Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Out of his field, again

Pope Francis Doesn't Really Understand This Economics Thing, Does He?:

He also doesn't understand this theology thing, either. An Orthodox blogger who agrees with my assessment of Francis' IQ:  "The man is a good-hearted moron, and I mean that in a completely non-malicious way. He is a sentimental, gushing huggy-bear and would make a great parish priest, but is in well over his head as Patriarch of an autocephalous Church."

Yet another example.

And a very bright, widely and deeply read, and orthodox Latin Catholic priest commented on Papa Bergoglio's latest stunt of suddenly asking the Patriarch of Constantinople to bless him "and the Church of Rome" leading to this:

The reverend father opines that  "the Patriarch's action of smiling and kissing the Pope's skull cap looked for all the world like the kindly, indulgent gesture of a wise parent whose impetuously unrealistic child had suddenly asked for a space-rocket in which to go to Pluto and back before nursery school tomorrow morning."

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Anonymous said...

Is there anything this man IS knowledgeable about?


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