Friday, November 27, 2015

Class act

It's the rare man who can pull off a bowtie outside a tuxedo and not look like a capon. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones could do it.

And here's another academic at a small US rural religious college whose choice of tie, and suspenders, rather enhances his leanly athletic and angular intellectual appeal:

Looks a bit like a pre-buffed Chris Evans

Troof about Tref

An article in a Jewish publication points out the views of the classical Jewish theologian Maimonides, about the relative merits of Islam and Christianity, Muslims and Nazarenes.

While contemporary Jews and their foolish Christian allies go on about the evils of "supersessionism," Maimonides made it clear that for Jews, Christianity is pagan idolatry.
Islam shares this view as well.

All the kowtowing and accommodation only goes in one direction.

Back in the 12th century, people told the truth. Now, ecumenical prevarication rules the day.


Chicken and egg

Mr B recently said that I was a misogynist. I told him I wouldn't feel that way if women weren't so insane.

None of the crap that is taking us down would be possible without women's suffrage.

And The Pill: a Western invention that lead to the destruction of the West.


Ooooooooo, ohnohe d'in't!

As the Ebonics like to say>

Thursday, November 26, 2015

This is why we can't have nice things

Though replacing Dr Watson with a Chinese female offended me in principle, I like Johnny Lee Miller and Elementary.

Tonight I am watching the latest episode and lo and behold, the plot revolves around the death of a White female doctor who is married to her White male doctor husband....aaaaaand her big Black male doctor husband, and all three of them live(d) together happily in a "thruple", with a child...that I don't want to see.

So I turned it off.

PC ruins everything.


"Human rights"

only ever means that the Left's latest victim group is to be allowed to do as it wants.

A Swiss canton banned the burqa in public. The anocranials are lamenting this attack on "women" and "human rights."

(My question is, Why are there Muslims in Switzerland in the first place?)

A great many of our people are hopelessly lost.


The fundamental issue

is moral.

And moral status is inescapably linked in the current regime with race first of all.

The passive acceptance by Whites --and White men above all-- of their moral reduction is at the root of all the West's diseases.

Decent Conservatism is wholly inadequate to this task. The only pathway to the West's survival is for White men to reclaim that moral status by the thorough and unapologetic rejection of the entire Liberal project and every one of its isms and phobias.

Which is what Liberals have named as The Worst Crime In History: White Supremacy.

When all it actually is is White Priority...something which every other racial group claims for itself and denies only to us.

So the only thing that can save us is the one thing we are absolutely forbidden even to think.

See how that works?


Irony of Ironies

In the 20th century the Third Worlders wanted so badly to get rid of the Whites who'd colonized them, and did. Now in the 21st they all want to move to Europe and America.

You got your independent hellholes. Stay in them.


Cui bono?

This is a "hermeneutic" that Mr B often invokes: "To whose advantage is this?"

Watching yet another modern history program which decides to focus enormously disproportionate amounts of time on Hitler and the Nazis.

As I often think, why them and not the Communists?

And I ask about this constant stoking of the flame and ask, "Cui bono?"

The answers, I think, are pretty obvious.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Angry Muslims and Naked Men

That's how Mr B used to describe my world-transforming efforts here. To live up to his robust, if compact, description...

Angry Muslims (I'm sure they misunderstand The Religion Of Peace...)

They'll make great immigrants, just great, you Islamophobic bigothaterNaziracist.


Naked Men...well, one.

I suspect that he has been enhanced by Photoshop, but we at ExC don't discriminate...



Mr B prepared a Thanksgiving turkey for us last night. I had some very distressing family stuff to deal with and was a less than thrilling guest, but he soldiered on and was his usual fine self. For the last eight years and for as long as he is in my life, I am very thankful.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Where's my Safe Space?

Even though I don't watch TV but view all my entertainment via internet, this description is true to my experience. The Potemkin Village, courtesy of Pravda West.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just me being cranky

The Greatest Places. An IMAX program with gorgeous photography of amazing sites all over the Earth.

The script is piously written as a bien-pensant sermon by some woman.

