Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bad religion

When I was a Dominican friar, I certainly did my share of damage while I worked out the various issues in my life. Looking back now, I certainly regret some of my actions.

But one of the most damaging things that happened to the Order of Preachers was the disastrous notion of the "Dominican Family" that allowed the friars to be swamped by the much more numerous sisters.

The kind of BS that characterizes the LCWR well characterizes the Dominican sisterhoods: they are really just eco-feminist Democrats in polyester pants suits (and now, with their aging, blue hair.)

On the website of the Order, we have this gem by a woman from the same sisterhood that taught me as a child. The bloviation is typical, starting from the title: What is Earth Asking of The Order?

Earth as a proper name.

And this resounding conclusion:
What if Earth is asking the Order—as its collective consciousness—to fashion regional, national and even international collective responses to global climate spinning out of control fashioned from/in the above silence? 
Far from being an escape from, or an evasion of action, the silence would be the matrix from which we, grounded in the Divine energy embraced in the silence, might respond boldly and creatively to the cries of people and planet with a timing, precision and energy which would be impeccable, if not always victorious. What if this is what Earth is asking of the Order?


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can't help myself

A story too good not to post. (Details changed.)

A friend was having a drink at a downtown bar and fell into conversation with a Black guy sitting next to him. After a few drinks, politics came up and this is what the Black guy had to say: "The Whites are giving up their authority and the whole country is going to the dogs."



Tuesday, January 28, 2014


For some reason I decided to watch, yet again, the Tales of the City movie series. Michael Tolliver/Marcus D'Amico is an archetypal type of mine.

Marcus D'Amico then

And now

While checking some of the characters' connections online, I find that Armistead Maupin has just published his ninth and final book in the series, The Tales of Anna Madrigal.

I loved the (earlier) books, and the filmed version. This was when I was a good gay liberal, of course. But his 2007 effort, Michael Tolliver Lives, was so majorly offputting that I skipped the next volume about Mary Ann. The reviews of this final work are such that I might give it a try.

I hope that Armisted has regained his affection for the human race, and not just the "LGBTQ" part of it.


The Party Line

Ever notice how words and phrases like "fearmongering", "hate", "bigotry", "small-minded", "hard-liner" "inflammatory" "controversial" and my favorite, "divisive" are only ever used to describe the current non-Liberal position du jour?

If you don't agree with my current Party Line, you are "divisive."

As I've noted before, Liberals do not accept that there exist principled and rational positions in contradiction to their Party Line. You can only be evil and/or ignorant.



"Steyn Doesn't Understand the Picture" :: SteynOnline:

One of the several striking and noteworthy characteristics of Harold Covington & Co's constitution for their post-American republic is that there is no judicial branch of government and lawyering is absolutely forbidden.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Explains much

"Auster’s First Law of Majority/Minority Relations in Liberal Society: The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior. 
The First Law and its corrolary are intrinsic to liberalism. Once the equality of all human groups is accepted as a given, any facts that make a minority or foreign group seem worse than the majority native group must be either covered up or blamed on the majority."

In any conflict or disagreement between Whites and NonWhites, Whites are always wrong, and to blame.

Simple, no?


Papa Blovius I

A very orthodox, Pope-respecting priest has this to say on his blog:
There are times when, try as I might, I have no idea what – or whom – Pope Francis is talking about.  I am not alone.

One of his latest excursions into cutesy-ness turned out rather badly.




Since I switched gyms in September and changed my eating habits over the last months, I am feeling better physically. More energy. That's a big plus. I even find myself now looking forward to the workout. That was something I did for almost ten years, til 2010 came along, with all its various losses and outrageous fortunes. I recover very slowly. But I do feel and look better of late.

Reading the Net this morning made me feel as if the entire world is having a nervous breakdown, so I thought I'd post something distractingly shallow instead. Like, which of Lady Mary's two suitors on Downton Abbey one would choose: Lord Anthony

or Charles Blake

but then I decided this was too shallow even for me. 

But Lady Mary? What do they see in that death-masked icicle besides an inheritance?

ps   Heterosexuality to me is sort of like jazz. I recognize that it is a complex and artful form of music --everybody says so, so it must be-- but its charms completely escape me. I am well aware that my complete tone-deafness to the allure of the female puts me in a very tiny human minority and so I usually give heterosexual men the benefit of the doubt. But sometimes the male-female thing completely baffles me. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

iPhone rage

The thing works so well and so magically that when it fails to perform as promised, I go from annoyed to ready-to-smash in about six seconds.

