Monday, June 29, 2015

Eternal Eve

In Penny Dreadful, the heroine enacts one of the ancient archetypal themes: female trespass of male boundaries, leading to death and destruction.

Although the boundaries she crosses are not racial ones, as do the Eve/Pandora females in Jewel in the Crown, last night she refused to take the sage advice of men with actual battle experience, to wait until daylight to invade the witches' castle. Due to her superior sense of passionate righteousness, she snuck off alone. Of course, the stupid men went after her.

At least one of the crew is now either dead or been infected with a curse.  All because she, like her sisters, is a special special snowflake, exempt from the domineering ways of men. And it's always the men who die because of them.

Of course, missteps and boundary breaking make for more exciting plot lines. But one ought not forget even the fictional disasters that Eve and Pandora specialize in providing for us.

As for real life...


La trahison des clercs

Why should I pay attention to the Church (and the other churches and ecclesial bodies) that tells me to lament the flight and disappearance of ancient Christian communities in the Middle East as Islam revives its ancient jihadi energy against them, when the same Church (and other churches and ecclesial bodies) expects me to welcome and submit to the dislocation and depradations of the ancient European communities in Europe, North America and Australia as the Third World dumps its millions of alien and hostile hordes on us?

To the clerics, the Christians of the Middle East are rich cultural communities whose ancient rights ought be defended, while the White peoples of the West are just rich and have no rights at all.


Contemptus mundi

Watching the latest carryings-on of my doomed race.

There are no civilized cultures without group privilege. If one group loses it, another group will possess it.  Indeed, the definition of a culture (or a subculture) must include its structures of privilege in order to make any sense at all.
Are you gonna try n tell me for one minute that HipHop (sub)culture does not privilege Blacks? And a very specific style of Blackitude at that? The price of admission by non-Blacks is slavish (oops) imitation of the privileged class.
The notion that hierarchy or status-ranking will ever disappear from human society --or should-- is on a par with belief in unicorns. And the drive to eliminate any kind of status in the name of equality is only just one group seeking to replace another in a position of privilege. Or in the case of The Most Foolish People On The Planet©, getting them to replace themselves.
To put it in a "Hard Saying", unless Whites are dominant (aka supremacist) in their culture and countries, their enemies will be, and they will be abased, degraded, plundered and erased. Equality within the same polity, between two races who have always shown their mutual incompatibility* is a fraud and a lie, a strategy of conquest. Consider, say, Baltimore and Portland side by side. Now choose. All cultures are by nature "supremacist." But only the White version is now pathologized. And self-pathologizing.

What are the antics of the frantically egalitarian Social Justice Warriors but orgies of in-group status-signaling?

Example. In 2013, Pope Francis' supposedly egalitarian impulse in asking --in fact, commanding-- his Swiss Guard night watch soldier to sit down and rest so he could make him a sandwich is in fact only possible because Pope Francis is at the top of his hierarchy and also willing to deprecate the duties of the men who have sworn to protect him. As with all White Liberals, his virtues are simply exercises in covert noblesse oblige.
Because of this faux-equalizing gesture, the Pope's status is not at all lessened but, on the contrary, heightened. The whole thing was an exercise in coercion and grandstanding. And as I mentioned in my earlier post about this, it is also an infantilizing insult to the soldier, assuming he is too weak to perform his task. But that is a small price to pay for the status-whoring lovers of equality, whether they sit on the Throne of St Peter or in front of a video game console.

They all have --mirabili non dictu-- my hearty contempt.

*Even St Abraham Lincoln, opined in 1858, according to the New York Times!
there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any of her man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race."

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Liberalism is communism

without an oppressed majority.
Liberalism is anti-majoritarian Communism. Communism, as an ideology, needs an oppressed majority under an oppressive minority to be in sync with the “history of class struggles” according to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Where an oppressed majority does not exist, Communism, as a rise of the oppressed majority, becomes Liberalism, as a rise of the oppressed minorities. 
Because Liberalism is anti-majoritarian Communism, it will always seek to increase its numbers of oppressed minorities in order to gain the power of the majority — a minority-majority — as the logical conclusion of their ideology and actions. Where an oppressed majority does not exist, their numbers will be manufactured through failed policies, agitation of the minorities through Commissars (community organizers), or through mass immigration of minorities from oppressive (third-world) countries. All of this is realized when understanding the logical conclusion of the merged ideologies of Anti-Majoritarianism and Communism, which is Liberalism. 
The ideologies of Liberalism, like Communism, is opponent driven and cannot prosper in their pure form without their opponent. They exist to struggle with their opponent and sustain themselves off of their opponent. They are parasites. They are viruses that do not realize that they will die along with the host they are killing. The individual liberal does not not have to desire these outcomes, or be an evil person. All of this is the logical conclusion of their ideology and collective actions.

The Scotch-Irishman

Damn good stuff.

In line with this:

"...classic democracy, i.e., the power of majorities, has been replaced by a new kind of democracy, represented by the rule of minorities over the majority. The minorities are being protected from the "totalitarian" and "authoritarian" minded majority. The very semantics of democracy have been changed."

                                                               --Alexandr Dugin, Russian political theorist.

Rainbows b raciss

A set of comely sistahs protesting at the Chicago Gay Pride parade.

One Einsteinette's sign tells us that

"Rainbows are just reflected White light"

How very crafty is Whitey! The sign of LGBTQXYZ diversitah, the Rainbow Flag, is actually now revealed to be a covert form of White Light Supremacy!

And girlfriend, they're refracted, not reflected...


Sadness and hatred

Since I took a deep breath and started wading into the website world of those supremely evil men who value being of European stock and somehow connect the White race with Western civilization,
two things struck me.

The first is the split between the pagans/Nietzscheans and the Christians. God, do they hate Christianity. Problematically, although contemporary Christianity is pretty well captive to the multicultural trance, I would bet that a huge chunk of potential post-Americans would be angry conservative White Christians. In Harold Covington's NorthWest novels, the major internal threat to the establishment of the post-American White nation is religious hatred: Christians vs pagans. He finds it humorous that the mediating group and voice of sanity in these fights are the non-religious National Socialists...

The second is the spectrum of emotions that accompany assessments of the passing away of America. Many, like me, are sad. Some of these guys have decided that it was a rotten idea from the get-go and its current demise is only its logical and inevitable working-out. They cheer to see it die. That, of course, I cannot do.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

The good die young

And probably deserve to.

In the current wars-by-politics in the US, --but not only here--consider this question...(hint, it's rhetorical.)

A great many ordinary Americans --aka Caucasians-- actually do care about fairness and justice. They get very upset if you think they don't.

In their "struggle" for "equality and fairness", do any of the Official Victim Classes --Blacks, Wymnyn, Latinos, LGBT's-- take any thought at all or have any concern at all for how getting what they want might negatively damage anyone else?

Especially their H8ful and bigotted privileged oppressor classes? Aka Caucasians, males, etc.

Any at all?

Have any of them, ever, expressed any doubt about the overall effect on the larger population that their goals might have?

See why I said it was rhetorical?

After all, do parasites ever worry about the health of their host?

And I note that if this is the case, why on earth or in the name of God should the aforesaid oppressor classes continue to consider that "fairness" or "justice" have anything to do at all with the so-called
political process?

Such continuing moral qualms could only be held by

The Most Foolish People On The Planet.(c)


Friday, June 26, 2015

Even John Roberts can see it

The emanations and penumbras crowd on the Central Judicial Committee have decided that Luv and Equalness, like, rule.

No surprise.

