Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Micro moments

Got sent a trailer for an independent flick about a group of men spending a weekend together: old love ending, new love beginning.

Images reminded me of what a broken heart feels like. Worse than death, if I recall...makes death attractive, as a matter of fact.

But images also reminded me of the first time I wrapped up Mr B in my arms and kissed him. In my living room, three feet away from where I am typing this.  Felt as if God had made him the perfect fit.

He turns 60 this week. He still takes my breath away.

And makes it easy to believe in God.


Quotable Mr Donovan

 "Feminism is the perfect expression of a female political sensibility. Its truth is whatever it wants to be, depending on what it wants, and what kind of mood it is in, and how it feels, and who it is talking to. It moves goal posts because it can."


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

the DisUnited States of Insanity

Vox Popoli: Government against the citizenry:

Govt fines US company for treating non-citizens differently from citizens.

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Star Drek, continued and continued

Although I enjoy the plotlines of Star Trek Next Generation, I find StarTrek morality pathetic and contemptible and incoherent. And priggish and fake. Oh, and despicable and deluded.

The episode where Worf becomes paralyzed and wants to commit Klingon suicide, "Ethics", brings out all the hysterical dogmatic hypocrisy of the supposedly Other-respecting ethos when one of its pet cultural norms is violated.

Or the opprobrium visited on a mother who killed off the murderous Crystalline Entity because she acted out of "vengenance" vs the un-remarked ease with which Beverly Crusher offed the wholly benign "anaphasic lover" that gave her grandmother so much happiness.

As well, the whole series projects onto other species the same kinds of stereotypes that the writers would be screaming in horror about were they projected onto other races within the species Homo sapiens. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Skipped through a few episodes of Hustling, a gay+ web series about a former hustler trying to start a new career as a private chef in NYC. A sad soap opera, though the commentors seem to feel it is Shakespearean.  An empty world. Ah, well. I guess I'm of a different age now and culture. The lead guy is, objectively, a major hunk. He does for me, alas, nothing. As appealing as a new car.

Skipping through a few episodes of Looking, about Three Gay Boys And Their Lives In Contemporary SF. The draw is almost entirely Russell Tovey. Ah, Russell Tovey. Although having Scott Bakula in a steambath scene with Murray Bartlett has its appeal.

In both cases, the evil god Eros does his usual chaos. Hustling is pretty soulless. Looking is more stumblingly human. NYC vs SF?

Neither of these stories have much of any relation to my life at all anymore, old me. (Though some of the tumult I remember...and not that long ago.) The natural passage of time. And my typical way of "moving on." Although the magical draw between men is something I have never moved on from. Nothing else in the world like it.

With all its un-gayness, as it were, I like my moved-on world, with un-gay Mr B in it, a lot more.

A lot more.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Elitist Elites

How Theologians Have Failed Asian Christians—and How They Can Do Better | Christianity Today:

Good line: "In Latin America, Liberation Theology opted for the poor...and the poor opted for Pentecostalism."

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