Monday, June 01, 2015

My Favorite Martian

This was a TV show from my youth, in the far-off days when the 50s were fading into the 60's.

I mention it because during my gay Mormon friend D's recent visit, he said I was a Martian. It was a kind of semi-objective compliment. He is a hopeless Democrat and has long loved the vile Obamanation Of Desolation. But he asks questions and actually listens to the answers, something I appreciate about him. It's a rare quality.

His characterization of me as a Martian meant that while he, and most people, look at things on the ground, horizontally and from day to day, issue by issue as they come along, I have a habit of trying to see the larger patterns, which are, of course, only really visible from above. The forces of history, and such. For him, this explained why he and I come at things so differently. (Kudos to D.)

He is not wrong. My mind has always sought a general or universal background to the particular. I am aware that when I am doing therapy, which is highly particular, I still consciously situate a man's current world and his unique narrative within larger stories. It's the Jungian thing to do: archetypes and complexes, etc.

God, even.



Anonymous said...

This probably just makes you smart. I have noticed though, that it also seems like the kind of thinking that a Gregorian or any Catholic might expect from someone who was once in the Priesthood. Too bad it all went to liberal shit because I think there was more than your love of the beauty of Catholic faith and tradition that took you to the Cloth. Though, you left because of your Amore du L'homme. That might never have been reconciled from within.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

An insoluble conflict, what what I decided. Others have felt differently, but not I.

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