Friday, April 18, 2014

Potemkin Train

Watch the race and gender regime we are supposed to accept a The New Virtuous Normal.


Well, this is novel

Jesus Had Game | Chateau Heartiste:

It does take another perspective on the widely-ignored fact that Jesus "the servant" was in fact always in control.

So when Pope Francis says that he's "the slave" of the poor, etc. you should take it with a beachful of grains of salt.

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Decline and Fall

There they are, America. You elected 'em.



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Off Fence

I get offended a lot. Not by people I know. Mostly by media.

The endless propaganda.

Right now I am trying to watch a mystery series but I can't get myself not to notice the feminist and multiculty propaganda built into it. And into almost everything else produced for our viewing pleasure. Teaching us how the world both is and ought to be and how we should think and feel about it.

Phallic females and numinous Negroes abounding. It's especially cool if they're In Charge. And there's The Sacrosanct Interracial Couple/Family. (In this particular one, we have a bi-racial lesbian couple with their Blond daughter...A home run.)

A Potemkin village of race and gender ideology. Lies presented as unquestioned reality.

Hardly any White male, especially if he is a lead and not evil, can be allowed to be by himself without minders of color and vagina. Not even Raylan Givens, who's now got a Black girl boss.

Most men, especially White, are presented as venal, stupid or cowardly. Women, the more of color the better, are smart and responsible. Stronger and better than the men.

It offends the hell out of me.

It was long conventional status-wisdom to sagely poo-poo the dramas and comedies of the 50s for their "unreal" depictions of pleasantly monochrome worlds of picket-fenced intact White families with working fathers and housewife mothers and non-pathological children, etc. It was hell, apparently.

Everything now is "open-minded" and "realistic"...and just as much propaganda as the Soviet posters in Jay Carney's kitchen

PS The film is Under The Dome. Episode 1 was so offensive that I skipped to Episode 13. It added stupid to offensive. Stephen King is a hugely, vastly, galactically, ineffably over-rated writer. The Langoliers. The Stand. OMG.

The Titanic States of BalkanAmerica

IMHO, all efforts to get the new separate and hostile nations aborning inside the boundaries of the USA to cooperate are as useful as it was trying to get the Croatians, Serbs and Bosnians in the 1990's to continue to make believe that they were "Yugoslavs." Or to imagine that the Confederate states really wanted to be part of the Union anymore (which is why they had to be bludgeoned into it.)
The conventional date for the fall of the Western Roman Empire is 476, but in fact it had effectively ceased to exist for 100 years prior, Roman in name but mostly barbarian in fact. They just kept making believe. The Eastern Roman Empire continued on for almost another 1000 years til the soldiers of The Religion of Peace finally wiped it out in 1453.
Do really believe that AG Eric Holder and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are both "Americans"? Do Mayor Bill deBlasio and Sarah Palin belong in the same country?

Aw, c'mon.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yet more reasons

I don't give a shit about Trayvon Martin.

His name was Nathan Trappuzano. She is now his widow, expecting his now fatherless child.

This killed him and smiles about it.

So, yeah, try to get me to give a shit about l'il Tray.

(Oh, and this, too. Two more of Obama's sons doin' what they do.)


White America is Toast

Report: Immigration is making the US blue | The Daily Caller:

Whole Wheat toast.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Dr Dalrymple Opines on Modern Morality

He doesn't care about Gaia either.

Some Questions - Taki's Magazine:
"The most virtuous person is he who expresses the most all-encompassing benevolence at the highest level of abstraction."
And the greater the distance between the virtuous person and the object of his/her* ethical concern, the more virtuous doth the virtuous person become (at least in his/her own eyes and in the liberal moral paradigm.)

As for their discourse:
It must be a terrible thing to have such boring thoughts, not occasionally but repeatedly, if not constantly, and feel obliged to express them.
Amen, bro. Amen.

*I apologize for my use of the oppressive and essentialist gender binary. And for Dr Dalrymple's sexist use of "he" as a universal.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Family Values

If anyone wants to know about family life, just read through the book of Genesis, from Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Joseph and all their mischegas. 

Thus has it been and always will be.

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