Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Out of his field, again

Pope Francis Doesn't Really Understand This Economics Thing, Does He?:

He also doesn't understand this theology thing, either. An Orthodox blogger who agrees with my assessment of Francis' IQ:  "The man is a good-hearted moron, and I mean that in a completely non-malicious way. He is a sentimental, gushing huggy-bear and would make a great parish priest, but is in well over his head as Patriarch of an autocephalous Church."

Yet another example.

And a very bright, widely and deeply read, and orthodox Latin Catholic priest commented on Papa Bergoglio's latest stunt of suddenly asking the Patriarch of Constantinople to bless him "and the Church of Rome" leading to this:

The reverend father opines that  "the Patriarch's action of smiling and kissing the Pope's skull cap looked for all the world like the kindly, indulgent gesture of a wise parent whose impetuously unrealistic child had suddenly asked for a space-rocket in which to go to Pluto and back before nursery school tomorrow morning."

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is Mr B's most regular contribution to my life. It was his first and continues to be a wonderful gift. No one makes me laugh more.

The other day he said to me, "Even though you're a Boomer chronologically, you're really a Millennial. But, you know, the first one."


I do love the guy.



Fred On Everything:

The 2nd Amurrican Revolution.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014


When people who hate you get to decide how you should talk, no, how you must talk, --and therefore eventually think--and you go along with them, even hectoring your recalcitrant comrades into conformity with the aliens' rules, have you not already surrendered? Is not your demise simply a matter of time?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anticipatory disgust

The upcoming amnesty move by The Head Negro In Charge is making my stomach sick.

It is no surprise. Long predicted. And absolutely the natural unfolding of this vicious half-breed, whose primary goal, his father's dream, is the destruction of the Whites.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Natural Outcome, continued

Thousands Sign Petition To Cancel TLC's '19 Kids And Counting' Over Stars' Anti-LGBT Sentiments:

Progress is the religion of the Liberal State, whose churchly org it is.

Achieving victim status and then protection from "discrimination" is the Liberal equivalent of canonization. The group becomes sanctified and any disrespect toward it is blasphemy.

So Blacks, Wymyn, LGBTQ's, etc. are all canonized saint groups in the New Faith and any
failure to show them abject deference tolerance is to be punished by silencing and exclusion and firing as a hater or a fearmonger or a bigot or being on the wrong side of history.

These Official Victim Groups have a monopoly on moral status. Whites, men, straights, people in ordinary marriages, etc. have none. They are, in fact, the danger that the canonized victims requires the Liberal State to protect the from.

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Global Warming!

All 50 States Hit Freezing Temperatures or Below

I mean, "Climate Change!"

Do something!

(Where's my hockey stick?)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tender Loins

A formerly free-thinking online mag, Thought Catalog, posted two articles that offended the pieties of the Progressive Religion about its two sacred tablets, race and gender. Pearls were clutched, fainting couches were crammed with legions of barely breathing Social Justice Warriors, of all genders.

Now, if you go looking for those posted articles, you find this protective barrier, a sort of mental condom:

The quotations marks are courtesy of Yours Truly.



True or False.

It's a good idea to force people who hate each other to live in the same space.


Onward, Suicidal Soldiers

From today, women can be bishops in the Church of England:

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York --yes,
the African is the Archbishop of York--sign the pact

It was a foregone conclusion. As with every institution infected with Liberalism, it was just a matter of time. Conservatives foot drag, but never win.

There may have been a time when the Church of England might have served as a bridge between Rome and Byzantium, helping perhaps to heal a breach of 1000 years. That was when it might have cared more about itself as a Christian Church than as a UK social experiment whose job it is to please its secular masters...and in this case, mistresses. But those days, if they were ever real, are long gone. The C of E is just as many fear it always was, nothing more than a department of the British State, and its total creature.

