Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Liberated Wymyn

Female Armpit Hair Competition Takes Off in China - Breitbart:

I think it was Steve Sailer who said that the essence of feminism was unattractive
women demanding that, Come The Revolution, they would be considered hotter.

Wymyn are obsessed with their bodies, their clothes, their hair, their makeup, every little detail is a huge industry, designed to compete against other females and to attract the male gaze. And then they get all huffy when men look at men, with male eyes and libido. The Broads of Hairiness demand that men see them as they see themselves. Which really defeats the purpose of having two sexes, doncha think?

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Anonymous said...

In some cases it could also be what is called a "shit test" to see if the male is worthy of his free roaming eyes. If he is, he will not take it personally and will use his keen insight of female nature (what women crave tremendously) to take her faux anger and turn it into sex.
Though that will only happen if the girl is not a freshling in her twenties that know nothing of male sexuality (50/50 split among the millenials) ugly or making up the altercation to make people believe, despite what the power of photons and eyes which process them reveal to be the case, that she is the first woman on the list. Feminism is not only ugly but it is fat, loud and probably stinks before it gets to Bath and Body Works or wastes fifty bucks on Victoria's Secret's ""Very Sexy"" dreck meant to sooth the ego.


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