Sunday, June 28, 2015

Liberalism is communism

without an oppressed majority.
Liberalism is anti-majoritarian Communism. Communism, as an ideology, needs an oppressed majority under an oppressive minority to be in sync with the “history of class struggles” according to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Where an oppressed majority does not exist, Communism, as a rise of the oppressed majority, becomes Liberalism, as a rise of the oppressed minorities. 
Because Liberalism is anti-majoritarian Communism, it will always seek to increase its numbers of oppressed minorities in order to gain the power of the majority — a minority-majority — as the logical conclusion of their ideology and actions. Where an oppressed majority does not exist, their numbers will be manufactured through failed policies, agitation of the minorities through Commissars (community organizers), or through mass immigration of minorities from oppressive (third-world) countries. All of this is realized when understanding the logical conclusion of the merged ideologies of Anti-Majoritarianism and Communism, which is Liberalism. 
The ideologies of Liberalism, like Communism, is opponent driven and cannot prosper in their pure form without their opponent. They exist to struggle with their opponent and sustain themselves off of their opponent. They are parasites. They are viruses that do not realize that they will die along with the host they are killing. The individual liberal does not not have to desire these outcomes, or be an evil person. All of this is the logical conclusion of their ideology and collective actions.

The Scotch-Irishman

Damn good stuff.

In line with this:

"...classic democracy, i.e., the power of majorities, has been replaced by a new kind of democracy, represented by the rule of minorities over the majority. The minorities are being protected from the "totalitarian" and "authoritarian" minded majority. The very semantics of democracy have been changed."

                                                               --Alexandr Dugin, Russian political theorist.

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