Wednesday, July 31, 2013


One thing led to another and I ran across this shot of the men in my neighborhood in the years when I first came out.

VDH gets it

In both senses of the word.

Facing Facts about Race | National Review Online:

Having crossed the Taboo Line, he is now a racist privileged White male oppressor.

Even Ta-Nehisi Coates noticed.

PS. Understandably, Dr Sowell does not get it on this one. One of his very rare pieces that feels less than tightly argued. He obviously rejects White discrimination as the explanation for Black failure, but in order to avoid the genetic argument that leaves little room for improvement, he aims largely for a combo of Guns Germs and Steel's geographic argument with the fairly obvious effects of group self-isolation.

But Ex Cathedra keeps wondering, After fifty years, where's the beef?

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Nanny outrage : Responses, many angry, flood Ohio St after remarks:

When you have a Balkanized nanny state, where everyone's group feelings are paramount...well, with the exception of certain historically successful oppressor groups...this is the kind of silliness you get.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Ran across a Where Are They Now? link and found some info on one of the Queer Eye guys from...God, could that be ten years ago?

He was good looking, easy going, un-fabulous.
But here's his Twitter account profile:

Sometimes handsome is not enough.



The Other Infallible Guy, Pope Francis, really cannot keep his mouth shut.

Although it was very nice of him to say that if he met a gay priest, he would distinguish between his sexual orientation and his character, no Pope should ever end a sentence with, "who am I to judge?"

No matter what the subject.


Back to ranting

The only low point in an otherwise enjoyable trip to the Eastern Sierras was having to watch regular TV, especially the commercials.

The triumph of feminism and multiculturalism is complete. In no case did I ever see a commercial with only Whites in it. And although we remain 2/3 of the USA, by the rules of the commercials, we are about 1/3 to 1/4 of it. At least one POC, usually more, to accompany any paleface, to sanctify the space for diversity.

The women are always competent and strong. The men...sometimes. Sometimes clowns and morons. But never more competent and strong than the women.

The propaganda wing of the Regime of Lies.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


NBC is putting on a Dracula series in the fall. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is him. But as an American. And Renfrew is Black.



Another bad thought

Perhaps the  socially constructed national identity long known as American no longer exists. (Very few modern national identities are not historically constructed, btw, even Italian or German or French.)

The problems faced by the European Union include the fact that there are local identities --in the last 150 years, national identities-- which are far more consequential than the overarching European identity. No one is surprised by this. Although these peoples all share the same race, they speak different languages and cluster in usually quite distinct areas. Only recently has the notion of a single European identity, much less state, made much headway.

There is, in reality, no actual European nationality. It's just an idea.

The powerful local State identities which gave rise to a country composed of United States are long a thing of the past. Where they do exist, they are an object of note or humor. Texas, for instance.
That the Founding Fathers would consider Virginia or Massachusetts their country, their national identity --which they long did-- is foreign to us contemporary Americans.

But I suspect that we are more like Europe than we have been led to believe. Certainly one chunk of the "United States" tried to dis-unite in 1861. And regionalism has been a constant force in our national history. But recent events  --events of the last 50 years, not just of the last month-- lead me to believe that there are more powerful national identities within the borders of "America", national identities not at all unlike the European ones. But here they are racial.

It makes more sense, to me, to think now of Blacks living in America as a different nationality. And this is and will be, I suspect, true also for Hispanics. "American", which once, like it or not, really meant White --and White Christian at that, and fundamentally Protestant, even though a few Catholics signed the Declaration (1) and the Constitution (2). When you hyphenate American with all sorts of qualifiers, what you are really saying is that the qualifiers, not the common adjective, are the realities. You try to paper over with PC Newspeak the fact that the common American-ness of the groups is vanishing.

If the Northern and Southern States --all controlled by White Protestant Men--had the capacity to think of themselves as different nationalities --the Southerners certainly did-- then I don't see why the notion that "Americans" of different races could not develop the same de facto differentiation.

Part of our problem, I am thinking this morning, is trying to make believe that what are in fact several nations are one nation.

Just because you put Austrians and Hungarians under one Crown does not --did not-- transcend their real national identities. Calling Hutsi and Tutu "Rwandans" was apparently a flawed idea. I could go on.

Because we grew up together, so to speak, and speak the same language --sort of-- and have populations that, while remaining as segregated as we can manage, are spatially enmeshed and forced to interact, etc. we are asked to believe that we are all Americans. But that does not mean that a White American and a Black American --or increasingly, a Hispanic American-- are really parts of the same country, by actual identity and actual attachment. If we'd been spatially clustered and separate, like the Europeans, it would be pretty obvious that we are separate nationalities.

As I often do, I perform the thought experiment of separating the races into their own North American countries and speculating on the outcome. The only group that has any attachment at all to American values other than equality are the Whites. The splits among us here are really no different from the splits in Europe between the native Whites and the Third World immigrants from Africa and Islam. Our long histories of co-habitation have only made the enmity so chronic as to seem normal and inevitable.

If we were a couple in a traditional marriage, we'd be locked into a contract we could not find an exit from, but while living in the same house, we'd avoid each other as much as possible and when we did interact, the mood would range from cold politeness to murderous rage. The races in America are in a really bad group marriage.

This morning I am thinking that continuing to believe everyone who lives in America is an American is a mystification and a fading dream.


PS. I since discovered this eloquent Independence Day jeremiad from a man quite convinced that "America" is gone.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

National Socialist humor

From one of Harold Covington's novels, set some 40 years after his envisioned Northwest Republic* has seceded from a decadent America and has now produced generations unfamiliar with life in the good ol' USA.

