Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Muh dayly transgressions

Women are insane.


Any attack on the Confederacy is a proxy attack on all Whites. Even Yankee Whites. Every concession only invites further attack. So...why concede? Ever?

As always in American history, this is really about two groups of hostile Whites fighting each other over Colored People. The Northern Urban Liberal Elites pouring out their contempt for the Racist Rednecks. Until about ten minutes ago, I was always Mr Yank. No more.


I refuse to grant any special pathos to the dead Blacks in the Charleston church. Because the same media/government mob that expects me to dance to their vile tune du jour then consciously and with malice hides the many assaults, rapes, tortures and murders of Whites by Blacks, making it Unmentionable.

And despite their ritual tears, they take it as utterly normal business as usual that thousands of these savages kill one another off all the time, obviously not having gotten the memo that #BlackLivesMatter.

Fuck you.


Anti-Clausewitz. Politics is war carried on by other means.




So, let's see...Misogyny? Check. White Supremacy? Check. Racism? Check. Islamophobia? Check. Pornography? Check.

Naked men and angry Muslims? Check.

Yup. Done for the morning.

ExC, signing off.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My transgressions are as follows:

Women are, indeed, crazy. They are also fat, uncultured, unreared and a blessing to me because this drives even the straightest of men into my bed chamber. Still, I feel for the men I love so much, who insist of dating a hole for a crotch. At least they get babies.

I simply do not care about the deaths of the blacks in Charleston because I do not care about black people. I do not care about rape or murder among them in Africa either. I believe the world would be a better place if all of the other White people admitted this of themselves as well. However, the fact that far worse things have happened in Charleston and that the only thing odd about this shooting is that a White man perpetrated it might have something to do with my view.

Muhammad was nowhere near as handsome as the sketch suggests. Most Semites are ugly as Hubert the pedophile.

As a cute match for Clausewitz and in reference to the pitiable right of today: "It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it."

EDIT I tried to post a really cute picture of an aroused anime character but, the comment section would not let me. Sucks because, I think it would have gotten a chuckle!

Thank you for the evil porn which emphasizes how fat people are not attractive and how not everyone needs to be anti-Euro-Centric about what they find attractive. I guess we are just a Coven of Evil here at Ex-Cathedra. That makes you High Priest of Wickedness. ^^


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