Thursday, October 31, 2013

Too fine a point

Burnham's Law is at the heart of Liberalism: whoever occupies the victim position, wins.

When he named Liberalism as "the ideology of Western suicide",  what is implied in "Western" and which Ex Cathedra --and other evil people-- makes explicit is that Western = White.

Liberalism is the ideology of White suicide.

As I was walking home from my office earlier, I passed a Sikh on the street. He works at the local Indian restaurant. He's probably in his late sixties, dressed in a workaday suit, open shirt and great grey beard and moustache, with the characteristic turban. He is darkish (a Bronze Caucasian) and makes no eye contact with anyone who passes him by.

My job, as I pass him, is to make believe that I do not notice how out of place and exotic he is. That is what White people's job is, when faced with racial strangers. He owes me nothing; I owe him proof that I am not a racist.

I thought of this because I went food shopping down in Serramonte yesterday --Target has the best prices for staples. I was in a largely Philippino part of the Bay Area. Both Whites and Blacks stand out in the sea of Pacific Islanders.

Walking my cart back to my car, I watched a very tall Black man in his 60's, ostentatiously dressed in a pin striped three piece suit, a fedora with a feather and a cane, as he walked past a family of either Philippinos or Chinese gathered around their cart, talking loudly about something.

He slowed down and stared and them, but kept on moving, turning his head and quite obviously perusing them as if they were some strange intrusion into his world. His face was fairly calm, but it was a display of body language which clearly showed his sense that it was his right to stare at these Others.

Now try to imagine a White man or woman doing that.

Or as earlier in the store, when the one Black family in the long checkout line started a bout of yelling, centered on their pouty and agitated 10 year old.

It would be "a racial incident."

Completely against the rules. For me.

When it comes to race, Whites have only moral and social obligations. No rights. Non-Whites must be treated with (in Shelby Steele's brilliant distillation) license and deference. Whites may demand nothing of Non-Whites, neither the most dysfunctional and self-destructive ghetto dweller nor the most recent alien immigrant (legal or illegal). All the adapting and all the respecting, all the license and deference, is a one way proposition.

That's why I find the "White Privilege" game so fraudulent. And why I say that while we have most of the wealth and some of the power, we have all the status of a log cabin infested with termites or a rich uncle on his deathbed.

This is one more step on the downward spiral of Liberalism, the ideology of White suicide.


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