Thursday, October 24, 2013

From the mainstream Right

Race-Hustling Results: Part III by Thomas Sowell on - A Syndicate Of Talent:

Dr Sowell on the race war.

Maybe ExC is not just a cranky obsessed Angry White Male?

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PS. Sowell was also published in National Review, which fired John Derbyshire for racially prudent insensitive ideas in an article. Sowell is Black, Derbyshire is White.



Anonymous said...

This is going to happen, isn't it? God help us all. Thomas Jefferson wrote in "Notes on the State of Virginia" that continued coexistence of Blacks and Whites would cause a race war, and that "there is no part of the Almighty that could side with us." I sincerely hope that the countless gallons of White blood shed to decide whether Blacks could be kept in chains tip the scales in our favor.

Thirteen and all the powers and angels and heroes have mercy on our blind, pathetic souls. This is going to get ugly.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

I long go dumped the Deuteronomic theory that the Almighty favors the good in war.

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