And narrator Avery Brooks sounds like a hyper-pompous parody of himself:
"The sun arises. And it"

But the images are stunning.


Why Islam Will Win

The nauseatingly self-conscious and cloying "liturgy" of TransGender Remembrance Day at a Protestant seminary. The natural unfolding of their first principles and of "the monstrous regiment of women."  And their LGBTQXYZ omega-males.

An aggressive, masculine, and utterly self-confident faith like Islam, with its clarity and call to monomaniacal transcendance, would wipe out this dickless blather in a heartbeat.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hitler Ad Nauseam

I have remarked before how silent Western media are about Marxism and the 70+ years of catastrophe that it unleashed on the world. And in its current cultural form, is still unleashing. Yet movies and stories and comparisons about Hitler and the Nazis are flourishing. He and they are the unquestionable pinnacle of Evil, especially among sophisticates who laugh condescendingly at the very notion of evil when it's referenced by a White Christian Male Republican President.

I made the partly snarky remark elsewhere that it must be the uniforms.

Comparing Nazi Germany's sartorial style with the frumpy couture of the zombies of Russia and China, etc. makes it clear that the  Krauts had vastly superior tailors.

The more serious and more likely reason is that our organs of communication are greatly overrepresented by Jews, who have a powerful motive to keep the Second World War alive and to make it all about them. Forever. On my darker days, I see the obsessive focus on Germany as a stand-in for them for all of White Christian Europe. And all White Europeans. Making sure we keep feeling bad about ourselves. Forever. It's what gets the Left up in the morning.

But there is yet another reason, somewhat connected to my frivolity about fashion. The Nazis are vastly more dramatically interesting and compelling than the dull seas of proletarian commissars and  cadres. Do you think that Casablanca would be as compelling if Ingrid Bergman was trying to get safe passage out of some half-assed People's Republic where nothing ever worked and the stores only sold one brand of old toasters? There is a subset of porn that includes Nazi or Nazi-like characters in them. I bet no one imagines falling into the lustful hands of a Commie.

Half of Europe, all of China and a lot of other places lay under the soul-smothering rule of the great egalitarians for many decades. And ubiquitous mind-numbing grayness was the best they could ever muster. What do you expect from a world of official equality?

National Socialism is intrinsically more interesting and dynamic than Marxism-Leninism. National glory has a lot more spunk in it than class resentment. Bolsheviks, though worse than Nazis in actual effect, I would argue, are boring as hell.

That was true from 1917-1989 and it's true this week.

Scottish Labour Young Socialists


Friday, November 20, 2015


is there a Holocaust Museum in Washington to make statements about this and that anyway?  What happened to the Jews living among Europeans in WWII was not our doing. Have they got Civil War museum in Tel Aviv?


Mr Donovan again

He has a way of sinking into my brain and has had quite a role in shaping my thinking over the years.

Currently, his wisdom:

No Tears For Strangers.

No Apologies, No Arguments, No Explanations.

Part of the scam of universalist humanitarianism is to convince us --and you know who you are-- that Strangers are in fact part of Us. Not so. Captured Nigerian girls are nothing to me. They are not #OurGirls. BlackVictims at Dartmouth or Mizzou are not My People; they are nothing to me but enemies. (Only an idiot believes that they think of us as Their People.) To imagine otherwise is to play a head game designed only to hook you into someone else's agenda. Don't let them make you care about their issues. In the end, they are designed to hurt you.

Once you have assessed the status of your interlocutor according to the Huntington scale, you know whether there is any benefit to you at all in engaging them in argument or explanation. If they are
closing in on Enemies territory, then you only attack and defend, never apologize --never-- and don't waste time talking to them.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

JPNill has long been skeptical about the notion of White identity and solidarity, to the point of considering it "delusionalness." (He speaks his own dialect of English.)

A few thoughts.

Group identity is historical. What we call the French and the Italians, etc arrived at being such over a course of history. They were previously composed of other identities that over time coalesced into their current one, which to many seems just a given. But it is not.

