Monday, July 22, 2013

I know it's rude of me

but I have picked up on a theme in popular entertainment, movies etc, that Wymyn and Blacks are our natural leaders and rulers.

The fool, the wimp, the defective one is always a White Male.

And the pinnacle of Cool is the Interracial Couple.

Is this a conspiracy? As I say, culture is a more than sufficient explanation for what conspiracies are supposed to produce.

But the results are the same.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed the tendency of women and blacks to be of higher moral standing or more capable than men and whites. That's the tide right now. I think as whites get more sour about race relations (they're far worse than they were 20 years ago, and they have only themselves to blame), entertainment may take note.

Interracial couples don't bother me as much. At the risk of sounding liberal, love doesn't bother with things like biological sex or skin color. There's more support for them in the Bible for them than there is for me. As long as a man is smart, funny, caring, doesn't have religious hang ups, and happily scratches my itches, I couldn't care less if he was European, African, Asian, or Indian. Those traits aren't exclusive to any ethnic group, no matter what some race-mongers would like us to think. He will be who he will be.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

I was in an interracial relationship for 9 years.

For male/male, it's just between the two of you. So if it has an impact...and it does...that's up to you.

Interracial couples of male/female produce children. That's another story.

And check the stats on higher rates of violence between certain kinds of interracial couples, including murder.

"Couldn't care less" sounds liberal to me!

OreamnosAmericanus said...

PS. What's a race-monger?

Anonymous said...

"Race-monger" is the term I use for those individuals who play the race card as their primary method of political self-defense and self-promotion. Detroit is failing? It's because of racially biased policies! George Zimmerman saving a family from a car crash? He only did it because they were white! You have a problem with Obama? You're just a racist!

In essence, blacks like Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson who blame black problems on whites for their own profit and to distract from the failings of the black community, and whites like Sally Kohn who have allowed their "white guilt" to make them parrot these talking points. The former are loathsome vultures, the latter are gullible and logic-deprived fools.

I agree that not all interracial relationships are healthy. I'm not a fool. And I'm certainly not naive enough to not realize that people tend to prefer the company "of their own kind," as it were. I think I recall reading that preference for one's own race arises in infancy. So it's about as innate as things can get. Sure, interracial relationships happen, and they are certainly common (1 in 10!), but far from being the rule. But if anybody says white have to start marrying blacks to improve their economic condition (yes, I have heard people suggest that), I put my foot down. Whatever happened to "marriage is about twu wuv", libs?


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