Friday, April 24, 2015

Gamey Thrones

Re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning.

First season much better than the second.

The religions of this world are either repellent or boring. None are convincing. GRR Martin might well have followed the lead of JRR Tolkien's Fellowship stories and left religion out of it altogether.

Two good lines about this, though:
Tyrion the Dwarf: "The Drowned God wants men drowned, the Fire God wants men burned. Why are all the gods such vicious cunts?" 
A pious son asking a wise relative about his irreverent father: "But doesn't father believe in the gods?" Answer: "Yes, he believes in them. He just doesn't like them very much."

The same-sex stuff is shown unsentimentally. It is tolerated if kept private, but not respected. Not treated with PC sensitivity, although both the boy-loving eunuch Lord Varis and the homosexual royal pretender Renly Baratheon are portrayed as more decent than most of the men in Westeros.

As is pretty well everything else, although girl-power infects the show too much, with the usual litany of complaints.

Arya Stark is a pain in the ass and not interesting. Oppositional/defiant brat girls hold no appeal in fiction. The real world is already too full of them.

Lord Littlefinger Baelish and Jaime Lannister are nasty men, but I kinda like them. You never quite know what they're up to.

The blond queen emancipator with the dragons is stiff and pompous except when out of control.

The series is about complex plot development and surprise, not about character. Most of the characters are flat, narrow or repellent and one-dimensional.

But the dwarf is the most interesting of all. His is really the only one whose death would move me.

Well, negatively. Little King Joffrey is written entirely to be loathed and at that the series works well. When he does die, it's entirely too swiftly.

Like House of Cards, though, it is unblinking about human nature.


Inconvenient Truths

Demography is Destiny:

When you break down the performance of "American" students into racial groups, interesting trends emerge.

Race, as we know, is a completely fictitious and pernicious social construct, you H8ful racist bigot, and the most important thing in the whole wide world, you H8ful racist bigot.

HT to FreeNortherner.

Now, as part of my nice day, I'm gonna go out and wash my car and get it ready for the girl who's rented it for the weekend, making me $77. She rented it a few weeks ago for $80 but left a dent over the driver door handle. I passed on pix to Getaround and they are giving me $125 for that.  I have a bit of a cosmetic dent, but she's made me $282. So I forgave her. See? Who says I can't be caring and compassionate?

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Apophthegmata non patrum

Two good thoughts, altered in form,  via Greg Johnson.

Equality: creationism for liberals.

White guilt and White grandiosity: two sides of the same coin.


When it comes to human origins, liberals are Darwinian fundamentalists. Evolution via natural selection, absent any hint of a spiritus rector, is the required POV for admission to polite society.
When it comes to human actualities, however, "equality!"  And actual evidence be damned. Equality, the counterfactual status of which is evident to anyone who can unblind themselves to the mantras, must be chanted endlessly, lest the actual consequences of Darwin be revealed. 

And as I have written before, we then have the ludicrous spectacle of liberals, who believe that we are just clever apes, requiring us to live more like angels than the Church ever did.


Whites take vastly disproportionate responsibility for the world. Didn't we invent the silly idea of "humanitarianism?"  Certainly a good part of that pathological altruism and its leapfrog morality is a greatly inflated sense of our own power and worth hiding underneath all the Lenten self-flagellation. Once you take a Christian conscience and erase the Christian God, you have to take His place as the One Responsible For Everything (the grandiose part) but since you are manifestly sinful flawed and limited, then you are in a perpetual state of repentance with no one to forgive you (the guilty part).

When foolish college girls run off to perform some saving work for Africans (in Africa, of course; Baltimore seems not to be on the exhibitionist menu), the underlying assumption is that she, as a privileged Caucasianette "global citizen", has something to offer them that they can't get by themselves. Her foreground motivation is guilt-inspired responsibility but the background belief is in her special snowflakeness. 

There are many theories of the origins of this sad condition, but it does lead to the pathetic sight of highminded Whites traitorously competing for moral status by proclaiming and denouncing the sins of their people before a tribunal composed entirely of their envious and resentful enemies. Who the hell else would engage in such bizarrely suicidal antics? The Chinese? The Muslims? The Blacks? La Raza? Who?

Do you see why I think Whites are The Most Foolish People On The Planet ©?


The male mind, sanctified

Compartmentalization is, I think, a male specialty. For example, I am in a pretty good mood. It's a bit cooler than I'd like, but it's sunny. I have my nuclear-strength cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin at my side. So my mood is good.

My thoughts, however, are bloody. Perusing the "internets" --as Mr B's mom calls them-- I find the usual daily outrages chronicled. And my imagined forest of gallows adds new inhabitants. I discover new reasons each morning why it would be a cool idea to slowly strangle certain personages from lampposts. Or to drive certain groups into the sea, etc. But this does not always disturb my equanimity.

I don't think it's a sign of sociopathy. Sociopaths are famous for combining murderous mayhem with low blood pressure and steady brain wave activity. I think it's both a combo of natural male division of mind and a long spiritual practice.