So, if the Celts and Gauls and all the various Gothic tribes could eventually become The French, it's possible that the various EuroCaucasians might one day become The Whites. Not in the sense of a single state, but in the sense of a single people with national tribes. Many Europeans now think of themselves as Europeans. That was not always the case, of course.

I know of no group identity, no matter how strong, that does not include internal divisions. This is human nature. I do not imagine some kind of otherworldly homogeneity.

Vanguards play a role in identity formation. I certainly don't expect the vast majority of EuroCaucasians to wake up one day and sing Kumbaya. Many --perhaps even most-- are lost and would rather die and have their lineages disappear than commit CrimeThink or relinquish their more particular grievance histories for the sake of racial survival. But if the situation continues to deteriorate and our demographic and civilizational precariousness is absorbed (we are currently no more than 10% of the planet and the number of child-bearing females is even smaller) , a vanguard might have a galvanizing impact.

Identity is also created by opposition. When it becomes clearer that the rest of the species sees us all as White, our differences being trivial to them, that might also create a greater sense of racial identity and solidarity. Being hated is often a spur to group identity formation.

Stranger things have happened.


Thursday, November 19, 2015


When it's only the "extremists" who are making any kind of sense at all, what's an affable and easy-going old codger like myself to do?


Imitation of life

Since I switched to a Mac, it's a lot of work to change the font and color for copied texts from elsewhere into Blogger. So I leave this as is. Sorry if it's hard to read.

Theological musing post the visit of my LDS pal and our discussions. Gilles Herada's "The Missing Myth" makes the excellent point that in monotheist religion there is no native mythological space for same-sex love except as alien and dangerous. (Watching LGBTQXYZ antics, I can sympathatize...). This traps the amazingly un-creative "queer" culture in a loop of mimicry as a supposed solution to that emptiness, but all the clothes are really drag, and borrowed. 
My "gay" compatriots consider my eschewal of the T in LGBT and my thanks but no thanks to genderless marriage as some kind of self-hatred. On the very contrary. It's because I want to discover the native and natural truth of same-sex love and let it speak for itself, even start to seed its own mythos, not dress in ill-fitting hand-me-downs that palliate the symptoms of soul-hunger while leaving the deeper issue un-addressed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ramblin' man

"Ecumenism" was a typical mistake of the ungrounded utopianism of the Sixties. It has led to a world where truth is considered bad form and where nice feelings are the coin of the realm.

Evita Bergoglio, the friggin' Pope of Rome for God's sake, found himself unable to speak frankly to Lutherans in his city because he cares about being applauded more than he cares about the one thing for which he was elected, to maintain the clear truth and unity of the Catholic Faith, which any reader of the Catechism can discover for himself.

People died for beliefs that His Adorableness treats with barely disguised contempt.

In typical fashion, while faux-theatrically describing himself as humble and limited, he makes himself and his own opinions paramount and primary. Seemingly every time he opens his pontifical mouth, he wounds the people whose shepherd he is supposed to be, for the sake of currying momentary favor with outsiders in his presence. Talking to strangers he is all goo. Talking to his own, especially those who work for him, he is a priggish scold.

He is deeply dishonest. Anyone who knows my life story will be as astonished as I am that I have the nerve to find myself ashamed of him.


The internet is full of LibWestern gush about Paris, how croissants and champagne and tinkling out Imagine on the ivories and "love" are going to overcome the hateful terrorists...who are never accurately and honestly named for what they are, just the latest edition of the 1400 year old Army of Allah.

People ramble on how love and light and peace and kittens always win. In what scenario? What planet have they been living on? Have they never read a history book? It is deeply creepy.

When confronted with bloodthirsty Brown savages, they collapse in high-minded pacifism, but uncooperative Christian bakers and photographers provoke them to paroxysms of ire.

It enrages me that people who are the descendants and the beneficiaries of a most extraordinary civilization, built over centuries by sweat and blood, are so dickless, entitled, stupid and deeply unworthy.


A confession. During my tenure with Mr B I have come to be quite fond of cheap and chilled Cabernet Sauvignon.