It's not really the iPhone, but an app I just bought and the way the iPhone app store is handling it. Or not handling it.

When restaurants have things on the menu and then, when you order it, they tell you they don't have any...that provokes the same response in me.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Ya think?

The PJ Tatler » This Is Starting to Look Like a Pattern of Political Moves and Prosecutions:

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Happy parentheses

While the 5th century AD is repeating itself and the Empire is falling --Odoacer already on the throne--, I do manage to find pleasant moments. Most of them are in the company of Mr B.

After work yesterday, on a beautiful bright afternoon, we went to see the Anders Zorn exhibit at the Legion of Honor, which overlooks the entrance to the Golden Gate. I'd never heard of the man, but it turns out he was all the rage in the early 20th century. A successful Swedish portrait painter, mostly. His portraits show happy people. People you would like to know. Very lively stuff.

(A telling contrast with the repetitive and self-importantly existentialist portraits by the inexplicably popular David Hockney we saw at the de Young last week). And it appears he was a happy guy who had a happy life.

Must've not been very serious about his art...

Walking to the Korean BBQ for dinner --the kind where you cook your stuff at a fire in the middle of the table-- we fell in with a half-dozen travelling nuns. Real nuns.

B, as usual, managed to have them all laughing in four seconds. He is a continual marvel to me.

And this morning at breakfast, before he drove me home, he managed that combo of fun-making and casual kindness which is his way.

I sure like him.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Political Diagnosis

Some consider Liberalism a mental disorder. It seems to me a thought disorder. Or, in other words, wrong.

If you play out the disease metaphor, along with virus or cancer, it strikes me as an autoimmune condition.

Although many of the groups Liberalism benefits are better described as parasites.

Now back to my coffee.


More dhimmi antics

PJ Lifestyle » Pray on Your Own Time and in Your Own Space:

Stupid Westerners (aka Foolish White People) fail to grasp the essentials about Islam,
that it is an expansionist theocracy. Literally. It takes over space, land, etc.

A mass expulsion would end all this shit.

And as some of the Most Evil People In The World have been saying of late, "If White people had a country of our own, this would not be happening."

Horrible, no?

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By comparison

with Mr Goad, I am a prince of tolerance, benevolence, compassion and warmth.

Enjoy. I laughed a lot.

The 13 Most Annoying People of 2013 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Took a look at Looking, a new HBO series about three 20-30 something gay friends in SF.

Tales of the City it's not.

And I am so old.


Too Good for this world

A reflection on the movie Lone Survivor.

There's spoiler stuff here so if you plan to see it, don't read below...

The US team faces their moral/tactical dilemma when they are surprised in the mountains by three Afghan goat herders. If they let them go, their position will be revealed. If they tie them up and gag them and leave them, they might die of exposure or predation, and if they kill them, the soldiers believe that it would eventually wind up on CNN and they would wind up in Leavenworth.

They decide to let the Afghans go and deal with the consequences. Which turn out to be many American deaths and the mission fails. So they died for nothing...but "morality."

If the kind of men depicted in this movie exist in reality, then it is hard to believe that they could lose a war. They are ferocious warriors.

America's wars are being lost at home, by the population, by the press, by the government and by a bizarre and groundless humanitarian ethic which makes your own people choose the lives of hostile strangers over their own.


In a nutshell

A previous post.


Why do they play the race card?

'Cause it's the only one in their deck.



Card. Maradiaga criticizes CDF head over divorced and remarried Catholics 

The Latino cardinal, a pal of Francis The Talking Pope, publicly dismisses fellow-cardinal as "a German...who sees things as either true or false."

See how this is played?

Imagine a German dissing a wise Latino like that:

Cardinal Maradiaga is "a Hispanic...who gets emotional easily."

Outrage across the world.

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Much Ado

No need to read the link.

It's a grotesquely complex and abject apology on some site for being insufficiently "sensitive" to transgenders.

Who are the New Blacks, replacing gays as the New Blacks.

Transgenders constitute perhaps .003% of the population.

