Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Losing Her Religion

A girl describes her reasons for leaving a religious cult in these words:

“It is a religion that preaches love and acceptance, but the reality is everything is conditional. Love and acceptance is only extended as long as members practise absolute obedience and question nothing, ever,” 

And no, amazingly, it was not the Liberal Social Justice Faith she was talking about!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thanks again, Rev King, for your legacy

In marking the 50th anniversary of the Moynihan report and engaging in the usual high-minded hand-wringing and fake causality memes, the liberal The Economist still can't hide the facts about "Black America":
If it were a separate country, it would have a worse life expectancy than Mexico, a worse homicide rate than Ivory Coast and a higher proportion of its citizens behind bars than anywhere on earth. This is despite the fact that, overall, America is home to the richest, most successful population of black African descent that the world has ever seen.

Read that again.

My thought experiments remain telling.

Imagine what a separate and independent country composed entirely of AfricansInAmerica would be like. (see above)

Imagine what the USA would be like if you raptured away all 40 million AfricansInAmerica.

As I've oft said, I do not at all in the slightest believe in Utopia, but I see no reason to embrace Catastrophe.



Thursday, May 21, 2015

Esau and Jacob, continued

My trip to see my family was very sad. In the wake of my mother's death, old fissures have turned to enmities and new cracks have opened up that I fear may be a very long time healing, if ever. To take responsibility for my part in all this, my involvement was too little and too late.

This kind of family breakdown in the wake of a parent's death is one of the oldest stories in the book.
And also, in The Book. The whole Book of Genesis is just one long dysfunctional family disaster after another. As in my case, the feud is over the birthright of a dying parent.

Everyone feels that their position is just, their pain is unique, and the trouble is caused entirely by others with hidden agendas and unprovoked malice. How original. Well, really, how original sin.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Fact Vs Narrative

Spent yesterday afternoon with a very old and dear friend and his wife and very smart teenage son. They are all drenched in East Coast liberalism...and live in a tony all-White suburb north of NYC.

It's a kind of game among us now when the Old Rightwinger shows up with his outlandish opinions. The boy, a powerhouse of a kid, whom I have known since he was an infant, tells me that he doesn't believe that I believe the things I say because I am way too smart for that.

I get that a lot. Of course, "smart" by itself has little to do with it. As I explained to him, perhaps I believe those things precisely because I am so smart. And anyway, we all live inside narratives far more than facts.

But my conversation with these folks, who are wonderful, makes me see how utterly drenched they are in the dogmas of liberalism, especially the absolute equality of the races and the sexes. Any suggestion that this is not so brings on a kind of momentary seizure.

And if you look at facts --at least within the narrative I now find most accurate!-- there is more reason to believe in the Holy Trinity than in these two utterly unfounded fantasies.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's what Malcom wanted

The Only Antidote to the Oppression of Blacks in America - The Unz Review:

I have come to a very similar conclusion.
Both what is needed and why they will never ask for it:
they endlessly complain that The Man is keeping them down
when in fact he is the only thing holding them up.

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Update: on a quiet Sunday morning in Manhattan's Chelsea district, I am on line at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. Then begins the minstrel show, where one of Obama's Sons, in his 40's, dressed all in yellow, starts up with semi-nonsense repetitive questions and statements to the staff behind the case, flashing his iphone at them, smiling all the time but with just enough hint of crazy to suggest that he could switch from grinning to chimpout in a nanosecond. He kept it up for five minutes. Everyone else in the crowded store made believe they didn't see it.

The staff in this store is almost totally Black, and, as with all Starbucks employees, chronically pleasant. I am sure they were mortified.

Or maybe not. Maybe they were pleased to see all the White and Whitish patrons do their polite make believe out of fear, putting up with crap that, in a Black environment, would have been met with vigorous response. Who knows?

Thanks again, Rev King, for your legacy.


Eternal recurrence

Traditional Bible-based end-of-the-world image:

Cool contemporary Gaia-based end-of-the-world image:

23rd St and Lex, Manhattan: "It's not warming, it's dying!"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mohammedan BS

Andrews University Prof Contract Ends After Conversion to Islam:

Typical Muslim convert BS. There's no contradiction between her Islam and her Seventh Day Adventist upbringing. "To be a Muslim you must embrace Christianity, since the Koran holds that Jesus is a prophet."

It's like a Catholic saying, "We're still Jews, because we recognize Moses as a prophet."

Reminds me of that Black Episcopalian priestess of a few years ago. "I'm a better Christian now that I'm a Muslim..." She also allowed as how worshipping in the mosque reminded her that people of color outnumbered Whites in the world and that was "a relief."

Why can't these twats just tell the truth?


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Tempus fugit

and does all sorts of other things, too.

A recent shot of famous neurology MD and writer Oliver Sacks, author of the fascinating The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, looking every bit the aging Jewish doctor.

The same fella in 1961...

Dr Sacks, I discover, has much preferred the male to the female. Who knew?


