Friday, February 28, 2014

Tangled Webs

Richard Spencer, a professional anti-Muslim campaigner who knows his stuff, often takes the now standard Western conservative line that criticizes Islam over its treatment of women. As if the current feminist regime in the West and its male-hatred were not one of the corrosive elements that have made Islam a protected species in the first place.


The Wisdom of Michelle Antoinette, continued

Michelle Obama: America's Moms Are 'Confused and Bewildered,' 'Defeated' 
by Grocery Shopping | CNS News:

George Washington is turning over in his grave.

Plus, this great news in the "USA RIP" category:
If the Wetbacks are offended, no American flag.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bevelling the edges

Essay explains Mormon teaching on ‘becoming like God’ | The Salt Lake Tribune:

Every time the LDS try to wriggle out of one of their historically clearly-held but now-embarrassing doctrines or practices --plural marriage, Blacks excluded from priesthood, non-Mormon Christians as apostates of the devil, exaltation to godhood, polytheism, and, it now appears, Joseph Smith's unique and astounding King Follett Sermon-- they move closer to the realm of Protestant boredom.

As the pathetic state of mainstream Christianity shows, trying to please your "cultured despisers" is the road to oblivion.

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Horse already out of the barn

Obama's Disdain For The Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic - Forbes:

We lost it at least 50 years ago.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Psyched out

One of my favorite shows for several years, Psych, is now in its final and eighth season. Shawn Spencer, played by James Roday, once pretty hot stuff, has, well, declined matured...

In 2013



Been doing the Tim Ferris Slo-Carb diet for several months now. Lost over 25 lbs and feeling much lighter and energetic. Pretty much daily gym workouts, too. More like my peak self of 2002-2010.

You can take one day off per week from this diet --which is pretty easy to follow in itself-- and eat whatever you want.

I find what I crave is:

  • mayonnaise
  • cheesecake
  • pancakes and syrup
  • oatmeal with raisins and milk
  • cheese
  • chocolate
  • cupcakes with icing
  • brandy and whiskey
  • a muffin with my morning coffee

I also find that just a little of these things satisfies me because they never actually taste as good in reality as you imagine them when you can't have them. (Except the oatmeal and the single-malt.)

A life lesson?


‘The Kennan Diaries,’ by George F. Kennan -

My pal Bill put me on to this review.

My feelings are mixed and I don't have the time at the moment to be clearer.
But mostly I find myself offended by and resentful of Fareed Zarakia and his kind
and their smug pieties.

A Muslim Indian immigrant gets to condescend to a native American statesman and his "racism."*

But hey, it's in the NYT, so what do you expect?

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*For newer readers, for ExC, "racism" is the "witchcraft" of modern times. All it means is: I don't like your attitude, Whitey. Shut up and apologize. That's all.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

ExC on Roger Scruton on James Burnham

From Scruton's Civilizational Suicide: the 12-step program (2008)
“Suicide,” as the political philosopher James Burnham observed in his book Suicide of the West, “is probably more frequent than murder as the end phase of a civilization.” And civilizational suicide, as Burnham knew, can take many forms and is always a more or less protracted affair. What Burnham warned about, and what we are still conjuring with, is the seductive toxin of unanchored liberalism.  
Burnham subtitled his book “The Definitive Analysis of the Pathology of Liberalism.” At the center of that pathology is an awful failure of understanding which is also a failure of nerve, a failure of “the will to survive.” 

Liberalism, Burnham concludes, is “an ideology of suicide.” He admits that such a description may sound hyperbolic. ” ‘Suicide,’ it is objected, is too emotive a term, too negative and ‘bad.’ ” But it is part of the pathology that Burnham describes that such objections are “most often made most hotly by Westerners who hate their own civilization, readily excuse or even praise blows struck against it, and themselves lend a willing hand, frequently enough, to pulling it down. 
It is time–far past time–that we get back to the task of building it back up. The first steps in that process are 1) jettisoning the rancid, self-hating pieties of multiculturalism and 2) recognizing and celebrating what is valuable in our own civilization.

What Mr Scruton and other conservatives cannot allow themselves to say --if they even know it anymore-- is that civilization is rooted in culture and culture is rooted in a people. Not everyone, but a people. Which requires definition. And definition, by definition, includes exclusion. This, and not that.