Teeny tiny.

Yet this thought-crime takes up so much energy, you'd think they were some huge constituency.

More Rule By Victim Minority.

The Dr. V Story: A Letter From the Editor «:

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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Democratic America

What if the goals and values of the Democrats were to become the laws and policies of the land, if there were no opposition party?

What would be some of the New Democratic America's governmental characteristics, where the Seven Spokes of the Liberal Faith were translated right into law? Where multiculturalism, feminism, redistribution were the foundations of the country? Where environmentalism's agenda was unchallenged? Where the Living Constitution was made an interpretive rule.

  • universal single-payer health insurance
  • hate speech laws
  • restrictions on talk radio
  • affirmative action in all sectors of life
  • higher taxes on everything
  • all non-governmental guns would be illegal
  • illegal immigrants would be given amnesty
  • illegal immigration would soar
  • foreign policy would (continue to) be an incoherent mess
  • gay marriage would be universal
  • polygamy would eventually be legalized
  • the Electoral College would be shut down
  • voting would be unrestricted and uncontrolled
  • death penalty would be abolished

  • Oh, yeah, and the Equal Rights For Women amendment would be part of the Constitution, and probably amendments guaranteeing abortion and gay marriage, etc.

These are just off the top of my head. Anything salient I missed?

Cassandra, Chicken Little or Wolf Boy?

Works and Days » The Last Generation of the West and the Thin Strand of Civilization

VDH's declinism in full flower.

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The New American Holy Day

Pretty well sums up my feelings on this.

After 50 years of trying everything under the sun, the White-Black divide remains. Some would say it's much worse. Ex Cathedra thinks it's intractable and on his more extreme days, that the races are incubating separate new countries after "multicultural" America finally dismantles itself.

Other evil men think similarly, remarking that if racial amity were every going to be achieved, it would be well on its way by now. But it ain't, despite the Potemkin Village race images we see on our various screens. As Fred sed:  "Human nature remains human nature, no matter how hard one holds one’s breath and turns blue."

So, thanks, MLK.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Voting with their feet...or their knees

Research: Racial Diversity at Church More Dream Than Reality:

"“Everybody wants diversity,” said Stetzer. “But many don’t want to be around people who are different.”"

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gay marriage again

(Thoughts provoked by the previous post on the differences between men and women.)

As my loyal dozens hordes of readers know, ExC, though he be a man-loving man, does not love same-sex marriage.

More truly, ExC, because he is a man-loving man, does not love same-sex marriage.

Marriage is an inherently and inescapably opposite-sexual/familial institution. That is its nature, its uniqueness, its dignity and its necessity.

The kinds of love and connection that two men make --and I am talking about actual men, not psychologically hermaphroditic androgynes-- have their own shape and their own dignity and their own flaws. Trying to fit them into an archetypal paradigm not meant for them does them no honor. In a failure of nerve and imagination, it forces them into straight drag.

For example, it is an open secret that the great majority of male-male couples have open relationships. Just as the demand for fidelity flows from the male-female realities of marriage, so the difference between emotional and sexual exclusivity creates the usually-open form of gay "marriage."

One of the gaps in Gilles Herrada's thoughtful but basically dead-ended book is that he gives no serious attention to the masculinity of gay men, to their fundamental condition as men. He takes the drive for gay marriage as some kind of irrefutable given, rather than the poster child for a second-order "social construct."

If the point of his book is that homosexuality lacks presence and grounding in the archetypal realm, the mythic and sacred matrix out of which human life is given meaning, he seems not to notice that gay marriage is an outstanding symptom of this emptiness, not its cure.

Rather than creating male-male (and female-female) bondings from scratch (in the culinary and therefore positive meaning of the phrase), the "LGBT" thingamabob has decided to make them from a pre-mixed box.

One of the besetting sins of gay culture is its imitative and derivative tendency to ape what it has not created, to live with others' hand-me-downs. The drag queen, a male who tries to mimic a kind of femaleness that even females see as a cartoon, is the unfortunate symbol of this impasse.

As is gay "marriage."


The Male Mind

from a man dedicated to the death of pretty lies about men and women. And agree with him or not, a damn fine writer.