A mother describes it to her puzzled children:
“And white women didn’t want to change diapers or stay home and raise their own children,” put in Jenny. “They wanted to wear yuppie Power Womyn suits and work in cubicles and have these wonderful fulfilling careers like they saw on television and heard about on Oprah. So Americans farmed both tasks out to mud people, letting in more and more of them until they almost drowned us.” 
“What’s a yuppie?” asked Whittaker. 
“What’s an Oprah?” asked Melanie.


*ExCathedra, being a man-lover, would be terminally unwelcome there. But I still think "What's an Oprah?"is funny. Shows that I am nuanced, sophisticated, not trapped in rigid good vs evil binaries, open minded, able to see that one man's Nazi is another man's Freedom Fighter, etc.


Step by step

Facing Facts about Race | National Review Online:

VDH is facing racial facts, even in his polite prose.

Andrew Klavan charmingly gets as close to them as he dare, sorta.

Great comment after the Klavan video:

" Chris Matthews said recently he was “speaking for all white people,” when he apologized for race relations in America."
For what it's worth, Chris Matthews does NOT speak for me.
He could NOT speak for me.
To even try to speak for me, he would have to remove Obama's penis from his mouth.
And he would NEVER do that.

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More falling from grace

Painful though it be, I do find my philoSemitism index dropping. I have Jews in my family and have friendly connections with Jews. Always have, being from New York. Nice people, all around.

But my current habit of considering the typical aggregate impact of groups of all kinds has led to significant downgrading of Hebraic stock. As conservative Jews know, and sometimes have the guts to point out, the leftwing-progressive-liberal element in Western culture, the one engaged in destroying it, is disproportionately populated with (almost always) secularized Jews. Like Gentile liberals, whose values are toxically degraded and deracinated remnants of an abandoned Christianity, liberal Jews retain a lot of Jewish fears and hatreds long after they've left their religion in the dust. In my earlier dissection of my attitudes (plural) toward Jews and Judaism, I noted the Chomsky-Alinsky-Zinn syndrome as an object of my contempt: lefty Jews who take advantage, IMHO, of the acceptance, mobility and freedom from persecution provided them by America to attack America. I deem it a functionally treasonous form of ingratitude*. Jews constitute about 2% of the US population. Their influence, however, is massive. And unfortunately, almost always Left.
My fall from grace is that I have ceased to not notice.

This is not an organized conspiracy. It is the working out of a particular culture, the secularized culture of post-Emancipation Ashkenazi Jews.

As is my native style, I distinguish between individuals and groups. The individuals I can like, even more than like. My brothers-in-law and my nephew, for example. Terrific guys who have become brothers, and sons to my parents. But using the in-law analogy, just because you marry someone doesn't mean you have to like their family. And unfortunately, for every Dennis Prager and Charles Krauthammer there are many many regrettable minyans of Boxers and Bloombergs, Sirotas and Silvermans.

Part two. I was once scolded --that's the only word I can think to use-- by post-Jungian psychologist James Hillman (himself a secular Jew) for using the term Judeo-Christian. Back then I was trying to be inclusive. He thought I was being imperialist/colonialist. Well, he was right about the term, but for the wrong reasons.

I now eschew the hyphenated term because it is out of balance and works as yet another form of PC Newspeak. By replacing the old term, Christian, in front of "civilization" or "values" with the hybrid Judeo-Christian, what you are doing is granting equivalence to a tiny minority. And regular readers of ExC know that ExC is on a tear of late about minorities who dominate majorities by taking up huge amounts of cultural or political space and power that their numbers do not deserve. So no 2% group deserves that place.

*I feel similarly toward the bishops of the American Catholic Church, whose manifestly self-interested support for illegal immigration under all kinds of "social justice" and "welcome the stranger" gobbledygook makes them accomplices in every bit of damage the Mexican invasion does, every murder and rape and gang violence, they have a hand in. As I've said, the anti-Catholic Nativists of the 19th century had a point.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I know it's rude of me

but I have picked up on a theme in popular entertainment, movies etc, that Wymyn and Blacks are our natural leaders and rulers.

The fool, the wimp, the defective one is always a White Male.

And the pinnacle of Cool is the Interracial Couple.

Is this a conspiracy? As I say, culture is a more than sufficient explanation for what conspiracies are supposed to produce.

But the results are the same.

Liberal fascism, continued

(And I apologize in advance to any fascists for making the association.)

"What's the matter, you fat monkey?"
"Fuck off, you fucking fascist!"
"You say fascist as if it's a bad thing. But, dude, people love fascists. Have you ever met a woman who fantasizes about being tied up and raped by a liberal?"

Now we return to our scheduled programming.

It appears that, shockingly, "America's strongest neighborhoods" show a shocking "lack of diversity." Of course, there could be no correlation between those to items, could there? Because, contrary to all evidence, the first article of faith in the Church of Progress is Diversity Is Our Strength. And Arbeit Macht Frei.

If they can forcibly integrate schools, why not neighborhoods?

Any group of Whites, not redemptively invaded enriched by Blacks, is by definition a racist entity and must be smashed helped toward vibrant inclusion.

(Same goes for all-male spaces, with Wymyn being the agents of destruction salvation.)

If there were a Secession Train, I'd be on it in a heartbeat.

Flag of the Post-American Commonwealth

Not multicultural, not feminist, not redistributionist, not pacifist, not transnationalist, not secularist, not environmentalist.


What I assume

The Lucifer Principle | howard bloom:

I read this book years ago and was quite taken with it. Superorganisms, memes, pecking order.

He pretty well predicted the revival of Islam's long jihad against the West.

It's part of the reason I focus on group status as crucial to survival, along with wealth and power.

