Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's glaringly obvious. HT to Chateau Heartiste.

OBTW, the usual figure for the Black percentage of the US population is 12-13%, or one out of eight. That's all of them, infants to seniors. By far the group doing most of the killing, both inside and outside the race, are Black males who are teens to under 40. They are only about 3%...Just 3% of the Africans in America are responsible for most of the country's violent crime...

And the hugely White NRA is responsible for gun deaths? I wonder how many NRA members are charged with murder?

And so Whites are not supposed to lock their car doors when they see a bunch of Yoofs sauntering down the street with their hoodies and their butts hanging out?

Most "racist" behavior is simply a rational response to the probabilities.

The Regime, having already conflated White and Hispanic crime rates together, is now apparently going to adopt a "color-blind" approach to collecting data...


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