Tuesday, October 08, 2013


The Irish Savant: Rudd's "Abology":

The anthropology data in this item left Ex Cathedra's jaw dropped. All I ever heard about Australian aborigines from psych workshops was that they had rich dream lives and played the didjeridoo very well. We even had a didjeridoo workshop once. They luvvvvv them some Noble Savages.

I wonder if the fact that they have the lowest average IQ of any human group has something to do with this?

(Aboriginals, not Jungians,)

And while I'm at it, fishing off the end of the Consensus Reality pier, this bit of "info." Which is the hoax? (Not that it makes any difference. As the final line on the page understand, Obama is not the problem but the symptom. The American electorate put him in office. Twice.)

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Anonymous said...

Sweet merciful Mother. That's disgusting and horrific. To put it mildly. I won't elaborate any more for fear of getting some nosy liberal reporting me for reeduca- I mean, sensitivity training.

Freud's death drive proudly on display. Some cultures, it seems, never raised their gaze from the ground to the stars. They should count themselves lucky that it was 19th Century Europeans who happened upon them. Any other group would've probably killed them to a man in a fit of disgust and terror.

The Aborigines seem utterly devoid of the Godhead. Father judge them without remorse, Warrior punish them without flinching, Shaman correct them without deception.


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