Saturday, July 13, 2013

The great replacement

Gay Spider-Man considered by Andrew Garfield, actor:

Straight White Men can claim nothing as their own. That's the Progressive Rule.
Every so-called social advance has been at their expense.

And they just happen to be the backbone of the West.

PS. If you want a gay superhero, or a Black one or a Brown one or a tranny one, then invent a new one for God's sake, rather than parasitically draining the life out of one. After all, aren't these special minorities endowed with extraordinary creativity?

But the point is to replace. To erase and replace.


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Anonymous said...

Does this trend of reinventing heterosexual characters as homosexual ones reveal a flaw in the LGBT community? Is it that it suffers from cultural sterility, unable to create anything original due to self-imposed cultural and political strictures? Or is it cultural parasitism, using the work of heterosexuals to springboard themselves into "mainstream" attention, a feat they have arguably already achieved through works like Brokeback Mountain and Glee?

Glee supports the first theory: as one internet music reviewer put it, it confirms the stereotype that gay men are terrible writers. Even Brokeback Mountain was written by a woman, wasn't it? The conversion of the Green Lantern into a gay character (and what an asinine origin story it was, too) supports the second, but there have been several original LGBT characters who have become quite popular in their own right. So why the need to turn established heterosexual characters gay? Wish fulfillment? That's what fan fiction is for. An agenda? Most likely.

Again, video games, while aping many progressive talking points, are better on this count, since many games that permit romantic subplots now allow for same-sex relationships. Some do it better than other, but the fact that the sexuality of the main character is up to the player allows for each player to take a blank slate and customize it to make that character their own. And every player will have his or her own interpretation/representation of the character. Far more fulfilling, and far less controversial. Hollywood should take note.


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