Childless though I be, when I see parents on TV or movies portrayed as the placating prisoners of their children's moods, it offends me.


I finally found some mincemeat for holiday pie. No mean feat. A disappearing part of an old-fashioned culture. Opened the jar and the sharp rich smell brought back decades of Thanksgivings and Christmases.


Time now for sleep.


Age appropriate

Due to injuring my knee, I've started some rehab-strength work with a 25-year-old trainer at my gym. Some of my buddies, highly evolved beings all..., have made wink-wink comments about him and me. When he looks at me I am sure he sees a grandpa. When I look at him, I am very impressed. He's a terrifically attractive athlete (and quite knowledgable about how to fix my problem). Tall, dark, lean and moves like a tiger. 

I am impressed, although I am neither blond nor numb, not made uncomfortable by attraction. What can I say? He could be my grandson. I appreciate him, but the thought of being up close and personal with him feels kinda creepy. Not, as they like to say in Ontario, appropriate.

Now the fella in the picture above --who's still my junior, btw-- would be a far more challenging ride. Much more unsettling and electric. A male who's in shape and has grey in him turns my head. "Grownup man" really does it for me. 

Mr B., for example, no boy, he. Well, yes. Grrrr.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015


from the bloodbath.

I don't care what his politics are.



He is the archetype of the intellectual in power, starting out by spouting high-sounding ideals and ending up with baskets of heads and blood in the streets.

I am an intellectual and have zero power, despite my Totally Awesome White Male Privilege.

But if, in my fantasy, I were Consul for Life in the post-American Commonwealth, there would be rivers of blood. And it would be no accident.

That makes me a Mindful Intellectual, a Conscious Tyrant.

In my dreams.


Monday, November 16, 2015


There are so many people I'd like to see hanged.


Friday, November 13, 2015


A society that was not foolish to the point of suicidal insanity would have prevented this problem years ago. A 180 degree conversion of mind, heart and soul is the only thing that can respond to this adequately. I expect nothing but the same useless ritual, moral grandstanding and fraudulent hand-wringing that Charlie Hebdo produced.

A healthy society would respond to this set of jihad attacks with riots and the burning down of mosques and Muslim neighborhoods and calls for their expulsion. Not, as in the US after 9/11, with a self-hobbled war, massive lies about the nature of the enemy and an increase in Islamic immigration.

Only a bloodbath can save Europe, and the Europeans lack the guts for it.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Word to the Wise

One of the assumed and architectonic structures of Christianity --thanks to its Jewish origins-- is the centrality of holiness as moral goodness, with the consequent dominance of sin as the great problem to be resolved. Part of the attraction of Gnosticism was that it shifted the ground to another issue entirely: ignorance, alienation and entrapment. Now that was something I could get behind. To a man like me it was vastly more appealing to hear "Wake up!" instead of "Stop that and say you're sorry!"

One of St Paul's (to me, completely unconvincing) arguments against the Mosaic Law was that if you violated any part of it, you were guilty of violating all of it. Protestant evangelicals today, like Kirk Cameron, will approach a prospect and ask if they've ever lied. On getting the inevitably "yes," they try to convince them that they therefore deserve damnation by "a holy God."

It's creepy and nuts. Reeks of Calvin. (Although I admit --or maybe confess is a better term--) that, absent his theology, I have always found Mr Cameron, an apparently happy fella,  very easy on the eyes.

Like the recently improved Rev Furtick.  In both cases the content of the talking bores me, but I like the packaging.

Catholicism has never taken that all-or-nothing approach. More sanely rabbinic and Aristotelian in its psychology of human acts, it clearly differentiates between minor and major wrongdoing, venial and mortal sin. For all his oddity, the Catholic God is not the repressed hysteric that the handsome but skewed Kirk Camerons of the world worship.

To fair, though, the behaviors that got classed as damnation-worthy mortal sins got expanded past the point of credibility. But that dynamic was more about the paranoid side of rabbinic thinking, the tactic of "building a fence around the Torah."

