Monday, June 15, 2015

Goading them on

Mr Goad Explains It All For You: the abyss between Darwin and the egalitarian Social Justice Warriors.

Mr Goad, a contemporary HL Mencken, lays it all out in his usual colorful take-no-prisoners style. I have been saying for quite a while that our Moral And Intellectual Betters demand that we believe in Darwin when it comes to the origin of the human race but wholly forbid us from believing in him when it comes to its current state.

The "natural" environment must be worshipped and left untouched in its pristine state, but the human environment requires endless and ever increasing fiddling, re-arranging, correcting. People who think we are really just clever apes then turn around and demand that we all act like angels. Building a dam is somehow a crime against Mother Gaia, but forcing alien, hostile and imcompatible tribes into the same living space is The Noblest of Causes.

To quote Mr Goad's equally evil and accurate article on deranged faux-Negress Rachel Dolezal,

"Wigger, pleeze!"



Anonymous said...

You have to admit that she does look better as a negress. It is interesting that our ugly translates well into their pretty. Make-up, angling and confidence due to the false bravado of a new identity can have something to do with that too.


Anonymous said...

She doesn't look black to me. Mixed, maybe. Or, you know, a white woman with massive delusions of identity.


Anonymous said...

You will be amazed how light skinned many of them can be. Entire families black as coal will have the one daughter with mocha cream skin. It is an oddity. Perhaps because the blacks here in the States are mostly mongrels.


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