The Unfathomable Mind Of Man | Chateau Heartiste: is the nature of her sex to project her own desires and compulsions onto the motivations of men. It is a rare woman indeed with the self-awareness to understand men’s romantic desires and to predict men’s actions based on that understanding. It is the rarer woman still who will forgive men for following their desires in the same reckless manner that women unabashedly follow theirs.
I have noticed, from my sidelines vantage point, the puzzling frequency with which women both demand that men be men and that they then transmogrify into women. On demand and at whim.

The sexes are indeed opposite.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

While I'm at it

Since I rudely referred to the author of the sex-whine in the previous post, let me continue.

One of the shameful characteristics he notes about "the sexual 1%" is a "preference" for the "cis-gendered."

Again, horrors.

Cis-gendered is the trans-gendered lingo for natural born males and females who like being their sex. (For you non-Latin scholars, cis is Latin for "this side" and trans means "other side."

Transgenders, according to the latest poll, constitute about .003% percent of the population. Which means that 99.997% of us are "cis-gendered."

So the trans get to be a Super Special Victim Minority whose exclusion from the Sexual 1% is some kind of crime. The State of California now has school bathroom regulations for the.

Am I the only one who notices how it's minorities who play the tunes we are all supposed to dance to, whose agendas are somehow sacrosanct.

Unless, of course, your minority is 1%.


Whine whine whine

Is Discrimination on Grindr Killing Gay Sex? | Mathew Rodriguez:

A "queer Latino gay man of size" --aka a fat Mexican (bleached-blonde, btw) queen-- is all bent out of shape because men who are hunting for sex on Grindr have, like, clear preferences for what s/he calls "the sexual 1%": young, handsome, built, masculine and, gasp, White.

Oh, the horror. The horror.

Grindr is a phone app for quick sex pickups, which Ms Rodriguez imagines was "meant to facilitate conversation." Take a peek at the screen and see if all those pics are aimed at "conversation."

And Liberals have the nerve to call themselves The Reality Based Community.

Why do lefties drop down in adoration of nature in the form of planets and animals and plants, but have so much contempt for the human nature they understand so little?

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What We Were Sold

What We Got Instead

Thanks, Rev Dr* King,
for your "legacy."

The National Holy Day is coming up on Monday, btw,
so prepare yourself for the outpourings.

*The dude plagiarized his PhD thesis.
(Do you think for one second that if ExC had done that on his PhD thesis,
he's still be Dr. ExC?
Yeah, right.
Equality for all.)


Reading another Republican who is shocked that the party establishment is out to sink the Tea Party.

Reminds me of the glaring demographic facts of the last election, which the Republicans refuse to acknowledge, much less confront, that 90% of Romney's voters were White.

Which means that only Whites have any attachment to traditional America, even the Romney version.

Another way to put it is that the only group who did not give Obama a huge majority of their votes is Whites (see bottom graph). Even in California, a majority of Whites (55%) voted Republican.

In fact, if only Whites could vote, no one else, this is how the electoral map of 2012 would have looked:

All the others were massively pro-O. And the 40% of Whites who really make the difference, including high-profile minorities like Jews, gays, etc also sacrificed in droves on the altar of Hope and Change 2.0

% of the 2012 electorate                      % of Dem/Rep votes by race

Whatever else this undeclared Civil War is about, it's about race. Like it or not.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Interesting headline

State leaders closely watch migrating millionaires - SFGate:

Yes, indeed, let the State "closely watch" them.
"In 2011, the top 1 percent of tax returns accounted for 41 percent of the state's personal income tax revenues, and that was before Proposition 30 raised rates on the rich. "
By the logic of Liberalism, couldn't they be forced to stay in California? I mean, they didn't get all that wealth by themselves, so they should legally owe it to the people of the State to stay and continue to pay.


What's a little personal "freedom" vs the cries for social justice of the common folks, when this "liberty" is just a cover for the greedy rich to flee their responsibility to their fellow Amurricans...(both documented and undocumented).

Am I wrong?

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Fatherless Churches

Fatherless Churches | First Things:

Christianity's powerful energic dose of the feminine, unless contained and tempered by a very strong patriarchal masculine, devolves into a Mr/Ms Rogers God

served by Bishopess Jefferts-Shorie

and is then colonized entirely by Liberalism, where the medieval Catholic knight

is pathetically reduced to the contemporary Nuns On The Bus.