Scalia said that the decision was hippie reasoning, worthy of a fortune cookie. And that if he had been compelled to write the kind of language that Brennan used in his opinion, even if it were the price of the 5th vote, he would hide his head in a bag.

His reputation as an evil fascist is a perfect example of NewThink. Scalia's constant refrain is that if the Constitution does not clearly, or very reasonably, answer a question, then, it is not a matter for the Court oligarchy to decide. It should be done democratically. The people and their elected reps should decide it. Not a committee of unelected lawyer.

For this, he is seen as a mini-Hitler.

But the truth here lies, as it so often does, in the Book of Alice:

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”
“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master-- that’s all.”

I recently read a book on the history of the Constitution. Apparently the courts have been making things up for a very long time.

And as Ms Coulter makes clear, if the immigration invasion is not stopped and reversed --and I see no signs whatever that it will be-- nothing else matters, since "America" will no longer exist.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Out of the mouths of raves

Some wag just wrote that

"an anti-Semite is not someone who dislikes Jews, 
it's someone some Jew dislikes."

Snappy, no?

And in line with ExC's deconstruction of "anti-Semitism" and all the other unreal isms and phobias that haunt the infected Western mind and soul.

A homophobe is not someone who dislikes gays, but someone some gay dislikes.
A racist is not someone who dislikes Blacks, but someone some Black dislikes.

The list goes on.

And just to review, I am not saying that dislike or hatred of Jews, gays, Blacks, Muslims, gypsies does not exist. Of course it does.


Making isms and phobias out of these attitudes (and the beliefs and actions that accompany them) judges them to be both A. incorrect and B. evil.  Those who hold these unorthodox views are thus stupid and evil.

The ism and phobia manufacturing industry makes sure that the only groups who merit this kind of protective labeling are groups that they, the Left, endorse.

But what if there are correct, factu al, empirical data AND good reasons of self-interest, common good or group survival involved in disliking any of the above groups? Or any group at all?

Shocking idea.

(Not really. Straight White Males are routinely treated as corrupt and evil, but there's no ism or phobia attached to H8ing them...cause they are not Officially Sanctioned Victim Groups.)

By pathologizing unwelcome beliefs (facts, especially), attitudes and actions, the ism and phobia discourse requires the positive affirmation and virtual celebration and worship of all these groups.
You must praise and support and celebrate (and always accomodate and acquiesce to) Jews, gays, Blacks (and Latinos and Asians), Muslims, name it. Oh, and wymyn, of course.

Failure to do so provokes the charge of ism and phobia and you're a Nazi.



It's glaringly obvious. HT to Chateau Heartiste.

OBTW, the usual figure for the Black percentage of the US population is 12-13%, or one out of eight. That's all of them, infants to seniors. By far the group doing most of the killing, both inside and outside the race, are Black males who are teens to under 40. They are only about 3%...Just 3% of the Africans in America are responsible for most of the country's violent crime...

And the hugely White NRA is responsible for gun deaths? I wonder how many NRA members are charged with murder?

And so Whites are not supposed to lock their car doors when they see a bunch of Yoofs sauntering down the street with their hoodies and their butts hanging out?

Most "racist" behavior is simply a rational response to the probabilities.

The Regime, having already conflated White and Hispanic crime rates together, is now apparently going to adopt a "color-blind" approach to collecting data...


A Frenchman


Google lists Nazi over 89 million times. Communist only 55 million.

Considering that that Nazis were finished over 70 years ago, after existing for maybe a decade and a half and only in Europe,  and the Communists rules huge swaths of the globe during a period of over 70 years, caused 100 million deaths,  and just got dismantled a mere 25 years ago...

Ain't that odd?


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The irony

Jewish prof: White churches need to hang heads in shame, start reparations for slavery 

Dennis Praeger, conservative Jew, has pointed out the painful truth that the great majority of his fellow Jews, who have abandoned their religion for Leftisms of all kinds, have a loathing of Christianity and a fear of actual national states where peoples' connection is ethnic kinship rather than "creedal commitments."

Their organized influence both on Black power and on the destruction of America by immigration is, once you see it, hugely disproportionate to their numbers.

And, I might add, like a lot of people who are too clever by half, Jews like this lose their sense of reality and eventually go beyond what their Gentile host populations will tolerate. Nasty outcomes have a cause and effect quality. Which this woman would absolutely deny, I am sure. She will always be the innocent victim of "anti-Semitism."

But her comments give the game away.

So Christian churches should take direction from a Jew on how to repent? Like a Jew would?

Ought she really reference the crucifixion of Christ and think that only Romans had anything to do with it?

And ought she perhaps be careful lest the role of the Democrat party in Black history, or the role of Jewish slavers, be brought inconveniently up?

When Jews join with Blacks against a common White enemy, what response do you imagine they can expect?

It is people like this who have eroded my once quite philo-Semitic attitude. Now I just take it on an individual basis and remain deeply suspicious of the organized front.


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Ms Coulter Explains It All For You

There's A Reason We Mostly Hear About 'Micro-Aggressions' | Human Events:

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Just for the helluvit

Ahnuld and Skeletor


Racist decision on execution

Court: Killer too stupid to be executed -

This Black murderer has been reprieved from execution because his IQ is only 74.

Everybody knows that IQ tests are racist and culturally biased.

So, of course, he is far brighter than The Man's Eurocentric* "intelligence" measuring tests can show.

He deserves the dignity of an execution, as a bright and smart Black man.

After all, 18% of American Blacks have IQs lower than 75. Are they all --almost one in five--
to be denied their right to an execution?

The systemic racism in this country is unbelievable.

It's as if Reverend King had never existed and Brothah Barack were not in the White House.

(Yeah, "White" House. See? It's all over everything.)

PS. If he's too stupid to die, was he too stupid to vote?

Just askin'.

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*Apparently the 100 IQ for Whites, which is the average for all, shows how average they are. Despite their cultural White racist bias, East Asians continually score higher group averages than the Caucasoids. Funny, huh? They need to smarten up about how to fix these tests to their advantage.

It's not about the flag

Or the Confederacy. Or slavery and its imaginary legacy.

It's about us. All of us.

(And you know who we are.)

It's about any sign of resistance to the New and Fundamentally Transformed America,
where we will deserve to be a despised and ransacked minority.

As long as "we" exist, there will be "systemic racism" and endless "historical grievances to redress".
It will never end until we are erased.

Even Rush Limbaugh agrees with me.

And NASA, while taking time out from its mission to spread Islam, is supporting replacing the US plag with a typically ball-less Earth flag...and of course the sistah astronautette in the pix: Taking the Potemkin Village out of earth and into the universe!

Why cooperate? At all. In any way?

"Politics is war carried out through other means."  --Mrs. Clausewitz


Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The hegemony of the progressive Potemkin Village of multicultural and feminist fantasy is virtually absolute.

It make most every cultural product coming out of it unwatchable.

How many Phallic Females and Numinous Negroes can you take?

As rare a unicorns in real life, they flourish in the realm of propaganda.

All to make us believe that this is how the world really should be.

Even though, outside of fantasy, it never can.


Muh dayly transgressions

Women are insane.


Any attack on the Confederacy is a proxy attack on all Whites. Even Yankee Whites. Every concession only invites further attack. So...why concede? Ever?

As always in American history, this is really about two groups of hostile Whites fighting each other over Colored People. The Northern Urban Liberal Elites pouring out their contempt for the Racist Rednecks. Until about ten minutes ago, I was always Mr Yank. No more.


