Monday, July 29, 2013

Deserts and mountains

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Anonymous said...

Where are you in these pictures? Breathtaking. And definitely on my sight-seeing bucket list. Hopefully with a well-muscled shoulder to rest my head on.

I remember, way back in middle school, being told that the fundamentalist conception of Genesis reduced God to a magician pulling rabbits out of his top hat. The Catholic version, I was told, was like a potter slowly making an ever-changing work of art from a shapeless lump of clay.

I can buy it. After this past semester, learning about the geological history of North America, it's not hard to imagine a pair of hands constantly changing the landscape. Seas constantly covering and retreating from the land like the tides. Volcanoes belching fire and smoke, and peaks reaching for the heavens as continents we've never heard of clash with North America, and ancient tectonic plates submitting to our own. Entire dynasties of life rising, flourishing, and dying as the land is twisted, broken, and remade.

These are the bones of the earth. Every layer in these rocks is a page of book that tells the story of the life of our planet. And a monument to the guy who set it all in motion. What a boring world atheists inhabit, that they can look at this and not see the divine majesty that lingers in these mountains and hills.


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