My background thoughts.

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It's hard to be consistent

Reading about a judge who struck down the legislated ban on same-sex marriage in Oklahoma on grounds that it violates the US Constitution...whose penumbras and emanations apparently cover that ten-minutes old fundamental universal human right.

Made me think of the liberal Protestant scripture scholars who demanded that we read texts in (their reconstruction of) their original meaning, uncontaminated by our self-interested "denominational" concerns. And were then replaced by the hordes of gender-race-class interpreters.

I wonder how many of them would apply the same originalist reading to the Constitution?



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cause and correlation

The CDC has its stats out for 2012 on birth rates, etc. It is a maddening labyrinth not only of data but of terminology, especially, of course, when it comes to The Most Important Subject In The World: PCness on race.

But the bottom line is this: 40% of babies born in the US --which country's overall birth rate continues to decline-- were born to unmarried mothers.

By group: 18% of Asian births were out of wedlock, 29% of White births, 53% of Hispanic births, 66% of AmerIndian births and 72% of Black births.

Even granting that some of these births were to women currently co-habiting with the father, this question still has merit:

As an indicator of group success, what do you think? Any connection?

Or asking a leading question, what is the likelihood that a group with high rates of out-of-wedlock births is on the road to flourishing?


Monday, January 13, 2014

Enantiodromia Triumphans

Contemporary Liberalism claims descent from all the "emancipatory" movements of the past. Given the inherent messiness of history, this sometimes means that one century's Liberal heroes become another century's Liberal villains.

But in its 20th/21st century forms, it is a metastatic disease of thought-control and ever-expanding State power, a power that is not limited by any principle inherent in Liberalism, which has no self-disciplinary principle. Because the Liberal State is identified with The Community and The Good --sounds like a church, no?-- to resist it makes you a H8er, and evil.

I think that the cancer metaphor is an apt one. Liberalism is the bastard child of Christianity and the Enlightenment, with an Xtreme Makeover provided by Marx, and its fundamental sources of energy provided by FDR and MLK, with a toxic estrogen additive thanks to Friedan-Steinem, etc. ClassRaceSex.

The only group which is the natural home of both Christianity and the Enlightenment is Whites, and White Males particularly. White Males are the target and ultimate enemy of Liberalism. But they are also the only foundation and sole engine of Western civilization, which is, after all, a White civilization created and developed by men. (As are all civilizations.)

Like cancer, Liberalism transforms from a healthy cell in a functioning body into a diseased parody of its earlier self and turns on its host and kills it.

And of course, it dies with the host.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?



I complain that gay movies are usually full of stereotypes --many of them as accurate as most stereotypes are-- and that it's rare to find a character to like or respect.

Regarding Billy (2006) is an exception. Sentimental, to be sure. Quite. But not a stereotype or a jerk in sight. Sentimentality is a price worth paying for that.


Saturday, January 11, 2014


Along with vanilla, toasted sesame oil is one of the great smells.  Makes ya happy to have a nose.

Dog stressor

Watching a program on people trying to keep wolf-dogs as pets. Astonishing to me how people will let their lives be entirely dominated by a pet. Or how families will let one member's attachment to a pet run all their lives. Creepy. Just a few degrees less creepy than how hoarders dominate.

My friend Bill's wolf-dog is a very mellow creature, certainly wolfish in some ways, but never aggressive with people. Beautiful, but not at all interactive or playful and therefore not at all interesting. If I have a treat, I'm on his radar. If I don't, I may as well be invisible. Which makes him safe but boring.

Bill is single and semi-retired, so he can build his life around the animal, and wants to. Without the pet to care for, I think he'd be completely at sea.

But in a family, to have the pet be the Alpha...well, it's even crazier than letting a child be the Alpha.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Repressive Intolerance from Pravda UK

BBC Editor: Ignoring Immigration Concerns a ‘Terrible Mistake’ | Independent Film, News and Media:

Consider the idea of turning Germany and Poland into a single country.

People with different languages, cultures and a turbulent history. A recipe for success, no?

Of course not. A ridiculous idea.

But you can fill England with all kinds of Thirdworlders --different languages, cultures, religions even races, with a turbulent history--and it's supposed to work. Pakistanis and Africans are supposed to be "British."

Of course not.

"Multiculturalism" is insanity.