I refuse to grant any special pathos to the dead Blacks in the Charleston church. Because the same media/government mob that expects me to dance to their vile tune du jour then consciously and with malice hides the many assaults, rapes, tortures and murders of Whites by Blacks, making it Unmentionable.

And despite their ritual tears, they take it as utterly normal business as usual that thousands of these savages kill one another off all the time, obviously not having gotten the memo that #BlackLivesMatter.

Fuck you.


Anti-Clausewitz. Politics is war carried on by other means.




So, let's see...Misogyny? Check. White Supremacy? Check. Racism? Check. Islamophobia? Check. Pornography? Check.

Naked men and angry Muslims? Check.

Yup. Done for the morning.

ExC, signing off.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathers Day USA 2015

The Kardashians:
Kim & Kanye, etc. and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner


The Ironies of Western Suicide

Continuing to watch the James Burnham conference.

I wait, of course, for the issue of race to come up.

Absolute silence.

Until almost two hours in, one Dr.Avik Roy, an "Indian-American" physician, expert in medical issues, in asking about what really constitutes The West, tosses off this gem:
If we're talking about the West in terms of a set of countries where historically White Europeans have inhabited, well, I guess we can express concern about that, but that's -- i don't think that's why we're here. I think we're here not to talk about particular ethnic groups and whether they will continue to be the most prosperous in the world, we're here to talk about a set of ideas.

No one said a word in response. No one. Not one word.

Who in their right mind would expect that Confucian values would survive without Chinese? Or that Jewish values could survive the disappearance of Jews? Or that, without French people, there could be a French culture...other than as an exhibit in a museum.

The West is White. White people. It is Europe and the European diaspora. Nothing more.

As American elections show, the only group that cares at all for The West is Whites. And only a little more than half of them. No one else has any allegiance to it at all, any more than the Goths really loved Rome rather than its land and its wealth.

While discussing the suicide of the West under liberalism, these right-wingers reveal themselves to be accomplices in liberalism's greatest attack on it.

Such is the face and voice of American conservatism.

And why I have had to move beyond it into the Terra Incognita where there be dragons.


The Suicide of the Church

Pope Francis --and several popes back before him-- should have read James Burnham.  (As well as Samuel Huntington).

During a C-Span conference on the 50th anniversary of his "Suicide of the West," Burnham's son lays out several of the laws by which he was brought up. The final one:

There will always be a Skid Row.

It long ago struck me that the only Christian doctrine that required no faith to believe in is Original Sin. It is apparent to any adult not trapped in a delusional bubble that the human condition is inherently marked, structured even, by scarcity, contingency and flaw. (To quote John Kekes). That sense may have led an earlier observer of human nature and society to observe, "The poor you have always with you..." Matthew 26:11

My own version of this doctrine has promoted in me an attitude towards people that combines, at my best, both unjudgmental suspicion and individual compassion.

To echo an old existentialist theme, and an even older Gnostic one, the world in which we awake to find ourselves is not one that we have created, but one within whose already established and unchanging structures we must find a way to live. In one of my deviations from Christian doctrine: we did not create death by our sins; the Creator who made life made it mortal. aeons before our arrival. We cope with this. We are not responsible for it.

Since the embrace by Rome of Vatican II's ludicrously ungrounded Lumen Gentium, with its 60's hubris and effervescent optimism about "the dignity of the human person," and its suicidal ecumenism, it has lost touch with the inescapable limits of terrestrial life, as revealed by history. And has cut off its own reason for existence: a call to salvation, a salvation of which it is the only authentic bearer.

To put it bluntly, if Catholicism is not The Only True Church --its rock-bottom self understanding since forever-- then, as Flannery O'Connor put it, "To hell with it."  In a crypto-Constantinian fit, it now seeks to ally itself with Marxism's ghostly love-child, Third World globalist populism, like Damien Thorn, the covert son of Satan in the Omen series, the budding AntiChrist.

When celibate Roman Pontiffs have pontificated about the details of proper sexual intercourse, our enlightened voices laugh in contempt. When another Pontiff, who has never worked for a living a day in his life, writes the breathlessly awaited GlobalWarmingClimateChange encyclical, Laudato si', grandly prescribing how to change the incredible complexity of the global economy as if it were a recipe for cookies,  and instructing us in the proper use of air-conditioning (section 55), our elites raise incense in acclaim*.

How the mighty have fallen.

*The cultured despisers of Christianity are less likely to applaud sections 120 and 155, where he condemns abortion and condemns genderist ideology, which minimized or tries to erase the masculine-feminine opposition, with the implication that Pope WhoAmIToJudge? is no fan of gay marriage..

Sunday, June 21, 2015


of a group turns itself inside out to placate the
for more than
50 years and in the process becomes only
2/3 and the placated group
1/8, but nothing they do
placates that group and it only gets worse...
and meanwhile the
2/3, who once were
8/10, are on the way to becoming

what ought they do?


Organized disappointment

One of the lenses through which I do my therapy work is character. Character --a synonym for personality in my usage-- is the organized and highly repetitive set of human cognitions, attitudes and motivations, and behaviors that individuals bring to the situations of their lives.

As different individual men sit in the chair across from me and tell their stories, I cannot help seeing --it's in my character!-- the specific foci and repeating patterns, the blind-spots and places either of intense interest or inattention, what obsesses them and what never occurs to them .  In that sense, our characters make our lives.

Heraclitus put it this way: ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων, character is fate.

Heraclitus in Raphael's School of Athens

I am aware that my own character, as described above, is the lens through which I too interpret the world. Because it is limited does not mean it is wrong, but because it is limited and my interpretations have changed in some notable, and somewhat repetitive, respects, I have always tried to separate friendship from agreement.

For example, it would now be very unlikely that I would initiate a friendship with someone who was an admirer of Barack Obama, or thought that mass immigration to America was cool, or believed that equality and tolerance were the highest moral virtues. But especially because I am the one who has altered my views over time, I remain friends with people who do indeed hold versions of the above abominable mistakes. After all, it took me a long time to figure some of this stuff out, so why should I suddenly demand instant enlightenment of them? Plus, given my character and history, it is not unthinkable that my view will change in future.

I ruminate on this when I recall as phrase I once used to describe the Church to Mr Jpnill, my longtime interlocutor. It was he, in fact, who remember that I said it, back around 1980 some time.
The phrase was "organized disappointment." I think I was cleverly --as usual-- referring to the Church's having to deal with the fact that Jesus did not return...and was not likely to. And so it carried on within history and all of history's tragedy, flaw, contingency and such, having shifted its expectation from the Return of the Son of Man to a heavenly afterlife.

It brought to mind another phrase from the 1985 My Beautiful Laundrette, where the dying Pakistani socialist journalist reveals that "the working class has been such a disappointment to me."

All that having been said --a preface in my own mind, really-- I list some of my own organized disappointments.
Catholicism, and Christianity in general, for its betrayal of the peoples of the West in favor of the Third World hordes. Catholicism holds out for the male-female distinction, but otherwise is falling right in with the Zeitgeist.
Contemporary America, for exemplifying most of the things that the Founding Fathers hoped it would not become: a corrupt and tyrannical popular mobocracy. That it would become the racially Balkanized dumping ground of the planet would have been beyond their worst imaginings altogether. 
LGBTism, for having abandoned a community built on a shared eros in favor of one obsessed with gender deviance, self-righteous victimist tyranny and unrestrained Leftwing groupthink. 
Jews and Judaism, for having abandoned their religious focus in favor of an alienated activist-victim stance seeking left-utopian outcomes that benefit their own tiny ethnic group while gravely damaging the cultures and peoples of their host countries. My default attitude has changed from positive-unless-shown-otherwise to very suspicious.
Whites and Western culture, for having bought into the suicidal narrative and values of the left egalitarian virus and its lethal delusion of "racism", thus making the only thing which could save them the thing which they believe is most criminally unthinkable.
Men, for having caved to the insane demands of their women, leaving both sexes emotionally, in some cases physically, mangled and adrift.