Which, of course, means race and nation.

One of the central "rancid, self-hating pieties of multiculturalism" is that Western Civilization can be claimed and continued by non-Westerners, that is, people not descended from Europeans. The outcome of this is Nancy Pelosi's claim that the more non-Americans America is filled with, the more American it is.

And a big part of the multicultural lie must be laid at our own doorstep. Since the Enlightenment at least, our claim to fame has not only been that our civilization is better than everyone else's but that its superiority rests precisely on its being the true civilization of all humanity. That universalism, once a source of pride, is now the door to our destruction. Cause that means our White Western civilization is really everybody's property.

Except ours.

The bizarre state we have come to is this: for ExCathedra to claim that White Western Civilization is the property and patrimony of White Westerners --and therefore not of anyone else-- is considered to be the deepest sin imaginable. We are required to bear the guilty for all of Western Civilization's sins --if in fact, sins they be--but dare not claim its glories for our own.

When I first saw the phrase, Liberalism is a mental disorder, I thought it was wildly exaggerated.

No more.



GayPatriot » Arizona Pushes Back Against the Wedding Cake Fascists:

But if Christian bakers can refuse gays who want cakes, why can't Muslim cabbies refuse to carry your dog...or you, if you smell of liquor?

Shows the end result of crazy when you mix anti-discrimination laws --which I have come to believe are a bad thing all around-- and then have populations cheek-by-jowl who really dislike each other.

The anti-discrimination laws and culture of the Liberal Nanny-Managerial-Therapeutic-Moralizing State are the sharia of a new religion. All other faiths --except Islam-- must be swept aside.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unfooling Mother Nature

Daily Garlic: This is amazing: How Wolves Change Rivers.:

A video on the multiple cascading effects throughout Yellowstone of the re-introduction of the wolves.

Reminds me once again that it's very likely the same people who genuflect in awe at the delicate and complex inter-connections of an ecosystem who then march hamfistedly into the human ecosystem  --culture--and re-arrange the furniture every few years or so, in order to "improve" it.

In particular, the killing off of the wolves in Yellowstone feels to me like an image of feminism.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Case in point

A Galling Betrayal | National Review Online:

For ExC's foreign policy dictum: We may go to war against Muslims but never, never, for Muslims.

They will always stab us in the back.

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While we honor free speech...

Google accuses WND of bad behavior:

They used the term "black mobs" in their reporting on the epidemic of, well, "black mobs" attacking Whites over the last several years.

The pious anti-racists over at the Goog were offended because it cast a minority in a bad light.

As one commentor to the article put it, Well, if the hoodie fits...

Good one.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Apologies, Mr President

The tragic nature of the world taken for granted, your USA had a really great run. Thanks.


She's got a good point

End of your arm: Here's Why Jews Are Our Own Worst Enemy:
Abe Foxman Blind to the Real "Neo-Nazis" Of Europe

As a highly intelligent man who often has done very stupid things, I note the stupid behavior of this highly intelligent group of people. As with all narcissist victim groups, they never know when to stop. Eventually this stuff comes back at you.

By fighting the last war against the German Nazis over and over in their heads, they endanger living Jews. But they will never learn. 
It's so cozy to be a professional Jew, fighting the ghosts of WW2 over and over and never facing the real threats to the Jewish people. 
Mark Steyn puts it clearly: Hath not a Jew eyes?

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Diary of an Expatriate Ice Person - Taki's Magazine:

The always-offensive Jim Goad laments the bad winter of 2014. He is reminded of the "theory" of one Leonard Jeffries, a CCNY "professor" of a-frickin-amurrkin heritage, who contrasted the sunny warmth of the dark-skinned Africans with the coldness and evil of the "ice-people" of Europe.

As a full-blooded Ice Guy, I wish we were a lot more cold and evil than we seem to be now.

Anyway, Goad --a terrific writer-- has this to say about the diff:
Sadly for Jeffries and his melanin-rich ilk, such social warmth hasn’t generated much in the way of technology—if it takes them a whole village to raise a child, I’d imagine it takes them a whole country to build a chair.
Now that was my laugh-out-loud moment for the morning. :)

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Environmentalism's heart

Human...well, actually, White human...self-hatred combined with moral exhibitionism brings us this:

 "In 1975, a young writer published a book arguing that no justifications exist for considering humans more important than members of other species. It slowly began to gain attention. Today, a quickly growing number of prominent individuals and political activists are adopting its conclusions."