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Very squeaky wheel

Williams Institute at UCLA estimates 9 million lesbian, gay, bisexual Americans

Lesbians, gays (and bisexuals) all together account for 2.8% of the US population.
Transgenders --the new victim darlings-- are .3%

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Mr B and I visited the De Young Museum yesterday. The David Hockey show and the Bulgari jewelry show. He has a membership, so it was free.

I don't get Hockney and cannot understand what all the fuss is about. All his portraits look the same. The jewelry is, well, vulgarly showy. What I really wanted to know is what each piece cost.

The museum was chock-a-block with graying NPR listeners. You could tell.

So I remain a cultural middle-brow.


Thursday, January 09, 2014

Funny how that works

Riffing off an article about a US judge demanding from the local bishop a list of all the priests who have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. Accused, mind you. Just that.

Made me think, once again, of how very differently we piously treat Official Sacred Victim Groups from Others.

For example, only about 4% of the Catholic priests active during the 50+ years between 1950 and 2002 were even accused of misconduct. Yet the image of the priest is now deeply besmirched.

How about the similar fact that it's 3% of the American population that commits more than 50% of its crime? But that 3% are part of THE Official Sacred Victim Group, the Primordial Victims, the Archetypal Protected Species. Consequently, we must turn our heads, stop up our ears and close our eyes, excuse, deny, self-blame, downplay, etc. or face the ultimate penalty of being deemed witches raciss.

Surely it cannot have anything to do with the demographics of these groups, that one is male, Christian (even worse, Catholic) and almost entirely White, while the other is "African-American."


Not with a bang

This, from a guy who sees himself as an orthodox critic of 8-Point Progressive Christianity, the John Shelby Spong form of Whitebread crypto-UnitarianUniversalism.

"As a person who voted for Barack Obama and watches the Daily Show, I feel as if I have all the equipment that is required of me to be a progressive Christian."

Well, who can argue with that kind of eloquence...and accuracy.

Barack Hussein Obama and Jon Stuart Leibowitz, the bellweathers of progress.

Theological battle language certainly has deteriorated since the Reformation.

Back to drinking my coffee and dreaming of days when men, even Christian men, were not such feckless pussies.


Dis 'n dat

Listening to Mark Twain at the gym. His earlier works are full of humor, though not lacking in a certain satirical edge. And his grasp of human psychology is amazing. His last work, The Mysterious Stranger, becomes practically un-listenable-to. Deeply bitter, and more than contemptuous of humanity. Sad to see his genius put to such use.

As much as I enjoy watching X-Files reruns, it can be such ham-fisted bullshit. Chris Carter's scripts sometimes sound like parodies of Chris Carter scripts. (A few of them actually are.) But the made-up untruths about matters of history and fact, some of which must be consciously insulting even by reason of carelessness, sometimes make the seriousness of the storyline pretty silly. And I'm not talking about the aliens, etc.

Had a very enjoyable day with Mr B yesterday. A trip out to the Marin shore, dinner at what he calls The Free Cake Cafe --cause I had the staff surprise him with a birthday cake there several years ago-- and the various pleasures of his company. He is the most congenitally genial and sunny man I have ever met. I do a lot of laughing and smiling when he's around.

Overheard a conversation at the table behind me in the coffee shop. One guy, with an Arab background I think, complaining to another guy about someone in his family back in the old country who was going to marry a cousin. He found it embarrassingly barbaric. The speaker, it turns out, was a gay man...married to another man.


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Pacific winter

Muir Beach today, about twenty miles up the coast
from San Francisco


Instant Dark Ages

The local electric company is doing some repairs, which means shutting down the juice in my building for 8 hours, starting in 10 minutes.

I hope it helps the environment...


The Internal Contradictions of Liberals

Works and Days » Intelligent Populism vs. Mindless Progressivism:

"The result of cosmic disappointment in the ability of progressive politics to correct human disparities has given birth to the modern psychological disorder of elite liberalism, which is mostly about squaring the circle of maintaining privilege while deploring inequality. (Italics mine). Say America is unfair ten times a day, and the BMW in the garage and the new putter are no longer sins. 
Barack Obama cannot finish a sentence without lamenting unfairness; but he proves to be no Jimmy Carter in scouting out the most exclusive of golf courses, and the richest of fat cats to putt with."

