Thursday, June 04, 2015


On June 4th, 1919, a day that will live in infamy...

Congress passed the resolution to amend the Constitution, allowing the vote to females.

A year later it was ratified and our fate was sealed.

Although often called the Susan B Anthony amendment, it would be better named The Pandora Amendment.

And as with every other self-inflicted disaster we are now seeing reach its end, White men were just talked into it.


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Anonymous said...

Even if this did not happen, with the way shit went down between the hero generation, silent generation and baby boomers; White men could have been talked into anything. It just might have all been forced out into the open like it is now and we would have had a quicker and more cathartic conflict over it. In fact, the end of history might have ended quicker with non-suicidal Whites on top. Yes. And in the same breath, the Vikings could have banded with the Gothic Empire and killed the Akkadians behind Rome's back. *sigh* so many Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda's in the 20/20 in hindsight. Though, even before Zhengis, I am sure the Mongols were a huge threat, not to mention the Huns. Though, the Huns were predominately East European and Caucasian and even spoke Gothic as a Lingua Franca. They were not as big of an enemy as the Mongols were. Not to undermine the blood they spilled or the asses they raped.


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