Saturday, August 31, 2013

The C(s) of E

The C of E is tiptoeing towards gay marriage – Telegraph Blogs:

A veddy British slash-and-burn about the "Anglican" brand as
"simply an attempt to sanctify pragmatism."

Dominican friar Aidan Nichols book, The Panther and the Hind, makes clear that within the so-called  "Church of England" there have always been three churches corralled uncomfortably together in the State structure: the (non-Roman) Catholics, the (Puritan/Evangelical) Protestants and the (rationalist/culture-adapting) Liberals.

Accomodation is a short step from incoherence.

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More Franciscan antics

Pope breaks with protocol by bowing to Queen Rania of Jordan - Telegraph:

Every time he enacts some new form of "humility", he just draws more attention to himself.

And bowing to a Muslim woman.

What a clown.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Dead end

One of the GayPatriot guys, whom I have met, is a bright Libertarian. This means he is not a Conservative, but Conservatives are the only people who give Libertarians the time of day. He told me that seeing humans in terms of race is a dead-end.

He's right.

But not in the way he meant it. He wants to transcend things like race and ethnicity because they stand in the way of his political philosophy, an ideology based on the absolute primacy of the free and ethical individual.

Race is a dead end because there is no way out of it.

My ruminations of late lead me to suspect that the American people once existed because the American people were White Christians...especially and foundationally White Protestants. Blacks were the eternal problem children, a troubled and troublesome minority. Minority.

Once White America gave up the ghost and accepted "Dr"** King, the Black Trojan Horse, into their city, they surrendered their status, their self-confident right to determine what "American" meant, their sense that it was, after all, their country. They all --Liberals and Conservatives least the "decent" Conservatives-- accepted the suicidal meme that Burnham's Law describes: in the presence of a group they consider less well-off than themselves, they are morally disarmed. The "decent" majority had to dance to the tune of the "suffering" minority. This dance continues to the present day and it is, for us as a people, a Dance of Death.

And now, fifty years later, we have Barack Hussein Obama. Twice. And his travelling menagerie of Holder and Michelle and Susan Rice and the NAACP and SharptonJackson and all their enablers. And the growing Hispanic Invasion that we have given up our moral right to resist. Or even to notice, much less protest, our replacement.

If you look at how things have actually unfolded --not stuck in some Laputan illusion of color blind America where what counts is the content of your character-- it is just as unlikely for Blacks (or, in their wake, Latinos) to really think of themselves as Americans as you'd expect Arabs in Israel to think of themselves as Israelis or as the Irish --even after centuries of inclusion into Great Britain-- to think of themselves as part of the UK or Hungarians to think of themselves as full members of the AustroHungarian Empire, or the Serbs, Bosnians, Croats to think of themselves as Yugoslavians...or the Tibetans to think of themselves as part of China.

Huntington's clash of civilizations is true, both globally and intra-nationally. If you turn Clausewitz on his head, American politics is racial war carried on by different means.

Once the containing lid of White self-confidence and dominance was undone in the second half of the 20th century, what was America began to unravel and what we have now, I suspect, is the formation of eventual new countries based on race. They are alien nations artificially bound by a single government. Unfortunately, they are hugely intertwined, but the only group with any residual allegiance to America are the Whites, and not even all of them.

The experiment was, I now sadly suspect, doomed from the start. Race is indeed a dead end, that is, a limit you can't pass.

**During his life he was usually Rev. That's where a lot of his power came from. Now the Blacks like to call him Dr. Makes him sound smart. And do you think for one minute that if Ex Cathedra had plagiarized his Phd Thesis that he'd still have his doctorate? Yeah, sure.

Alternative Renaissance

A funny thought.

The Renaissance was largely the re-integration by the Christian West of its Greco-Roman pagan roots. Who leads Dante through the Inferno? Virgil. Two of the three traitors eternally chewed in Satan's mouth there (the third being Judas) are the kilers of Julius Caesar. Even on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, in a supporting but visible role, we find the Sybils, pagan female shamans who foretold the future in ecstatic trances. Not unlike the Delphic Oracle herself. The Sybil is even mentioned in the great medieval death-chant, Dies Irae...dixit David cum Sybilla...the Jewish and the Gentile prophets mixed together.

What if the Renaissance had begun in the North instead? Would we have chapels mixing Isaiah with the Norns. Country houses with Odin and Thor painted on the ceiling? Would our classics scholars be studying Norse and quoting wisely from the Edda?

Funny to think it.


A fantasy question

I dropped some of my thinking on the comments box* over at Gay Patriot yesterday. Sort of a farewell to conservatism. Not, of course, to submit to Liberalism, but because conservatism does not seem strong enough to oppose it. Contemporary American conservatism is too infected with liberalism, especially their blind adherence to "equality" as a sacred trumps-all value. Their terror at being labelled "racists" --a lost cause-- and their consequent ritual worship of faux-Doctor Martin Luther King, the Black Trojan Horse, is emblematic.

The question behind my comments takes the form of a fantasy (as does so much of Ex Cathedra):

