Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows Eve

The old Celtic festival of Samhain --pronounced Sah-win--coincides with First Vespers of All Saints. It is a liminal day, when the veils between the worlds thin out and the dead and the spirits move easily into Middle Earth.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with the brilliant Tim Curry, is the liturgically appropriate event.


Racial BS and Tonto's Razor

We play a game in America where we are supposed to distinguish between race and ethnicity. The government does it and private sector folks play along.

We have the races: White, Black, Asian, Native...and then we have the Hispanics, who are treated as a racial rainbow, within which we find Whites, Blacks, and mixed.

A recent study about American in 2040 has two separate reports, one on race and one on ethnicity. In the first one, White includes a chunk of the Hispanics...apparently. Just as the census and the DOJ do. In a second one, on ethnicity, we just have Hispanics and Non-Hispanics.

It's BS, designed to hide the fact that Hispanics are a race.

But how can I say that, since there's all kind of genetic mixing among them?

Tonto's Razor, that's how. In short, if you can play the race card, you're not White.

Example: a White man makes a Hispanic man unhappy. Be Señor Garcia of pure Spanish European origin, Euro/Indian mestizo in greater or lesser degree, or visibly Indian or African, he can call the White man a racist and racism will be the issue.

Not "ethnicism."  That's when an Italian and an Irishman in New York call each other names. No one cares. They're both White. Zzzz.

So let's stop the crap. In America, Marco Rubio is not White, regardless of what his genes tell you. He's Hispanic. (And "White Hispanic" is only useful when you want to blame Whites for poor little Trayvon. No one ever called Governor Richardson a "White Hispanic.") And Hispanics of any color have People Of Color Privilege when they need it, which means they can call a Whitey a racist and the games will begin.

So in America, Hispanics are a race.

*Republican POC's lose this traction in the eyes of Democrats, for whom race is defined also by political allegiance, but should a Colin Powell turn against his former associates and cry "Racism!", he'd become a hero.



If "Civil Rights leader" Al Sharpton were White, how would he be different from "White nationalist leader?"


Too fine a point

Burnham's Law is at the heart of Liberalism: whoever occupies the victim position, wins.

When he named Liberalism as "the ideology of Western suicide",  what is implied in "Western" and which Ex Cathedra --and other evil people-- makes explicit is that Western = White.

Liberalism is the ideology of White suicide.

As I was walking home from my office earlier, I passed a Sikh on the street. He works at the local Indian restaurant. He's probably in his late sixties, dressed in a workaday suit, open shirt and great grey beard and moustache, with the characteristic turban. He is darkish (a Bronze Caucasian) and makes no eye contact with anyone who passes him by.

My job, as I pass him, is to make believe that I do not notice how out of place and exotic he is. That is what White people's job is, when faced with racial strangers. He owes me nothing; I owe him proof that I am not a racist.

I thought of this because I went food shopping down in Serramonte yesterday --Target has the best prices for staples. I was in a largely Philippino part of the Bay Area. Both Whites and Blacks stand out in the sea of Pacific Islanders.

Walking my cart back to my car, I watched a very tall Black man in his 60's, ostentatiously dressed in a pin striped three piece suit, a fedora with a feather and a cane, as he walked past a family of either Philippinos or Chinese gathered around their cart, talking loudly about something.

He slowed down and stared and them, but kept on moving, turning his head and quite obviously perusing them as if they were some strange intrusion into his world. His face was fairly calm, but it was a display of body language which clearly showed his sense that it was his right to stare at these Others.

Now try to imagine a White man or woman doing that.

Or as earlier in the store, when the one Black family in the long checkout line started a bout of yelling, centered on their pouty and agitated 10 year old.

It would be "a racial incident."

Completely against the rules. For me.

When it comes to race, Whites have only moral and social obligations. No rights. Non-Whites must be treated with (in Shelby Steele's brilliant distillation) license and deference. Whites may demand nothing of Non-Whites, neither the most dysfunctional and self-destructive ghetto dweller nor the most recent alien immigrant (legal or illegal). All the adapting and all the respecting, all the license and deference, is a one way proposition.

That's why I find the "White Privilege" game so fraudulent. And why I say that while we have most of the wealth and some of the power, we have all the status of a log cabin infested with termites or a rich uncle on his deathbed.

This is one more step on the downward spiral of Liberalism, the ideology of White suicide.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Adventures in civilizational decline

Pentagon's Chief Personnel and Readiness Officer: Diversity and Inclusion Critical to Mission Success | National Review Online:

"Diversity", probably the most skin-crawling word in contemporary English. Especially when spoken by a White. It reeks of, "See what a good boy I am, massa?"