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mass appeal

I went to Mass on last Saturday in my mother's parish church, a beautiful Tudor structure, where she was especially remembered on the first anniversary of her death.
Pedantic historical note: prior to Vatican II in the 60's, Masses were always said in the morning. But since liturgical days start on the evening beforehand (like Christmas Eve still does for us), the Sunday Mass, which remains obligatory, was allowed on the eve of Sunday to permit more people to find a service to attend. Now you will find Sunday Masses from Saturday afternoon to late Sunday night. 

It was a normal parish service, the church mostly filled with local people, a lot of grey hairs but a noticeable contingent of young families with children. The music was what you might expect as the soundtrack to an afternoon soap opera, testosterone-lowering but well sung. Aside from the priest and deacon, the whole thing was done by women. The sound of high heels clanging across the sanctuary floor was constant. What psychological effect does it have to see two older men in robes surrounded by eight women and girls? Given my sensitivities, they seemed more prisoners than presiders; it is a dead end for males.

The scripture readings were chocabloc with love talk this week. The priest, with his remnant Brooklyn accent, gave a clear and practical homily about what Christian love really meant: not a gushy feeling of warmth and benevolence but a readiness to be of service. He's a very Jesus guy, the pastor. Jesus, Jesus, all the time. He ignored the theology of the Gospel of John by misinterpreting "love one another" as "love everybody", which that Gospel clearly does not mean. It is a work which uses the word love but which is otherwise very dualistic and exclusive about who is Us and who is Them. The children of God are not the whole human race, but only the community of Jesus. It's repeated endlessly but Christian like to ignore that nowadays. Anyway, he played out the realistic circles and degrees of intimacy and enmity that we all live with and how to negotiate them with active, not emotional, love. Not bad at all, Father Joe.

The deacon read the intercessions. Here things crashed. These prayers have no fixed text in the modern rite and may be cooked up from scratch. Scratch abounds. Although gramatically well written, they contained the usual thinly-veiled positions on social issues, moral exhortations, etc. The one that irked me most was something about those who serve the poor and the sick and those who teach should know that they are "building the Kingdom of God on earth."


I ain't no sola scriptura guy, but I have done a search and in no place whatever in the New Testament is the verb to build  οἰκοδομέω  and the phrase Kingdom of God   ἡ βασιλεία τοῦ θεοῦ  ever used together. The Kingdom of God is many things but it is definitely not something that humans build.
That utopian crapola, though, makes the phrase very common among contemporary groovy Christians, who want to identify their pet social projects with Jesus. My eyes rolled.

The Eucharistic Prayer he used was one I never heard before. No idea where it came from. Definitely some modern composition.

On leaving the building, all the women were given roses for Mothers' Day, including my 22 year old unmarried niece who is, I hope, not a mother. Non-discrimination ruled.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot, the recorded bells began to play one of the very many very bad Catholic hymns from olden times. The feminization of the Church is not a recent event, just worse now that feminism infects it all and men are on the run. The hymn is called "On This Day O Beautiful Mother" and even as a boy I thought it was embarrassing to have to sing this cooing love song to Jesus' Mommy. Being the intellectual/aesthetic type that I am,  Bhakti style religion has always put me off.  For the theo-musical masochists among you, I leave this link and depart.

Peace out.

PS Next day I visited the cemetary, where her ashes, my Dad's and my sister's are buried, all of whose remains I put in the ground with my own hands. There is one more spot left in the plot and one empty corner of the tombstone for another name one day: mine.



Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Racism: The Most Destructive Idea In Western History

You know about racism. It's The Worstest Thing Ever. In like, all of, like, history and stuff.

And you know, as we all know, that the only kind of racism that counts is White Racism. Sure, Iranians may have a very dim view of Arabs and the Malays may envy and loathe the Overseas Chinese. Hell, Latinos are definitely not fond of Africans in America.

But the only thing "racism" really means is that White people's attitudes, beliefs and actions toward non-Whites, --Blacks most especially of all-- are both incorrect and immoral . So that any hint of racism in a White person --and after all, only Whites are really affected by it-- means that you are stupid and evil.

I mean, just try to make a case that giving someone a job because he's darker than you is racist and, well, they'll laugh you out of the room. Only Whites can be racist, you silly White wabbit.

So let's put it this way: if you, as a Person Living With Whiteness, accept that A. racism is a real thing and B. is in fact The Worstest Thing Ever, and that C. only you and your kind are infected with this Real and Worstest Thing Ever, what conclusion must you eventually draw about yourself and your kind?

If only You People are carriers of this Worst of All Evils, then your only option is suicide, no?
I mean, like, for the sake of the planet.

(Well, you can try to engage in a root and branch moral excavation of yourself and your people and your culture to kill off "racism," --as most White people have desperately tried to do--but it's obvious that after 50+ years of trying, that Black people are still a huge mess because of your "White privilege" and your "White supremacy". I mean, without that, they'd be just like, well Swiss people with dark skins who like dance. But that hasn't happened, therefore your attempt at self-cure is futile. So back to option A.)


Unless you want to go on being stupid and bad and being, according to Jewish Lesbian Susan Sontag, "the cancer of humanity."

Conclusion: once Whites accepted that racism was both real* and terrible, they signed their own death warrant.


*PS. It's not.
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