At a press conference some weeks after the 2012 catastrophe presidential election, Mr Romney is on the dais with the other heavies in the Republican Party leadership, Ryan, Boehner, etc. A young reporter gets up and speaks:
Mr. Romney, in the recent election, fully 90% of your votes came from White Americans. 90%. Nine out of ten. And just shy of 60% of White America supported you and your party, a clear majority of that race. And, if only White votes had been counted, you would have won about 40 states out of 50.
Why then, especially in view of our race's approaching minority status in mid-century, will you and your party not take this as a mandate and embrace the important role of being the only mainstream group who can advocate for our race, for White Americans?
*PS. The comment, here:
I don’t comment much here, especially in the last year, because I can’t really call myself a gay conservative anymore and I don’t want to abuse GayPatriots’ hospitality.
Conservatism –and by that I do not mean the head-shakingly feckless and useless GOP–has come to seem to me just a rear-guard stalling and losing action hobbled by its acceptance of earlier forms of liberalism, including an attachment to the obsolete and pie-in-the-sky notion of a “colorblind society.” The only people trying to be color-blind are nice White people –The Most Foolish People On The Planet– who are blind to the dynamics of their dispossession and displacement. 
The desire to claim some kind of connection with an imagined color-blind MLK and his “dream” is part of it: conservatives’ terror of facing up to the insolubility of the race issue and forever trying to escape from the inescapable accusation of “racism.” (Which is just like trying to prove you’re not a witch.) 
90% of Mitt Romney’s votes came from White people. 90%. Because conservatives have renounced their original sin of “racism” –the Liberal equivalent of “witchcraft”– they are unable even to think of this as any kind of mandate to advocate for the only people who vote for them, instead pathetically “reaching out” to alien Latinos who resent and will never trust them. “Conservatism” has no electoral base at all outside Whites. The only people who acknowledge that are our enemies. Doesn’t make it any less true. 
“Dr” King –who plagiarized most of his PhD thesis, btw– led a movement that has slipped a knife into the heart of this nation, getting Whites to see themselves as without any moral standing or self-confident racial status, so that they can be manipulated into self-erasure, becoming a plundered minority in the land that their people created. 
“MLK” only cared about his own people. All his sanctimonious blather about “America” was just a means to an end. He has been stunningly successful, especially as a martyr: a once great nation commits suicide over the 13% who have proved themselves, in the last 50 years of vast sums spent and a huge networks of laws and entitlements for them enacted, unable to do much more than self-destruct and blame others for it. 
“Martin” doesn’t belong to you. He belongs to Barack and Oprah and Foxx and Sharpton and Jackson and the NAACP and the Black Caucus. Let him go and look for your own heroes. 
Barack Hussein Obama, twice elected by the “American” people, as loathsome as he is, is just a symptom of a much deeper collapse. “Conservatism” is wholly unable to fix that.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Archetypal Man

▶ Happy People A Year in the Taiga (2011) Russia, Siberia - Video Dailymotion:

What life has been like, more or less, --adjusting for geography--for most of the human race for most of its history til the advent of farming 10 or 20 thousand years ago.

Lots of the manly virtues: strength, courage, skill and honor.

Very impressive.

I watched this in a clearer subtitled version on Netflix, but this is a free online version.
(Not a fan of Werner Herzog's voice, but, hell, it's his film.)

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Dream speech

Today America slobbers over the primary martyr-saint of its Liberal civil religion, a half-century after his Sermon on the Mall.  Ex Cathedra --who watched the original on B&W TV as it happened and was a longtime supporter of the cause-- views the unfolding of the whole business with the jaundiced eye of realism.  To me it now embodies the central illusion of the country.

Conservatives fruitlessly try to claim him as one of their own. A pathetic attempt to bulwark themselves against the charge that they are racists. That is an unwinnable fight. As soon as any White accepts the existence of "racism", then he can only be in a defensive, apologetic, anxious and losing position. And historical butt-kissing to King only makes us look pitiable.

Like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Ghandi, other sanctified soliders against the Whites, this particular sacred cow was, at the very best, a thoroughly ambiguous character.

And to continue the animal metaphor, King has proven to be the racial Trojan Horse for America. Here we have this one sainted example, one we are all supposed to bow down and adore, inexplicably followed by a horde of followers who seem not to have understood St. Martin's elevated and scriptural post-racial message. Funny how that happens. Makes you wonder about the source of it all.

It's really not my party. At all.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On a different note

I have been watching a British show, Restoration Home. Each season it follows the fates of a half dozen dilapidated but historic buildings in Britain as they are restored by their new owners. Most of these folks have access to capital but most of them also do a lot of the work on their new homes themselves. Both couples and families with children, they clearly love these old buildings. Some of the combinations of grit and adventure, risk, time and energy and physical endurance involved are pretty damn amazing.

A young couple buys an old Baptist meeting house and turns it into a home, with incredible effort and perserverance. The episode on turning St Peter's Barn into a home, a one-man project from start to finish, is really impressive. This dude does absolutely everything. And smiles about it.

There's a historian and an architecture expert to add their perspectives. Even the matronly hostess, herself a lover and restorer of old buildings, is appealing (despite the UK overuse of extraordinary! marvelous! fantastic! and amazing!).  Seeing native Brits caring about their own heritage and making over these beautiful structures for themselves, with passion and sweat: It's inspiring.


You elected him, America.



Down with racism!

The fundamental purpose of the Liberal state is to deprive traditionally successful groups of their status, power and resources and transfer it to traditionally less successful groups.

The notable exception to this program is the Liberal elite, who derive their status and power and resources from their commitment to "equality."

Since the straight white male Christian* wealth-creator and patriot has been the historically successful one, liberalism is aimed directly at plundering and humbling him and all he represents. All the language of liberalism is merely a cover --and a wildly successful cover--for this war against him.

Consequently, Ex Cathedra  rejects not only the philosophy but the very language of liberalism, it being suicidal to adopt it or even to oppose it on its own terms, since it is a rigged game. The point is to deny that the word racist means anything other than "Shut up and apologize."

Racist has the same meaning and purpose as witch once did in pre-modern times or as capitalist running dog did in Marxist regimes.

Racism functions in exactly the same way as, for example, Islamophobia. (And all the other isms and phobias.) The Liberal thought regime forbids you to take a negative or even critical attitude toward any of its Sacred Victim Groups, no matter what the reality. When it comes to their constituents, you must be silent, be sorry or be supportive. No other alternative is allowed. The only safe attitude is mindlessly supportive. Which is what they want.

To declare oneself either guilty or innocent of these words does nothing but legitimize their continued use, since it leaves the term intact and intensifies its moral status as real and meaningful.
Any White who denies that he is a racist simply embeds himself more deeply into the thought-regime that seeks his destruction.

If you are White and you accept that "racism" exists and that it is bad, then you have already lost the game. The only way past this is to deny the word any validity at all. Like "witchcraft."

So, down with "racism."


