Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Brit obsession

It is amazing how often in contemporary British crime series we have insane religious people or groups or cults involved in murder because of some Biblical obsession. Fascinating to watch a completely secular and anti- post-Christian culture project both their hatred and their wilful ignorance of their own past, knowing there will be no pushback.

What you never see is Islamic murder and mayhem.

If you check the demographics of Britain's prisons, you'll see who it's really full of and it's not psychotic native* Christians.

*African and Caribbean Black Christians in the UK, however, have been known to behave abominably.

2010 Stats on Prison Population in England and Wales

% of pop race n in custody % of prisoners %prison to %pop
83.4% white 61,229   72% -12%
1.8% mixed 2,995   4% x2
5.9% asian 6,042   7% almost equal
2.8% black 11,639   14% x5
0.8% chinese or other 1,202   1% almost equal
  unk 1,895   2%
  total 85,002   100%


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Anonymous said...

You silly Christians, believing in a dead Jew who taught about pacifism but being obsessed with guns and violence! We liberals, who believe in complete equality but treat some groups better than others for no rational reason, are so much more reasonable than you!

That about sums it up, right?


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