Monday, July 28, 2014

An ending on the weekend

My family gathered at our "ancestral" home on the North Fork to bury my mother's ashes this weekend. I remain here for a week.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Traitors in Miters and in White Houses

For Obama and the Church Hierarchy, It’s All Going According to Plan | VDARE.COM:

And over in Europe...“This is an organized replacement of our population. This threatens our very survival. We don’t have the means to integrate those who are already here. The result is endless cultural conflict.” Marine Le Pen

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tru(ly bad) Blood

True Blood is dying its well-deserved death. I don't know which is worse, the placental plot or the puerile politics. Thank God I can use the skip ahead button. Liberals are so pathetically adolescent.

Tried another gay movie. I won't even name it. As I have oft said before, for a group of people supposed to be so creative, nothing but derivatives and stereotypes and tackiness.

And nothing in conservative propaganda can compare with authentic, homegrown, gay-produced media for portraying characters and behaviors that justify and promote "homophobia." How could any parent look at the portrayal of these characters --and the characters in 95% of gay films-- and not cringe at the thought that a child of theirs might wind up among them?

On a lighter note...

A week ago I was curled up in a one-room cabin high in the Sierras with Mr B, falling off to sleep.

This is him.

Large smile.


Friday, July 18, 2014

White Out

So The Rock is now to be Hercules. Thor becomes a woman. Captain America is Black. On "Elementary", Dr Watson is Asian and female. On Warehouse 13, HG Wells is revealed to have been a woman.The Green Lantern comes out. SpiderMan is Black/Latino. In the Thor movies, Heimdall --"the whitest of the gods"-- is Black. Now Archie dies for his gay friend...

If a certain group, the founders and engine of Western civilization, looks like it is being erased and replaced, it is.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Un-ranting. The very opposite of ranting.

(ExCathedra is the rant-persona of the man who writes this blog. Though he apologizes not at all for his ranting, it is not all he does. In person, he is actually quite pleasant. For example...)

Mr B and I returned yesterday afternoon from our annual Eastern Sierras jaunt.

A pleasure from start to finish; I would have happily stayed longer.

He picked me up at 5am last Thursday and off we went, stopping in Oakdale at 6.30 for our annual breakfast at the Corner Cafe. Pancakes, sausages, eggs, coffee...yum.

then took Route 108 through the Sonora Pass

over to Bridgeport and some of its scenic suburbs...

followed by a picnic lunch at Mono Lake, watching the phaloropes in clouds (like starlings)  and then down 395 to the metropolis of June Lake (pop. 629).

Checked into our beloved funky ramshackle cabin at June Lake Pines,

visited the Lake

That's Mr B there

and barbequed dinner by the porch, Mr XCathedra cheffing the lamb chops.

Next day we kayaked on surreal and extraterrestrial Mono Lake in the morning

Note Mr B and kayak on shore, to left

and hiked around Gull Lake in the afternoon.

More barbeque that night: Italian sausages.

Saturday we drove down toward colorful Crater Lake, where we'd been before,

and after stocking up on food and gas in Bishop, headed up to the higher elevations.

Desert between 7-8,000 feet

Stopped at Lake Sabrina, a drought-ravaged shadow of its former self.



But the little cafe there had the best blueberry pie --homemade by the owner's wife-- I've had in years.

We checked in at our "resort" at 9200 ft, went for a 2-mile stroll up the road 

past idyllic trout ponds 

to even more devastated South Lake



These lakes have been purposely drained by LA hydro companies
from polluting the city.

then returned for a cold chicken and salad dinner on our porch.

View from the porch

Sunday we hiked up to Treasure Lakes, at 10,668 feet, and had lunch.

Three hours up...and up and up...and three hours down. A challenge for the lungs one way and the knees the other. With its 1000+ foot elevation gain, the trail is like climbing up and down an 80 story building's staircase. Sometimes the trail is lost among the rocks, and climbers leave stone cairns to help mark it. Very grateful for these!

On Monday we took a slow drive over to Tioga Pass, had lunch here

and then checked into our tent at Tuolomne Meadows lodge: no electricity and a wood-burning stove for heat.

A stroll on the John Muir trail, family-style dinner at the lodge dining room --our only meal out-- and, if you can believe it, back to the tent for half-assed charades and ghost stories by electric lantern. Don't ask.

But it was great fun. It was hard to go to sleep because I was laughing so much.

Yesterday we drove home through the always awesome Yosemite

and were back in the city by 1 pm.

A great time was had by both. Looking forward to next year.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A prime candidate

for the Forest of Gallows:

His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan » The Dignity of the Human Person:

A week or so ago, I watched with shame as an angry mob in southern California surrounded buses filled with frightened, hungry, homeless immigrants, shaking fists, and shouting for them to “get out!”
It was un-American; it was un-biblical; it was inhumane.  It worked, as the scared drivers turned the buses around and sought sanctuary elsewhere.
The incendiary scene reminded me of Nativist mobs in the 1840’s, Know-Nothing gangs in the 1850’s, and KKK  thugs in the 1920’s, who hounded and harassed scared immigrants, Catholics, Jews, and Blacks.
I think of this sad incident today, the feast of New York’s own Kateri Tekakwitha, a native-American (a Mohawk) canonized a saint just three years ago.  Unless we are Native Americans, like Saint Kateri, our ancestors all came here as homesick, hungry, hopeful immigrants.  I don’t think there were any Mohawks among that mob attacking the buses of refugee women and children.

And look what happened to the Mohawks, you obese traitorous priest.


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Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Annual pilgrimage to the hinterlands tomorrow early with Mr B.

A good time will be had by both and believing in God will be easy.

Til next Wednesday, rant amongst yourselves.


Aristotle was having a very good day

when he defined man as "a rational animal."

It continues to astonish me that contemporary culture, so attached to relativism as its foundation, is also obsessed with taking the moral high ground as the foundation for status and power. Thus it manages to be both jawdroppingly decadent and hysterically puritanical at the same time.

The most obvious pathology is that "truth is relative" but that "racism is absolutely the greatest evil in history."

Since victim-status is the gold standard of the Liberal moral economy, status is gained either by belonging a Specially Designated Sacred Victim Class (Blacks, women, LGBTs, immigrants, etc.) or by appearing to champion such groups, even if one's own combination of status, wealth and power clearly marks you as a success.

Best example. While Liberals/Progressives cry out about "the One Percent" and their "disproportionate" wealth, embodied in the huge salaries of corporate or financial executives, the huge salaries, status, luxurious lifestyles and self-indulgences of entertainment celebrities and sports stars pass without criticism. Hollywood types smartly take a supportive stand on behalf of the SDSVCs --while making sure their mansions and jets keep them at distance-- while most of the sports types are People of Color, and therefore exempt (unless Republican) from critique.

Hollywood studio and corporate media executives, who are corporate executives no less than the presidents of banks or manufacturing companies, share the immunity of the Brangelinas of this world and they happily make movies in which the Rich (Gentile) White Guy is the villain, while cashing the huge compensation checks that are their due.



Monday, July 07, 2014


Archie Goodwin, the rakish partner in crime-solving of rotund brainy sleuth, gourmet and orchid-lover Nero Wolfe, responds thusly to a pointed asked-and-then-withdrawn question by the woman he is seeing.
I let it slide.  No man with any sense assumes that a woman’s words mean to her exactly what they mean to him.

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