I think that's enough for now for me and my character...with which I have my own disappointments.


The culture of denial and delusion

Found this on my FB feed.

What crap.

This is the age of Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, when you can be whatever the hell you decide wanna long as it crosses a Lefty-approved line. And some moron will say you are "amazing" or "awesome."

Single mothers do not do "an amazing job." Mendacious cheer-leading for the single most powerful predictor of failure for children. Single motherhood is a disaster for everyone concerned.

And no woman can be a father. Simply incapable. Any more than a man can be a mother.

But part of the regime of lies is that a woman can do anything a man can do.

Speaking of which, Mr B forced me to watch...and then fell asleep on me...Divergence, one more of the slew of "female empowerment" propaganda programs. It asked me to believe that this emotionally dead teenager was able to defeat rafts and waves of trained males in combat...And, of course, the only coward in the group was a White guy. Makes me sick.

Single mothers on Father's Day. Crap.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Abrahamic Faiths. At it again.

Jewish settlers burn, destroy Church on the banks of the Galilee

A nice building I once posted on, alas.

What a choice: the crazy Palestinians or the arrogant Sabras?

"We all worship the same God." A useless phrase, even if it were true.
The most protracted battles are often between those with the most in
common: Sunni/Shia, Catholic/Protestant...Dominican/Jesuit.

Whether it's actual religion or faux-religion (like Lefty or White
Right politics), the enemy is attacked because they are Aliens.
The brethren are attacked because they are Heretics and Traitors.
It's human nature.

I don't understand why so many people want to play make-believe
about so many things, that somehow denying the unpleasant and
chanting, "Let's all play nice" will make a difference in the structure
of nature. There must be a lot of Enneagram Nines in the world.

In the evil White Nationalist novels of Harold Covington, there's a character,
a rural White man, tough old bird, who, even after the successful revolution
which establishes a safe White country just a mile from his home, and even after
the United States has degenerated into something all too imaginably worse*
than it is today, still refuses to switch sides, because the new Whites are "racist."

Likely an Enneagram One. (They're the ones I find most insufferable.)
His brain and soul have been incurably infected
with the Equality retrovirus, so that no matter what his lying eyes tell him,
over and over, he keeps repeating the mantras to himself.

*Covington just takes a lot of contemporary ideas and plays them out to
their horrific logical conclusions. Ask yourself how many times you've heard
someone say, "Oh, that's ridiculous. That would never happen." and then
voila! Ten-ish years later, it's The New Normal. Look how fast we went
from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner to Kim and Kanye?  In a highly
mobile and tech-drenched society like ours, things fall apart really fast.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Juneteenth, Crackers!

Today is "Juneteenth", June 19th in English. It's a Black freedom from slavery holiday. My ex explained it to me once but I don't remember the details.

The worst and most awful day in American history was the day when the first African was brought to this continent. 
The second most fateful and grievously mortal day after that was when the US government lost its last opportunity to save us and gave up on transporting all the liberated Africans either back home or somewhere else far away and separate.

Who can continue to deny that Blacks and Whites, when placed together in the same space, always make each other miserable? Chronically. Increasingly. Tragically. Unavoidably. Insolubly.

All American racial policy in the last 50+ years --much longer if you count Shelly vs Kraemer in 1948 and the Brown vs BOE decision in 1952-- has been to force together two peoples who are deeply incompatible. It comes down simply to this: Beatings will continue until morale improves.

But it will never get improve. Only deteriorate.

What civilization on earth has ever attempted to engineer people's lives and souls toward the kind of impossible equality that most of us take for Gospel?

How can this impasse be expected to improve? I mention only two absolutely factual realities.

One, their average IQ is a full 15 points below ours. This means that 50% of them are dumber than 80% of us. All the treasure spent and laws passed and speeches and ads purveyed will not change that*. (And even if the Flynn effect raises the scores a bit, it raises everyone's, so that gap persists. Does anyone expect that Whites as a group will catch up with the Ashkenazi Jews? Goyim, please.) 
Two, their African r-strategy mating habits and family structures, resulting in an almost 75% illegitimacy rate and a pandemic of fatherless children (the hiphop thugs and their ho's, the pinnacle to which Black culture aspires) , creates an insuperable set of social and personal pathologies that dooms them to the kinds of chaotic communities they "build" wherever they go.

Given just these two items, what hope is there that they can ever be anything other than what they are now?

And now, since the Whites have been fatally infected with the Liberal Guilt retrovirus --and our women have colluded with the Blacks (and others) to stab their own men in the back, aka feminism-- it will only get worse for us.

The Africans in America are only 12% of the population. Yet their endless complaints and ever increasing self-destructiveness are the obsessive center of our decaying and dying "national" life. And their pathologies are always our fault. And they always will be.

Because they are a people incapable of ever becoming what we were. Their envy and resentment, and the knowledge of the truth of the previous sentence, makes them ragingly vengeful. And their allies, who also hate us, are signing up for the kill. The Third World immigrants only recently arrived in droves on our shores have piggy-backed their "oppressions" on the Black Passion Play and Soap Opera, to help in looting and erasing us.

As groups --and that's all the really counts in the end--how can we ever really be anything but mortal enemies?

We are like a sick married couple who carry on decade after decade of acrimony, violence and abuse and mutual loathing but refuse to separate.

As I often suggest, it makes as much sense to try to turn Germany and Poland, Greece and Turkey, China and Japan, Serbia and Bosnia, India and Pakistan, even Spain and Portugal into one "nation" and to make believe that it is anything other than a Frankenstein monster, grotesquely sewn together out of incompatible and grossly mismatched parts. Ask the Rwandans or Yugoslavians about it. Or the Armenians in Turkey. Do I need to go on?

Why is the idea of separate countries for separate peoples suddenly so Beyond The Pale? Imagine all the grief that would have been produced and reproduced if Greece and Turkey had not agreed to a massive population exchange in 1923.

"America" only ever meant White America. And the Africans in America know it. Even as privileged and pampered and appeased and affirmative-actioned and asskissed a Negress as Michelle Obama could not hide her contempt for us, nor, sensing our impotence, feel she needed to hide it. Barry Hussein O sat in Rev Wright's America-hating church for decades. An "American" president who refused to wear the flag. He got the message and he is carrying it out, his dream from his father, with stunning success. Regardless of his birthplace, he is not an American president. He is an African who became the president of America. There is no "we." Never really was.

Europeans and African in was a disastrously unequal match from the beginning, and no amount of counseling (or laws or apologies or programs or sermons or marches or --God fobid!--reparations) can change the fact that is was indeed and always will be a marriage made in hell.

Happy Juneteenth.

* To those who maintain, in panicked dogmatic mode, that IQ is environmental, the question remains: how can their group IQ gap diminish when the environments they keep creating are designed to maintain it?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

More on gays, Mormons and angels

A reply to Sean.

One more of ExC's many thought experiments. Highly unlikely in the real world. But possible, with the Mormon doctrine of continuing revelation.

I like to speculate. Keeps the grey matter from decaying faster than it already is. It's the way a fundamentally slothful man tricks himself into thinking he is exercising.