*Although Jews are a hugely wealthy, successful and influential group, they came very late to the game in America, creating a financial and power base only after the post-1880 mass Ashkenazi immigrations. Plus, the ideology of anti-Semitism = Nazism, especially after WWII, has hugely protected them. And it is sadly true that they, as a group, are vastly disproportionate players in the game of Liberal elitism and its strategy of White/Male dispossession. 


My friend Bill, who worships dogs but loathes rich people, had to be reminded yesterday, when he expressed shock that his Republican brother in law once offered to pay for Bill's mother's medical bills out of his own pocket, that conservatives are happy to give their money voluntarily to people they care about but not willing to have it taken from them by force and given to strangers they dislike.*

A fundamental crack in Bill's worldview. He's a bizarre combo of libertarian loner and big government supporter who naturally thinks that "Republicans" don't like big government and high taxes because they are stingy and greedy by nature.

When I pointed out that studies show, unambiguously, that conservatives are far more generous donors to charity than liberals, he looked at me as if I'd just contradicted the second law of thermodynamics.

Liberalism is a trance and a thought disorder.


*This is almost a run-on sentence. I could have edited it into three shorter ones. But this is my blog and this is how I actually think sometimes, in paragraphs.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Organized Blackness at work

NAACP Pres: 'We Will Pass Trayvon's Law from Coast to Coast':

"Mandating law enforcement data collection on homicide cases involving people of color."

Cool. That way everyone will know that 93% of Blacks who die violently are killed by other Blacks.

Just for starters.

This is a group which is entirely unwilling to take any responsibility for their miserable condition. Eternally blaming Whitey.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

More bad thoughts

on a beautiful August Sunday afternoon.

Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations asserted what seemed obvious to most humans prior to the Great Liberal Enlightenment: that the human race bases its real and powerful identities in race and tribe, culture and religion. These are primary and enduring.

If you extrapolate Huntington to America, for example, then you get a political entity, a governmental fence around a set of tribes artificially named "Americans." But the real tribes are the subsets of this increasingly artificial identity, the races.

The non-White tribes show strong and consistent tribal identity. Their voting patterns are evidence of this. The common way in which we speak of "the minorities" accurately describes their identity, which is racial. These groups are massively encouraged to identify as such. And do. In a liberal regime, it is the source of all their power.

The only tribe which is significantly split, at war with itself, is the White one, which is forbidden to have a racial identity except when taking blame or repenting. It not only watches its power, wealth and status fade away --transferred to inimical others-- but celebrates this and participates in it.

What we have inside America is a clash of civilizations. But only one of them is committing suicide.


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Clowns, pirates*, gambling, drugs, lesbians.

Themes which, if movies are centered on them, make me fall asleep.

*One exception: Johnny Depp's acting skills are such that I happily watched him as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.. His ability to combine flamboyant feyness with convincing heterosexuality deserves an Oscar.

LGBT Tyranny

SANTA FE, N.M.: Court rules against photographer in gay bias case - Business Breaking News -

This stomach-turning decision supports Ex Cathedra's current feeling is that all anti-discrimination laws should be repealed.

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Diversity is our Strength!

The English Newspeak* version of Arbeit macht frei.

*commonly referred to as "politically correct."

BTW, who is this our, this implied we, whose strength diversity is?
I know who it's not.

How dare you speak for me!


Friday, August 23, 2013

While the pork roast is resting, I wonder

"Given the metastatic nature of Liberalism, could there be a non-Liberal state which was not consciously and vehemently and constitutionally anti-Liberal?"

Given the levels of Liberal penetration into the Western brain, such a State would appear monstrous.


Next day: The pork roast was excellent. I marinated it overnight in garlic, rosemary and toasted sesame oil. We had it with rice and beans, Italian peas. Klondike bars for dessert and a shot of brandy.

If I am correct --and being Ex Cathedra, I must be, by definition-- that the complexes within the seven-spoked wheel of Liberal ideology are driven by bottomless victimist/egalitarian hatred, resentment and envy, then the only way to oppose them is by force.

And by force I mean --primarily but not exclusively-- the State, which is legal coercion backed up by actual violence, threatened or actual. And in this case, an anti-Liberal regime. What Liberals would call "fascist", their name for anything to the Right of their current party line.

Suppose, for example, that Iceland, with its 300k people and very tight ethnic bonds, were suddenly to declare that Iceland was for Icelanders and arranged the departure of the immigrant foreigners there. This would be proclaimed a "human rights" tragedy. Because, as we know, it is a "human right" for anyone to immigrate to a White country if they feel like it. Perhaps even the Pope would mourn this evil turn of events as he mourned the invading dead Africans at Lampedusa.

Who would dare stand up for the ethnic survival of a bunch of blond northern White people? They would be framed as fascists.

Meanwhile, check out the membership of the UN human rights commission...

Part of my move from conservatism to reaction is noting that even conservatives would be powerless to support the Icelanders once the rhetoric of rights got going. Otherwise they'd fear being called racists.

After all, as some young traditionalists have asked, what social or cultural battle has the Western Right won in the last thirty years? Make a list...


Once in a while

a bishop manages not to pontificate.

Cardinal George of Chicago:

"Jesus is merciful," the cardinal warned. "But he is not stupid."

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Dr Martin Luther Burke

Mr Edmund Burke's general comment on the unintended outcomes of reforming schemes

...very plausible schemes, with very pleasing commencements, have often shameful and lamentable conclusions.

could have been his remarks on the civil rights movement and its wake.


Female BS

LCWR leaders announce 'honest sharing of views' with Vatican delegate, but no plans for reform : News Headlines - Catholic Culture:

I continue to be astonished at the empty BS rhetoric that these women specialize in. Such inflated language.

