Friday, June 05, 2015

Nyah Nyah

Given the fractured state of my family these days, I thought it wiser to express my thoughts here, since they are in response to a Facebook piece "liked" by a cousin, a wonderful woman who is in favor of everything I can't stand.

The brilliant little "gotcha" post was from the "Occupy Democrats" and laughed derisively at Rick Santorum for saying that the Pope should leave things like climate change, or global warming or whatever, "to the scientists", when Francis has "a Master's degree in chemistry."

Ha! So there! Like, ha! Ha!

But consider this: had Mr Santorum asserted his own self as a "scientist" because he had "a Master's degree in chemistry," what think ye would be the response of the Choir of Angels MSM and the "Occupy Democrats?" to this self-representation?

Somehow --correct me if I'm wrong-- I doubt that his "credentials" would be found so impressive.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Would liberals have the balls to doubt the worth of a Master's Degree in this day and age? So many would be left without rebuttal. Still, chemistry is not climatology, a kind of physics major. Though, the libbies will listen to a meterologist about sea levels so, they cannot be trusted with their flippant credentialism.


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