In sync with my own character, a religion that I would be drawn to would be much more of a wisdom tradition than a goodness tradition. As a Jewish Jungian pointed out to me when I described the outline of my Gnostic project of re-editing the Bible, I had clearly privileged and foregrounded the wisdom books. Intelligence and beauty: these are the things I realize always bound me to Catholicism. And why the study of moral theology always induced narcolepsy in me and made me feel depressed.

Yet the religion that the Men of the West need in our hour of The Great Erasure is not one that is detachedly contemplative, but that promotes and provokes the warrior virtues. To me, though, it makes a big difference if men are being challenged to to aspire to something that is in their nature to esteem --strength, courage, skill and honor-- rather than humility, meekness, dispossession, etc...all of which, to the male soul, sounds merely like an invitation to weakness, which repels most men and eventually results in the Obamacare Pajama Boy.

One of the youngest and most interesting --on paper-- newish religions is Sikhism, a 16th century Punjabi monotheist riff on Hinduism. As a result of its violent history --the Muslims were especially gruesome against them, no surprise-- it has developed the notion of the "saint-soldier." Here personal asceticism --control of the passions-- is placed in service of military valor. Catholicism had its own version of this at one time, the military monks like the (in)famous Templars. Indeed, all of the much-maligned Crusades was based on the knighthood that medieval Catholicism produced.

To me there is no tension between being a warrior and being wise. We have this in our Western tradition already. Wisdom would be a major attribute of Godhead in the New Faith, because The Most Foolish People On The Planet (C) are in desperate need of it.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The God of Evolution

What do you make of a Creator who, just on planet Earth alone, has either engineered or allowed at least five Mass Extinctions?


In time of war, you are as your enemy defines you

This is also true in America...and not only by the invading foreigners but by the foreigners living here for hundreds of years...

And not a few of the traitorous White women who have swallowed the feminist line.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Guardian Angel NSFW


Is it not perfectly blindingly stunningly clear by now that Blacks and White cannot live together and ought not live together?


Sunday, November 08, 2015

Is it a frickin' rule

that White male leads must always be in the company of a competing female and a non-White? And increasingly now, the female is non-White.

I hate this shit.


Saturday, November 07, 2015

Bad words

I have occasionally used rude words on this blog. So do my commentors sometime.

I do not intend to interfere with that.

I never use the NewSpeak about race, etc. unless I am quoting or being ironic. As I have said, part of the great power of PC is the imprisonment of thought by the policing of speech. Breaking those rules as often as possible is necessary for actually thinking and seeing reality.

Be it polite or not, that matters not to ExC.


μηδὲν ἄγαν

My problem with paganism

My remarks here are not about Wicca, which is just a form of post-Christian ecofeminism in NewAge drag, but about both ancient European paganism as I understand it and especially about modern rightwing Europaganism, mostly the Nordic variety and especially the folkish non-inclusive form of that. As far as religion goes, anything that's multiculturally inclusive is of no interest to me.

Number one. Although I have found the idea of a providentially guided purpose both in creation and in history no easy sell to myself, I resist the assumption that all forms of paganism share: Impersonal Fate rules all, including the Gods. (Dharmic religions share much of this, but karma makes this impersonal fate obsessed with isomorphic justice via reincarnation.) Here is where the Christian part of my post-Christian self rears its baptized head. For me, a world ruled finally by impersonal fate is no different from the world of Richard Dawkins.

Ironically, the ancient Romans considered the Christians atheists because they rejected the Gods; I consider modern pagans atheists because they subject their Gods to an overarching and ultimate...Nothing. Although I sympathize with the cultural crises that drives or brings some men to a recreated form of ancestral paganism --be it Norse, Slavic, Celtic or GrecoRoman-- in the end I really wonder if men whose souls, like it or not, have been shaped by a thousand years of Christ can worship what amount to Godlings without finally falling into nihilism.

Second, despite the usually rightwing attitudes of Norse neo-pagans, the sacred history they tell is infected with a bitter sense of victimhood against the Church. Sore losers in the leftist mode.