 “a resolution of this situation that maintains the integrity of LCWR and is healthy for the whole church."
 “a profound and honest sharing of views.”
“extraordinarily rich and deeply reverent conversation.”
“As women of the Church, we will discern how to move through the turbulent aftermath of the doctrinal assessment…
 “The processes of inclusion and dialogue needed today may demand great suffering on our part as we work to create such processes…
 “We are privileged to live in a time of unprecedented challenges and grace.”
“In deep solidarity with each other, our sisters in other countries beyond our own and our other lay sisters and brothers around the world, we hear the call to respond to the God of the future, who invites us into waters of new life. This places us in situations of possibility and peril at every turn.”
“Our fidelity to and love of God’s people and our commitment to the Gospel and our vocation directs our path and that our way of being in the world is one of compassion and love. Thus, in the next three years, the critical issue before us is to be who we say we are and who God calls us to become, for the life of the world, keenly aware of the costly graces.”

This is all about feelings and bloviating and nothing about substance, all about process and not ideas. The bad feminine.

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What group

most deserves the prize for Millstone Around The Neck Of The Nation?

Ex Cathedra is taking nominations.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

More bad thoughts

Buchanan blames de-Christianized nation for Chris Lane death | The Daily Caller:

Nice try, Pat. But Ex Cathedra has a darker surmise. That Blacks kill Whites like this because they are no longer afraid of us.

Once upon a time, something like this would have brought down retributive overkill on the local Blacks. Kill one of us and we'll take down a dozen of you. Including yo mama.

Now they have nothing to fear and so they hunt us down. A regular Black Intifada. Check out the right hand and lower left hand columns here especially. Things the media will never tell you about. Happen all the time.

[And, of course, they kill each other on a daily basis. 93% of Blacks who die by homicide are killed by other Blacks.]

As an "African-American" gentleman of my acquaintance once mumbled under his breath when observing some of the more appalling antics of his brethren, Not all the slaves shoulda been freed.

I repeat, I could give a shit about Trayvon Martin.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So groovioso

Mexican edgy. Emerging. Indigenous ideologies. Contemporary practice. 

Who could resist?


Ms Paglia opines

"It remains baffling how anyone would think that Hillary Clinton (born the same year as me) is our party’s best chance. She has more sooty baggage than a 90-car freight train. And what exactly has she ever accomplished — beyond bullishly covering for her philandering husband? She’s certainly busy, busy and ever on the move — with the tunnel-vision workaholism of someone trying to blot out uncomfortable private thoughts. 
I for one think it was a very big deal that our ambassador was murdered in Benghazi. In saying “I take responsibility” for it as secretary of state, Hillary should have resigned immediately. The weak response by the Obama administration to that tragedy has given a huge opening to Republicans in the next presidential election. The impression has been amply given that Benghazi was treated as a public relations matter to massage rather than as the major and outrageous attack on the U.S. that it was. 
Throughout history, ambassadors have always been symbolic incarnations of the sovereignty of their nations and the dignity of their leaders. It’s even a key motif in “King Lear.” As far as I’m concerned, Hillary disqualified herself for the presidency in that fist-pounding moment at a congressional hearing when she said, “What difference does it make what we knew and when we knew it, Senator?” Democrats have got to shake off the Clinton albatross and find new blood. The escalating instability not just in Egypt but throughout the Mideast is very ominous. There is a clash of cultures brewing in the world that may take a century or more to resolve — and there is no guarantee that the secular West will win."


The calendar for my niece's new school, a petri dish for making rich NY liberals, lists Jewish holidays by name, but erases Christmas and Easter into Winter and Spring celebrations. Not an accident.

An in-flight trivia game tells us that the king who "allegedly" slaughtered the innocents of Bethlehem was King Herod.

My neighbor on the flight offered me her pretzel snacks because, as she said, "I'm gluten-free." Thanks for sharing.

Although the seats on Delta flights are irksomely uncomfortable for a man of my size, I have to say that the Delta employees, every one of them, were very affable and helpful. (Oh, and the touch screens on their planes suck.)

Watched some Jewel In The Crown while on the plane. Have it on my laptop, thanks to The Pirate Bay. Another aspect of the story which I had largely missed is that two of the heroic Brit characters, Sarah and Guy, --both blondes, btw--who disdain the Raj and its racism are perfectly happy with their class-based contempt for fellow White Ronald Merrick, the overt, but not the real, villain of the piece

I forget, because SFO is really so compact, that getting from the front door of a terminal at JFK, through the maze of security and to your gate, usually requires walking a half mile or more. At least it feels that way.

I just recently installed the Find My iPhone app on my phone and on my PC. So when I discovered the phone gone yesterday at the airport, I was able to locate it pretty exactly, inside the huge Delta terminal. A big thanks to my ex Thomas, who helped me install the app. (And once again, to B, for his generous bday gift.)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More moronic liberalism from its Popess

Episcopal Leader: Membership Losses Are 'Spirit's Way of Pruning for Greater Fruitfulness':

The dying nuns' orders play the same game.

I guess "The Spirit" pruned the Shakers into "greater fruitfulness", too.

They keep up their self-image by blaming their decline on their noble attachment to "social justice" when in fact they have sold out entirely to a cultural Marxism that mandates their self-erasure.

Liberalism is indeed the ideology of Western suicide, brought to you by Whites, --and White wymyn at that--
The Most Foolish People On The Planet©

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PS. When Pope Benedict suggested that a smaller and more orthodox Church might be providential future, Catholic liberals yelled "Elitist!".  I am sure Episcopalian liberals are feeling the same way...not.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Propaganda Machine Works

My mother, a dedicated watcher of Fox News, estimated --when I asked her-- that America is 40% Black and 17% Gay.

The real numbers are 12% and 3%ish.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

The icon of decline

If you look closely at this image, you can see pretty well everything that's wrong with Western civilization now.

You think the Holocaust was bad?

The Claremont Institute - Blood-soaked History:

Try a little Chinese Marxism on for size.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Try as I might

there is almost always at least one incident of SV&U in my visits home.

SV&U is B's shorthand for "small, venal and uncharitable", the reaction grown adults have when their parents --mothers especially--push their ancient childhood buttons.

No details. Only to say that small, simple and uncomplicated things become dramatic, frustrating and complex in a nanosecond. And one goes from being a senior on Medicare to an 8 year old. Just that it still amazes me how visceral it is.

