fraudulent and superstitious, another form of Liberal witchcraft.

This has become apparent in the gay marriage "debate", which never was a debate. As with all these justice and liberation issues, it was always a war, with unconditional surrender the only acceptable outcome. Regardless of consequences.

There are only two options now, you see: accepting and celebrating it or being consigned to the infernal realms of "H8."  If you do not embrace gay marriage  --or whatever the LGBT cause du jour might be--then you are merely a bigot and a hater and a homophobe, without either intellectual or moral standing. Get used to it.

Democrats, with their usual dispensation from their own rules, get to be not-for it, then to evolve and then to embrace it and get awards from GLAAD for doing so. As if they had never had a contrary opinion or, in Bill Clinton's case, authored DOMA. Our next President, Hillary, is scheduled for such a canonization by the Elton John Foundation.

There can be, you see, in our Brave New World,  no principled opposition to making the gender of marriage partners --its oddly immemorial and universal fundamental structure-- optional now. None.

This is how the contemporary Witchcraft Game is played. Like its original version, it simply demonizes its victim and that's the end of that.

So once you accept that "homophobia" exists there's no way out. You can say, "I don't hate gay people, but..." It will do you no good.

Burn the witch.


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Anonymous said...

When you say that principled opposition is no longer possible, do you mean that is impossible in the liberal agenda, or that it is no longer possible in wider society? Because there are serious implications in either case. If it is merely the liberal agenda that renders opposition impossible, then we are nowhere new.

If, however, the latter is true, and opposition to same-sex marriage is as societally unacceptable as arguing for a hereditary monarchy, then our only option is quite bleak: do everything we can to bring the whole diseased system crashing down. Enjoy the debauchery being offered whilst using our excess to drive society to the brink of collapse. Bring together the clear-minded and true-seeing individuals who see the end and unite them in the cause of preparing for the end. We must become agents provocateurs, saboteurs, selfish bastards dedicated to the maxim that "chaos is a ladder," a secret society of right-wingers of all stripes who play the system to place themselves in a position that, when the lights go out and the food runs short, we are in a position to assert control and establish a new order based on the long-neglected truths of the human condition. And when the politicians and grievance-mongers and liberal crusaders try to come in from the cold winter night, we will force them to submit to our order, or we will say, "No," and slam the door in their face.

There is no other way. There is no other path. Let's take the red pill. Let's start the world.


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