Friday, November 27, 2015

Class act

It's the rare man who can pull off a bowtie outside a tuxedo and not look like a capon. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones could do it.

And here's another academic at a small US rural religious college whose choice of tie, and suspenders, rather enhances his leanly athletic and angular intellectual appeal:

Looks a bit like a pre-buffed Chris Evans

Troof about Tref

An article in a Jewish publication points out the views of the classical Jewish theologian Maimonides, about the relative merits of Islam and Christianity, Muslims and Nazarenes.

While contemporary Jews and their foolish Christian allies go on about the evils of "supersessionism," Maimonides made it clear that for Jews, Christianity is pagan idolatry.
Islam shares this view as well.

All the kowtowing and accommodation only goes in one direction.

Back in the 12th century, people told the truth. Now, ecumenical prevarication rules the day.


Chicken and egg

Mr B recently said that I was a misogynist. I told him I wouldn't feel that way if women weren't so insane.

None of the crap that is taking us down would be possible without women's suffrage.

And The Pill: a Western invention that lead to the destruction of the West.


Ooooooooo, ohnohe d'in't!

As the Ebonics like to say>

Thursday, November 26, 2015

This is why we can't have nice things

Though replacing Dr Watson with a Chinese female offended me in principle, I like Johnny Lee Miller and Elementary.

Tonight I am watching the latest episode and lo and behold, the plot revolves around the death of a White female doctor who is married to her White male doctor husband....aaaaaand her big Black male doctor husband, and all three of them live(d) together happily in a "thruple", with a child...that I don't want to see.

So I turned it off.

PC ruins everything.


"Human rights"

only ever means that the Left's latest victim group is to be allowed to do as it wants.

A Swiss canton banned the burqa in public. The anocranials are lamenting this attack on "women" and "human rights."

(My question is, Why are there Muslims in Switzerland in the first place?)

A great many of our people are hopelessly lost.


The fundamental issue

is moral.

And moral status is inescapably linked in the current regime with race first of all.

The passive acceptance by Whites --and White men above all-- of their moral reduction is at the root of all the West's diseases.

Decent Conservatism is wholly inadequate to this task. The only pathway to the West's survival is for White men to reclaim that moral status by the thorough and unapologetic rejection of the entire Liberal project and every one of its isms and phobias.

Which is what Liberals have named as The Worst Crime In History: White Supremacy.

When all it actually is is White Priority...something which every other racial group claims for itself and denies only to us.

So the only thing that can save us is the one thing we are absolutely forbidden even to think.

See how that works?


Irony of Ironies

In the 20th century the Third Worlders wanted so badly to get rid of the Whites who'd colonized them, and did. Now in the 21st they all want to move to Europe and America.

You got your independent hellholes. Stay in them.


Cui bono?

This is a "hermeneutic" that Mr B often invokes: "To whose advantage is this?"

Watching yet another modern history program which decides to focus enormously disproportionate amounts of time on Hitler and the Nazis.

As I often think, why them and not the Communists?

And I ask about this constant stoking of the flame and ask, "Cui bono?"

The answers, I think, are pretty obvious.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Angry Muslims and Naked Men

That's how Mr B used to describe my world-transforming efforts here. To live up to his robust, if compact, description...

Angry Muslims (I'm sure they misunderstand The Religion Of Peace...)

They'll make great immigrants, just great, you Islamophobic bigothaterNaziracist.


Naked Men...well, one.

I suspect that he has been enhanced by Photoshop, but we at ExC don't discriminate...

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