Mormons are indeed, as your family holds, not Christians, but post-Christians. I have delivered myself of my pontifical opinions on this question several times. But in my current mood, if orthodox Nicene Christianity is going to stab you in the back, then maybe that's not so important.

Alas, too, the historical ground under the LDS church is like Swiss cheese. And I think you'd find the aesthetics of Mormon worship very offputting: on a regular Sunday, as low-church as you can go, and in the Temple, a combo of Masonic, hotel lobby and CinePlex. Plus, they take up all your free time. My pal D says he sometimes wishes he were Catholic so he'd be left alone by his church.So I'd hold off on converting just yet.

My own musings on what homosexual (men) are for fall in the same ballpark as yours. The classic fields we wind up in are mentoring and ornament, intellectual and spiritual culture-transmission and the arts. Looking at it from a Hellenic perspective, these are masculine pursuits...although a lot of gay men practice them in a feminine way. This need not be so. After all, some of the earliest signs of hominid evolution into true humans include ritual and art. Women make babies, men make cultures.

What lesbians are for I will, of course, leave to them to decide. To do otherwise would be sexist patriarchal oppression...

Straight men have always created initiatory and maintenance institutions to shape masculine identity, though they are now in tatters. Homosexual men have either had to adapt as best they can within those or, typically now, flee them into darkest LGBTQland.  In some future combo of sci-fi world and traditionalism, society would recognize that such men will always exist and will set up institutions for us, both to become our best selves and to serve the larger value of the culture that men create. So that this time, we remain adjunct allies serving the male tribe rather than bonding ourselves with the women in bringing the whole thing down.

As my novice master used to say, in his fake Amish accent: Vee grow du zoon olt und du late schmart.


Some moron White kid just shot a Black prayer group in Charleston. Although not quite as stupid as Breivik, no help at all. He apparently told them that they were raping our women and taking over our country and had to go.

True enough assessment, but galactically wrong means.

White guys seem to like the occasional mass shooting. And of course there was not a second's hesitation in calling it a "hate crime" and calling for the confiscation of guns. When Blacks assault, rape, torture and murder Whites, that is always a matter for serious deliberation lest we rush to judgment...Lots of "robberies gone wrong" and "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Our compulsion to absolve these savages is a disease.

Black guys prefer the traditional tribal approach of ongoing chronic and almost daily violence, both against one another and against us. But that's just background noise, right?

Only when Whites kill Blacks is it A National Emergency.

#OnlyBlackLivesMatter, but #OnlyWhenKilledByWhites.

Looking back on it now, it astonishes me that I ever thought we could live together. A bi-racial America (now tri and quadri) makes as much sense as combining Greece and Turkey into one big happy multicultural Eurasian family. Right? But hey, the brainwashing has been almost lifelong and relentless, and you only discover what you discover when you discover it.

And after all, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." right?


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

And I'm not even drunk

Must be Mr B's influence, since his brain --although highly functional and very fast-- has a kind of merry-go-round quality. Some fragments stitched together.

The Angel Moroni
--whose statue adorns the steeple
of every LDS temple--
who revealed the Book of Mormon to Joseph Smith

Although certainly no believer in it, I am very fascinated with Mormon myth and theology.

My gay Mormon pal has assured me that the LDS church, with its doctrine of continuing revelation, will find a way to be ok with gay unions before it ever ordains females to its priesthoods.

One can only hope. No church (or synagogue) which ordains women does anything but dismantle itself and decline. Since Mormonism is based so centrally on marriage, the male-female distinction is crucial for its identity.

My recent lament on the (Western) Christian churches' betrayal of European peoples and of males led a noble commentator or two to wonder what kind of religion in future might look like. The miscegenation of Jesus and Odin seems extremely unlikely. Contemporary Odinism and heathenism in general, as a new religion partly provoked out of reaction to Christianity, is deeply anti-Christian.

Anyhow, two merry-go-round thoughts about how Mormonism could have been a kind of Christianity --well, post-Christianity, actually-- that would support both males and the children of Europe.

And even gays.

You can see why I mention merry-go-round.

Here we go:

On male-female: Mormonism's central sacrament is marriage, the union of man and woman for the sake of creating a family. Not the union of man and woman. That's the necessary but not sufficient definition. The whole point of the union is the procreation of children. (And why plural marriage makes theological sense in Mormon mythology: the many pre-existent spirit-children of the Heavenly Father and his wife/wives need corporeal vessels in which to incarnate and continue on their progression.)

Consequently, the sexual binary is fundamental.

And the priesthoods --Aaronic and Melchizidek-- are reserved only to males. Women, in order to achieve their final exaltation to deity, must be married to a male who holds the priesthood. He needs her for the procreation essential to his exaltation and she needs him for the sanctification essential to hers.

So that traditional male-female difference is canonized, even deified.

On Euros: Next, the could have been part. Prior to 1978, the priesthood was reserved to White men.* Mormonism was clearly a religion that practices the now-famous White and male privileges! It was a form of Christianity meant for Caucasians primarily.

Now, of course, they trumpet their multicultural orthodoxy. Alas.

On homosexuals: How about gays?

The only religions that finally accept gayness and gay marriage are religions who have already accepted divorce and already ordained women, essentially announcing by that earlier practice that marriage is a matter of convenience and that men and women are interchangeable, that women can in faux-theology do what only men can actually do. Making gender difference irrelevant and masculine dominance obsolete, gay marriage is the natural outcome.

So how could the LDS, huge supporters of the male-female binary and male-only priesthood, make a place for homosexuals?

The answer would lie in the imaginative LDS doctrines of the afterlife and in their institution of the living Prophet, Seer and Revelator. As follows:

The only humans who are capable of progressing to godhood, the final stage of exaltation in the highest Mormon heaven, are married couples with children. This is the pathway by which a man on another world achieved the status of Elohim, the Heavenly Father, the God of planet Earth. But not all Mormons marry and not all married Mormons produce children. What of them?

Apparently, they may become angels. Saved and sharing a measure of glory, but not fully deified.

One form of angelic existence, mentioned in Doctrine and Covenants, consists of humans who are saved and who minister to the Divine, but who themselves will not become gods. Their performance of the tasks laid down for progression to godhood is incomplete. An example given is men and women who marry but are not sealed in the temple.

A future Mormon president-prophet might receive a new revelation, to clarify that such an afterlife condition can be expected by LDS members whose sexual condition makes celestial marriage impossible for them. He could create a divinely-sanctioned stable union for them in this life, to have a place in the community and a code of behavior, but maintain that this is not marriage and that they would not reach godhood, but would have a glorious afterlife as ministering angels.

Second-class citizenship? Yup. But it's citizenship. Could be worse.

Now it's time for me to get off the merry-go-round and go to bed.

Sometimes what comes out of my head makes me shake it.


*I am not sure if only Africans were excluded or all non-Europeans. I have asked my friend to enlighten me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Transracial fun

Clever pix about that delusional Fake Black girl.

Men and (Christian) religion

Bringing men back to church | Deseret News National:

It's funny. I had emotionally worked through my disappointment in Catholicism for not accepting me as a gay man. Indeed, had come to understand that it could not do so and in fact, if it were to be itself and any use to the world, must not. To sanctify sex between men would unravel an ancient but embattled moral code, with nothing at all to replace it.

That meant, of course, that my parting of the ways was personally permanent. But --not that it matters to anyone but me-- my attitude toward the faith in which I lived until I was almost 40 became positive, supportive, appreciative. Even if it was for primarily cultural reasons of intellect and aesthetics. Hell, I even appreciated Pope Ratzinger, who had been the straw on my gay camel's back in the 80's.

