Thursday, October 31, 2013

Racial BS and Tonto's Razor

We play a game in America where we are supposed to distinguish between race and ethnicity. The government does it and private sector folks play along.

We have the races: White, Black, Asian, Native...and then we have the Hispanics, who are treated as a racial rainbow, within which we find Whites, Blacks, and mixed.

A recent study about American in 2040 has two separate reports, one on race and one on ethnicity. In the first one, White includes a chunk of the Hispanics...apparently. Just as the census and the DOJ do. In a second one, on ethnicity, we just have Hispanics and Non-Hispanics.

It's BS, designed to hide the fact that Hispanics are a race.

But how can I say that, since there's all kind of genetic mixing among them?

Tonto's Razor, that's how. In short, if you can play the race card, you're not White.

Example: a White man makes a Hispanic man unhappy. Be SeƱor Garcia of pure Spanish European origin, Euro/Indian mestizo in greater or lesser degree, or visibly Indian or African, he can call the White man a racist and racism will be the issue.

Not "ethnicism."  That's when an Italian and an Irishman in New York call each other names. No one cares. They're both White. Zzzz.

So let's stop the crap. In America, Marco Rubio is not White, regardless of what his genes tell you. He's Hispanic. (And "White Hispanic" is only useful when you want to blame Whites for poor little Trayvon. No one ever called Governor Richardson a "White Hispanic.") And Hispanics of any color have People Of Color Privilege when they need it, which means they can call a Whitey a racist and the games will begin.

So in America, Hispanics are a race.

*Republican POC's lose this traction in the eyes of Democrats, for whom race is defined also by political allegiance, but should a Colin Powell turn against his former associates and cry "Racism!", he'd become a hero.


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