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A God to Damn Us — RADIX JOURNAL:

The god of our grandfathers, the White Christ upon whose image the West was built, is dying, as even its most fervent defenders admit. Worse, the Christian churches themselves seem determined to strike the deathblow and the Roman Church at the heart of the Western story is currently headed by a man exemplifying the caricatured post-Catholicism of The Camp of the Saints. The only thing that can save Christianity as a civilizational force--as opposed to a private lifestyle choice--is a return to the Germanic Christianity that built Europe. Unfortunately, this is precisely the kind of faith that modern American Christianity defines itself in opposition to, and the only people most Christians seem willing to champion is the Tribe that rejected their Messiah. Those Christians who are actually trying to save their faith are attacked by their own leaders.

A stomach-unsettling read.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Old Habit

Just finished listening to Brit John Keegan's A History of Warfare, which is full of fascination and new ways of looking at things. Worth a read/listen.

But I do note that he tends to describe the history of warmaking by humans as if it were the weather, mostly part of the environment, but when it come to the modern West, his moralizing moves to the fore. Inveterate liberal instinct, to excuse all others but to read one's own culture's success as some kind of ethical flaw.

Other than that, a very educational work.


Sunday, November 16, 2014


Watching a YouTube video on Jinnah. My fascination with India during the Raj and into partition continues.

I wonder if their bloody history is our future.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another Saturday morning drivelfest

On Facebook, a local shaman who talks to rocks and drives away bad juju with smudge sticks finds a Christian Bible pamphlet contemptibly silly. His groovy friends contemptuously agree. No sense of irony.

A supposedly gripping and brilliant new film about the micro-invalidations and micro-aggressions suffered by so-called "African Americans" at elite universities. It's called Dear White People. My response: I. Don't. Care.

You can pretty well assume that anything "African Americans" want you to do benefits them at your expense. This sums up that history of the last fifty years of race in the US. And they care absolutely nothing about you. On the contrary. So why should you care about them?

An example of African r/strategy in breeding: Orlando Shaw's puny efforts have been outdone because Tyrone won't pay Miesha to raise Ja'Voin, having 19 other brain-deadwomen and their 25 other future-jailbait children to not-support.

A local paper which is funded entirely by business ads, features a breathlessly horrified story about well-off people in SF hiring car services to go to work rather than riding the bus. The reporter --whom I am assuming is paid with filthy lucre for his work-- calls this "capitalist and ugly." Commentors agree. Part of what makes this beautiful city ugly is the covetous resentment seething inside its high-minded denizens. Thank God the weather and geography and architecture is so beautiful.

There are good reasons, based both in facts and in ethics, to be racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, ageist, xenophobic, looksist, ableist, speciesist, heterosexist, etc. etc.

Of course the whole point of all these labels is precisely to invalidate at a stroke and without argument any empirical or moral grounds on which to disagree with the Official Position. But wishing (and shouting and screaming and carrying on with the vapors) don't make it so.

For example, you can't make a group of dumb people smarter than their genes will allow.  That's called a hate fact.

Feminism encourages women's worst traits. So says Camille Paglia. Case in point: a brilliant male scientist, part of the team that landed a probe on a comet, is reduced to tearful apologies on what would otherwise have been the best day of his life because some all-about-me victimist cunt was offended by his robust Hawaiian shirt. A good reason for women not to be involved in science. At all. Ever.

The Unitarians In Drag Episcopalians have hosted Mohammedan prayers in their National Cathedral. Inspired by pamphlets we used to get handed at the school gates back when I was at Columbia in the 60's, I hope that A. the National Cathedral staff --especially the women-- are forcibly converted to Islam, B, that the cathedral is turned into a mosque and all its sculpture and painting destroyed, C. and that it is then burned to the ground by Occidental vigilantes and D. becomes a national monument in the post-US Commonwealth, testifying to the vile fates of all traitorous dhimmis.

150 years ago today marks the beginning of Sherman's March To The Sea, with the burning of Atlanta. Though a lifelong Yank, I have recently become much more sympathetic to the Confederacy. Lincoln's sacred Gettysburg Address has the taste of ashes and blood in it: governments of, by and for the people of the South wanted out of the Union. What they got was destruction and misery.

I will say, though, in Sherman's defense, that his effort was against supplies, not people. Very few people were killed or injured by his troops in their rampaging. It was a strategy to demoralize, not to murder. Could have been a lot worse.