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Big surprise.

Somalis in America Sympathize with Somali Pirates, Not Americans | FrontPage Magazine:

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Ideological joys

One of the pleasures of the egalitarian faith is that you never really have to pay attention. You already know the answers beforehand. Everyone is equal. End of story. Don't bother me with actual facts.

And the other, of course, is that it makes you morally impregnable. Wanting everyone to be equal absolves you of any taint of selfishness. Of course, few egalitarians actually live out their "values" --which are usually just opinions about how other people should think and behave.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


and She, the 1935 movie based on H Ryder Haggard's 1887 novel.

He is Randolph Scott, its star and one of the handsomest of the Americans.

Shared a Malibu beach house with Cary Grant for twelve years...

Watching the old flick as I go to bed.


Good question

Neo-tribalist and pro-man advocate Jack Donovan, at a Washington conference this past weekend on the future of identity:

“Do black people as a group care what happens to white people as a group? Does a Mexican dad with three babies care about whether some white kid from the burbs gets a summer landscaping job? Of course not,” Donovan said during his presentation, adding later, “You cannot play fair with people who don’t care if you get wiped off the map.”

How many Whites still labor under the illusion that everyone thinks that fairness is important, even if it disadvantages you?

Only they do.

Nobody else does.

The Most Foolish People On The Planet (c)


Monday, October 28, 2013


Jack Donovan, author of Androphilia and The Way of Men, reports on some of his recent experiences. A sample (slightly re-formatted):
On July 20, an intern from ABC emailed me and asked to speak with me on the phone about the “manosphere.” I agreed, and a couple of days later, the two of us had a nice talk about my work... 
I offered to appear on-camera for this during my phone call with ABC’s summer intern. She was actually rather sweet, and naively said to me, “my producer wanted me to find a bunch of angry guys who would say crazy things, but so far you all seem very calm and your views are much more well thought-out than I expected.”

This reaffirms everything we already know about how the media really works, so I hope that nice girl finds another line of work, before the business turns her into a sociopathic whore who will do or say anything for a trashy story. 
ABC never got back to me about an on-camera interview.


Rocks and hard places

Provoked by a gay Evangelical Christian blogger, a very nice woman, who accepts the traditional teaching about the immorality of her sexual desires, I have this to say:

Reading blogs like this, I sometimes feel like King Herod, who enjoyed hauling John the Baptist up from the dungeon to preach at him for his wicked ways, even though it left him puzzled. (Mk 6.20). You may feel similarly after I've added my two drachmas. Well, more than two. 
If the last 40+ year post-Stonewall years are any indication, the opposition between orthodox Christianity and the "LGBT" community (evidenced by Anon2478) is irreconcilable. Several decades ago, I chose my self-respect as a homosexual man over the teaching (the Catholic version in my case) that when I shared my heart and my body with a man I loved, it was actually something violent, a disfigured and sordid counterfeit that cut me off from God. On the contrary, even with all its human flaws and fallenness, making love keeps me from atheism. My thoughts in flagrante delicto :) are often "How can there NOT be a God?"  I fail to understand how gays or lesbians who accept the teaching can keep from loathing themselves or, as in my case, wear down their souls to the nub trying to avoid that feeling. 
But in the ensuing decades, tho I remain happily homo and well entrenched here in San Francisco's Castro, it became clear to me that there were far far more important issues facing us than the "LGBT" issue. After all, "we" are no more than 4% of the population. Plus, the very particular and historically constructed shape which this identity had taken --wedded to victimhood, submerged in leftist dogma and deeply ambivalent, at best, about manhood-- was part of a larger societal problem: the use of "equality" as a compulsive moral absolute, in the service of (Gramscianly conscious or not) dismantling Western culture and civilization.  
The history of labels and nomenclature exhibits this. First it was "gay", then "gay and lesbian", then "lesbian and gay" and eventually "LGBT", and even more letters in this alphabet-soup sexual Yugoslavia. The inclusion of the infinitesimally numbered T's --and who put that to a vote, by the way?--gave the game away: the commonality is not shared same-sex eros, but shared gender dysphoria. I'll pass, thank you very much.  
If you look at those churches, the Protestant Mainline for example, who have embraced their LGBT members, you'll see that this was only possible because they had previously chucked a lot of their historical identity and that afterwards, the process only accelerates. The LGBT agenda requires unconditional surrender; anything else is excoriated as "H8." (Anon2478 is quite typical: either embrace us completely or we will blame you for our deaths.) What do these dying churches really have to offer but "inclusion" in a club that no one is interested in joining? Aside from sentimentality, habit and vesture, I find less and less difference between them and Unitarians. Why would any intelligent and aware and self-confidently orthodox Christian church want to head off in that self-erasing direction?  
So I find myself in the post-Herodian position of valuing traditional Christianity as a historical bulwark of an embattled West --although increasingly turning traitor under guise of "social justice"--while finding it personally uninhabitable as a man who loves men and loves that about himself. 
Although your Protestant/Evangelical style is quite alien to this ex-RC, your deep attachment to your faith and your community is evident. I remember how that felt and I honor it and sympathize with your struggles. But I fear that you are in an inescapable quandry, a literal dilemma: The Scylla of a radically condemnatory religion on one side and the Charybdis of a deeply compromised "LGBT" socio-political movement on the other. 

