Friday, June 05, 2015

Paradise, so close...

I wish to God that somehow all the White liberals could be made allowed to live in a separate Noble and Caringly Compassionate country along with all their beloved Peeps of Color and Other Victims, where no evil Republicans supposedly stood in the way of a Regulatory Utopia.

If you base it on the voting patterns of the 2012 election, with Blue & Red percentages:

(Note that the only significant demographic that does not bloc-vote is us Whiteys...)

        Percent of electorate, not population                    

here's how it would look.

First, removing those of us On The Wrong Side of History into owr own awful pseudo-AmeriKKKan territory, awash in guns and country music, a hellhole of Caucasianity, immigration laws selfishly passed (and enforced) to favor the native stock, and a shocking lack of regulation. Maybe even with Official English policies and requirements that voters have ID! God, the horror, the horror. What would Pope Francis say?  Of the 146 million souls:
White: 82%...back to the 1950's! (Can slavery be far off?)
Black: 2%...vibrant diversity would be at an all time low
Asian: 3%...Yikes! More Chinese than Africans!
Hispanics: the poor Copts in Egypt
         1.5 million Jews (1%), 2.5 million LGBTs (1.6%).

Second, Everybody in the blue lines above would be their own Utopian States of America --although the States would be abolished, being just useless impediments to Federal improvement efforts, leftover from some incomprehensible fights between Dead White Male Slave Owner Christians, like, in history.

It would constitute about 53% of the current population, some 165 million people. Officially.    
The demographics of this NonWhite Majority Utopia would be: 
White: 46%...finally achieving well-deserved minority status!
African In America: 21%...fully one-fifth of the new country
Asian: just how come there are so many at MIT?
Latino: 21%...tied with the Africans, if you only count the documentados and not the extra 15 million (plus, who haven't gotten around to doing their paperwork yet. Once they're officially embraced, their numbers leap to 30%...MexAmerica!...and the Whites plummet down to an even more socially just 40% or so, merrily on their way to well-earned extinction (except as taxpayers, of course).
Others: 4% whoever they are. Most of the AmerIndians plus who-knows, I suspect.
By the way, this Democracy Now! nation would have 85% of all the Muslims, 70% of all the Jews and 80% of the LGBTQs (except for BruceCaitlyn Jenner-Kardashian). Lefties for days.
Imagine: No White Supremacist Majority to pay all the taxes microagress the POCs! "Hate speech" would no longer be protected as "free speech." No would own guns (except criminals), free health care --paid for by whom, I wonder? oh, well--, racially and genderly proportionate representation in Congress, enforced integration in housing, etc., no term limits on the Presidency, UN peacekeepers replacing the US military, slavery reparations, Ramadan would be a national holiday, and official bilingualism as part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, with Open Immigration from Third World countries, Just for starters. Who knows what could be next? Cuba as the 51st state?

So far it sounds like Paradise to me. God, I wish I could give it to them.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. You would effectively be sending the libbies straight to hell! God know how not-so-long-at-all it would take for violence to erupt. Not only would the sainted dindus not even be a majority over Whites, they would likely be eviscerated by the mestizos. Clevis! Brang out that thar poppin' coern! Dis hir'll be better than the Transfermers and Nascar'n one! Whoo!
Sorry, I'm from the South.


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