Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Canada Post-Canada Day

One of my Canuck friends is in town for a few weeks, so I had him and his partner --who are now, again, officially married in California--over for dinner.

Remnants of the tourtière: a meat pie of chopped beef and pork, with onion and some potato binder, seasoned with allspice, sage, thyme and cloves.

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Anonymous said...

So Prop 8 is struck down for good. My parents are laboring under the delusion that California is now obligated to defend it. I keep trying to explain that it has no such responsibility. Amazing that the will of the majority of a state, admittedly a bare one, can be overturned by one person based on that person's personal agenda. Rule by the people is dead.

Then again, bare majorities are lauded as vox Dei by the Left, provided the bare majority favors something in line with the liberal agenda. I seem to recall that Napoleon was fond of plebiscites...


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