You may have heard the phrase, "You may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with you." This structure has wide application and many fillable blanks: "You may not be at war with _____, but ________ are at war with you." Any candidates come to mind? I can think of several.

Sometimes my failures of character --not my eccentric opinions, by the way-- make me ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. But, there I am.

Evangelical Christianity remains narcoleptic for me. Roman Catholicism increasingly disappointing, with loud-mouthed jerk for a Pope.

Well, back to coffee and muffin.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Reaction formation

This is a psychological term for doing exactly the opposite of what you are feeling. Psychology Wiki: "In Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory, reaction formation is a defense mechanism in which anxiety-producing or unacceptable emotions are replaced by their direct opposites."

(I sometimes think that most of White Liberal behavior is reaction formation: "Don't you just love the authenticity and passion of urban hip-hop?" as a reaction formation for "Mother of God, what degenerate soul-deadening ghetto crapola trying to pass for music!" Most often, though, I despairingly think they actually buy all that shit.)

In my case, the direct opposite of celebrating the beauty of the male animal, as seen below, is a set of fantasies about the violent and messy demise of a public figure, brutal images I find myself enjoying, which provokes some anxiety even in a reprobate reactionary like Ex Cathedra. And the imagined bloodbath only begins there. So instead, enjoy this blast from the past as my defense mechanism: corn-fed ginger-blond 90's porngod Todd Gibbs aka Ethan Parker:


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where's Our Lady of Lepanto

when you need her?

The Catholic University of America now offers
a degree in Dhimmitude.

Certificate in Christian-Muslim relations:

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Who will rid us of these meddlesome clerics?

Catholic bishops back Obama acting alone on immigration - Religion News Service:

The virtual betrayal of America by the Catholic bishops continues. Part of its larger betrayal of the White West by the Church of Rome.

The Nativists had a point.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Alternative, and right

America has allowed itself to become Yugoslavia and conservatives --90%+ of whom are Whites--refuse to recognize it.

The truth is that people do not want actual freedom, no matter how much they talk it up as an ideal. They want a social group they can stand with and be proud of, an identity. This is always a combination of race, ethnicity, heritage, religion, class, and culture. 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dracula Untold

Imaginative and sympathetic cinematic take on the origin and fate of the great vampire. Computer graphics for days.

Too melodramatic and enmeshed in the wife and child department, sorta like Coppola's version: princes dominated at home by women and, in this case, by a histrionic boy child, too. Reflects, I fear, our contemporary family.

But the Muslim Turks are depicted as ruthless bad guys without redeeming qualities, which is nice.
No PC about that. The institution of taking many thousands of Christian boys as slave soldiers is not hidden or excused. It is over this historical practice that the plot develops.

Transylvania, which has always been Eastern Orthodox, is depicted as basically medieval Latin, with a few exotic Byzantine touches. Hollywood's typical condescending disdain for Christian reality.

Charles Dance, once the lankily handsome leading man in The Jewel In The Crown, and of late the evil Lannister patriarch in Game of Thrones, here plays the original vampire who turns Vlad.

I am a fan of the vampire genre and this is by no means the worst example.


Papal bull

Francis The Talking Pope, "the Pope of Mercy", has unmercifully canned his most visible orthodox competition, Cardinal Burke, and has unmercifully dumped on or virtually suppressed several orthodox persons and groups, etc. All the while making nice with Marxist journalists, Italian evangelicals, holding prayer services in the Vatican with Muslims, etc.

This is typical. Those outside get the lavish Ecumenical Treatment while the slightest deviation from loyalty to the Capo by the insiders is treated harshly, as betrayal and blasphemy. No mercy here.

By the way, it has come to me that Pope Francis is not all that smart, not nearly as intelligent as his predecessors. As an undisciplined feeling type, he lets his words simple express how he feels in the moment, uncaring of any connection over time. How I feel now is what the truth is: this is the POV of the Feeler. It makes for confused thinking. His manifesto Evangelii Gaudium read like, well, a blog. My impression of him as a narcissistic moralizer remains.  I think he doesn't understand or care about things like theological clarity, which is, after all a major Pope job description.  He just likes showing off, getting attention and having his way.