And here endeth the Lesson.

PS. My response to another commentor who responded to me.

Just two thoughts.

First, condemning homosexuality does not at all require orthodox Christians to hate homosexual people, but I find it hard to see how it can avoid making orthodox Christian homosexual people hate themselves. 
(BTW, I regard the now fashionable use of “hate” –or “H8″, as the CA Prop 8 activists put it– and “hater” as a blanket dismissal of any belief or attitude unacceptable to the Left as yet one more rhetorical fraud, amounting to “Shut up.”) 
At least in the Catholic tradition, this condemnation is a side-effect of the combined Biblical and Natural Law focus on marriage and family as the sacramental value in human sexuality. Fornication, adultery, masturbation, contraception…all non marital-and-procreative uses of sex are beyond the Pale, homosexuality being just one of them. But what makes Christian rejection of homosexuality so problematic for homosexual people is that it does not condemn an occasional or even habitual behavior only, but it theologically pathologizes the only kind of eros that we know, root and branch. At least for modern people, this goes to a question of personal identity, not just bad behavior. 
So the choice–or dilemma, IMHO– is not between Christian H8ers vs crypto-Unitarian cultural submissives, but between the self-hatred that orthodox Christianity willy-nilly creates in homosexual people vs. the castrated, as you say, reduction of a 2000 year old civilization-founding Faith to gutless “inclusion”, for the sake of pleasing religion’s cultured despisers. 
Second thought. 
I don’t share your dichotomy between grubby Power and saintly “underground.” Although their styles and fields of action were outside the hierarchy’s, St Francis, St Ignatius and Mother Theresa were all fiercely attached to the “Papal Cathedra.” They are two sides to one coin. I might be a non-practicing Roman Catholic, but I’m no Anabaptist :)  
As for the Mainliners, am I alone in assessing their transformation as reducing them to conditionally tolerated chaplains to the triumphant secular religion of their social and political masters? To me, they merely echo the Liberal line, following every new egalitarian trend; when do they ever challenge it? 
I hesitated to comment here at all, since I have no “solutions” to offer. I appreciate your taking my rambling seriously and with gentlemanly courtesy.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Virginia Woolf, lite, with a surprise

Adopt a Sailor (2008) - IMDb:

Kinda sentimental and unreal, but with a brutal takedown of Upper West Side NYC types. The sailor, Ethan Peck, though too angelic to be real, is charming, with the dignity of a humble man. And for once his character's Americana is not an object of ridicule but a source of judgment. Peter Coyote, himself an arch lefty in real life, plays out the shadow of all his highmindedness. The surprise is Frasier's wife Lilith --actress Bebe Neuwirth--who shows a great range and warmth, even as she enacts yet another mankiller spouse.

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Liberal patho-passtimes

Self-cutting: ritual blood atonement by condemning yourself (theatrically, superficially, somewhat painfully but not mortally) for the culture you belong to.

Bulimia: gorging on the goods of the White West --its freedom, prosperity and stability--and then barfing it up in disgust at its racism, sexism, capitalism, homophobia, nationalism, religion, violence and consumerism. Until the next super meal.

How many Liberals --and especially the Liberal elites-- do you know who do not seek status, power and wealth?  Then, at their cocktail parties, faculty meetings, or political conferences, they badmouth it all without giving up an inch of it. 
Reb Tim Wise, for example, a treasonously ungrateful Jew*, makes his money as an anti-White "anti-racist" and lives in a comfortable and safe White suburb.

