Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The irony

Jewish prof: White churches need to hang heads in shame, start reparations for slavery 

Dennis Praeger, conservative Jew, has pointed out the painful truth that the great majority of his fellow Jews, who have abandoned their religion for Leftisms of all kinds, have a loathing of Christianity and a fear of actual national states where peoples' connection is ethnic kinship rather than "creedal commitments."

Their organized influence both on Black power and on the destruction of America by immigration is, once you see it, hugely disproportionate to their numbers.

And, I might add, like a lot of people who are too clever by half, Jews like this lose their sense of reality and eventually go beyond what their Gentile host populations will tolerate. Nasty outcomes have a cause and effect quality. Which this woman would absolutely deny, I am sure. She will always be the innocent victim of "anti-Semitism."

But her comments give the game away.

So Christian churches should take direction from a Jew on how to repent? Like a Jew would?

Ought she really reference the crucifixion of Christ and think that only Romans had anything to do with it?

And ought she perhaps be careful lest the role of the Democrat party in Black history, or the role of Jewish slavers, be brought inconveniently up?

When Jews join with Blacks against a common White enemy, what response do you imagine they can expect?

It is people like this who have eroded my once quite philo-Semitic attitude. Now I just take it on an individual basis and remain deeply suspicious of the organized front.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if, when all of the chips are down, the leftists are going to be the first to start demanding concentration camps in order to save their own skin? The Jews need to be spanked but, Hitler was a leftist.


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