(A huge part of group status is the group's beliefs about itself. If you believe your people are The Chosen, it will show. If you believe your people are The Cancer of Human History (with thanks to now happily dead Chosen People member Susan Sontag), it will show.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rule by minority

Isn't that a Liberal's definition of tyranny?  Yet,
"...classic democracy, i.e., the power of majorities, has been replaced by a new kind of democracy, represented by the rule of minorities over the majority. The minorities are being protected from the "totalitarian" and "authoritarian" minded majority. The very semantics of democracy have been changed." 
--Alexandr Dugin, Russian political theorist.
Ask yourself how much of the crises that wash across our nation are not about some kind of aggrieved Sacred Victim minority?

Liberalism's inner logic actually requires rule by minority.

In a society infected by Liberalism, historical success is re-interpreted as nothing more than oppression and "privilege", so that it becomes the duty of the inheritors of successful groups to divest themselves of their ancestors achievements for the sake of the losers. After all, if another person or group is "less well off", then is it not the urgent responsibility of the Liberal to redress that unnatural and unjust imbalance*? And if that means the suicide of his culture and people, well, as an otherwise smart and savvy relative of mine said to me, it's our moral duty to let ourselves disappear, because it shows we're better than they are.

A Christian martyr --or any religious martyr--is an ambiguous figure; a secular martyr is more of a diseased and dangerous fool than words can express. It bespeaks a combination of self-loathing and moral exhibitionism unprecedented in human history.

The reason that a group like the Tea Party is so instantly clocked by the Left as fascist and Nazi is because it is White. And White America, as we have been taught by St Martin Luther King, career plagiarist and serial adulterer, is metaphysically guilty of an unpardonable crime. Hence, to have Whites ask for more freedom and less government is just a cover for more freedom to do this. It is giving criminals a free hand. It is letting the Nazis off the leash.

Because the majority is White, and White = Racist, it must be curtailed. And eventually, it must itself reduced to numerical minority status. In the meantime, as it is being dismantled, --actually allowing itself to be dismantled, even dismantling itself-- it is the majority's Prime Directive to see to the appeasement and accommodation of minorities. What could be more unselfish? No higher moral value exists.

My relative's astounding pronouncement is the perfect Liberal response as described by Burnham, where the obliteration of one's own people is viewed as an expression of ethical virtue and participation in a higher synthesis. At least the Muslim bombers only commit suicide one at a time. We're all doing it together. And not under threat. By invitation.

It has taken the fifty-year unfolding of, to paraphrase Heidegger, "the inner truth of the Civil Rights movement" for me to realize what it is actually about.  It was an absolute PR triumph. For a very long time, the moral rightness of it seemed unimpeachable to me.

What we were sold

Now, I feel quite the contrary. Whatever moral capital Blacks once had, they have squandered it completely and without remainder. It is an unfolding catastrophe: the dwindling American nation held utter hostage to its most dysfunctional and destructive minority, a 12% minority which completely refuses any responsiblity for its lamentable state. They constantly complain of their victim status in White America, held down by our racism. In fact, without us Caucasians holding them up, they would sink like a stone.

What we got


If you let yourself think about it all, it would drive you to violence. (And that, as we know, is unthinkable.)


*This "imbalance" is carried out in terms of White and Male oppression and privilege. The extraordinary and hugely disproportionate wealth, power and influence of Jews, for instance, is never to be mentioned. NonWhite minority under-representation is considered a crime. But to notice the astonishing over-representation of Jews in education, culture, media, entertainment, finance, law, government, etc. is taboo. Any critique of this group is an inducement to The Holocaust. (So a lot of people --Liberals, mostly, transfer it to critique of Israel and Zionism.) As majority Whites, they are submerged into the massa damnata along with the Gentile Caucasians. As Jews, they are protected as a Sacred Victim Minority, a role quite jaw-droppingly at odds with their actual socio-economic and power status. Some successful groups are indeed more successful than others.

Over and under representation is usually a fixed game, not worth engaging in. In real life, it is what we call nature. The recent drop in my historically high philo-Semite index comes entirely from the recognition --brought home to me by people like Dennis Prager, himself a Jew,-- of the massively Leftist influence of the great majority of Jews. Were their politics and cultural influence different, it would not trouble me. But Prager himself makes it plain that the majority of Jews (even though very few of them are religious) carry within them a deep animosity to Christianity and a reflexive fear of any kind of national identity based on actual kinship...except Israel. So if you think that a White and Christian America --the one that existed for 200 years-- is/was a good thing, you have to look skeptically at a group that is inimical to both, even if you value individuals within that group. Conspiracy is a poor explanation of facts that culture by itself can explain.

Hey, given the unfolding influence of LGBTism in the West, I, a gay man, can sympathize with the overt "homophobia" of less "enlightened" places. If you can see how the game finally gets played out, why let them play it at all? I have come to understand the motivations for "homophobia" and "racism" and "antiSemitism." To say nothing of "Islamophobia"or my most recent favorite, "antiziganism." A lot of these attitudes are based on the quite rational recognition of inter-group competition, conflict and hostility as one of the structures of earthly and human reality.

It is the natural drive of any group --contemporary suicidal Foolish Whites excepted-- to take advantage of any advance by aiming for another. Whoever expects Blacks or Hispanics or GayLesbianBisexualTransgenders or Wymyn or Muslims to say, "Well, thanks, I got what I wanted, so I'm going home now, satisfied" knows nothing of human nature. As Lenin knew, thoroughly oppressed people never revolt; it's only when you accommodate them a bit that your head goes on the block.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Hey, (White) America!

When you elected the guy on the right, --twice!--guess who else you put in power?

The 12%.

(For 12% of the American population, American Blacks sure take up a lot more space, time, energy, treasure and trouble than that! Californians constitute the same percentage of the US as Blacks do. Imagine for a moment the whole rest of the country constantly on edge, wondering "But how will it affect the Californians?" Nuts. Rule by minority.)

