Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Stereotypes are offensive

and must be proscribed only because they strike so close to home.

This long and data-thick piece demonstrates the hugely disproportionate rate of criminality by persons of African descent, not only locally but globally and not only recently but as far back as we have records, under all sorts of varying conditions.

Those Who Can See: Why We Profile

And he points out that the last fifty years of the "civil rights era" have produced not less but more criminality in this group, which still enjoys Most Favored Sacred Victim status. As Ex Cathedra has impolitely pointed out.

This article is a very good example of why suspicious attitudes and behaviors of non-Blacks in the presence of young Black males are not "racist" but are rationally self-defensive, based on likelihood and probability. Which is how all of us, unless we are foolish, live our lives.

Young Black males are the most criminal racial/ethnic cum gender and age group in this country. By far.

It is painful and humiliating for young Blacks who are not of the criminal class to be looked at or responded to in this way. My ex has this experience all the time and he would no more rob or assault anyone than my grandmother would.

I sympathize on a personal level, but it's not really my problem, yet another manifestation of "White racism." It's his group's problem. As the T-shirt goes, It's a Black Thang. Only you people can solve it. And don't blame me for seeing it.

But the fact is that he belongs to a visible group whose levels of criminality outdo every other group. No one else comes close. And everyone knows this.

Including him.

He once chastised me for wandering too close to group of young Black males while we were over in the East Bay (a much Blacker part of the world than UltraLiberal but only 6% Black San Francisco). It was a fascinating moment. He implicitly affirmed the "stereotype" that a group like this is more than usually risky to be around, but what he called me on was my White Privilege. He criticized me for, in his view, thinking that my skin color would protect me from them. I remember his exact words, "You just think you can go anywhere."

I certainly learned my lesson. But not the one that he wanted me to.

(That last sentence sums up a lot of our relationship, by the way.)

BTW. DID YOU KNOW? That while the US Census makes exquisitely clear who is White not Hispanic, Hispanic Any Race, plus Hispanic with a mix of other races, the DOJ make no distinction at all between Whites and Hispanics when it compiles crime statistics.

For the purposes of counting crimes, all Hispanics are George "White Hispanic" Zimmerman. Funny how that happens, eh?

PS. Here's a site that tries to compare the rates at which Whites murder, 1960 vs 2010.


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