Moral autopsy: cutting open the history of your ancestral culture and diagnosing in its corpse all sorts of moral diseases (most of which you have recently invented). This is like the part of therapy where a patient may decide to blame all of his present ills on mommy and/or daddy, in order to turn himself into a noble victim of their tragic flaws.
The moral autopsy's underlying cause is exhibitionist narcissism. Narcissists, as any therapist will tell you, are often overcompensating for a damaged sense of self-worth by their grandiosity. As the addicts in recovery say, "The piece of shit at the center of the universe."  These pseudo-ethical coroners feed both dynamics at once: they grieve over the sins of their ancestral culture (and race, of course, since race is the matrix of culture) and then they pronounce judgment on it. This allows them to inhabit the self-hating region of their sick souls (How terrible we were!) and then to puff up with superior pride at their ability both to recognize the sin and to celebrate their conversion (How much better am I!). They are, in their secular faith, the mirror image of the theatrical salvation rituals of the tent-revivalists, a group they hold in utter contempt.

*This is my Alinsky-Zinn-Chomsky Reflex, when certain Leftist Jews make it their life's work to dismantle a Christian country that has been more welcoming to their people than any in history. People like them, in my fantasy, join the mitered heads of the American bishops in my Forest of Gallows.

ExC's corollary

to Voltaire's Razor.

Voltaire: If you wish to know who your true masters are, discover who you may never criticize.

ExC's: Or who you may never satirize, mock or insult. 

E.g. Officially Protected Sacred Victim Classes. In this case, the Most Officially Protected Most Sacred Victim Class.

Exhibit 3,478,221


Biting the hand

Watching the otherwise enjoyable (and multicult-free) Road To Wellville (1994), based on the novel by the very successful writer T Coraghessan Boyle, we have an author who relies on a capitalist book company for his income and Santa Barbara lifestyle, and a film produced and exhibited by nothing but a network of capitalist individuals and institutions.

Hollywood's (and other Liberal elites') easy attacks on (American, of course) capitalism. It's as if the Vatican were to take a dim view of religion.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Priestettes in drag

This image really put me off. Ever since it dawned on me that women "priests" wearing the clothing of actual priests is a form of drag, pictures like this strike me more and more badly.

Of course, she's a Church of England cleric and therefore not really a priest in the eyes of those whose claim to Holy Orders is unimpeachable.  But she turned an interview with Clarissa Dickson into an annoying distraction. (And yes, doctor, I do take responsibility for that negative focus as a part of my character and choices.)

She doesn't even have her ankles covered.

It's ridiculous.

Liturgical Halloween

Women can wear secular masculinized clothing and although they are thought eccentric or mannish or cheeky,

it is clear that this is a fashion statement, one that only functions by keeping its incongruity alive.

But men cannot wear women's clothing without being held in disdain. If women can wear the distinctive clothing of a male priesthood, doesn't that de-sex the vesture...and the men along with it? After all, the masculinity of clerics in the modern West is not exactly unquestioned anyway.

Consciously or not, feminists' ultimate aim is the destruction of masculinity. Even in the Marines.

Feminism necessarily means the pseudo-masculinization of women and the actual feminization of men. A masculinized woman is a mutant; a feminized man is a shame.


Saturday morning varia, Autumn 2013

When my ex came over for dinner last night, he started a discussion about why men are supposed to let women and children go first in disasters. Unless these women and children were ones he knew and loved, he could not see the point of dying for strangers.

It did raise the issue of male/female roles and relations, both in evolution and in culture. As he asked, not entirely disingenuously, if women and men are now supposed to be equal, why should a man feel bad if he saved himself and let a strange women perish?

Although in many ways a very gentlemanly fellow, he has deep streak of alienation in him. Last week, for instance, he inaugurated our Friday evening meal by informing me that he really thought that all White people should be done away with. He'd experienced White people moving away from him on the street that day, something about which he has often complained in the last 20+ years I've known him. Given the justified reputation of his race and age group (though he is 50 now, he could easily pass for much younger), it's no surprise. But as a man, he does not deserve it.


There are two kinds of porn that I like to watch: food shows and home improvement shows. As with sexual porn, you have the spectacle of something desirable that is usually beyond reach. And although it might seem off base to mention my parents in a paragraph about porn, it strikes me that these two realms --cooking and tinkering--match great interests of my mom and my dad, respectively.


Listening to Stephen Fry, with his posh Brit accent, read the Harry Potter novels, I find that he pronounces "ate" as "ett." So does upper-middle class Two Fat Ladies host Clarissa. Funny how in the US, "ett" sounds quaint, rural and un-educated.


