Tuesday, July 23, 2013

National Socialist humor

From one of Harold Covington's novels, set some 40 years after his envisioned Northwest Republic* has seceded from a decadent America and has now produced generations unfamiliar with life in the good ol' USA.

A mother describes it to her puzzled children:
“And white women didn’t want to change diapers or stay home and raise their own children,” put in Jenny. “They wanted to wear yuppie Power Womyn suits and work in cubicles and have these wonderful fulfilling careers like they saw on television and heard about on Oprah. So Americans farmed both tasks out to mud people, letting in more and more of them until they almost drowned us.” 
“What’s a yuppie?” asked Whittaker. 
“What’s an Oprah?” asked Melanie.


*ExCathedra, being a man-lover, would be terminally unwelcome there. But I still think "What's an Oprah?"is funny. Shows that I am nuanced, sophisticated, not trapped in rigid good vs evil binaries, open minded, able to see that one man's Nazi is another man's Freedom Fighter, etc.


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