Well, that is all crumbling fast.

What now blocks my vision of almost anything else about Catholicism --and Christianity in general-- is that it has become a place toxic to men and to the European peoples who created it.

I recognize that most ordinary guys were ambivalent about the Church. And I confess shamefacedly that I mostly went along with the feminism in it in the 80's. For which sin I most heartily repent. Although the Apostolic Churches --Catholic and Orthodox-- will never ordain women, their local churches are, priest excepted, dominated by females. Men stay away, understandably.

And as I have argued elsewhere, while the Church can and does make clear and compelling arguments about the coherence of its sacramental system --why only bread and wine can become the Eucharist, not beer and ricecakes, or why only water will baptize, not sand-- it fearfully refuses to enunciate the obvious reasons why only men can be priests.

Even advocates for men in the Church have been cowed --a good metaphor-- to the point where the author of "Why Men Hate Going To Church" denies that he is interested in "male dominance." No, of course not. That would be CrimeThink. Just "male resurgence."

Pussy. It's like the Mormons who respond to queries about their Temple ceremonies by saying, "It's not secret, it's sacred." Have people no real shame? Well, I guess our culture makes not room for it. All we can have is the fake ritualized shame of racism and sexism and CaitlynJennerphobia.

The rage of the young Nietzcheans and Odinists cuts too close to the bone, that Christianity's current betrayal is embedded in its universalist and slave-worshipping DNA, its ineluctable destiny,  and is, as the kids say, not a bug but a feature.

Indeed, the autoimmune virus of Western liberalism has become so much the default mindset of the Church --including this spectacularly facepalmworthy Pope--- that The Camp of the Saints is not only not being resisted by the Church, but actively enabled and celebrated, as if that grim novel were not an apocalyptic warning but a tactics manual.  As if Pope Leo had gone out to meet Attila and given him the keys to the city. Or Pius V had surrendered at Lepanto and welcomed the "immigrant Turks" behind the very same Leonine walls that his predecessor had built to keep the Muslims from sacking St Peter's a second time. It is deeply shameful.

Maybe some day my sense of connection to the Christian faith will re-awaken. Hey, I got to respect Ratziner. For now, I can't imagine it. These last realizations --the racial replacement one especially-- are a knife in the heart.


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A shallow observation

Ah, the joys of piracy. Watched Jurassic World.  

The usual plotline: scientific hubris, escaped monsters, chaos and death, close calls, triumph and lesson learned.  Lots of CGI monsters. Obligatory doses of multi and gendy. The bad guys are evil scientists (Chinese) and corporation heads (Indian). Though not as bad as the military guy, (White) of course.

One of the ways that heterosexuality (which I honor but do not understand) baffles me is the supposed attraction of hot guys to cold bitches. Maybe it's the hunt and conquer thing. And nowadays even an Alpha Male --and White, to boot!-- must have a scene where he is saved by the Strong Womyn.  Though he does melt her at the end. Which is not surprising, considering that the Hero is
Chris Pratt, who has gone from xtra chubby comedian

to seriously testosteronish gun and motorcycle raptor-taming hot hero dude,

redeems most of that silliness for me.

PS. Discovered that Mr Pratt is the real deal. He is a Christian believer, father of a new boy with his wife, won the Spike TV Guy of the Year Award, and looks forward to leaving LA so he can be a Boy Scout troop leader, drink beer on Saturday, go to church on Sunday and have fun.

God. Where the hell did they find him?

This flick, though, is making oceans of money. More than 1/2 billion bucks on its first global weekend.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Goading them on

Mr Goad Explains It All For You: the abyss between Darwin and the egalitarian Social Justice Warriors.

Mr Goad, a contemporary HL Mencken, lays it all out in his usual colorful take-no-prisoners style. I have been saying for quite a while that our Moral And Intellectual Betters demand that we believe in Darwin when it comes to the origin of the human race but wholly forbid us from believing in him when it comes to its current state.

The "natural" environment must be worshipped and left untouched in its pristine state, but the human environment requires endless and ever increasing fiddling, re-arranging, correcting. People who think we are really just clever apes then turn around and demand that we all act like angels. Building a dam is somehow a crime against Mother Gaia, but forcing alien, hostile and imcompatible tribes into the same living space is The Noblest of Causes.

To quote Mr Goad's equally evil and accurate article on deranged faux-Negress Rachel Dolezal,

"Wigger, pleeze!"


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Prophecy of doom

Since so much of the energy in X-Files in the 90's came from the restrained romantic tension between two attractive people, Mulder and Scully,

How they will play this relationship out in the upcoming mini-series some 15 years later remains to be seen. And it could be quite a challenge. Gillian Anderson remains a quite beautiful woman, shown here in her role as Hannibal Lecter's psychiatrist on the current series.

In 2015, though,  David Duchovny is really starting to look, well, like comedian Gary Shandling.

Duchovny now at age 54 and Shandling back then

It was a running joke, written into the script, too, that Duchovy and Shandling were look-alikes. (And on Shandler's show, they appeared together and insinuated a sexual attraction between them.)  Back in the 90's, young Duchovny was considered hot stuff; Shandling never and not even close. But now genetic doom seems to be catching up with Fox Mulder.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

An alteration in the sacred doctrine

The Seven Spokes or the Seven Pillars of the Liberal Religion seem to me still pretty solid as a description of the coordinated move to destroy the White West.

I have named these seven sister-movements as
  • multiculturalism: targets the White race
  • feminism: targets men and masculinity
  • redistributionism: targets wealth-creators
  • pacifism: targets male force and weaponry
  • secularism: targets Christianity
  • transnationalism: targets sovereignty and identity of White nations
  • environmentalism: targets humans as primary, as technologists and consumers
The whole panoply is a brilliantly lethal morphing of tired old Marxist Communism, that Johnny-One-Note ideology concerned only about class. The Marxist class war (redistributionism) has been expanded to include race and gender. Anti-White multiculturalism gave supports anti-Christian secularism and anti-American transnationalism. Anti-male feminism supports anti-male pacifism and anti-human environmentalism. See how much more powerful Marxism 2.0 is!

I do think, however, that "feminism" is now more accurately described as genderism: an attack on the binary biological gender, in service, of course, of the destruction of males. Just check out how feminists still worship the deranged madwoman Shulamith Firestone (Feuerstein), whose diseased hatred of reality led to years of craziness, estrangement and slow suicide.

This would include your usual feminism --whether it's First Wave or Nine and a Halfth Wave-- run by and for biological females and their self-castrating fembot pajama-boy servants, but also the LGBTQ thing, with genderism more easily and visibly including homosexuals. I have always seen the gay thing as a subsidiary of feminism, but this new term makes it clearer and highlights the real intent of gay ideology. And, ta-dah!, it includes the luminous Civil Rights Struggle du jour, transgenders.

Transgenders serve the male-hatred of feminists, no matter which direction they are travelling.

A born-male who becomes a trans-female, an MTF,  implicitly rejects the burden of masculinity by fleeing his physical gender...and if he has his genitals mutilated, rejects it explicitly. For this he is celebrated as a hero...ine.  Feminists were once very opposed to the MTF phenomenon but now they have seen how it helps erode masculinity, so they got over their initial revulsion. It might actually creep them out, but since it is one more nail in the male coffin, it's a price they're willing to pay.

*My lesbian staffers once asked me to expel a newly hired trans-woman from the wymyn's caucus...exercising my oppressive White male patriarchal privilege, I demured. And laffed my ass off in my office after they left.