Historical judgments are clearly in the realm of doxa. Take the three men at the center of the Yalta Conference that shaped the post WWII world: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. The more I read about them and about what people think of them, the murkier the whole thing becomes. Few Americans suspect that Roosevelt held the British Empire is almost as much contempt as he did the Nazis. Much of his strategy in helping England had the secondary aim of destroying their imperial system.

As with all historical events, it gave rise to unpredictable and unintended outcomes. As the unification of Italy and Germany in the late 19th century paved the way, remotely, for the two Great Wars of the 20th century, so the dissolution of the British Empire has paved the way for the barbarian Third World backwash which is now corroding Europe.

Thanks, Franklin.


Did you know that for our breakfast cereals and for peanut butter, we have a kooky 19th century Seventh Day Adventist to thank? An amusing perspective here. And if that intrigues you, here.


Friday, October 25, 2013

A thought meteorite

If I can't become a Nigerian, why can Nigerians become British?


Thursday, October 24, 2013

From the mainstream Right

Race-Hustling Results: Part III by Thomas Sowell on - A Syndicate Of Talent:

Dr Sowell on the race war.

Maybe ExC is not just a cranky obsessed Angry White Male?

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PS. Sowell was also published in National Review, which fired John Derbyshire for racially prudent insensitive ideas in an article. Sowell is Black, Derbyshire is White.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New jargon

Having introduced you to the plague of antiziganism, I now have pleasure of providing --from Canada, so it must be virtuous-- a new phrase: host people.

This is a new term for Indians, First Nations People Aboriginal People in Canada. The headline I found read: Host people betrayed.

As in so many other ways, I see the Indians not as Noble Victims but as Our Future If We Don't Wake Up.

We, too, the fading Caucasians of America, are on our way to being the host people to our Third World guests.

And having them, too, take over the house.


Your morning nastiness

And for once, it's not from me.

On FB, Jack Donovan shared a post from a colleague of his whose very traditionalist views on gender and race have made him minorly controversial. The comments thread turned into an ill-tempered tempest in a White Nationalist teapot. Not unusual for that group, but still dispiriting to read. Donovan is speaking at a Washington conference on Euro-American identity this weekend, with the focus on his real interest, the fate and role of masculinity in Western culture. The Christian WNers were not happy that a sodomite was being given a platform. Not at all. It was messy.

It is not at all rare for groups of passionate outsiders to spend more energy on infighting and parsing their internal differences than on the business they purport to be in. Religion and politics, regardless of the contents of their beliefs, provide endless examples.

Passion is drawn to ideological purity; family grudges are the most intractable. I remember the hostilities among AIDS activists and organizations in the 80's and early 90's. Equally nasty. A report this past spring about the American Catholic Theological Association indicates that they would be far more hospitable to a Muslim than to an Opus Dei Catholic. And as I have often noted here, I have never heard Liberals dump vitriol on the jihadis, Osama included, the way they "hate on" fellow American conservatives.

Two thoughts.

In this episode you have one of the primary fissures among Whites who are conscious of their race's perilous condition: Christians vs Post-Christians. The Post-Christians --my word, not theirs-- include the pagan revivalists and the Nietzscheans. It's a replay of Tertullian's old question, "What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?" But there's no escaping the facts, that the West pre-dates Christianity and that for 1000 years, the West was Christendom. Aristotle and Paul. Christ and Caesar. Spartans and Franciscans. An uneasy ancestry for both sides that makes the West dynamic, volatile and unstable.

The second one is that I wonder why homosexuality is such an issue. By that I don't mean I am surprised that White Nationalists dislike it. After all, gays don't officially reproduce and declining White birth rates are dangerous. Plus, given the alliances and the effects that gays have had in the last 40 years, why would a traditionalist movement not be deeply resentful and suspicious? The Christian commentors on the thread have their Biblical issues with homosexuality and even a-religious WN types see it as a failure of manhood and a threat.

Apparently, it seems, homos are somewhat over-represented in this movement. Or at least some of its proponents seem to think so. Could that be? Could Johann Hari be right? Given that pretty well all the WN groups I have looked at on line take positions that would now be considered "fascist"* and that fascism always glorifies traditional masculinity, that might be the place where masculine-identified homos find their attraction. Ernst Röhm and the SA, etc. Donovan does not identify as a White Nationalist although his work on masculinity has attracted the attention of some of them, whom he jokingly calls The Mighty Whities.

But when White voices willing to advocate for their own people are so few, the mosh pit of the FB comments this morning was, as they used to say in the religion biz, very unedifying.