If your Italian is good, an interview with a longtime Vatican journalist supports this viewpoint.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hard Sayings, Part I

There is a group of teachings of Jesus that are often characterized as the Hard Sayings, words that are shocking or offensive. The title comes from chapter six in John's Gospel, where Jesus makes the jaw-droppingly and very anti-kosher and un-Jewish statement that, "unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you shall not have life in you." In response, many disciples leave saying, "This is a hard saying. Who can bear to listen to it?"

I have developed my own set of hard sayings. Even I find it hard to listen to myself write them.

My lifelong political liberalism began to fray in the late 1990's. I kept running into phenomena, realities, which were at odds with what I was told I was supposed to see. I briefly danced with libertarianism, since it gave me an exit from liberalism without forcing me into the repulsive camp of the conservatives. September 11th put an end to that ideological safe-house. And so for most of the last dozen+ years, I have been frankly among the Right. (Details here and here.)

That was bad enough for a gay man living in San Francisco's Castro. Now I find myself most in sympathy with The New Right, a traditionalist and reactionary trend that decent Conservatives find Too Much and Beyond the Pale. Largely because of its attitude toward race. It has been referred to as The Dark Enlightenment.

Progressives love to cast Conservatives as "racists", (the modern version of "witchcraft"). They are not. Conservatives are pretty much on board with the egalitarian trance that infects almost all Western thought and attitude. They merely quibble about tactics and strategy, not about fundamentals.

They all worship a version of Martin Luther King, endlessly quoting his "content of our character line" and ignoring the rest of his opus, whose unfolding disasters we now live with, and under. And they are always on the look for the next Great Black Hope, a conservative Black leader who will protect them from the "racist" clubbing of the Left...which has become, in fact, the Mainstream. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Then Herman Cain. Now Dr Ben Carson.

It is unseemly and pathetic.

This leads to the New Right dismissal of Conservatives as simply the Liberals of a previous generation, fated by their own principles ever to be beaten by their Lefty opponents. If you ask yourself what battles, either political or cultural, Conservatives have both won and maintained in the last half-century, the list is...well, what's on that list?

The Left has brilliantly embedded its ideas into the really powerful engines of human motivation: tribe and race, gender and sex, quests for status, power and money, all wrapped up in a bright shiny ethical package. The Right blathers on about abstractions like "freedom" and "individuality" and, alas, "the Constitution." The Left is a religion, with all the crusading and dogmatic zeal which only faith gives. The Right is a philosophers' club.

The New Right is a weird place. Very small. Very sectarian. Overheated. Transgressive. But that is to be expected. After all, these thinkers are standing in front of a juggernaut intent on their demise. What they have in common is a root and branch rejection of egalitarianism, the value that underlies all of contemporary Western values and which, in their opinion, is the cancer eating away at the civilization our ancestors created.

Our White ancestors.

And there's the rub. Stating the obvious, that Western civilization is White civilization, is now the ultimate taboo, unless, of course, that equivalence is part of a bill of attainder and indictment. Whites may only be mentioned in critique and for purposes of guilt and self-erasure, never never in self-assertion, pride or, worst of all, preference.

The rules are that People of Color (and their White and Whitish running dogs, back-stabbing White females perhaps the worst of them) may make war on (male) Whites but that Whites are absolutely forbidden to notice, much less resist. Burnham had it down: it is the ideology of Western suicide, dressing up self-destruction as the summit of moral achievement. Rule by victims, victim minorities above all --the more dysfunctional the better--, is the goal. And virtually achieved in a single revolutionary lifetime.

The New Right are White men who have shockingly embedded their anti-equality ideas into the same reality-based engines of motivation as the Left: first among them, racial and ethnic identity, the power of the tribe. That is the final and unforgivable sin, the reductio ad Hitlerum. "White supremacy." Progressives easily demonize and loathe them. Decent Conservatives flee in panic, fearing contamination. I sympathize. They have tough stuff to say.

