Monday, October 28, 2013


Jack Donovan, author of Androphilia and The Way of Men, reports on some of his recent experiences. A sample (slightly re-formatted):
On July 20, an intern from ABC emailed me and asked to speak with me on the phone about the “manosphere.” I agreed, and a couple of days later, the two of us had a nice talk about my work... 
I offered to appear on-camera for this during my phone call with ABC’s summer intern. She was actually rather sweet, and naively said to me, “my producer wanted me to find a bunch of angry guys who would say crazy things, but so far you all seem very calm and your views are much more well thought-out than I expected.”

This reaffirms everything we already know about how the media really works, so I hope that nice girl finds another line of work, before the business turns her into a sociopathic whore who will do or say anything for a trashy story. 
ABC never got back to me about an on-camera interview.



Anonymous said...

I liked Jack's line that nobody in the Manosphere likes the term because "it sounds like a gay Thunderdome." Which prompted somebody on his Facebook to joke: "Things I learned today: Jack Donovan wants to create a gay Thunderdome." He doesn't talk about his homosexuality much nowadays, but the flak he has gotten makes it unavoidable. Poor guy. But at least he can rock a suit. Yum! :)

Out of curiosity, how is Jack with responding to emails? I emailed him about the possibility of me starting a gay Manosphere blog Friday night, and he hasn't gotten back to me.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

I know how he is with me, which is timely, but we know each other. He's got a lot on his plate lately and anything with the word "gay" in it decreases his interest.

When he wrote Androphilia as a farewell to "gay", he wasn't kidding.

Why not just launch out on your own see what happens?

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