And as I point out, all the ills which these Alt-Right guys hate in contemporary Western civilization are post-Christian. While Whites were Christian and in power, none of the plagues of liberalism had a toehold. Which is why Liberals hate Christianity, the religion of patriarchy and the alliance of throne and altar, of imperialism and the Crusades, etc. etc. All stuff that Alt-Right pagans love.

But really, my issue is that this rage against Christianity effectively cuts them off from the blood-ties of many generation of baptized Europeans and forces them to see all their Christian ancestors and most of Western civilization in the last 1500 years either as the realm of deluded slaves who worshipped "a kike on a stick" or traitorous collaborators with "the alien Semitic bronze age desert god." How can there be a Western tradition when a millennium and a half of it is consigned to Hell?

I have recently and dolefully come to the conclusion that western Christianity can no longer safely serve the souls of White men and so I am musing on a future alternative. It's fascinating to run up against my own assumptions and to face new ways of thinking in doing this. But the religion of the Christ once did serve us: Christendom was a great and powerful civilization full of warriors and explorers and thinkers and builders and artists, etc. So my goal, for whatever micron it's worth, is to connect rather than to amputate and to promote realistic dignity rather than disguised despair.

Modern paganism, running on the white-hot fires of resentment, gives a jolt to some of our men who need it and there is much about these guys to admire. But I don't see how in the long run it can suffice.


Western Image

I am putting a section from Raphael's School of Athens as the image on my cellphone cover. It sums up a good deal of the dynamism and the destructiveness in Western culture:

Plato and Aristotle. You can make a case that all of Western philosophy is connected to the two dominant tendencies in these two men.

Plato stands for mystical universalism and a thirst for utopia. Aristotle stands for rationalist empiricism and a tendency toward nihilism. (Although Nietzsche and Heidegger might say I've gotten the symptoms right but the outcomes reversed...)

In both cases, you end up with nothing.  That is, u-topia means no-place in Greek. And nihil-ism
is entrancement with no-thing, in Latin. Enantiodromia, as Heraclitus and Jung would say.

Our history can be read, on one level, as a fluctuation between these two extremes.

Gautama described his system as The Middle Way, avoiding both attachment to pleasures and attachment to asceticism. Not a bad idea, steering clear of both utopianism and nihilism.


*Its companion piece is The Dispute over the Sacrament, which images the overtly religious side of the Athens-and-Jerusalem dialectic in the West since the 4th century. Not to be underestimated.

More crimethink

What sense does it make for a society to accept as the dominant group in its financial, legal, cultural, educational, media and governmental fields a tiny minority which defines itself as both superior to and as alienated from --and hence covertly hostile to and overtly anxious about- the vast majority of the population?

All large societies are eventually run by oligarchies. But the question is, Which oligarchs?

Friday, November 06, 2015

Painful realities

The Mormon Church has just declared that Latter Day Saints who contract a same-sex marriage are considered excommunicate and apostate, and any children they are raising may not be baptized in the church until they are 18.

My gay Mormon friend is wounded, of course. And the high-minded believers in the Liberal Faith are outraged.

But it makes sense.

Consider how the Roman Church responds to women to attempt priestly ordination. Excommunication. Why this act and not others? Murderers are not excommunicated. Well, the priesthood is at the heart of Catholicism. To violate it is to aim for the center.

Similarly with the Mormons. For them, marriage is the centerpiece of the whole plan of salvation, the irreplaceable mechanism by which godhood is continued. So, to violate it is to aim for the center.

Although the LDS church holds homosexual acts to be gravely sinful, it is the contracting of a same-sex marriage which ups the ante and leads to this exclusion.

And withholding baptism from the children of gay-married parents until they are adults only makes sense as well. If your parents are excommunicate and apostate, they can hardly be expected to raise you in the faith.

All this is not nice, but it is both rational and, for this group, necessary to its identity and survival.

No religious bodies who capitulate to the demands of the Liberal Faith --which fully intends to destroy and replace them-- by ordaining women and marrying gays have thrived. On the contrary, they all collapse and are dying. Put another way, only religions that are dying will be desperate enough to ordain women and marry gays.