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Identical Twins

From a photo essay of identical twins

One of them trans-gendered.

World Gone By

Watching When Worlds Collide again. 1951.

Leading man Richard Derr is a much sexier version of Danny Kaye.

Leading lady Barbara Rush is the brilliant scientist daughter of her brilliant scientist father. Yet she exhibits the classical female double mating strategy. She's torn --not really-- between The Stable Nice Guy and the Maverick Bad Boy. Guess who wins.

The United Nations exhibits its now legendary uselessness by rejecting the warnings of the brilliant scientist.

The leading man is an American who has decided to live and work in South Africa. No one remarks on the evils of apartheid.

No surprise, really. When the final group of survivors is chosen to board the space ship for the new world, they are monochromatically White.

And American.

This is completely unremarked upon. (Now that's what I call cultural self-confidence!)

The Evil Bad Guy is Differently Abled. But he understands human nature far better than the rational and morally upright scientists. And his capitalist money is what funds the project that will save the sons of Adam from extinction, including the humanitarian prigs who find him morally repugnant.

Funny how hard it is for sentimental liberals to keep from subverting their own ideology.



Friday, January 03, 2014


In the fantasy post-American commonwealth, or republic, or whatever, one of the socio-political realities that should be incorporated into the structure of government is the difference between cities and everywhere else.

A major reason why Official Sacred Victim Groups have so much power is that they are concentrated in cities. And cities dominate culture.

So whatever kind of federalism the new country has, it ought to leave behind the notion that a state is one of its fundamental building blocks unless it is willing to see cities of a certain size as city-states.

And to build into its constitution a way for non-urban populations to have some power balance against them.

The current Senate, for example, is clearly meant to balance the power between large and small states (population-wise). On paper, this means that Wyoming has as much power as California.

But in reality, major cities in the US are the real centers of power (and identity), not states.

Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc. really should be city-states. So that non-urban populations have some defense against them.

That's just government, of course. When it comes to culture, money, etc. I don't know of a governmental structure that could (or should?) try to deal with that.


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Camp of the Saints, Maritime Edition

Italian navy rescues 233 migrants south of Sicily 


I suggest they be conveyed directly to the Vatican so they can set up camp in the gardens and Francis the Talking Pope can minister to them.

(In case you don't know what The Camp of the Saints is, read this.)

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The Annual Return of the Same

Marking the New Year as some kind of real turning point has never meant anything to me. It's just a bookkeeping thing. Life always goes on as before.

Enjoying the Tudor Monastery Farm series, pretty much. Their recreation of The Twelve Days of Christmas was interesting and fun to watch. And of course we had to have the Obligatory Negro in a few of the shots.

There were Africans in England in those days. Probably not as tenant farmers of monasteries. But we must kiss the multicultural ass.

Speaking of multiculturalism and asses, here's how the current multicultural regime looks to me.

Since the "Others" are almost all non-White (certain Slavs being the exception), Euros have been brainwashed against finding the whole idea of a Black Englishman completely ridiculous, which it is. Although it's no more sane than the idea that hordes of blond Swedes could immigrate to China and actually become Chinese.

Just replace, in your imagination, all the Third Worlders in Europe now with Germans. (Germany, of course, would have to have another about White Americans?) They keep their German names and they all speak the local language with a thick German accent, often live in all-German neighborhoods, etc. Although their skins are White, these Teutonic markers remain.

Now try to get yourself to imagine that these Deutschlanders are actually French, or English or Scottish or Irish, etc. Or to get the locals to believe it.

Of course it's ridiculous. But African and Pakistani Englishmen, Scots or Frenchmen are not?

2014, another year in which Whites will remain unchallenged as The Most Foolish People On The Planet.


Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Missing Myth

Herrada's book has some good stuff, plus a lot of bloviating. But this bit was disappointing (though not unexpected):

Today heroes no longer levitate, battle dragons, or transmute lead into gold. Instead, they land on the moon, promote world peace, or become the first African-American elected as President of the United States of America. Those are the new heroic acts of today.

Herrada, Gilles (2013-02-21). The Missing Myth: A New Vision of Same-Sex Love (p. 292). SelectBooks, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Really? Is that all you got?

The occasional surprising gem amidst oceans of mush.

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