*Liberalism defines anything to the Right of it as fascist, so it's not really hard to find yourself in that category. The Tea Party's call for less government is clearly fascist, according to this narrative. ExC has explained why. Resist egalitarianism in any way and there you are, Poof, you're a fascist.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

If you have the time and interest

When ABC Met the Manosphere… and Me:

This article provides some insight into why ExC thinks more highly, much more highly, of "sex workers", as they like to be called --and it certainly is work-- than the loathesome class of "journalists." Smarmy Pravdans with better clothes and teeth.

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More ExC H8

Landmark Calif. Burger Joint Forced to Shut Down Over ADA Lawsuit | Video |

In case I never told you, another victim-minority group I hate is "the differently abled."

Not because of them personally, but because of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Even the name makes me cringe. Like resigning NJ Governor McGreevey describing himself as "a gay American."

The plea for special treatment by covering yourself with an emotional word. It's like "single mom."

Anyway, this law enshrined the Disability Nazis. Part of the Health and Safety Nazis.

All part of the Rule by Minority Victims under which we are committing national and civilizational suicide.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Hope and Change

A charming image from jpnill, to "motivate" me and keep me "young."

If I remember the NorthWest novels correctly, the revolution that eventually breaks up the US into three parts --NW Republic, Aztlan and the remaining US--takes place during the terms of Chelsea Clinton.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Foolish White People, continued

Roddenberry ethical silliness continues, even in a fan-produced episode of Star Trek. After Kirk orders the destruction of a vessel that was sucking the life out of the Enterprise and would not communicate, he apologizes to Bones, who'd protested the move. But Bones, admits sadly:

I know, Jim. But it's hard to see the taking of any life, even if it's to save our own.

Are there any other groups in history that mourn the loss of hostile strangers when their own people's lives are in danger? 

A Canadian friend of mine was horrified at the "racism" of the Quebec government's Charter of Values,which tries to protect the frayed Quebecois culture in the face of Third World --especially Muslim-- immigration.

Can you imagine a Muslim version of Star Trek having any silly sentiment like Bones'? 



A breathlessly high-minded video about the invasion of Israel by Africans.

The editorial POV seems to be that if strangers are in trouble, it's your responsibility to erase yourself.

When faced with an incursion of aliens, a lot of Jews in Israel sound like "anti-Semites" elsewhere. But I guess we all have different rules for strangers and for ourselves.

Both the common sense and the ironies abound.


Musings on the Lord's Day

Cool mornings now. I keep the windows closed for an hour or two after getting up.


Went last night with Mr B to see Captain Phillips, about Somali pirates. Reminds me of the galactically alien worlds that exist on this one planet. B wisely noted that this is about as close to The War Movie as Hollywood can make, given how conflicted it is about who's side it's on. ExC noted that it was hard to find a War On Terror movie that was not essentially anti-American.

But the sympathetic humanization of the pirates in this one was not absent, given the involvement of Tom Hanks (who thinks we fought Japan in WWII because we were racists and they were non-Christian heathens). And the hero, though he did act heroically throughout, collapses in hysteria in the end. Not your Old Time War Movie, but what we can come up with now.

It did not escape my notice that we have a two-dozen plus male crew, headed by Americans, who wind up hiding in the basement from four scrawny Africans. The cultural low point was having a pie-paced Murrican identify himself as a 25-year Union member and refuse to get involved in gunplay. Way too much symbolism in this paragraph...

On a sheerly entertainment level, it was very engaging and tense and kept your attention the whole time. Having red-headed Italian-American Max Martini head the Seals team did not hurt. He and the captain of the US ship both had a combo of smarts and coolness under fire that makes them sterling characters.

To the extent that this movie at all represents the reality of piracy these days, it is head-shakingly unreal that merchant vessels do not regularly carry armed men on board. What took a team of Seals and three US warships to accomplish could be prevented with a just few mercenaries riding shotgun on these ships.

And, of course, (this being ExC), it is head-shakingly unreal that America allows Somalis in as immigrants. But then, (this being ExC), "America" may be just a memory now. Odoacer is presiding over the sack.

B, who not infrequently falls asleep watching movies, was wide awake the whole time. We went from there to a local bar. Full of happy boozing White people singing country music, just two subway stops from Castroland. Another galactically alien world.


And this afternoon I go with Jeremy to see a Baroque concert at UC Berkeley. Yet another galactically alien world.


My evil thoughts on the Renaming the Redskins controversy: if you allow a conquered minority to dictate to you how you can talk about them, then you are well on your way to being the conquered minority.

One of the besetting sins of modern Americans is the need to see ourselves as nice. So the White Euro invasion and conquest of this continent gets spoken of as if it were Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. Using our own lie against us has been very successful. Foolish White People, etc.