Intro to Speciesism: The Movie.

Die, neo-hippy scum.


The Eve of St Valentine

Looking forward to a very pleasant evening with Mr B, my so-called "unboyfriend."   Evenings with Mr B are always very pleasant. Featured on the menu tonight will be a rare delicacy: salami sandwiches.

In our history, the salami sandwich is his token of affection. I got one to get me through my last lonely night at my old job. I got one to take with me when I flew back East for my Dad's funeral.
They have often figured in the lunch menu on hikes and picnics.

Since he's gone paleo and I've gone slow-carb, neither of us eats much bread anymore. So these sandwiches will also be a rare treat. As I continue to find his lively and affable company.

Reminded me of parts of another blog post of a few years back:

Had a couple of gloomy days this week. Provoked by a parking ticket and a missed appointment. 
No need for gory details, but these otherwise trivial events sparked that interwoven string of angers, fears and loathings I keep in my cupboard. They came out to play and made my stomach churn and my brain slow to a cranky grey slush on Wednesday and Thursday. I was whiny, self-pitying and unmanly. 
Mr B, while not really wishing to know what was bothering me --he's not much for talking things through-- knew that I was bothered, and therefore was his typical "salami sandwich" helper. 
I was taken out for a hamburger at a local high-ceilinged joint jammed with noisy schoolkids. I was walked over to the liquor store that sells the cheap cigars I favor. I was given a can of pasta with sauce, fabulously decorated with a picture of FogHorn LegHorn as the spokesman for Spaghetti-O's. I was semi-humorously complimented. I was semi-humorously needled. 
I was not coddled, but I was not left alone. It did the trick. 
Part of what I try to teach my patients is to recognize what love and concern comes their way even if it is not in the package that they imagine they want or deserve. I think people miss a lot of goodness directed at them because they have a rigid and pre-conceived notion of what care or support or sympathy "ought" to look like. 
I am grateful that I have learned how to recognize it in a hamburger, a cigar, a can of pasta and a joke. Mr B did not sit down and sympathetically try to talk through all my strung-together irritations. He just showed up. It's what he does. 

Happy Valentine's Eve.

Monday, February 10, 2014


NBC Commentator's Wardrobe Shows Support for LGBT | Truth Revolt:

Johnny Weir cross-dresses to show "LGBT" support.

Once again supporting the notion that "gay" doesn't mean "attracted to the same sex" as much as "confused about my gender."

Great. Thanks, Mary. Typical.

Commentors make a good point, that this week Putin's Russia is some kind of evil hell, but The First Gay President had no trouble bowing to the Saudi King, whose laws are truly draconian.

Guess it all depends on what Our Moral and Intellectual Betters decide for us.


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Sunday, February 09, 2014


Richard Dutcher was a Mormon film maker. I have watched his Brigham City a couple of times and found it moving.

A few years after that flic, his lifelong Mormon faith fell apart. On a YouTube channel about Mormons who leave their church, he describes what happened.

I am also someone who has changed his mind and left a life-long attachment behind. And Dutcher's story provoked what I guess you'd call a body memory, of how it feels when a world starts to dissolve. 

Not fun.


Saturday, February 08, 2014

Status and Power

Geraldo scolds O’Reilly: Shame on you for ‘minimizing’ Obama, stripping him of ‘his majesty’ - BizPac Review:

This incident shows yet again that in contemporary America, Black and White are moral states.

And "Black Privilege" grants to all Blacks the higher moral status of aggrieved victims, regardless of their individual lives. To say nothing of their group behaviors over the last fifty years.

Whites are always guilty. Even if given a temporary reprieve when they grovel sufficiently.

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Friday, February 07, 2014


Watching the entrance of the athletes at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the shocking numerical dominance of Caucasians is, well, shocking.

Given the Eurocentric origins and continuing Eurocentric name of these "global" games, it's not surprising.

Snow White Privilege.


Yumin rites

Google has treated us to a quote from the Olympic Charter:
"The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play." 
This leads ExC to ask WTF is not a "human right?"


One more meaningless phrase of the current religion.


I want what I want

when I want it.

