Thursday, October 10, 2013

thought crime du jour

Not original with ExC, but pretty telling.

Try out these three factual sentences on someone.

"It's pretty clear that men commit far more crimes than women."

          Likely response: Duh.

"And stats show that young men commit far more crimes than older men."

          Likely response: Makes sense.

"And also that young Black men commit disproportionately more crimes than any other group."

          Likely response: Racist!

Statement #3 is what is known as a "hate fact", something which is "factually" true but which makes an Officially Protected Sacred Victim Group look bad, or worse, feel bad. In The Republic of Virtue, aka, Canada, their Supreme Court recently ruled that someone can be penalized for hate speech even if what they are saying is true...Tru dat. Really.

Now that I have dug myself a little deeper in the Hell of the Outer Depths, I'm off to the gym and then this afternoon to a beach trip to Pescadero with B and lunch at an unlikely award-winning little eatery off the beaten path.

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