Whenever you celebrate anything "multicultural" you are saying, "Thank God the Whites are not in charge anymore."


Aaaand, to round off my musings, this story of a yet another group of feral Black yoofs beating up White people. This is not far from the Brooklyn neighborhood where my family comes from.  My sinful response, on the Lord's Day, is that unless people like this live in fear of you, they will see you as prey. And prey you will be.

Here endeth the Lesson.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hang 'em high

Loverde and DiLorenzo: Who is my neighbor? 

Catholic bishops say that illegal aliens are not lawbreakers and we should give 'em what they want.

The forest of gallows would feature many a mitre dangling from a rope.

Another candidate.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Life imitates art which imitated life

Police: Woman studying to become a nun gave birth, asphyxiated newborn child - Washington Times:

Agnes of God in real life, again.

I liked the film a lot and even used it in psych classes. Meg Tilley's character was just kinda nuts, and Jane Fonda unfortunately played the shrink. Though she played it well. And that French Canadian Catholicism is something I got a taste of in my OP years. The real reason I liked it was Ann Bancroft. A gutsy broad, even as a nun.

It does bear witness to how swift and unexpected some cultural changes can be. Quebec was for centuries one of the most staunchly Catholic places on earth. In the historical equivalent of blinking eye, it became just as staunchly secularist.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Irritating Christians

I commented on a Catholic blog. Very polite, I thought.

Another commentor jumped in to defend the blog owner from what he called my "passive aggressive" remarks.

I thanked the second voice for his ad hominem remarks --now I was being passive aggressive--and clarified what I had meant.

The blog owner chastized us both for our tone and urged us to be more magnanimous and gentlemanly.

Christians on blogs make me nuts because of this. Nannying each other to play nice. Have they never read the 23rd chapter of Matthew or  the Epistles of the Apostles? Or even better, the Fathers of the Church. St Jerome? Or pretty well most Christian writing for 2000 years?

It is, shall we say, blunt and robust.

But now we have the Mr Rogers version of ball-less Christian niceness as "charity". Always made me nuts.

Constant self-monitoring. Or lacking that, some pious ninny chastizing the "tone."



The Wizard of O

doesn't like me either.

"Now that the government has reopened and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict, and focus on what the majority of Americans sent us here to do, and that’s grow this economy, create good jobs, strengthen the middle class, educate our kids, lay the foundation for broad-based prosperity and get our fiscal house in order for the long haul."

I wonder if he can't not lie.


It takes a Potemkin village

One of the endless examples of how media and advertizing perpetrate a hugely false image of how the world really is. We are conditioned over and over to regard the impossible as the ordinary.

And if the impossible fails to materialize, to feel that it is somehow our fault.

If you didn't know what Analytics is either, it's the analysis of data in the service of informed decision-making. Details, if you care to know, here.

Now imagine how many of these MA students are gonna look at all like the pic.

But we must continue to perpetrate The Fantasy Dream.


Got Privilege?

MSNBC’s Wagner Apologizes to Guest for ‘Boring White Guys’ in US Senate | Independent Film, News and Media:

The jovial contempt of the elites, in the person of a mixed race female, who insults White males to a White male's face and assumes, rightly, that rather than call her on her double standard, he will smile and play along like a neutered pet.

Status, wealth and power: the three basics of group survival and flourishing. Whites have most of the wealth and some of the power, but as Whites, zero status. Status means recognized place in the social hierarchy, with consequent deference shown by others. And like it or not, part of what creates deference is fear. No one is afraid of Whites anymore.  No other racial group, or women as a group, would put up with this kind of genial put-down.

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Rush to judgment

Limbaugh: ‘One of the biggest political disasters I’ve seen in my lifetime’:

Mr Limbaugh correctly points out the irrelevance of the Republican Party. And the primary reason is race:
the Sacred Negro in the White House cannot be criticized by the Caucasian Party or dat be raciss. (My words, not Limbaugh's.)

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Great Black Hope

Media, as did Faustus, sold soul | Victor Davis Hanson 

The late liberal reporter Michael Hastings summed up a typical private session between President Obama and the press during the 2012 campaign: "Everyone, myself included, swooned. Swooned! Head over heels. One or two might have even lost their minds. ... We were all, on some level, deeply obsessed with Obama, crushing hard."
I dare anyone to imagine this kind of hysterical adulation if Obama were White. American elites' "Civil Rights" obsession with Blacks turns into the most grossly pathetic kow-towing, the S&M ecstasy of submission to their massa.  Barry Hussein O is the Numinous Negro.