The Founding Fathers are raging in their graves.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c)



The man's unbearable

Obama: Trayvon Martin 'could have been me':

Narcissism 101. Me me me.

Everything he's done in his life has been made easier because he's Black. It's the only reason he's President. And yet he's the eternal victim.


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Comment fun

If you want to see proof of Original Sin, just read the comments of almost any website. YouTube, being an international site, has the best range of international inanity. (Sites where Indians and Pakistani's meet are especially amusing. Talk about "hate!") Ex Cathedra is excluded from this trend, of course. We only have high class commentors here.

In yet another piece about the constant and so-far immovable 15 point average IQ gap between Whites (100) and Blacks (85) in the US, --poverty or wealth making no dent on that--one distressed egalitarian Leukophore protested, "But I know smart Black people." Author replies, "Good. Have them explain average to you."

Bingo. Twice.

Funny how the higher average IQ of certain North Asian groups (106) and of Ashkenazi* Jews (115) does not provoke howls of rage and protest from American Whites (100).  I guess maybe because they're smart enough to understand what it means. (And if the White-composed tests are racially biased, why do the Asians always come out on top of Whites?)

Higher IQ is, in general, (note: in general), a predictor of higher achievement, status, success, etc. Ex Cathedra's IQ is about 130, which makes him generally more intelligent than about 98% of the human race. But his Five/INTP character contains flaws --primarily, an imbalance combining introversion and procrastination--that put a big crimp in his capacity for status and success. Five university degrees have not cashed out into five juicy bank accounts.

On the other hand, if your IQ is 80, it will take a helluva lot of character jewels to make up for that.

And the kicker in all this is that while genes are not totally responsible for all this, they are at least...50% responsible. Prolly more. Poor White kids regularly outperform rich Black kids on the SAT's.

Which means that if you announce No Child Left Behind, you are lying. And there's nothing you can do about it. You can pass laws, blame the schools, blame Racist Whitey, but you cannot make people natively smarter than they are.

Which is why this topic is part of the trance and enchantment, the dogma and superstition around The Great Taboo and the liberal Prime Directive, the Principle of the Naked Emperor.

Which is why going along with it makes Whites, while intelligent enough, but now fatally flawed in character  --losing self-confidence and desperately wanting to please people who hold them in contempt, for starters--and thus The Most Foolish People On The Planet.

*Neither Sephardi nor Mizrahi nor Mahgrebi Jews have this kind of IQ. Just the Ashkenazi. (For the Hebraically uninitiated: Sephardi are descended from Iberian Jews, Mizrahi from Jew of West Asia and Mahgrebi from North Africa. The Ashkenazi are the Jews of Europe.



Africa in Chaos | American Renaissance:
A review of Paul Theroux's attempt to travel through Africa, the hellhole of the planet.

"This is what the world will look like when it ends."

It echoes a famous piece in The Atlantic from 1994, which described and predicted this.
Robert D Kaplan in his heyday, with The Coming Anarchy.

A line I never forgot. " of the coup's leaders, Solomon Anthony Joseph Musa,...shot the people who had paid for his schooling, "in order to erase the humiliation and mitigate the power his middle-class sponsors held over him."

This will be the reward of all the fools who waste their "humanitarian" energies there.

BTW, Detroit, anyone?

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Africa in Chaos | American Renaissance:
A review of Paul Theroux's attempt to travel through Africa, the hellhole of the planet.

"This is what the world will look like when it ends."

It echoes a famous piece in The Atlantic from 1994, which described and predicted this.
Robert D Kaplan in his heyday, with The Coming Anarchy.

A line I never forgot. " of the coup's leaders, Solomon Anthony Joseph Musa,...shot the people who had paid for his schooling, "in order to erase the humiliation and mitigate the power his middle-class sponsors held over him."

This will be the reward of all the fools who waste their "humanitarian" energies there.

BTW, Detroit, anyone?

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A new day

and with it, when I read through the news on line, comes a new set of imaginary gallows for that ever-growing forest I fantasize about. I will spare you the identity of the new recruits. After all, NSA and such.

They say that Vlad the Impaler turned back the Sultan and his Turkish army just by festooning his borders with thousands of Turk prisoners on sticks. Savage in the extreme. A border fence of gallows, a far more humane execution style, might work a similar magic where needed nowadays.

Now, time for some coffee.


Thursday, July 18, 2013



A little infallible truth for the day

For almost every form of -ism and -phobia that our liberal betters wish to demonize, there is a reason. And usually more than two.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, classism, transphobia, Islamophobia, antiSemitism, looksism, ageism, ableism, even antiziganism!...there are reasons, and good reasons, for all of them.

They are not --as our liberal betters demand that we makebelieve-- simply groundless, baseless, evil attitudes arising from nothing more than groundless, baseless evil minds, without evidence or foundation, massive denials of the blindingly obvious truth of universal equality, (an equality which, for some strange reason, has escape the noticed of the entire human race until ten minutes ago.)

Universal equality. Talk about groundless, baseless, evil attitudes without evidence or foundation! (Young Mr Kurtagic ramps up the critique made by the elder Dr Kekes that egalitarianism is a huge mistake and leads to terrible evil.) "Our common humanity", in the sentimental sense in which it is usually meant, is the least informative and consequential thing about us. It's as meaningful as saying, "All cats are cats!"

And while I'm at it, stereotypes are only offensive because they cut so close to the bone, not because they are insultingly mistaken but precisely because they carry so much truth in them. Each offended group's comedians relies on the truth of the stereotypes to make them laugh. They all see it.