Although Christianity is dying in the North, it is migrating to the South. But neither the Roman Church* nor the Mormon Church intend to fade away.


*If Pope Francis admits remarried Catholics to communion, though, that will start the death spiral.


Thursday, November 05, 2015

Perfectly hateful

I assume that whatever Progressives declare taboo and abominable must be very importantly valuable to their enemies. Aka, guys like me.

Take H8, for instance. The absolute moral consensus is now that "hate" is absolutely forbidden. If you are a "hater," then you are dismissed and condemned. No H8!

Cuckservatives often include disavowals of hatred in their attempts to defend their sinking ship, as in "I don't hate anyone, but..." Zzzzz.  Accept your enemy's frame and you've lost. BTW, if you don't realize that they hate you, cucky, you need your brain transplanted. To remark as I have before, in all my years in San Francisco, I have never heard one passionate denunciation of Islam for its grossly violent attitude toward homosexuals, but venomous diatribes against Christians and Republicans are a dime a dozen.

In the New Faith of the Sons of Europa, however, precisely because our enemies forbid us to hate, hatred will be a virtue, a habit of soul and action to be cultivated.

As with all human emotions, it is pre-moral --in St Thomas's words, primo primi-- and certainly not inherently bad. One of Mother Nature's survival tools. It all depends on how you use it.

So part of the teaching of The Scribe will be to nourish hatred only

a. for what is a worthy object and
b. insofar as it serves your people and does not destroy you or them.

The sin here --the foolishness--would not be hating, but squandering or wasting it on what is not important enough to deserve it, as well as letting it rule you rather than serve you, so that, like every human passion out of control, it eats you up and becomes your master.

"Hate well and wisely," would be a moral maxim.

After all, in the Psalms does not God inspire King David in the beautiful Psalm 139 to sing, I hate them with a perfect hate? And if we are to seek after God-likeness, then that's a good model...


Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Growing in the Lord

Longtime geek and groovy Baptist mega-church pastor Steven Furtick as he used to be just a mere 3 years ago

and as Daddy is now...

Can I get an Amen? Praise the Lord!

I confess. The dude is very watchable. As long as you pay no attention whatever to the words that come out of his mouth. Just turn down the sound and watch him move. Evangelicalism is --Unitarianism excepted-- the most narcoleptic religion I have ever run across. It seems like one endless high school pep rally.


Killing time

I use the title phrase in its usual sense of passing time rather pointlessly. I realize that, given the tenor of my persona as ExCathedra and the elasticities of the English tongue, it might be read as "time for killing." I do feel that way a lot of late.

The deleterious effects of the liberation of women are more far-reaching (and deleterious) than most anyone outside the Alt-Right can even conceive. The current unnatural dominance of female interests is taken as a simple normality by almost everyone. Without the power, wealth and influence of post-feminist women, our culture would not be nearly as degenerate and neurotic.

Justin Trudeau, the Shiny Pony Prime Minister of Canada, has appointed half his cabinet female ("because it's 2015") and a foreign-born Sikh as Minister of Defense. White men are the only fools on the planet who think it's virtuous to erase themselves. As for the females --Sweden has similar structures-- I think of Jack Donovan's line: A society run by women and effeminate men cannot survive.

One of the very transgressive Alt-Right AngryYoungWhiteMales sites I read, with this take on framing. Very good. Matches my belief that see "racism" or "homophobia" or "antisemitism" ertc. as anything other than a rhetorical trick dooms you to lose. Never accept your enemy's frame.

Maybe Pope Francis really is the Anti-Christ. That would sadden me, since I was hoping for that role myself. Mr B sent me a photo of Satan whispering into the ear of the AntiChrist, from some northern Italian cathedral fresco. I now use it as the wallpaper on my iphone.

When I asked him which of us he thought was in which role, he gave his canonical answer. "It's obvious."  I do love that man.

The invasion of Europe and the US literally gives me nightmares. The last three nights my dreams have been connected to this disaster. I was trying to organize a choir to sing Tomas Luis de Victoria's Good Friday Lamentations for the anniversary of the Muslim depradations of 9/11...

