Monday, January 20, 2014

A Democratic America

What if the goals and values of the Democrats were to become the laws and policies of the land, if there were no opposition party?

What would be some of the New Democratic America's governmental characteristics, where the Seven Spokes of the Liberal Faith were translated right into law? Where multiculturalism, feminism, redistribution were the foundations of the country? Where environmentalism's agenda was unchallenged? Where the Living Constitution was made an interpretive rule.

  • universal single-payer health insurance
  • hate speech laws
  • restrictions on talk radio
  • affirmative action in all sectors of life
  • higher taxes on everything
  • all non-governmental guns would be illegal
  • illegal immigrants would be given amnesty
  • illegal immigration would soar
  • foreign policy would (continue to) be an incoherent mess
  • gay marriage would be universal
  • polygamy would eventually be legalized
  • the Electoral College would be shut down
  • voting would be unrestricted and uncontrolled
  • death penalty would be abolished

  • Oh, yeah, and the Equal Rights For Women amendment would be part of the Constitution, and probably amendments guaranteeing abortion and gay marriage, etc.

These are just off the top of my head. Anything salient I missed?


Anonymous said...

Mandatory (tax funded) college. No failing grades and no classroom discipline. Cyber-bussing.

Bishop of Portland

Stutopia said...

Coca Cola from the water fountains.
Oops, that's my dream.

Anonymous said...

These are probably just wild long-term dreams for the libs at this point, but

Institutionalized anti-White discrimination, complete with willful ignorance of black on white murder; compulsory tranquilizer treatments for men deemed "too aggressive," and the institution of a matrilineal matriarchy in which marriages can be dissolved at the wife's discretion. Socialist or communist government. Institutionalized secularism, with all mention of Christian doctrine save "historical" discussion of Jesus and "how cool he was" being illegal. Mandated purchase and consumption of "green" products, and banning fossil fuels. Institution of Gay Pride Month, with classification of all crimes against GLBTs as hate crimes. Declaration of animal sentience and citizenship, mandated vegan diets.


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