One of the fundamental and unchanging realities of the human species is that we live in groups, groups of all kinds, and that many of these groups --including the most important ones like families and tribes-- are in constant competition and conflict with one another. Competition and conflict are structured into the very nature of the species because of the very nature of the planet on which we have come into being, where death is universal and ever at-hand, and life is marked by scarcity, contingency and flaw. Competition and conflict are not moral flaws in our species character, they are the conditions of our survival, about which we are not given a choice. You may as well condemn humans because we eat organic matter.

Survival is both an individual and a group concern, but a group concern above all, since it is your group(s) that allow you to survive as an individual. So in an important way, it does not matter whether an ism, a phobia or a stereotype is "true". That is a determination that will always be clouded by self-interest and will never convince the Other who is in competition and conflict with you. What matters is to find your group(s) and fight for your survival. Because that's what all the Others are doing.

Everyone who is not a Foolish White Person knows this and lives by it.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gypped again

Germany admits mass immigration threatens 'social peace' | Mail Online:

Ah, the "Roma people." A culture that, though declared equal by our betters, refuses to act equal.

Dogma and superstition reign in our age of enlightenment.

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Monday, July 15, 2013


Watching a BBC program on Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's henchman, the professor excuses his destructiveness because he was "a man of deep evangelical principle." The differences between this and being a rigid fanatic are...?


Coulda been worse

Though the Zimmerman show trial could have turned out worse, with a guilty verdict of some kind, the damage --which is merely symptomatic of the disease-- was already done when it became a National Issue. (If the clearly Latin American Indian Zimmerman had had another last name, this would never have gone anywhere.)

Blacks kill each other regularly and in massive numbers. They are responsible for massively more crime than their numbers should predict. Young Black males above all. And the waves of brutal Black-on-White violence that we are not supposed to notice or hear about makes this Passion Play Soap Opera a contemptible fraud from beginning to end.

Everyone knows poor little Trayvon. Who knows these faces?

Or all the others like them?



It's a shame

that Americans who hate each other are so demographically and geographically entwined that we cannot get away from each other.

I now see the localized and contiguous secession of the Confederate States as a lost opportunity.

Huntington was right. The Clash of Civilizations is real. And it's happening right here. He thought it would come home to roost with the Latino invasion, and it may indeed. But the Black thang has always been right here, ready made. In the last 50 years, whenever there has been street violence or threats of retaliation and revenge for "injustice", when has it not been about race and when has it not been perpetrated by Blacks? The eternal Problem Children of America.

Anyone who can say Our Diversity Is Our Strength is either a liar or a fool. Or in the case of a lot of Whites, both.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tricking Blogger

Since Blogger is free and works so well, it's hard to complain about it. But you can't upload mp3 files. At least directly. A sly fella recommends making a movie with just a cover picture and then adding the mp3 as music for it and uploading it as a video.

Matt Alber was part of the Chanticleer group and has a voice with an incredible range. Plus, he was damn attractive, and local. Worked out at my old gym for a time. Very distracting. And a very nice guy. He was perhaps the first to try the Gay Country Singer route a few years back, before the current Steve Grand YouTube phenomenon. It went nowhere.

He gave up on the country thing and now has a kind of lounge music career going. Writes, plays and sings. Talent for days.

An old favorite song of mine, which you can't find anywhere now, is one of his country songs, Green Light. His music, with a pic of him at the time, to fool Blogger. He's now more bearish.

And in case you wonder about his range, take a look at this amazing piece from Messiah that he did recently.


Young reactionaries

A charming disquisition on history and moral philosophy, crime and punishment.

It is ironic that a culture like ours which prides itself on its freedom from dogma and superstition should find itself utterly submerged in dogma and entranced by superstition.

Another young reactionary who has broken the egalitarian spell, to put it mildly.

And then, of course, young Mr Donovan.

Crocks and their tears

Some very lightskinned Black female on TV telling us all how "America's Black families are holding their teenage sons and daughters closer tonight," in the wake of this Zimmerman verdict.

What a crock.

This is a group whose young males slaughter each other in the thousands each year, on a continuing basis. 91%+ of Blacks who die by violence are killed by their own kind. As for their families, over 70% of their children are born to Baby Mamas, with no husband. In the ghetto, it's closer to 90%. Self-destruction, anyone?

Some people are really not very talented at much besides starring in their endless Soap Opera and Passion Play and trying to make Other People responsible for their own spectacular failure. (Look at South Africa...or all of Africa, for that matter. The Blacks played the role of Suffering Victims of apartheid very well. Once they got what they wanted, they took the country down the drain. No follow through.)

And let us not even mention all the disproportionate violence perpetrated on Whites by the children of "America's Black families." (If half-Latino "White Hispanic" Zimmerman had a Hispanic name, we'd have never known about this.)

If ever two peoples were meant never to live together in peace, it's these two.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Embarrassing Boods

Emily O'Dell: The Dalai Lama's Nose:

Gushing over Dolly L by some foolish deracinated White lady.


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PS. Take an American Bood, supposedly committed to non-attachment as the heart of that religion, and scratch a little and you'll find an hysterical attachment to all the tenets of liberalism, every single one. One of the attractions of Boodism, American style, is that it interferes not at all with the life of a middle-class and upper liberal Whitey.

Buddhism itself holds great psychological wisdom. American Boods --dominated by ex-Jews--are another kettle of dharma.


The great replacement

Gay Spider-Man considered by Andrew Garfield, actor:

Straight White Men can claim nothing as their own. That's the Progressive Rule.
Every so-called social advance has been at their expense.

And they just happen to be the backbone of the West.

PS. If you want a gay superhero, or a Black one or a Brown one or a tranny one, then invent a new one for God's sake, rather than parasitically draining the life out of one. After all, aren't these special minorities endowed with extraordinary creativity?

But the point is to replace. To erase and replace.