As the health care worker said to me, Your mother treats all her children like babies.


View of Sasquatch

From Nassau Point,  the other side of  Peconic Bay

Friday, August 16, 2013


Poor me. Forced to spend another afternoon by the pool, as I contemplate the decline of the West.

 I think of myself as a 5th-century Roman patrician on his farm hearing about the arrival of the Visigoths. Except that in our case the Visigoths are already in charge. O(doacer) sits on his throne in Washington. Or at the moment, in Martha's vineyard.

Edifice complex

I have no problem with great religious buildings. On the contrary. But here's two nut-job proposals:

Christianity's billion dollar tomb...


trying to recreate the 14th century in Wyoming...

Plus, a free extra, an already-build African riff on St Peter's, put up in the middle of nowhere by an African Big Man to memorialize himself, to the tune of 300 million dollars in the 80's.

White Privilege

"White Privilege" is a fraud.

Along with all the other "privileges": male, abled, English-speaking, tall and, my favorite, "cisgendered."

If a group really had privilege, that is, group status, then no one would dare point it out, much less feel free to use it as an accusation or expect the members of this group to take you seriously, even more astoundingly, force you to go through a de-programming course about it.

We can be accused of racism on the slightest pretext and immediately have to go into defense mode, with the outcome clear. As with witchcraft --which is the pre-modern equivalent of "racism"-- once you are accused, you are guilty, even if you escape the pyre.

The three pillars of group success are wealth, power and status. Whites still hold (and create) most of the wealth, and even though they implicitly accept that they don't deserve it and acquiesce to its loss, most of the power. But Whites have completely surrendered their status. It is a Potemkin village status, very much like the status of a dying and unloved rich old uncle or a termite-infested wooden house.

Otherwise why would we condescend to pay attention to the manipulative whinings of an Oprah Winfrey about her $38,000 purse*, or accept that a White rodeo clown be punished for wearing an Obama mask while thousands of our fellow Whites are being slaughtered by Black savages in South Africa?

We have lost our status because we are The Most Foolish People On the Planet (c).


*Or pay money to see The Butler, which will once more drag out the Passion Play of noble and wise Black victimization and White evil. Regular readers will know that ExC sees these films --like The Help-- as nothing more than propaganda decoys, sermonizing past grievances in order to keep White Guilt alive so that the complete and self-induced meltdown of Blacks in America may continue to be compulsorily ignored. This is Black Privilege, granting moral highground victim status on the basis of skin color, wholly apart from any personal achievement. Scam 101.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer idyll

The bigger town 3 miles from "Sasquatch." 

People born in the 1600s are buried here. 

The railroad station

So I feel at home..;)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

As my very civilized friend Gloria said

after watching Hannibal, where the doctor forced the bad guy to eat part of his own brain, sauteed in butter, for dinner, "Now that was very satisfying."

Another occasion for such a pronouncement (even if this little short is too PC for my taste):


The Most Foolish People On The Planet, continued Why are white people so gullible?:

And I am supposed to give a shit about Trayvon Martin?

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Rule by minorities, continued

California Gov. Brown signs transgender-student bill | Fox News:

Victims rule!

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In the homeland

Been in New York for the last few days and am now at "Sasquatch", which is Mr B's name for the tiny North Fork village where my mom lives. Population 349, of whom 325 are White. This little place is where my siblings and I actually think "home" is, even though it is the place we spent our summers.

For me, it is the other extreme, coast-wise, from San Francisco. Pacific-Atlantic, mountains and surf, lowlying fields and bays; the last edge of America, its first settlements, closest to Europe.

Had a bizarre and alarming dream,which is why I am awake so early. Strange conversations with South African Boer women I do not know, and winding up totally lost --without my iphone!-- in a strange SA city. Woke me up.

Part of the shock of coming home is watching TV news with my mother, an avid Fox fan. Even the hearty right-wingers of Fox seem strangely unreal to me. I give Bill O'Reilley for zeroing in on Black youth crime and the dissolution of the Black family. He will not be thanked for saying that truth. But does Mark Levin actually think that there is a hope in hell for a set of constitutional amendments to save the country?

And the commercials...

But the wild salmon I made on the grill last night....mmmm. Mom said it was the best meal she'd had in weeks.



Friday, August 09, 2013

What color is your elephant?

Instapundit » Blog Archive » K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: A lengthy cri de couer from a reader: I’ve thought about this and thoug…:

Is it merely Ex Cathedra's inherent evil that makes him think that the one item not mentioned at all in this piece is in fact the real heart of the matter?

What could that be? Hmmmm.

Maybe the same one at the center of this hysteria?

(Let me remind my readers that Ex Cathedra's complete change of heart on this issue stems almost entirely from the fact that his country is being run into the ground because of an utterly false set of ideas and attitudes about this issue in particular and the suicidal buy-in of a majority of The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c).)

Their continuing, even accelerating, self-destruction is not your fault. Not.

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BBC News - Outrage as Swiss move to segregate asylum-seekers:

Why the hell are they even there in the first place!?

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Now my day is ruined!

BBC News - Oprah Winfrey 'was victim of racism' in Switzerland:


Plus, Samuel L Jackson tells "the young brothers" it's Open Season

Eternally victims. No clue as to their own role in the game.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

True Tween

I no longer watch True Blood, but I do watch the trailers and the episode summaries. That's bad enough.

But I notice a weird commonality between TB and the tweener hit series, Twilight. Both of them star a girl who is the object of the insane passion of two competing males.

Female vanity. It explains a great deal of our post-feminist culture. Galaxies of unreality designed to make girls feel better about themselves.

And, of course, given my orientational diversity (!), I fail to see the attraction. Bella always was a dud. Sookie had some spark but now she is what the Blacks and Gays call "a hot mess."

As usual, I think Jacob and Edward, and Eric and Bill would make better couplings, sans the girls

Actually, Jacob and Eric...or Jacob and Alcide...or Alcide and Jason.

