Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bad blood?

Obama Apologizes to Castro | The Weekly Standard:

Add this to his list of bowing low to all sorts of foreign potentates like the Saudi King, and I wonder about this supposed paragon of free Black power. There's something servile in his character.

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More multiculti mush

JK Rowling confirms that there were Jewish wizards at Hogwarts | Books | The Guardian:

And "LGBT" ones, too!


I love the Harry Potter movies. I just watched two of them yesterday. For the umpteenth time.
I forced myself to "read" the books on mp3 audio just to see how they compared and to give better ground to my opinions. And the movies are better.

On the level of plot narrative and characters, creation of an imaginative world, Ms Rowling is a truly gifted woman. While not a great writer, she is an extraordinary storyteller.

But as a moralist, she is as empty as Gene Roddenbury and Star Trek Drek.

Here again, in the above story, we have her trumpeting her all-inclusive values about Hogwarts, just to make sure we know she is orthodox and bien-pensant.

But without effect, at all.

Like Albus Dumbledore's homosexuality, the ethnic and racial, the cultural and religious "diversity" of the Wizarding World is all window-dressing in the service of highmindedness, but it has absolutely zero zip zilch nada effect on either the narrative or the characters. None of it makes the slightest bit of difference. The only character whose ethnicity has any bearing on his character is the irascible Irishman Seamus, who has a talent for blowing things up. IRA anyone? There's prominent inter-racial dating, for example, but hardly any (none, to my knowledge) inter-racial marriage.

As I said before, every single one of the characters of color could be transformed into the homogeneous and native White British mass who form the great majority of the human characters without the slightest change to anything at all but names and externals like skin color and dress. Otherwise, nothing different. Make Dumbledore straight: what's the difference? There's a Jew in Hogwarts? Who knew?

In the Wizarding World and in the world of Star Trek, all the "diverse" humans act like White British people*. Aside from externals, there is nothing distinctive about them. And in both these worlds, all the genetic differences of skill, attitude, behavior, capacity, tendency and sense of group identity are projected out onto non-human groups, other species, where it is presumably both ok and obvious. The generalizations (aka "stereotypes") that would be rejected with shrieks of horror if applied to intra-human groups are even more loudly asserted and trumpeted when applied either to non-human magicals (giants, goblins, elves, centaurs, etc.) or to non-human aliens (Vulcans, Klingons, Ferengi, Borg, etc.)

I'm not really complaining. Although Rowlings intentions are clearly to placate the Gods of the Facebook Trendings, this lack of follow-through makes the movies watchable for me.

But all this inclusive-diverse preening reveals the emptiness of the liberal PC multiculti ideology. In order to make real stories, and not just ideological cartoons, it either has to ignore or violate its own principles.

In case you'd like to hear me rant --intelligently, though, as always!-- about this, read here.

*A random thought. Maybe this is JK Rowlings' real (and gasp, racist) message, even if it is unconscious: that the way for us all to get along is for the minorities to keep their little accoutrements of skin and name but to become, in every other way, wholly English. (Except for Seamus.) Now that's a program ExC could get on board with!

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"Eat Like An Idealist"

My Facebook page's column of ads invited me to this high ethical realm.

Status-whoring disguised as "values." Morality as a marketing ploy to buoy up declining sales.

Eat like an idealist.

Whole Foods Asks Shoppers to Consider a Value Proposition -

Whole Foods embodies a chunk of what I despise in the dying culture:
you have to have more evil capitalist money in your pocket in order
to afford the refined sense of moral purity and superiority that they sell you.

I'd barf my breakfast, but that would be a waste of food...

Against my "values."

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thoughts before retiring to sleep

American Horror Story: Freak Show. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes quite touching.

This fella has done his homework about what's "Islamic." Right from the camel's mouth, in detail.

The raw truth behind the failure of multiculturalism?
...whites seem to be the only people who widely accept multiculturalism as an ideal. Whites think that if they only set aside everything about their interests, tastes, and expectations that might clash with those of other races, they can demonstrate sufficient openness and good will that non-whites will drop their resentment, hike up their pants, join hands, and help them usher in a new age of post-racial harmony. Non-whites, however, are encouraged to be as ethnocentric, aggressive, and accusatory as possible in their dealings with whites. Thus present-day multiculturalism is a formula for the exploitation and victimization of whites, which can only increase racial tensions.

This query reminded me of my last attempt to connect with daylight Christendom. The church I was going to had a real, if quirky, sense of worship. I headed off to the Christmas Eve service expecting a solemn ritual imbued with the mysticism of the Gospel of John. What I got was excruciatingly sentimental uppermiddleclass cuteness in the form of a kiddie's Christmas pageant. One more nail in the coffin.

Everything wrong with America in the last fifty years, in one photo:

 To put it crudely and simply: the Blacks succeeded in convincing the Whites that they were guilty of all the Blacks' miseries*, and then White women took advantage of that sense of moral crime and stabbed their own men in the back for the sake of their irrational egos. And there you have it: the end of America. Whites, --White men especially-- have shown themselves to be The Most Foolish People On The Planet ©.

*Although the last half century has made it clear that no matter what we do, the Africans in America are the hapless authors of their own misfortunes, for which they will always blame us. The beginning of a cure here


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yugoslavian Alphabet Stew

I have likened the LGBT thingy to a sexual Yugoslavia, the artificial encompassing within a single polity of groups that don't belong together.

Now I just read about a UnitarianUniversalist service --wouldntcha know-- for people, sorry, "folks" who are "TBLGQI".

At first I thought this was a lost South American tribe, so poor and underdeveloped that they can only afford one vowel per word, no matter how long it is.

But no, alas, it stands for

Transgender Bisexual Lesbian Gay Questioning Intersex.

Notice who gets star billing. It's the usual reflex, to take the smallest minority and make them the headliners. Transgenders are .003% --three-one-thousandths -- of the US population.



Good advice

to apply to most contemporary "dialogue", "opinion" and "discussion" on "values."

" realize that the question does not matter
is the first step towards answering it correctly."

GK Chesterton
A Short History of England


La trahison des clercs

As with every single reform movement of the 1960's, it metasticized. Every good idea of those days has become a deformed exaggeration of itself.

Let the Church Be a House of Wonder - Crisis Magazine:

"Only academics can think themselves into pretending to like verse without music, music without harmony, painting without skies or flowers or animals or people. Intellectuals are the original smashers of images. It was not quarry workers who demanded that their communion rails be knocked out with sledge hammers. It was not little children who pleaded with their pastors to cover paintings with whitewash. It was not housewives who demanded that the high altars with all their draperies and candelabra be replaced with tables so bare and spare that they would not do for an ordinary kitchen."

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Minority privilege

Guess who gets to keep their holiday intact and whose gets reduced to a non-offensive inclusive generic that requires the erasure of its real name?


Race has nothing to do with it!

This sacred slogan of all queens of denial has to contend, among tons of other evidence, with this:

(Even in California and New York!)

and this*:

*2012 results were not significantly different. See original, plus much more here, including a gender breakdown. (Spoiler: women of all conditions voted for O by the same large margins that men of all conditions voted for Romney.)


Monday, December 15, 2014

Deformed offspring

Spain church criticized over Cordoba monument name - Yahoo News:

You can spend your blood and treasure for 800 years to drive the African Mohammedans out of Europe, but centuries later your "evolved" descendants will be looking to stab you in the back.

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