A born-female who becomes a trans-man, an FTM, stakes a female's claim to be able to possess  "masculinity" even without that endowment which actual males value as highly as life itself, perhaps even more: a cock and balls. (To say nothing of chromosomes, etc. and a lifetime of living in male skin.) You get the common and prima facie ludicrous assertion that "being a man has nothing to do with what you've got between your legs."  Talk about a Big Lie. But a central truth of genderism. And the FTM also asserts that "masculinity" is something you can buy on the market if you can afford it, or get someone else to pay for, the life-long medicine and the surgeries.

Masculinity, manhood itself, becomes a commodity that anyone can either buy with ambivalence* as an FTM or throw away with relieved contempt as a MTF.

*A female-to-male transgender whose YouTube videos I have followed finally gave the game away when announcing proudly that now, since he is accepted as one of the guys by his local set of men, he feels it his duty to call them on their male privilege and their sexism. Oh, and racism, too. S/he's a White Social Justice Warrior. I told him he was a subversive and a spy engaged in eroding the very thing he had gone through so much to attain and that his attitude supported the suspicions that men have of "trans-men." He, of course, told me that he was virtuous and that was that. 
This is so typical of all the victimists --racial, sexual, etc. : plead to be accepted into the group that excluded you and then as soon as you arrive, start tearing the place down...for a higher good. 

Friday, June 12, 2015


In Iran they can enforce Islamic law on everyone, but they can't get the buses to run on time.
--English traveller in Persia

We are expected to believe that a nation which put men on the moon can't build a border wall half the length of what the Chinese built several centuries before Christ.
--Ann Coulter on Mexican immigrant invasion

That isn't a fact, it's just bias-data.
--A liberal who wants to believe in equality


Thursday, June 11, 2015


The State of Michigan has passed a law allowing religious adoption agencies to decline to place children with same-sex couples if it is against their religion. The whining is already reaching unto heaven. Pretty clear, boys and girls, that "free exercise of religion" in a world where the Liberal State and its Victim Overlords views all of us as its peasant clients, there will be No Exceptions to the Brave New World. They will be crushed in the name of "loving LGBT families" and shut down and there will be fewer agencies serving in this area.

Watching video of young White males doing parcour. Amazing stuff. But the background music is always ear killing hip hop. I guess they prefer to be wiggers rather than Pajama Boys. What a choice.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Liberated Wymyn

Female Armpit Hair Competition Takes Off in China - Breitbart:

I think it was Steve Sailer who said that the essence of feminism was unattractive
women demanding that, Come The Revolution, they would be considered hotter.

Wymyn are obsessed with their bodies, their clothes, their hair, their makeup, every little detail is a huge industry, designed to compete against other females and to attract the male gaze. And then they get all huffy when men look at men, with male eyes and libido. The Broads of Hairiness demand that men see them as they see themselves. Which really defeats the purpose of having two sexes, doncha think?

'via Blog this'

A fellow disbeliever

The history of “racism”:

The word “racist” and its conjugations does not appear in the English language until the 1920s – see Peter Frost’s cultural history. If you asked Shakespeare if he was a “racist,” he would not know what you meant. 
“Racist” is essentially a term of abuse which no group or party has ever applied to itself.* Like most such epithets, it has two meanings – a clear objective one, describing a person who fails to believe in the anthropological theories of human equality which became first popular, then universal in the mid-20th century; and a caricature of the vices, personal or political, typically engaged in by such a foul unbeliever.
The Wikipedia definition of racism, the first sentence in the whole tendentious and ideologically saturated article, makes it clear that "racism" is a White thought-crime (heresy) against the Great Dogma of Equality:  "Racism consists of ideologies and practices that seek to justify, or cause, the unequal distribution of privileges, rights or goods among different racial groups."

*He's not quite right here. White Liberals --and Jews like Tim Wise, etc. who play White when it suits them--apply this to their own race and sometimes to themselves, like attention-whoring sinners taking center stage at a Bible-thumping camp meeting: self-exaltation through ritual self-abasement. Look at me and how brave I am, to admit what a big sinner I am! 

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

This and that

I love the nature and cosmology programs available on YouTube. Extraordinary stuff and beautiful.

The narrative of evolution is compelling, although I keep smelling gaps in it. Far above my pay grade to say more than that.

I continue to think that Christianity has not really confronted the psychological, much less theological, challenge of the virtually universal embrace of evolution as a meta-narrative in the West.
What kind of Godhead is reflected in the 14+ billion year history that precedes the merely 3000 year old tradition of Jewish and Christian religion?


The Mormons continue to fascinate me. The internet and YouTube are full of all kinds of interesting stuff. The audio re-enactment of Joseph Smith's King Follett sermon makes it plain what an original mind he had: God as an evolved man, and only one among many. The official Mormon PR campaign to gloss over all the distinctive divergences they have from standard Christianity seems pusillanimous to me.

After all, the whole business is founded on Smith's assertion of The Great Apostasy. He took to its logical conclusion the Protestant stance that the Church had fallen from its pristine purity since the days of the Apostles. He asserted that the Church had completely disappeared --all its baptisms had been pointless and empty for 2000 years--and needed, not to be reformed, but to be restored, started all over again from scratch.


Been doing the Paleo thing for 3+ weeks now. I may have lost some weight, but I am noticing a real drop in energy, though I am sleeping really well. Makes going to the gym less appealing and less engaging. Once Mr B is back --I promised him I'd do it til then-- I may revert to my earlier 4 Hour Body eating pattern. I had good results with that, found it easy to do and it had carbs in it. Apparently my body misses them. (I know it misses him.)


Bloody-minded thoughts

As objectionable as some of my ideas and images on here may seem to some, there are a lot more that I keep to myself. Listening to an interview with Ann Coulter on her new anti-immigrant* book reminded me of this one. You now have the privilege of sharing it.

(Trigger warning!)

In the post-American Commonwealth, secret commando troops have invaded the chaotic old US on a bizarre nocturnal mission: to dig up and abscond with the buried remains of legislators Emanuel Celler, Philip Hart and Ted Kennedy.

Hart and Celler sponsored and Kennedy vigorously promoted The 1965 Immigration Act that has resulted in turning the US into, in Ms Coulter's pithy phrase, "a Third World hellhole."  A Jew and two Irish Catholics, poster children for vindicating the Nativists' fears, this ungrateful troika responded to their White Protestant host country's hospitality by eviscerating it.
In my bloody-minded fantasy, their bones are dumped into a huge septic tank linking all the toilets at the new post-American national mall, so that a ritual part of every family's pilgrimage trip to the new capital in celebration of their independence from the decaying madhouse empire is the pleasure of pissing and taking shit on the bones of these three vile traitors.

When I think of this scenario, my response echoes that of my friend Big G, a woman prim on the outside but not so much on the inside, who, after watching a film in which Hannibal Lecter serves a bad guy part of his own brain, sauteed in a chafing dish, opined: "That was very satisfying."


*She's clear that her book is against all immigration, not just illegal immigration. In an interview with Gavin McInnes, she makes that plain, saying that even the legal immigrants --with their resistance to assimilation, their high use of welfare services, etc-- "are no day at the beach."

Monday, June 08, 2015

Two Americas, in Blue and Red

The phrase "demography is destiny" makes a lot of sense. It's not the only truth, but it's a big one.

Another one, from the doctrines of war, asserts that a smaller group with a strong will to win can often defeat a larger group with less enthusiasm.

In a recent post, in one of my thought experiments, I extrapolated the racial patterns of voting in the 2012 presidential election and created a theoretical racial outline of two countries, Blue America and Red America, as if they were separate.