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Friday, July 12, 2013

More multiculti Canuckistan

Would-be Canadian citizens set to fight oath to Queen - The Globe and Mail:

Jewish lawyer represents Black man --non citizen-- in trying to get Canada to dump citizenship oath to the White Queen because of crimes of White Britain against his Black peeps.

Here again we have alien minorities attacking fundamental White institutions, using those very same institutions against the people who created them.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet.(c)

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Hilarious moments in American decline and fall

'Big Brother' -- Race War Explodes ... Aaryn Mocks Black Houseguests |

"Vile racist slavemaster" speaks perfect Ebonic and "African-American" "speaks up for herself" by threatening him with "the black to come out."

This reminds me of Muslims who riot and kill when the Pope says their religion is violent.

Some days Harold Covington makes a little sense.


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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oooooooh, no he di'n't!

Bill O’Reilly Says U.S. Crime High Because Of “Young Black Men” | Breaking News for Black America:


Check the stats. Over 50% of crime in America is perpetrated by 3% of the population.

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True or False

Every social, cultural and legal change in American society in the last 50 years (or more) has been at the expense of and to the detriment of Straight White Males.



PS. I can come up with one piece of evidence to the contrary, at least initially. The Sexual Revolution allowed Straight White Men to have more sex because White women were more willing. Whether this has turned out to actually benefit SWM's --because the Sexual Revolution became quickly entwined with Feminism-- is debatable.


Ex Cathedra VII.5

Ex Cathedra the Seven and a Halfth.

I have sometimes commented critically about King Henry VIII. Even going so low as to suggest that Barry Hussein, the Great and Powerful O, is like him for meddling in the internal affairs of the Church.

But were ExC a consul of the Alternative Post-American Republic,

the depraved civilizational suicidality which is official Catholic "social justice" policy would come under severe State restriction. Pope Francis, whose ego is slathered all over everything he humbly, simply and poorly touches, recently dramatized this grotesque self-erasure by celebrating as martyrs illegal immigrants who die in their attempt to invade Europe. 

The APA Republic would concern itself not at all with the doctrines or beliefs of any religion unless that religion refused to live peacefully and quietly with the State's fundamental rejection of multiculturalism and all its pomps. Islam would be constitutionally banned, of course. An expansionist theocracy is by definition incompatible in any way with a sovereign Western state.

But if the mitered traitors felt the need to take "a prophetic stance" against the Republic's attack on "the fundamental dignity of every human person" ExC the Seven and a Halfth would be happy to provide them with whatever kind of martyrdom they'd prefer. A forest of pontifical gallows along the border, a la Vlad Tepes, might do the trick nicely.

The irony here is that the Church's current game of playing Judas to the culture and peoples that are its foundation is one that it learned from the State. It was not imposed on it, but voluntarily embraced by it, in slavish imitation of the modern liberal regime of tolerance and diversity.

Part of this is the Church's abandonment of the (White) West in favor the Third World, where its demographic future lies. This was apparent to me more than 25 years ago and was part of the pragmatics of my leaving said Church. I knew that it would never take a tolerant stance toward homosexuality when its future was clearly wedded to the peoples of the global South. (Just ask the Church of England.)

What galls me is that a policy of national, cultural and ethnic self-preservation --once the unquestioned common sense of humanity-- is now considered by the supposed intellectual and moral elite to be a crime of the greatest magnitude.

The guilt of every crime committed by illegal immigrants against the native peoples of Europe  --actively by violence or passively by dispossession and cost--, or against the historic American people here, is shared by their political, cultural and religious enablers.

His Grace, the Consul Ex Cathedra, would be happy to serve as the hand of justice for them.

*Adding to the irony and paradox is that ExC is also finding himself in the company of Pope Piux IX, as well as Henry VII. Is this hyper-enantiodromia?



British independent politician Paul Weston confesses his crime, the greatest crime imaginable.


Pope Francis makes it clear

Pope Francis commemorates migrant dead at Lampedusa | Reuters:

Pope Leo tried to keep Attila out. This one mourns the dead of his army.

If you value Western Civilization, the Catholic Church --one of its historical pillars--is your enemy.

The same traitorous behavior of the American bishops and Church reflects the highminded death wish of Rome.

As my link above suggests, the Vatican should open its gates to a few thousand of these sainted poor the Pope loves so much.

One of dynamics of the highminded that I have become sensitive to is their basic dependence on those they look down upon as their moral inferiors. Keeping the world from falling into chaos is hard and grubby work, not done by gurus and prelates. They remind me of the teenager who, while utterly depended on the life his parents have given him, decides that they are clueless losers.

As the Church's Founder said, For the sons of this world are, in relation to their own generation, wiser than the sons of light.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mars Attacks!

This 1996 flick is one of my favorites.

Annette Benning is brilliant. I'm laffin' my butt off.


Wringing metaphors

Leading black minister cites vouchers endorses Christie | The Daily Caller:

With Blacks, everything is slavery. With Jews, the Holocaust. With women, insults and rape.

With gays now, what? Bullying?

Victimism yesterday. Vicitimism today. Victimism forever!

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Feminism continues

New Prayer Confrontation at Western Wall -

Make no mistake, feminists will leave men nothing that is distinctively theirs,
unless it's a fault.

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Burnt bridges

I did my psychology degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. I was of a different mind about many things back then. God, twenty years ago. Unbelievable. I enjoyed the experience very much, though.

But the man I am now could not tolerate the place.

This was part of a mailing I got today...

Racist update

I've added a selection from Markus Willinger's manifesto/declaration of war, Generation Identity.  Gives you a feel for what that group of young Europeans is about.

In short, "racism" is BS.


I'm a bad gay

One of my most popular posts, with real comments by real people, is --no surprise-- a hate post.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Drag queens. Hate 'em. 