Yes, ExC has a spiritual practice! When I was in college and I discovered CG Jung's concept of the shadow, I secretly substituted shadow meditation for the tedious Jesuit-style mental dramas that I was being taught to create twice-daily in the religious order I belonged to. I let myself become aware of the bloody-minded thoughts I carried, so that they would no longer frighten or horrify me. I learned to distinguish between the natural shadowy eruptions of a human psyche and the actual carrying out of the desires or fears that those images spoke for.

My favorite quote from Dr Jung

Consequently, I am a man whose imagination can easily entertain quite grisly scenarios, but who, when push comes to shove, is alas, ineffectual not a danger to anyone.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Diversity Macht Frei

Old news, but yet another investigation shows that ethnic diversity decreases social trust.

Well, you know, if that's true, then we need more of it and more education programs to make people --especially certain people-- get over their xenophic H8 and learn to trust strangers. The more alien the better!

Floggings will continue until morale improves.

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Christianity and European Peoples: Pro or Con?

A fascinating discussion/debate between two pro-White activists about the role of Christian faith in the future of the embattled and disheartened peoples of European descent.

Both agree that the current condition of the Christian churches is pathetic, but differ on future paths.

Well worth listening to.

Even the strongly anti-Christian speaker has written elsewhere,
the critics of Christianity are wrong to think that Christianity is, today, the primary enemy. For the real religion of our time is Liberal Universalism, to which even the Pope bends his knee.


Thor's Day Morning

Another fully enjoyable evening with Mr B.  We've been doing our "unboyfriend" thing for almost eight years now and I still like him. And, amazingly, vice-versa. One of his many fine qualities is that he is very polite, especially in the "thank you" department. People of long familiarity sometimes drop all that. It never hurts to continue it. In fact, I read recently of one marriage therapist who assessed a couples' chance of making it by their level of politeness with each other.

We read the SF Chronicle at breakfast this morning. His daily ritual; I only see it when I'm visiting. The lingo and the issues and the slant, all as obvious as the noonday sun. These folks live in not only an ideological but a linguistic bubble. Mush for days, as far as the eye can see or ear hear.

While pulling out of the grocery store parking lot this morning, I apparently did not read the minds, such as they are, of two African-in-America chicks when I was slowly pulling out of my parking space. They graced me with their threat-glaring as they sashayed by, like fat sausages stuffed overtightly into day-glo tubes. All men are created equal? WTF was Thomas Jefferson thinking?

My experiment in renting out my car through the Getaround car-share program is going quite well. In two months, I have had the vehicle rented out all weekends, and a couple of weekdays. Only downs: One minor dent (for which the company paid me!) and one inconvenient jerk who left the lights on overnight and drained the battery. Otherwise, folks have been either very or reasonably responsible. I have to keep the car cleaner than I usually do. But I have taken in about eight hundred bucks! At this rate, owning it will cost me nothing and even make me some dough. Shows you the value of social capital...

It's a coolish morning, but the sun is out and the sky is blue and San Francisco, even after more than 20 years and despite its human craziness, is beautiful and calm and I don't miss the East Coast one little bit.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cultural Catholicism

Contemporary Catholicism is as saturated with the pre-suppositions and mind-shaping values of Liberalism as Medieval Catholicism was with the pre-suppositions and mind-shaping values of feudalism.

Pope blessing his troops

Pope kissing Koran

Modern popes can no more imagine themselves declaring a crusade against the Muslims then the medieval ones would be capable of understanding the supine and craven appeasement of their successors towards Mohammed's soldiers.

The modern ones take the existence of the United Nations as a providential good just as much as the former ones naturally created The Holy League to destroy the Turks.

The traditional ones cared about triumph of the Faith and the Church, while the newer ones blather on blandly about "the universal dignity of the human person." And my favorite Catholic "social justice" bloviation: the preferential option for the poor. (Really, wtf is a "preferential option?")

The ancient popes assumed that being Roman Catholic and being European were virtually synonymous; these days their spiritual descendants are happily promoting the destruction of Europe by invasion from Africa and by the very Islam they used to resist, pitching it to us a duty and asking us to be happy about it.


Excusing Nature, Blaming Us

Two female social science researchers have concluded that the "underrepresentation" of wymynz and Africans-in-America in high-demand academic fields is the result --surprise!-- of societal attitudes. These two groups are not generally expected to be "brilliant" by others and so they don't act brilliantly.
“Women and blacks... through exposure to culture that constantly tells them... that they do not have an aptitude for things like math and physics, have come to believe this is true.”
I beg to differ. Look at the Potemkin Village overrepresentation of galactically brilliant females and blacks in media, in TV and in movies. What's surprising is when you see one of them who isn't "brilliant."

Of course, being the evil H8er that he is, ExC suspects that somehow a combination of native talent and interest might account for this so-called "underrepresentation."

What are the rules for representation, by the way?

Do you have to match the numbers for a country, a city, an age group? By gender, by sexual orientation, my marital status, regional origin?

When Blacks are "overrepresented" in crime, this is an outrage and a scandal. (Imagine all the cells they are taking up that, by rights, belong to Whites and Asians!). But when Jews are "overrepresented" in law, medicine, government, finance, art, media, science...where's the screaming?

Sometimes these rules confuse me.

Maybe society never expected me to be "brilliant" enough to understand them.

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