Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Annual Return of the Same

Marking the New Year as some kind of real turning point has never meant anything to me. It's just a bookkeeping thing. Life always goes on as before.

Enjoying the Tudor Monastery Farm series, pretty much. Their recreation of The Twelve Days of Christmas was interesting and fun to watch. And of course we had to have the Obligatory Negro in a few of the shots.

There were Africans in England in those days. Probably not as tenant farmers of monasteries. But we must kiss the multicultural ass.

Speaking of multiculturalism and asses, here's how the current multicultural regime looks to me.

Since the "Others" are almost all non-White (certain Slavs being the exception), Euros have been brainwashed against finding the whole idea of a Black Englishman completely ridiculous, which it is. Although it's no more sane than the idea that hordes of blond Swedes could immigrate to China and actually become Chinese.

Just replace, in your imagination, all the Third Worlders in Europe now with Germans. (Germany, of course, would have to have another about White Americans?) They keep their German names and they all speak the local language with a thick German accent, often live in all-German neighborhoods, etc. Although their skins are White, these Teutonic markers remain.

Now try to get yourself to imagine that these Deutschlanders are actually French, or English or Scottish or Irish, etc. Or to get the locals to believe it.

Of course it's ridiculous. But African and Pakistani Englishmen, Scots or Frenchmen are not?

2014, another year in which Whites will remain unchallenged as The Most Foolish People On The Planet.


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