For instance, 96% of Blacks voted Blue. So I gave Blue America 96% of the 40 million Blacks now in the US. Etc.

I hope some time this separation will happen; otherwise I cannot see a way for the sinking and hated (and self-hating) population of EuroAmericans to avoid destruction. Getting to that post-USA setup can only be an awful process for everyone involved, with hugely unforeseeable outcomes...outside of the very high likelihood of unchallenged Chinese global hegemony.

Here they are, together (to enjoy the contrast)

Population: 178 million

A majority Third World population (57%) and the Founding People reduced to a 43% minority.

Hispanics 27%, 

Blacks 21%, 
Asians 6%, 
Others 2% 

Non-Whites are close to 6 out of 10 inhabitants.

Note: I adjusted the 2010 census by adding in 15 million illegal Hispanics (a conservative estimate), since they would clearly gain citizenship in Blue America and I even more conservatively guessed that this would alter the Hispanic voting pattern to 75% Blue.

The Whites would still be the largest minority by far, but given the war doctrine thesis noted above, their will to resist the others would be negligible. After all, what makes a White Democrat a White Democrat but a burning desire to please People of Color?  And the White Democrat birthrate is way below replacement level, so they'd keep shrinking both in numbers, power and status, since abortion and contraception would be "free."

They'd probably still have most of the wealth though. I've included Jews among Whites (70% voted Blue) even though their homeland is in Asia, and they have hugely disproportionate wealth. Asians might be next in line for oppressor status, too, if they don't play their cards right. They also, though small, are very rich as a group. I can't imagine that the Blacks and Browns --who'd have their own hostilities and dysfunctions still flourishing-- would sit still while the Historically Oppressive White Minority hangs on to all that ill-gotten gain...

Oh, by the way. Blue America is pretty much how the current USA is projected to look in three or four decades...

Population: 140 million


2% Black
3% Asian
2% Other
10% Hispanic

and 84% White.

Looks like the 1950's. The hard-hearted clear young thinkers among the Alternative Right reject the idea of trying to go back to the 50's in policy and attitude because, as they say, that's how we got to the mess we are now.

If the demographic majority in theoretical Blue America would not be trapped into repeating their mistakes, it would take a quite astounding recovery of self-confidence and militantly transgressive clarity. And the rest of the world --Blue America especially-- would be very, very unhappy about it.

Cultural confidence, once lost, can be re-gained. History shows this. But it ain't easy, only rarely quick. Or at all guaranteed.

And this, of course, is just ExC playing out ideas in his head and on his pixels.


PS. Did it ever occur to you that the color coding of the two groups is exactly the opposite of what it should be? Red is the color of Communism, the Grande Dame of socialisms. So why are the Left states colored Blue? Well, like mostly everything modern Liberals due, it's to cover over the obvious truth with a bold lie. Like, oh, I don't know, #BlackLivesMatter


How to lose friends and upset people

Ask your friends and family,

"Given that Whites in America will be a minority in our own country in 25 years and the majority will have a Third World heritage, what do you see as your future and the future of your children in that situation...especially how minorities fare in most nations in history?"

Then sit back.


Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Pitch and the Product

Every so-called "civil rights" or "justice" or "liberation" movement of the last fifty years has been a lie. Or turned into one.

There's What We Were Sold vs What We Actually Got.

Take inter-racial romance, or, as the insensitive say, race-mixing.

The Pitch?

Sidney Poiter as a Potemkin POC unicorn, some brilliant doctor with a mission to Africa, and some breathy little blond (Hepburn's niece), with Hepburn and Tracy to lend authority.

It's what merchants call a "loss leader", a product whose real cost you undervalue in order to lure people in so they are more likely  to buy into the more expensive stuff, what costs them more.

The Product?

The vile Kardashian females partying in the subway with repellent rapper Chris Brown and his posse of savages.

Like this.

All part of Rev. Dr. King's legacy.


Friday, June 05, 2015

Paradise, so close...

I wish to God that somehow all the White liberals could be made allowed to live in a separate Noble and Caringly Compassionate country along with all their beloved Peeps of Color and Other Victims, where no evil Republicans supposedly stood in the way of a Regulatory Utopia.

If you base it on the voting patterns of the 2012 election, with Blue & Red percentages:

(Note that the only significant demographic that does not bloc-vote is us Whiteys...)

        Percent of electorate, not population                    

here's how it would look.

First, removing those of us On The Wrong Side of History into owr own awful pseudo-AmeriKKKan territory, awash in guns and country music, a hellhole of Caucasianity, immigration laws selfishly passed (and enforced) to favor the native stock, and a shocking lack of regulation. Maybe even with Official English policies and requirements that voters have ID! God, the horror, the horror. What would Pope Francis say?  Of the 146 million souls:
White: 82%...back to the 1950's! (Can slavery be far off?)
Black: 2%...vibrant diversity would be at an all time low
Asian: 3%...Yikes! More Chinese than Africans!
Hispanics: the poor Copts in Egypt
         1.5 million Jews (1%), 2.5 million LGBTs (1.6%).

Second, Everybody in the blue lines above would be their own Utopian States of America --although the States would be abolished, being just useless impediments to Federal improvement efforts, leftover from some incomprehensible fights between Dead White Male Slave Owner Christians, like, in history.

It would constitute about 53% of the current population, some 165 million people. Officially.    
The demographics of this NonWhite Majority Utopia would be: 
White: 46%...finally achieving well-deserved minority status!
African In America: 21%...fully one-fifth of the new country
Asian: just how come there are so many at MIT?
Latino: 21%...tied with the Africans, if you only count the documentados and not the extra 15 million (plus, who haven't gotten around to doing their paperwork yet. Once they're officially embraced, their numbers leap to 30%...MexAmerica!...and the Whites plummet down to an even more socially just 40% or so, merrily on their way to well-earned extinction (except as taxpayers, of course).
Others: 4% whoever they are. Most of the AmerIndians plus who-knows, I suspect.
By the way, this Democracy Now! nation would have 85% of all the Muslims, 70% of all the Jews and 80% of the LGBTQs (except for BruceCaitlyn Jenner-Kardashian). Lefties for days.
Imagine: No White Supremacist Majority to pay all the taxes microagress the POCs! "Hate speech" would no longer be protected as "free speech." No would own guns (except criminals), free health care --paid for by whom, I wonder? oh, well--, racially and genderly proportionate representation in Congress, enforced integration in housing, etc., no term limits on the Presidency, UN peacekeepers replacing the US military, slavery reparations, Ramadan would be a national holiday, and official bilingualism as part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, with Open Immigration from Third World countries, Just for starters. Who knows what could be next? Cuba as the 51st state?

So far it sounds like Paradise to me. God, I wish I could give it to them.

Nyah Nyah

Given the fractured state of my family these days, I thought it wiser to express my thoughts here, since they are in response to a Facebook piece "liked" by a cousin, a wonderful woman who is in favor of everything I can't stand.

The brilliant little "gotcha" post was from the "Occupy Democrats" and laughed derisively at Rick Santorum for saying that the Pope should leave things like climate change, or global warming or whatever, "to the scientists", when Francis has "a Master's degree in chemistry."

Ha! So there! Like, ha! Ha!

But consider this: had Mr Santorum asserted his own self as a "scientist" because he had "a Master's degree in chemistry," what think ye would be the response of the Choir of Angels MSM and the "Occupy Democrats?" to this self-representation?

Somehow --correct me if I'm wrong-- I doubt that his "credentials" would be found so impressive.


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