Go back to sleep, ExC.

Potemkin PC

Leaving for a trip to see the family in NY soon and this always gives me jitters, so I am wide awake in the middle of the night. It's not the family especially, but leaving home for any kind of trip usually stirs up my stomach for a few days prior. Separation anxiety.

Anyhoo, I am watching Star Trek Enterprise. I like Scott Bakula, and his connection with his engineer is a kind of bromance I enjoy. But what I am noticing now is the crew.

Of course, as always with Star Trek, the human crew of the ship is multiracial. Part of Star Trek's bogus vision of the utopian future. But we have the same hothouse, or Potemkin, multiculturalism that we see in the Harry Potter series. Aside from their names, their food preferences and the color of their skin, all these "diverse" characters are all actually White.

There is no racial tension, no troublesome differences in behavior or attitude, no sense of group loyalty, hostility or conflict. As with Rowling's world, the pretense of "moving beyond race" means that the other races are moral window dressing and everyone acts White. It is a funny liberal form of White supremacy.

That would be just fine with me, but it's not the reality on actual Earth in the 21st century.


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Did U know?

That if only White votes had been counted in 2012, Obama would only have won 10 states. And if only White men's votes had been counted, just seven? Out of 50?

Think about that.

And the Republican Party --90% of whose votes in 2012 came from Whites--is hysterically (and fruitlessly) seeking to woo the Latinos.


Car lust

My Isuzu Rodeo was sideswiped into oblivion about four years ago...God, I can't believe that...and I have been car-less since. Frankly, it is emasculating. That loss was just one of several that took quite a few chunks out of me in 2010.

Anyway, it's summer here and even though I have objective reasons to be gloomy, I've done quite enough of that over the past couple of years. At the moment, even though I believe that America and the West are sinking, I am in a fairly good mood.

And one of the oddities is that, even though buying a car is out of financial reach, I find myself looking at them with desire.

I do like the look of the Ford Escape. Sturdy SUV --all the taxi companies in town use it--and classier than the Isuzu.

But today I came across a car I would really love to have. I mean, really love to have. Their marketing totally hooked me. Can you have a midlife crisis at 65 and want a car aimed at the youth market? The Nissan Juke.

The Nissan site has the come-on here and this video gives the walk-around. God, if I had the money I think I'd be down at the dealer's tomorrow.

I even like the name.



The US dropped nukes on Hiroshima this day in 1945. Even that was not enough to make the Japanese surrender. Nagasaki followed.

It saved many American lives that would have been lost in an invasion of the home islands.

And people like to forget the extreme savagery of the Japanese in that war. Makes Abu Graib look like a kindergarten.

Good idea, then, the bomb. No regrets.


Monday, August 05, 2013

Thanks to Marx

About a year ago, I noted my appreciation of the Marxist notion of mystification.

Mystification: plausibly mis-representing forms of exploitation as forms of benevolence. The exploiters use mystification to lull the exploited group into feeling at one with them, feeling gratitude to them and feeling evil or even insane to think of opposing them. 

I continue, morally unimproved and even worse after a year, to see White Liberals as victims of racial mystification, their erasure embraced by them as a form of participation in a higher cause.

The higher cause is represented by Obama, but its real faces, among others, are Holder, Sharpton and Detroit.


Even in sleep

Ex Cathedra is producing infallible truth.

At the end of some dream narrative, a voice --mine or another's, I don't know-- said:

The human species is inherently tribal, territorial, hierarchical, competitive and conflictual. Anyone who tries to build a society by forgetting that is lost.

Just in case you forgot.


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Gene splicing


I've been grudgingly accumulating official tokens of my seniority in the last few months: Medicare, a discount card for the subway, the right to sit in those front seats reserves for seniors and the disabled, discounts at the movies and at national parks.

I was cleaning out my storage closet today and found my old racquetball racket. I loved that game. Maybe the only sport I ever really did. I haven't played in over 25 years, but I guess I kept the racket just in case.

Well, I will never play that game again. Not with my knees. So it went out into the pile that's leaving for good. Nice memories of those games.



Creepy faggots

Hey, if Blacks can say Nigger, then I can say Faggot. Ain't that right, bitch?

This queen is gonna sue the CofE because she's sooooo upset that she's not getting the lavish ceremony that she wants.

The whole liberal agenda in one sentence: I am still not getting what I want!

The PJ Tatler » Gay Couple to Sue Church of England to Force It to Perform Gay Weddings:

I'd rather have a beer with the Hell's Angels than sit in the same room with these queers.

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Old news

My previous post, which took powerful minorities and corralled them into single states, based simply on numbers, reminds me that numbers are not as important as placement.

Americans would consider it ridiculous to give such lopsided power to minority groups if they were geographically limited, --making it apparent how numerically small they are. But the fact that these groups are distributed all over the country AND most importantly, in cities, with consequent access to the central institutions of media and government power shows that this placement is what really matters. It gives them the appearance of huge numbers.*

In a recent poll, a lot of Americans thought that 25% of the country was gay!

Even in nature smaller creatures artificially inflate themselves to fool bigger enemies

*In the Alternate Commonwealth, perhaps legislative representation should include variations based on population density rather than on states: city, suburban and rural.


coming home to Roosskie.

Lots of agitation in the gaysphere about new anti-gay laws in Russia, especially in light of the Winter Olympics to be held there at Sochi.

I certainly don't blame gays for the homegrown dislike of homos in Russia. But if you are a Russian not of the Davos Man persuasion and see what effects the LGBT movement has had in the West, --- to say nothing of Pussy Riot's desecration of a highly symbolic Moscow Cathedral--why would you not put your foot down early and hard?

You should welcome gay liberation when you know that down the road ordinary businesspeople will be sued for not wanting to photograph samesex weddings or make samesex wedding cakes, or fined and silenced for hatespeech for quoting the Bible? The Church of England is now being sued to force it to hold gay weddings. If you learn anything about gay politics, --or any liberal grievance victim group--it is that it is never enough: each step won is only preliminary to the next one. So why not nip the whole thing in the bud?

