Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Adventures in civilizational decline

Pentagon's Chief Personnel and Readiness Officer: Diversity and Inclusion Critical to Mission Success | National Review Online:

"Diversity", probably the most skin-crawling word in contemporary English. Especially when spoken by a White. It reeks of, "See what a good boy I am, massa?"

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Anonymous said...

Oh look. It's a female feminist spouting this garbage. I'm shocked. Shocked I say.


I've noticed that the coverage of the White Nationalist conference that Jack attended consisted of little more than snark, scoffing at the "ridiculous" views of the White Nationalists, quotes robbed of context and explanation to make them seem as extreme as possible, and repeated use of the word "pasty." Jack seems to be handling the blowback with remarkable grace, at least, with more grace than I would probably muster.


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