It may very well be too late for us. Europeans --both in the homeland and here in North America and elsewhere-- may be doomed to extinction, like the Romans. But the virtue I find in the New Right, which is chock full of Hard Sayings, is the ring of truth.

If any of my readers think I am on the wrong track, please show me how and why.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

One thing CNN is good for

is exit polls.

(Nov 6 update:
Fox News exit polls, with a much larger N,
come to the same demographic conclusions,
but giving a lot more breakdown and detail.
For once, Fox and CNN agree.)

2014 MidTerm Elections


Well, Obama and the Democrats got a well-deserved thumping. Very enjoyable.

The Narcissist In Chief maintains it's got nothing to do with him...

But one election, a mid-term at that, does not a culture-change make. In an article about how the GOP pulled this off, one consultant makes it clear that there are two electorates, the presidential one and the mid-term one. Quite true. I have no doubt that all those folks who made the Arkansas delegation to Congress a one-party session yesterday would turn around in 2016 and vote for Hillary or whatever other Dem is on offer

With universal suffrage, elections are not unlike mood swings.

And, of course, that gift that the GOP has for squandering whatever they win is legend. What will they do with their new power? I'm not holding my breath.

But it's nice to see the Left unhappy.


Monday, November 03, 2014

Another Evil Old White Male

Fred On Everything:

On the African American community and its truly astonishing combination of minority status (13%), rampant and chronic dysfunction, and galactically disproportionate place and power in America.

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Disconnected Sabbath morning musings

It is a scandal that academic Marxists and Che-T wearing hipsters can associate themselves with the most murderously destructive ideology in all of human history --am I wrong about this?-- and not be instantly made outcasts from society.

Recent reactionary though I be, I still retain affection for some of the decadent cultural products of these times. Every Halloween, since I gave up trick-or-treating..., I watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's brilliantly odd. Tim Curry amazing.

X-rays to my knees show, happily, that there has been no significant deterioration in the last ten years, so my diagnosis of moderate osteoarthritic in those joints remains. My knees do hurt more, however. Apparently it's a combo a stress and inflammation and not likely to be chronic. Good thing, cause I like those hiking jaunts I do with Mr B.

Made it to November without having to turn on the heat. But I may need to switch to my winter set of bedclothes. It's been a bit on the cool side at night. A nice San Francisco autumn. The rains started up recently, but so far pretty mild. I remain grateful each fall that the coming winter will not be a real winter --no snow, no below-freezing temperatures-- but a kinda wet and chilly prolongation of autumn.

Observing the continued unrelenting predations of multiculturalism, feminism, etc. I suspect that the only way toward a healthier and more reality-based social order in regard to race and gender would require a frankly hostile attitude toward these two spearheads of destruction. Not a middle ground or some reasonable alternative, but passionate enmity, the open promotion of both White and male privilege (aka Western culture) that rejects the basic egalitarian dogma.  Not pretty, to be sure, but what are the real alternatives?  Given the mind and soul rot of the last half century, is that even one?

Speaking of soul rot, the Brit male host of a program about influential Brit architect Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944) who designed the Viceroy's Residence in New Delhi, now the Presidential Palace, meets with a female Indian architect. We have previously been warned that Mr L held views now understood universally to be "racist." Host asks about the buildings combination of Western (aka "imperial) and Indian features. She likes the building. Says it's a jewel and a masterpiece. Practically pleading to be beaten, he asks her if it doesn't "get up her nose" just a bit when she sees its "imperial" outlines. (Please spank me, Brown Mammy, please!). She replies that it's perfect and wonderful, a brilliant mix of "imperial" and "Indian". You can see his let-down.

She mentions Lutyens' incorporation of both Indian (Hindu) and Mughal themes. Mughal means Muslim Empire. The most destructive and bloody invasion of the Indian subcontinent ever. Asswipe grovelling Brit seems not to know this, gripped with guilt over the amazingly benevolent and helpful --and brief-- British raj. I despair of the White race.

Mr Donovan eloquently takes down the groundless universal benevolence which our hipster lords and ladies expect of us, showing the stage-managed series of ethical crises to be the faddish moral exhibitionism that it is. Here's the full piece.


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