Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More eeevil from ExC

In the postAmerican Commonwealth, where I write the laws as Consul, there is extremely limited due process for foreigners who cannot provide proof of legal entry and residence.

First offense, electroshock corporal punishment followed by expulsion, with signing of a document describing penalties for future offenses. Second offense, corporal punishment followed by hard labor, followed by expulsion and document signing describing third offense penalty. Third offense, summary execution.

And for any illegal foreigner who commits a crime in the Commonwealth, capital punishment.

Think I'm being too harsh?

Nah. Me neither.


Calvinists being Calvin-like

Lead Mars Hill Pastor vows to fix ‘broken and repentant church’ - Strange Bedfellows — Politics News:

Mark Driscoll, famous and recently fallen evangelical rock star, is a Calvinist. Clearly.
He has fallen not for sexual behavior or stealing, but for being domineering. And occasionally crude.

Too much testosterone for the little Christians of Seattle.

I wonder how Driscoll's style of leadership would stack up next to Calvin's and Knox's.

Or would both of them likewise be kicked out by their sensitive elderboys?

Just sayin.'

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Victims now, victims forever

The truth behind America’s most famous gay-hate murder | World news | The Observer:

The Guardian, Britain's knee-jerk leftist paper, has printed this surprisingly transgressive re-reading of the death of Matthew Shepard.

Like most saints, especially secular progressive ones, and especially "martyrs", once you are canonized you are set is sacred amber. The Matthew Shepard Foundation's reaction to the info in the book is classic: My mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts.

As Jack Donovan brilliantly pointed out in Androphilia, the pre-packaged gay identity is an amalgam of left-wing politics, feminist man-resentment and, as exhibited here, eternal victimism.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014


The Pope and the Precipice - NYTimes.com:

Since I parted ways with Catholicism, I have yet retained a great admiration for it for, among other things, being a bulwark of Western Civilization.

With each passing week, my admiration shrinks.

My dislike of Francis The Talking Pope is not new. As with my dislike of Barry Hussein O, it was quick of onset. Nothing either of them have turned out to be has made me reconsider my attitude.

You have to look twice to see how many fingers he has up.

As far as immigration, crime, redistributing wealth and big government, the so-called 'Justice and Peace' issues, Catholicism is a loss. Indeed, an enemy to the West that it once helped build. Frank's recent equivalizing the death penalty and life imprisonment, though pathetic, is not surprising. The real impetus behind all these moves is that no one should be punished...(unless maybe they are a corrupt capitalist.) Retributive justice should be canned entirely, in favor of what nuns like, restorative justice.

But at least Rome is clear that men and women are not interchangeable and it stood, on paper at least, against the contraceptive mind that is part of what's emptying the world of Whites.

Now it seems that His Hipness wants to impress all the aging cool kids at the NYT and their younger clones at HuffPo by giving in entirely to the absolutely unquestionable dogmas of the White Liberals.
And we know how their kind reward the other Christian churches who have given in...they become the neutered chaplains of their contemptuous masters. After all, when your adversary gives in, what could he possible ever had to teach you?

The man is shockingly confusing. And confusing is the last thing a Bishop of Rome is supposed to be.

PS. A very kind, extremely circumspect and highly orthodox priest, an Anglican recently reconciled to Rome, points out that Francis is talking through his hat...without saying so, of course. That would be disrespectful.

The speech of Pope Francis which I began by quoting, with its initial cautions about closing oneself within the written word and the law, ended with quotations from Canon Law about the Pope's own supreme authority. But canons 749, 331, 332, 333, and 334, all of which he referenced, are, surely, the written word? And, moreover, are they not all written in ... um ... a law book?
A commentor, a layman unconstrained by the Reverend Father's ecclesiastical constraints, opines:
...I daresay the most charitable thing we can say of Pope Francis is he's a man of crude expression who nearly always fails to communicate properly.*..If one takes into consideration his ecclesiastical promotions, demotions, and assorted acts and allowances, I think it's far more likely he is confused and contradictory in his opinions, at minimum.
*Bolding mine.

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The Promise of Multiculturalism

In the midst of a legal study about the size of juries --is 12 either required or significant?-- I stumbled on this all-too-telling picture of The Jury of the American Future From Hell.

The article included it without comment. My comments you may well imagine.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

I've no right to complain

knowing that I did my own share of damage back in the OP days, but the official "hymn" chosen by the Dominican Order to celebrate its upcoming 800th year...well, I couldn't even get past the one minute mark. It takes one of the Order's mottos, "Laudare benedicere praedicare", "To praise, to bless, to preach" and turns it into a derivative Third-World idea of girly EuroPop. Embarrassingly awful.

