Saturday, June 13, 2015

An alteration in the sacred doctrine

The Seven Spokes or the Seven Pillars of the Liberal Religion seem to me still pretty solid as a description of the coordinated move to destroy the White West.

I have named these seven sister-movements as
  • multiculturalism: targets the White race
  • feminism: targets men and masculinity
  • redistributionism: targets wealth-creators
  • pacifism: targets male force and weaponry
  • secularism: targets Christianity
  • transnationalism: targets sovereignty and identity of White nations
  • environmentalism: targets humans as primary, as technologists and consumers
The whole panoply is a brilliantly lethal morphing of tired old Marxist Communism, that Johnny-One-Note ideology concerned only about class. The Marxist class war (redistributionism) has been expanded to include race and gender. Anti-White multiculturalism gave supports anti-Christian secularism and anti-American transnationalism. Anti-male feminism supports anti-male pacifism and anti-human environmentalism. See how much more powerful Marxism 2.0 is!

I do think, however, that "feminism" is now more accurately described as genderism: an attack on the binary biological gender, in service, of course, of the destruction of males. Just check out how feminists still worship the deranged madwoman Shulamith Firestone (Feuerstein), whose diseased hatred of reality led to years of craziness, estrangement and slow suicide.

This would include your usual feminism --whether it's First Wave or Nine and a Halfth Wave-- run by and for biological females and their self-castrating fembot pajama-boy servants, but also the LGBTQ thing, with genderism more easily and visibly including homosexuals. I have always seen the gay thing as a subsidiary of feminism, but this new term makes it clearer and highlights the real intent of gay ideology. And, ta-dah!, it includes the luminous Civil Rights Struggle du jour, transgenders.

Transgenders serve the male-hatred of feminists, no matter which direction they are travelling.

A born-male who becomes a trans-female, an MTF,  implicitly rejects the burden of masculinity by fleeing his physical gender...and if he has his genitals mutilated, rejects it explicitly. For this he is celebrated as a hero...ine.  Feminists were once very opposed to the MTF phenomenon but now they have seen how it helps erode masculinity, so they got over their initial revulsion. It might actually creep them out, but since it is one more nail in the male coffin, it's a price they're willing to pay.

*My lesbian staffers once asked me to expel a newly hired trans-woman from the wymyn's caucus...exercising my oppressive White male patriarchal privilege, I demured. And laffed my ass off in my office after they left.

A born-female who becomes a trans-man, an FTM, stakes a female's claim to be able to possess  "masculinity" even without that endowment which actual males value as highly as life itself, perhaps even more: a cock and balls. (To say nothing of chromosomes, etc. and a lifetime of living in male skin.) You get the common and prima facie ludicrous assertion that "being a man has nothing to do with what you've got between your legs."  Talk about a Big Lie. But a central truth of genderism. And the FTM also asserts that "masculinity" is something you can buy on the market if you can afford it, or get someone else to pay for, the life-long medicine and the surgeries.

Masculinity, manhood itself, becomes a commodity that anyone can either buy with ambivalence* as an FTM or throw away with relieved contempt as a MTF.

*A female-to-male transgender whose YouTube videos I have followed finally gave the game away when announcing proudly that now, since he is accepted as one of the guys by his local set of men, he feels it his duty to call them on their male privilege and their sexism. Oh, and racism, too. S/he's a White Social Justice Warrior. I told him he was a subversive and a spy engaged in eroding the very thing he had gone through so much to attain and that his attitude supported the suspicions that men have of "trans-men." He, of course, told me that he was virtuous and that was that. 
This is so typical of all the victimists --racial, sexual, etc. : plead to be accepted into the group that excluded you and then as soon as you arrive, start tearing the place down...for a higher good. 


Anonymous said...

I am prepared to believe that there is a small number of individuals who are born with the genitalia of one sex, but the neurological circuitry of the other. However, I find it very difficult to believe that this accounts for all transgenders.


DrAndroSF said...

One of the habits of post-modernism that I find useful is the pluralization of common nouns, ie, to speak of homosexualities rather than homosexuality. Same with transgenderism..s.

I agree with you. In all my encounters with these folks, personal and professional, some of them seem to make far more sense as members of the sex opposite to their bodies. However, a lot of them are so disturbed that you're not sure if the gender-identity dysphoria is just one symptom among many of underlying damage, or what. So there are, imho, transgenderisms.

Like homosexualities. Ru Paul and Jack Donovan are both homosexual. But their differences seem more salient than their erotic interests. I am of the personal opinion that homosexuality is not well understood in a man by focussing only on his erotic interests without also assessing his gender identification and allegiance.

Anonymous said...

Lock Paul and Donovan in a room, drop a single copy of playgirl in the middle and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

A, if I know anything about Donovan from his writings, he would probably sneer at the Playgirl for, in his opinion, being degenerate and pushing a female-oriented image of masculinity, urinate on it, and let Paul have his way with it.


Anonymous said...

Or at the very least, as blueballs set in, he would regret pissing on the playgirl. Nothing would drive him to Queen Rot-A-Dick though. I just find a physical confrontation between the two funny on an absurdist level. The same way many find humor in a one sided fist fight.


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