LGBTs in America constitute between 3-4% of the population, no more by the latest info.That's the gay men and the lesbians and the bisexuals and the transgenders all together. You could put us all into the state of Pennsylvania and the rest of the country would be completely empty of LGBTs. Can you imagine one state having this much power? And for this tiny demographic, think of all the legal changes in the last decades.

[While I'm at it with my theme of minority dominance, you could fit all the Jews (2%) into the state of Washington. All the Blacks (12%) into California. All the Muslims --less than 1%-- into Arkansas.]

Really, boyz and girlz, how can you be surprised that the Rooskies (among others) have decided to respond so negatively?

Friday, August 02, 2013

Scattershots in August

My cousin the nun put up a share on FB showing an Indian chief in Brazil breaking down in tears because the Brazilian President --a female who is apparently not a worshipper of Gaia-- just approved a huge hydroelectric dam which will flood a million acres and displace 40k Indians.

What the post is pulling for is guilt and outrage, etc. The culprit of the piece is "globalism" which does not honor "diversity". I am unmoved. Why? Because the displacement of the Western Hemipshere's aboriginals was fated when Europeans first set foot in their "New World." Only an unavailable and mass preternatural awareness of the future could have moved them to take unprecedented steps to drive us out while we were still few in numbers.

The message I take away is not what I am supposed to take away. This incident tells me a) to resist with all your might becoming a minority in your own land and b) do not become so attached to your habitual traditional way of doing things that you cannot adapt to change. The flora and fauna that go extinct are the ones who are far too well adapted to their local environment and cannot handle change.

To me, the fate of the Indians is not a source of guilt, but a warning sign of what will happen to my tribe if we don't wake up.


Comedian Tim Allen recently took his life in his hands and gave an interview in which he defended Eeevil White Racist Chef Paula Deen and decried the prohibition on saying The N Word, along with a whole host of other words that the ideological descendants of the Free Speech Movement now forbid us to utter. Well, forbid Whites to utter. Allen remarked that in his movies with Martin Lawrence, Lawrence used "niggah" constantly, while Allen was forbidden to say it. As ExC notes, this is an exercise in dominance, no different from the old South custom of calling a Black man boy and him having to call a White man sir. 

I suddenly thought of Harry Potter and He Who Must Not Be Named. As Hermione smartly pointed out, defending Harry when he refused to abide by the ban, fear of the word increases fear of the thing. So the Good Guys eventually all start saying Lord Voldemort. Is the prohibition on saying Nigger really any different?


My reading of JK Rowling's great work of imagination is in the ballpark of what Harold Bloom calls misprision, a creative mis-reading. As I've noted, while the central war of the books and its central moral issue, the Pure Bloods vs the Mixed Bloods, can be lazily read as a promotion of a multiracial and egalitarian Britain, the Rowling's Wizarding World itself accepts and relies on the very differences, animosities, dominances, exclusions and inequalities such a Liberal reading would shriekingly condemn.

I notice the same thing in Star Trek, whose underlying liberalism I have come to see clearly and roll my eyes over. But even there, the "evils" prohibited on the utopian Earth are projected out into the cosmos as the condition for having any story to tell at all!

While the Earthlings have achieved blissful sex and race and class parity, --thanks mostly to Vulcan technology--what goes unnoticed is the inter-species racism of Spock, a halfbreed like Voldemort, who holds the human race --with the exception of his friend Jim-- in contempt. If you made Spock a White-identified White-Black halfbreed and transferred his attitude toward Homo Sapiens to "African-Americans", you'd have a liberal's nightmare of unabashed racism. But Spock is the noblest character in the series, completely Tefloned against such low suspicions.

Sometimes even when you lie, you have to tell the truth.

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Acts au naturel

De mortuis nil nisi bonum, except...

Remembering the Dead, from Selma | VDH's Private Papers:

An essay both personal and professional by VDH. He makes an exception to the rule of not speaking ill of the dead in the case of Gore Vidal. Understandable.

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Rotten to the core

John Boot laments the four Lefty Lies that ruin Hugh Jackman's X-Men movie Wolverine: animal rights trump human rights, gays are continuingly victimized in our society, women are as strong as men and liberalism is all about tolerance.

I beg to differ. The X-Men franchise has been ruined from Day One. Its very premise is its problem: that a new species of super-powerful humanoids must be seen as victimized outsiders oppressed by the discriminatory ignorance and fear-based hatred of the human race.

The truth is, as is the case in True Blood, that the victimized outsiders really do constitute a mortal threat to the human race and should be exterminated. Would Hollywood make a movie chastising the Aztecs for their racist and selfish attacks on the Spanish? (Oh, wait. They didn't attack them. They took a fatalistic wait-and-see approach and were wiped out.)

The whole premise of the movie series is to teach people yet again --certain people especially-- to make reaction formation their default mode of thinking. Reaction formation is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one embraces and expresses attitudes that are directly contrary to how one really feels, because one's real feelings are so deeply unacceptable; they are repressed and replaced by their polar opposite.

These movies teach us, as do so many organs of our suicidal culture, that when we confront strangers who are powerful and invasive, the very last thing we have the right to do is suspect them, reject them or, God forbid, expel them. That would be the worst of sins: discrimination. This schema demonizes our instincts for group survival and makes automatic submission to aliens the highest act of morality.

Hugh Jackman may be a physical marvel as Wolverine, but as an actor in this film he serves a narrative that is anything but marvelous.

Damn but this boy can write

Another Chick And The Wall | Chateau Heartiste:

Not nice. At all. But the English language on steroids.

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More hyphens

Found this little history piece on the emergence and use of Judeo-Christian in American religious parlance.

For my own reasons, I have decided not to use it anymore.


De meanings of demeanings

My regular commentor Sean raised the issue of masculinity, dominance and inferiority. Reminded me of an incident back in my sacerdotal days. A way in which men and women are fundamentally different.