And if I don't get it, it's a man's fault.

The Feminist Mystique | National Review Online:
 “Feminism is the words ‘I Want!’ in the mouths of three or more women, provided they’re the right kind of women.” Feminism must therefore accommodate wildly incompatible propositions — e.g., (1) Women unquestionably belong alongside men in Marine units fighting pitched battles in Tora Bora but (2) really should not be expected to be able to perform three chin-ups. Or: (1) Women at Columbia are empowered by pornography but (2) women at Wellesley are victimized by a statue of a man sleepwalking in his Shenanigans. And then there is Fluke’s Law: (1) Women are responsible moral agents with full sexual and economic autonomy who (2) must be given an allowance, like children, when it comes to contraceptives.

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Dark Enlightenment?

Watching the continuing autoimmune disorder of Liberalism destroy its host organism, I suspect that Machiavelli would say:

If you do not dominate your women, they will dominate you.
If you do not dominate your minorities, they will dominate you.


Thursday, February 06, 2014


Widow of Philadelphia Cop Expresses Outrage over Obama Justice Nominee (Video) | Independent Film, News and Media:

The administration of "Barack Hussein Obama" appoints "Debo Adegbile" who defended "Mumia Abu Jamal."

Big surprise.

And the implosion of what was once America encapsulated in those bizarre alien names.

While we're at it, Somalis at Democrat gathering in Minnesota break out in riot. Somalis. In Minnesota.

Again, it's another encapsulation.

A repeat of 5th century Rome.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Ridley Scott doing his thing in his prequel to Alien. Impressive computer special effects. Everything else is either derivative or really preposterous. And I mean really preposterous.


Monday, February 03, 2014

A Liberal law

What tradition has promoted must be dismantled
and what tradition has discouraged must be sanctified.

For example, gay marriage and interracial marriage and adoption have now achieved sanctified status and only bigots and haters question them. 


Religious, not spiritual

From Mr B, for today's feast of St Blaise, protector against ailments of the throat.
When I think about it, my favorite memories of Catholic ritual are the acts devoid of reason. No logic, no explanation, just fifty kids standing in line waiting for a priest to rub two candle sticks on their throats. That was fun; plus, no "Rejoice" banners were around.



Sunday, February 02, 2014


Comedians often tell truths we are not otherwise allowed to notice or know.

HT to Mr B


Saturday, February 01, 2014

I wonder

Why are Nazis worse than Communists?

Why is Adolf Hitler the epitome of Evil Itself, rather than the choir of Marxist murderers ranging from Lenin to Stalin to Mao to Pol Pot and even Che?

Why is a highly localized ideology that lasted for no more than 12 years so much worse than a globally metasticized one that lasted for 70+ years?

Why can an academic call him/herself a Marxist and suffer nothing, even be seen as brave, edgy and ethical, but can have a career ended by someone else considering him/her a Nazi?


Another thought experiment

Suppose that the Democrats created a platform which aimed at creating a peaceful multicultural USA and finally resolving the central American problem of (White) racism by envisioning a population as follows:

25% Black, 35% Hispanic, 10% Asian, 5% Other and 25% White.

This would be achieved non-violently over a few decades, by a variety of immigration measures and legal and financial inducements.

On what grounds could American Whites, either Liberals or Conservatives, oppose this?


The Darker Dark Side

I have often referred to myself as having "gone over to the Dark Side" because I was a gay liberal who became a conservative.

As the catastrophe of ObamaNation has unfolded since 2008, conservatism has seemed an increasingly empty vessel, unable to confront much less slow or halt the "progressive" juggernaut. American conservatism shares too many common assumptions with Liberalism to fight it. One primary one is the acceptance of the notion that all men are created equal. And all women. And all groups.

Since the repeat of 2008 in November of 2012, it has seemed to me that the decline is accelerating. And so I have begun to think of myself less as a conservative and more of a half-assed reactionary. It has harder and harder to think of a multi-ethic and equality-loving polity based in the Enlightenment (as was the American founding) which would not eventually turn into the democracy we now have. And democracy in the sense that the republican Founding Fathers meant it: mob rule by ballot box.

Turns out that there is a thing called The Dark Enlightenment, even darker than RightWing Conservatism.

This angel keeps falling.


Black History Month

The shortest month of the year.

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