Ya think?

Should Republicans Just Focus on White Voters? | American Renaissance:

90% of Mitt Romney's votes came from Whites, The Race That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

But of course, Republicans should try to win the love of Hispanics, who vote in an ethnic every other frikking ethnic/racial/victim minority group in America except one and one only.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet. (C)

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And now for something completely different, continued

Woman Who Hid Gun In Vagina Gets 25 Years | The Smoking Gun:

Gives new meaning to vagina dentata.

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Monday, July 08, 2013

Equality. Liberty. Or Identity?

Counter-Currents Publishing »  Markus Willinger’s Generation Identity ».

Europe for the Europeans? How racist and xenophobic.

One of Mr Willinger's pieces, called On Racism and addressed to his elders of the Generation of 68, the EuroBoomers:

You’ve got cause to rejoice, as we have now come to the word you like to say the most. And about the people you hate the most. About racism and racists, who spread their racist ideology in the most racist of ways. You don’t quite want to specify exactly what this racism is supposed to be. And why would you? If there was a clear definition, you couldn’t accuse everyone you don’t like of racism. 
* In the past there were people who identified themselves as racists, and called for the classification of humanity according to genetic characteristics such as the shape of noses and eye colour. Today, however, no one speaks of such things, the only exception being you. No one thinks about race any more, but you continue to hunt for racists as if possessed, since you claim to find hidden racism everywhere. We all reject racism. No one, neither you nor us, desire that people should be discriminated against or oppressed because of their genetic heritage. We limit ourselves to rejecting racism as such. But you want to designate all of your political opponents, including us, as racists.
Our clear affirmation of European identity, culture, and tradition, our will to keep Europe alive, and our resolve to not be the last European generation, are all thorns in your side. You seek to avenge yourselves by interpreting our affirmation of life and of Europe as racism. 
* But is everyone who believes that there are different peoples, cultures, and identities, and that this is good, really a racist? We won’t let this label stick on us! If you smear every affirmation of one’s own identity with accusations of racism, then everyone is a racist, always was a racist, and will always be a racist. Even you are no exception to this rule. Yes, we could even accuse you of racism. Only in this way could one explain your pathological hatred of Europe. We, however, are no racists. Nor are we as preoccupied with race and racism as you are. We make our own choices and go our own ways, without paying any attention to your baseless accusations. For we are generation identity.

Willinger, Markus (2013-05-13). Generation Identity (p. 59). Arktos. Kindle Edition.

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Exhibit 3,458,299

Harold Meyerson: Start the border fence in Norfolk, Va. - The Washington Post:

Reb Meyerson, along with too many of his brethren, does not like White people.

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Homeland improvement

As part of my house cleaning and improving, a little de-crapping of my kitchen stove area. Since the accumulated dust and grit were above my sight line, I could usually ignore it. This pic made it obvious how bad it looked. In my next life, there'll be an exhaust fan hood above the stove.

The stove is a vintage Wedgewood gas model, probably dating from the building's origin in 1923. The hot water heater is what's behind the screen.

Even as the West declines, my house looks a little better.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Great pop art

Steve Winwood's 1988 Roll With It. Great music and genius video work. You can feel the heat and the sweat, the rhythm, the sound of the crowd, the smell of the fried food and the liquor. Great stuff. Totally danceable, and with joie de vivre.

And remixed in HD.

Those were my bar and dancing years.

Just dessert, please

I decided to take a peek at The Lone Ranger via pirate sites and it turns out the only version available is in Russian.

From reading the comments section of a review of the film --which is tanking financially btw-- it seems that, no surprise, it is a revisionist anti-White version. Noble savages vs Evil Caucasians.

And it's all White (or Whit-ish) men involved in the flick.

The American mistake has been to want to be liked as Nice Guys. No nation becomes as large and powerful as we have been by being Nice Guys. We should always have celebrated Columbus Day as Conquering Peoples Day. That's what we Whites did. That's what practically everybody who claims title to land has done. What nation, tribe or clan holds land that either they or their ancestors did not acquire --or in a few cases, hold-- by force of arms?

But by not owning up to this, we have now allowed ourselves to to silenced and mocked by our competitor races.

Whites: The Most Foolish People On The Planet.


Saturday, July 06, 2013

I'm good with that

Cheap sci-fi. Six Paleface collegians in the future, on the way to intergalactic spring break, crash land on an alien world that looks just like British Columbia. The usual Phallic Females and Pussified Boys but, mirabili dictu, no Numinous Negroes. One sexy loudmouthed redhead. The rest are dying off fast. I'm good with that. Speed it up, in fact. (Thank God for FF.)

The Grand Tour

I have a certain fondness for vintage travel posters. I came across this one, surprisingly. I have no idea if it's old or new.

And then, this one.

The second one came from a site called Waging Non-Violence. Sigh. Whining about "apartheid"* --as if that were a bad thing-- and "colonization."  I guess they'd expect Palestine to turn into yet another stable and prosperous Arab country like...Egypt? Libya? Syria? Iraq?

Good fences may not always make good neighbors, but sometimes "apartheid" protects you from neighbors who'd happily eat your children's liver for lunch.

Just back from Spain, B was reflecting on his visit to one of the old Moorish style synagogues in Segovia. Since the 1492 expulsions, when the Native People there did some ethnic cleansing, there have been few Jews in the country. Currently, about 50,000 in a country of 47 million. (And a million Muslims, all of recent arrival under EuroUnion's enlightened suicide program.)

There was no anti-Jewish sentiment that he could pick up, --not enough of them around to hate?--but, along with the rest of Europe, a hatred for Israel. Given the Spaniards' 800 year history with Arab Muslims, this baffles me. But I guess they want to belong to the EuroClub. Knock yourselves out.