The group of Dominican friars I lived with had a group of Dominican sisters who lived across the parking lot. We did a lot of work together. And one of the sisters wanted to be a priest. Very badly. She even went so far one day as to say that if the friars had Mass together in our priory without a woman present, the Mass was invalid because half the human race was missing. On other days, she said we should refuse to have Mass altogether until women could be ordained. She was smart and personable in some ways, but clearly, on this issue, nuts.

Anyway, one of the friars was a newly ordained deacon. At the parish Mass the next Sunday, it was his role to read the Gospel and preach. The ceremony is done as follows: at the right moment, the deacon takes the Book of the Gospels from the altar, bows, then carries it with him to stand before the presiding priest, who remains at his chair. He bows before the priest and asks his blessing. Still bowed, with head and shoulders down, he receives it in the Sign of the Cross and thee words: May the Lord be in your heart and on your lips that you may worthily proclaim his Holy Gospel.

In the ancient rite, he kneels and the priest stands in front of the altar.

The deacon then stands upright, goes to the pulpit and does this. The public reading or chanting of the Gospel at Mass, btw, is strictly reserved to ordained men.

The nun was sitting next to me that day, watching this. She whispered to me, I could never do that bowing. It is so demeaning. 

That, lady, is because you are a woman and why you don't understand men. Or the priesthood.

I know, from having been both a deacon and a priest in that ritual, that there is nothing at all demeaning in it. For a man, anyway. On the contrary, it is really about mutual recognition, bonding and respect, about courtly dignity and a shared sense of sacred order. To arrive at a place in the priestly hierarchy where you have an honored role within it, and show your place in it and are recognized by a more powerful member of it as belonging within it...that is far indeed from demeaning. It is an honor for a male. The fundamental task of the male is to find his proper place within the masculine tribe, a tribe which is always hierarchical. The worst fate is not to be on a lower rung, but to be on the outside of it entirely.*

As I learned from Anthony Stevens, the heart of the masculine archetype is rank and the heart of the feminine archetype is affiliation. And as I then saw myself: men use rank to create affiliation and women use affiliation to create rank.

Who is more savagely hierarchical than a group of girlfriends? Guy that I am, I much prefer the former for its honesty.

And while we are on the subject of religion, it seems to pass unnoticed by liberals and by feminists, that Christ's entire mission and centrality is wholly based on his obedient submission to the will of his Father. The Trinity, a deeply masculine image, asserts a root psychological truth: that the Father is First and the Son is Second, that the Son proceeds from the Father, and that both are equally God. A doctrine only a man could have imagined.

(And continuing, if you take the most deeply patriarchal and male-driven religion in the world, what does its name and program, its fundamental form of affiliation, mean?)

*That, btw, is the base wound of gay men: not to be considered lesser men but not to be considered men at all.

The Mighty Whities

That's what Jack Donovan calls the White Nationalists.

When I first took a cyber-peek into that world, I had a sense of transgression that I have not felt since I first listened to Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura on the radio in my car. But ramped up even more.

I am a rather reactive transgressor when it comes to intellectual boundaries. Tell me that I may eat of all the fruit of the Garden save one, and that one suddenly becomes the most interesting fruit in the garden. So if you tell me that I can investigate --and I have-- the Nation of Islam, Satanism, the Khmer Rouge, Haitian Voodoo, Westboro Baptist Church, androphobic lesbianism, fundamentalist Judaism, even the current epitome of evil, German National Socialism, but on no account should I be caught reading vdare or The Occidental Observer, or worse, I demur.

I will read what I goddamn well please.

The bigger the taboo, the more interested I become, even if I feel some trepidation about it. And apart from paedophilia (perhaps), I can think of no bigger taboo than White Nationalism.

The rabbis developed a conscious strategy for protecting their religion in the mad flux of the Greco-Roman world: build a fence around the Torah. It is the very opposite of the modern idea of clinging to the essentials only and letting the "peripherals" go. The rabbis concentrated heavily on the peripherals so that you'd never even think of transgressing an essential. Is it a sin to work on the Sabbath? If writing is a form of work, then, say, forbid Jews even to touch a pen after sundown on Friday. A theological broken windows policy. It worked for a very long time.

Liberalism functions similarly. Even going near the boundaries of The Egalitarian Faith elicits outcries, shrieks and attacks. "Witchcraft! Witchcraft!" Inconvenient truth, --now known as "a hate fact"--is, as in contemporary Canada, no defense.

Nevertheless...therefore?...I investigate. And learn.

A long prologue to my point: a battle, in this tiny all-male world, between Traditions: the pagans vs the Christians. Though fascinating, at this point it makes them seem more tighty than mighty.


An RC liberal wake up?

When does our hope for Francis become denial? | National Catholic Reporter:

At least one Catholic liberal is waking up to the facts. Pope Francis is a different style than Benedict...or lots of others in the lineage...but he's pretty damn orthodox. Which is kinda what the job description calls for. I see him as an attention-hungry and imprudent blabbermouth, (aka, an extravert feeling type) but he's a very Roman Catholic.

Catholics are not very End-Time oriented. No Left Behind interests, unless the Virgin Mary appears to peasant children with secrets and threats. After waiting around for 2000 years for Jesus to return in glory, they figure, like the Orthodox, that that'll happen when it happens and they have other things to do in the meanwhile. They look down on apocalyptic groups who are always expecting The Rapture or some such silly thing. And especially on groups who have a timetable. Which, of course, is always wrong, but which seems often to increase the believers' faith rather than end it.

But liberal Catholics are very much like these guys. At every papal election they are always waiting for John XXIII to return in glory. At least their cartoon version of him. And he never does. Or will. Always let down. Pope Francis is now the object of their frantic projections, hoping in their hearts that it would be he who would redeem the Church from its sinful structures. But, hey, kids. As this lesbian is telling you, he's cool on the outside --if you like that kinda guy-- but on the inside he's just as heteronormative and patriarchal as the rest.

The other funny thing is the leftist habit of fixing all their hopes on The Great Man. For a group of egalitarian populists, they sure do love their Kings.

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