The seal inverted, the universal sign of distress.

Reminds me of the nunny sentimentality of the 1960's hit Dominique nique nique by "Sister Smile, the Singing Nun" (whose real life was no smile.) Reminds me, too, of Cardinal Newman's reason for not joining the Dominicans, who, on paper, sounded like they fit his project: "A great idea, extinct."


Dis n' dat

In the late 18th century, Brits continued to view Brits-in-the-American-Colonies as Brits, but they were becoming something else. Another people. The Revolution cinched that. In the mid-20th century and well into the 21st, White Americans continued to view Blacks*-in-America as Americans, but they were becoming something else. Another people. What will cinch that?

(*And not only Blacks. I find it hard to believe that Latinos are American, either.)

Had my pal Bill over last night and since he is a fan of classic westerns, we watched Shane (1953), listed as one of the greatest. Sorry. I beg to differ. Waaaaaay too long and needed lots of cutting. The boring moral angst of the reformed gunslinger, in face of the obvious, left me angry more at him than at the so-called bad guys. Who, I must say, were given a voice in the script, which explained the struggle from their point of view. Rare. And the whiny wife who, in typical fashion, kept trying to castrate her husband while she made eyes at the bad boy. Well, the whole thing felt like a dishonest Democrat anti-gun project.

Well, I have more to wring my hands over, but you don't want to hear about it either.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

EuroWeenie Pope

CNS STORY: Pope Francis calls for abolishing death penalty AND life imprisonment:

I suggest that all those lifers be let go and they be delivered to the gates of Vatican City so that he can respond to them with "another type of social policy, economic policy and policy of social inclusion."

If there's room, after we deliver all those African and Muslim "migrants" he's so fond of.

Francis is the Obama of Catholicism. Despite all the evidence of history, as well as the doctrine of the Fall and Original Sin, Francis the (Endlessly) Talking Pope seems to think that there is a solution to everything, and that the government is the usual instrument. Jaw-droppingly unglued.

He is the king of confusion. I sometimes wonder if it's his narcissism or if it's a thought-disorder. In the above rambling speech, which I have read in the original Italian on the Vatican website, he, the head of the Catholic Church, says "corruption is a greater evil than sin." WFT is that supposed to mean?

OBTW, Christianity's man problem only gets worse. While feministas scream that it's the last bastion of patriarchy, a lot of men on the ground are voting with their feet and walking out of Mr Rogers religion. This article points out the saccharine music, childish preaching, ugly buildings, a pussy Jesus and girl-driven agenda.

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My morning laff

Check out the rest of it here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What If Black America Were Its Own Country?

ExCathedra has finally given up on a life-long belief --assumption, really, just taken for granted-- that the racial divide in the US is a problem that can be solved. Somehow, eventually, if we just try harder. Or elect a Black POTUS. Twice. But, alas, no. IMNSHO, the races are implacable enemies and the problem is insoluble. Nothing will ever be enough.

In St Louis

Making believe that Blacks and Whites belong together in a single country, much less share a common national identity, now makes less sense to me than imagining you could combine Germany and Poland and make it work. Or uniting China and Japan. After 50 obsessive years of endless cost in treasure and law and culture change, and blood*, things are definitely not better between us. And nothing "we" do will improve it.


The sacrosanct and holy Civil Rights thing has turned out to be a huge failure, where the always-failing minority is constantly blaming the functional majority for its own flaws.  The occasional Black voice tells the truth, that Black failures are almost entirely self-inflicted, but The Narrative is fixed and sacred: Blame Whitey.

As I have crudely mentioned on more than one occasion, Blacks are forever complaining that Whitey is "keeping them down", when the truth is that we are the only thing keeping them up. If Black America were a separate country, it would be a Third World African-style basket case. Zimbabwe. Liberia. Haiti. Detroit. Baltimore. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Even CoastalElite mouthpiece The Atlantic says so... (although they assume, I'm sure, that this is Whites' fault. I await Ta-Nehisi Coates' louder cries for "reparation.")

As very Beyond The Pale blogger and author Paul Kersey points out, you can try to ignore the Bell Curve, but it will not ignore you.

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*It's Black blood that gets the headlines, a la Ferguson, but when Blacks kill Blacks --93% of Black homicide deaths are at the hands of other Blacks-- it's Business As Usual or, more importantly, when Blacks kill Whites --in a hugely disproportionate way--  it's Crickets Chirping.

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