*Speaking of apartheid, an evil site I read has post entitled Breivik's Norway and this opening line:
In this issue, we try to fathom the motives of an ethno-nationalist terrorist and political mass-murderer. And when we’re done talking about Nelson Mandela, we’ll discuss Anders Breivik.

The sound of two birds crashing

Since my monkey brain works all the time, willy nilly, sometimes two longstanding thoughts previously unacquainted with each other will meet. Or collide. And I respond with an Ah-ha, or a Hmmm or a Yikes!

I saw a BBC video title on YouTube, The Most Dangerous Man In Tudor England. I was interested, until the prologue revealed that it was the first translator of the English Bible, William Tyndale. It was apparent from the first portentious and breathless moments --almost all BBC presenters adopt this tone-- that he would be the martyr for The Right Of Everyone To Read The Whole Bible And Decide For Themselves What It Meant.

Only an idiot could think that this would turn out well.* But in the Post-Enlightenment narrative which drives our Post-Protestant culture, this is A Great Thing. Liberation from the tyranny of The Church. (And in the English case, the eventual enslavement of The Church to the tyranny of the Crown and Parliament.)

That's Thought One.

The other thought, Number Two, that collided with that one is this one: for the self-proclaimed heirs of the above liberating and democratizing Enlightenment, what current group do they hold in deepest contempt --Nazis always excepted-- and hatred?

The very same demos that reads the Bible and decides for itself what it means: the fundamentalist Christians, direct heirs of Tyndale, whom the elite literati now call Bible-thumpers, bound in intellectual servitude to Bronze Age superstitions. Oh, and H8ers and bigots, etc. etc.

Funny how, these two thoughts now colliding, the heroics of an earlier part of your narrative become the demonics of the later. Once noble martyrs, now craven tyrants.

Not unlike the tellers of this narrative themselves, who once were passionate advocates of free speech --Free Lenny Bruce!-- but are now the dour censors behind the hate speech codes and PC lies that muzzle us all.  

Enantiodromia strikes again.

*Our American/Protestant culture has ceded the right of interpretation of a 4-page document written in our own language, within a mere few centuries of ourselves, to a small group of highly trained sacred interpreters, a magisterium, if you will, (the Supreme Court and the US Constitution) while maintaining that any Tom Dick and Harry can rightfully and easily interpret a thick library of ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Hebraic texts written in dead languages in cultures some two to three thousand years distant from us.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

All-American Boy

For the 4th. Memories of my own teenage years.

Ripped Jeans, only drinks whiskey
I find him by the fire while his girl was getting friskey, ohh
I say we go this road tonight

He smiles, his arms around her
but his eyes are holdin me, just a captive to his wonder, ohh
I say we go this road tonight

now I know that that's your girl, I mean no disrespect
The way that shirt hugs you chest boy, I just won't forget
I'll be sittin her, drinking my whiskey
I won't say goodnight unless I think ya might miss me, ohh

Be my All-American boy tonight
where everyday's the 4th of July
and its alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
and you can hold me deep in your eyes
and its alright, alright
be my, be my
my All-American boy

Ripped jeans, tight shirt
he lights a cigarette you know I'm glad that she can't stand it, ohh
I drink the moonlight from his eyes

Now hold there, just a moment
I want to take this in now we don't need no photo of it, no
we should go this road tonight

now I know that that's your girl, and I don't give a damn
she's been cusin and cryin, she don't know what she has
so I'll be, sittin here, tryin hold down my whiskey,
you tell your girl good night cause somebody'd like to kiss me, ohh

Be my All-American boy tonight
where everyday's the 4th of July
and its alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
and you can hold me deep in your eyes
and its alright, alright
be my, be my
my All-American boy

Of all the girls and boys to look my way
Ain't no body ever hit me this way
so won't you come back with me
and lay with me a while

I'm gonna wrestle you out of them clothes,
leave that beautiful body exposed,
and you can have my heart and my soul and my body...
just be mine


Be my All-American boy tonight
baby you light my fire
its gonna be alright, alright!

Be my All-American boy tonight
where everyday's the 4th of July
and its alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
and you can hold me deep in your eyes
and its alright, alright
be my, be my...
just, be my, be my...
my All-American boy

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Reading Alinsky

Any reactionary Westerner who'd like his people and civilization to survive should pay close attention to the execrable Reb Alinsky, who taught his dismantlers of the culture that gave them their lives to "use the enemy's own rules against them."

The highminded and rootless foolishness of the West since the Enlightenment has allowed other people, competitors and enemies --declared or implied--, to use these Laputan principles to get us to cooperate in our own demise.

In a fascinating documentary about the 19th century British founder of archeology, Sir Flinders Petrie, one of the current staff of the Cairo Museum, an Egyptian woman, criticizes a portrait of the man in situ as being "racist and colonialist" because it shows him in a position of dominance. We have to endure a discussion of whether this man, born in 1853, was a "racist."


You create the ideas of "racism" and "colonialism" and inferior peoples can gain moral dominance just by pronouncing the words.

Note to Western self: do not espouse values that alien enemies can use against you.

If only the West were more like the Chinese: frankly self-interested, assumptive of their superiority and innocent of apology. As we once were.


Lincoln revisionism

The Gettysburg Address is in the news these days, part of the Civil War anniversaries.

Lincoln's most famous speech gets a rather startling interpretation from HL Mencken. But it seems right.



Summer in San Francisco brings the fog.

Like a living thing.


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Canada Post-Canada Day

One of my Canuck friends is in town for a few weeks, so I had him and his partner --who are now, again, officially married in California--over for dinner.

Remnants of the tourtière: a meat pie of chopped beef and pork, with onion and some potato binder, seasoned with allspice, sage, thyme and cloves.

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