Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dog stressor

Watching a program on people trying to keep wolf-dogs as pets. Astonishing to me how people will let their lives be entirely dominated by a pet. Or how families will let one member's attachment to a pet run all their lives. Creepy. Just a few degrees less creepy than how hoarders dominate.

My friend Bill's wolf-dog is a very mellow creature, certainly wolfish in some ways, but never aggressive with people. Beautiful, but not at all interactive or playful and therefore not at all interesting. If I have a treat, I'm on his radar. If I don't, I may as well be invisible. Which makes him safe but boring.

Bill is single and semi-retired, so he can build his life around the animal, and wants to. Without the pet to care for, I think he'd be completely at sea.

But in a family, to have the pet be the Alpha...well, it's even crazier than letting a child be the Alpha.



Tarquin said...

I recall reading about a lonely old women who had cocktails with her dog on weekend nights. They would get a little drunk and dance together to big band classics.

Unknown said...

I've heard of people where the whole plan of every room and arrangement of its contents depended upon being able to place elevated walkways around the top of, and interconnecting, every room. Just for cats.


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