I am very American. A nicely done cheeseburger makes me feel that the world is still worth saving.

Technology continues to impress. My Backblaze online backup program neatly and rather quickly downloaded 40G of my favorite movies to my new Macbook:

I watched a video yesterday of a feral young Ebonic thug playing the knockout game on an elderly white woman who was just sitting in a park. None of the other Whites nearby reacted. Jim Crow, segregation and lynching were not groundless expressions of evil, but understandable modes of defense against savages. The equality and dignity of all humans is a lie.

PS. Next time some anocranial White liberal tries to status-signal by proclaiming how open-minded they are and how "good" and "evil" are just relative cultural labels, run by them the last two sentences of the previous paragraph. Hilarity will ensue.


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Sunday, November 01, 2015

No escape from Potemkinland

Thought I'd take a peek at a TV series I used to enjoy, Bones. David Boreanaz. Anyhow, no sooner does the story start but we are introduced to super-competent FBI agent (Black female) and her eccentric and odd White male kooky assistant...and everyone is trying to get them into bed together. Plus, the doctor at the teaching hospital is a super-competent Black male.

And as we know, these kinds of Africans in America are legion...just like all the brilliant inventors and computer geniuses, etc.

They are only 1/8th of the US population, and with their average IQ of 85 --15 points lower than the White average of 100-- the percentage with IQs over 120 is tiny and their numbers tiny. So the media's lies of how the world is populated with their doctors and computer geniuses, etc. are part of the Potemkin strategy, to make us believe that their multicultural dream is possible,when it's not.

Plus, later in the show, the murderer turns out to be a Catholic guy who died briefly and discovered that there is "nothing" on the Other Side, so he killed the girlfriend who was the occasion of this discovery.

Every single program I have ever seen about people who come back from The Other Side has announced to us that there is nothing.


The leaky barque of Peter

A very learned and very orthodox English AnglicanCatholic priest whose blog I sometimes check is finally showing signs of exasperation with Pope Evita the Scold. Although this man bans any comments which speak less than respectfully of the Holy Father, today he blogged as follows:

"The other thing I have noticed is that the natural and splendid and time-honoured Catholic instinct to avoid saying critical or disrespectful things about the man who is Sovereign Pontiff is increasingly wearing thinner and thinner. 
This, I think, is largely because so many of us, clergy and layfolk, bloggers and blogreaders, simply do not know how to understand and interpret the endlessly unkind expressions which flow from the os Petri. Especially after the gentle courtesy and personal charm of Pope Benedict, the predictable condemnations and the merciless language in which Pope Francis' views are couched are so difficult to gloss. 

Is it simply that this is Latin American culture? Is it because in Argentina nobody listens to what you say unless you give them a good kicking first? Is it something about the particular psychology or even the physiology of this Successor of S Peter? Has Jesuitry got anything to do with it? Does he expect us to be cowed by his words or is he 'up for' us to reply in kind, tit for tat, insult for insult, with lots of jolly and good-humoured knock-about fun? 
All the stuff about parrhesia* ... does he mean it, or is it just code for "If you're in agreement with me I expect you to talk loud and to talk often. Oh, and by the way, if you aren't, well, I am the pope and I've got your card marked already."? 
We cannot know how much longer le bon Dieu will permit this hermeneutically unfathomable pontificate to last. But it is surely clear that we are going to need very much more than the usual ration of daily grace to get through it. Come, Holy Ghost ..."

*A New Testament word for open, bold and unapologetic speech.

Sleepy Hollow-een

Mr B has been making remarks about how interesting it might be for the two of us to smoke up and see what happened. So, for his birthday, I procured a doobie. Last night we toked.

What happened?

He got a sudden desire for candy. Not at all usual. Finished two candy bars. And then we both got very sleepy. Me pretty fast and deep. Him later. Conked out on the couch.

So much for our drug adventure.

As I have remarked, I've never known anyone who got stoned and then got either smarter or more interesting.

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