If you know history, you might recognize this kind of response to one Adolph Hitler, who had an entire nation eating adoringly out of his hand. Many spoke of him in much the same terms as these fetid  and shameful Caucasian journalistas.

I will never forget my 2008 experience of O's power to creepily dissolve grown men into teenage girls:
I had lunch with a psychoanalyst recently, a middle aged straight male. When he talked about "Obama's smile" he looked like he was in love. Here I am, the homo, utterly unmoved by Barry Hussein O's faux-preacher oratory and this guy, who has a visible appreciation for the opposite sex, is smitten. What's wrong with this picture?

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Time travel

This is a photo of Lewis Powell.

It was taken in 1865.

He was one of John Wilkes Boothe's co-conspirators in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Mads Dahl Madsen's colorized version of the original makes him seem absolutely contemporary to me. It could have been shot last week.

One of Lincoln, though still showing the distance of time, gives him a three-dimensionality I have never seen before. Unsettling, actually.



A favorite perspective on the male frame.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tru dat

Louis CK is not a comic I know. But in this case, he shows real insight.

South Africa in Black and White

Red October march calls for end to black violence |

Pix here.

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Sam Huntington

wrote, with the characteristic good sense of a man who "looked the world in the eye", that we Americans

"must learn to distinguish among our true friends who will be with us and we with them through thick and thin; opportunistic allies with whom we have some but not all interests in common; strategic partner-competitors with whom we have a mixed relationship; antagonists who are rivals but with whom negotiation is possible; and unrelenting enemies who will try to destroy us unless we destroy them first."

In a paragraph combining sophisticated differentiation and cold calculation, he was speaking of the American position in international relations. But this is equally applicable to domestic politics, is it not?

You could make a case that the original Thirteen States were far more like opportunistic allies and strategic partner-competitors than true friends. Over time, the North and South increasingly became antagonists and eventually unrelenting enemies. The contemporary split between the Red and Blue states-of-mind is clearly at Levels 4 and 5. 

One way in which American Exceptionalism clearly, from our own history, does not stand, is immunity from such a level of internal hostility that civil war breaks out. The received narrative always gives the impression that this was --to use some of my old Biblical lingo-- a hapax legoumenon, a once-for-all occurrence, never to be repeated.

But nothing in human history prevents it from re-occuring.

Who, in this country, are your 1. true friends, 2. opportunistic allies, 3. strategic partner-competitors, 4. antagonists or 5. unrelenting enemies?


PS. Professor Huntington was clear that "the distinct Anglo-Protestant culture of the founding settlers" was the matrix of the "American Creed." He was not so clear that it required their continued existence as a people to maintain it. ExC believes, selfishly, that this culture was passed on more or less intact to others, but that the farther away you go from the founding group, the less likely it is that their "Creed" will survive.

No one expects Arabs to maintain Confucian culture. 


Monday, October 14, 2013

Falling from grace, continued

My attitude toward Officially Protected Sacred Victim Groups --minorities for short-- is quite unfriendly. My own OPSVG included. And even though women outnumber men by a little, they have that victimist mentality, plus they have a minority's completely dependent relationship to the Oppressor Group that they envy, resent, and seek to destroy.

As soon as someone chants the sacred word "minorities", my sympathy level plummets. When I hear "minority rights", I become positively unenthusiastic.

Women, for example, need men simply to survive. What element in our civilization, beyond childbirth, does not depend on men for its continuance? It is the great irony of this OPSVG that it is the group they attack which makes life possible for them. Feminists rely on men for existence itself, and only the creation of a certain kind of society allows them the leisure to make a vocation out of complaining. Like teenagers.

Blacks needs Whites to survive. Where are all the examples of Black societies that maintain, much less thrive, without Whites? American Blacks are the richest and healthiest group of Africans on the planet and only because they live in a White society that creates prosperity and stability.

You can go down the list. In every case, the prickly Victim Group has, at best, a symbiotic relationship with its Majority Oppressor Group, or in other cases, acts more like a parasite than anything else.

A little gratitude might be more in order.


My Machiavellian thought for the day

The only rational way to promote the safety of your people against your enemies is, by your repeated and public actions, to convince them that any attack will be met with a response that is both certain and disproportionate.

For example, if you rape one of our women, we will burn your village to the ground. For starters.

In short, you are only safe --more or less, since safety can never be guaranteed-- when your enemy is afraid of your lack of impulse control and your lack of civilized restraint.

This may encourage the members of your enemy group in restraining their own, for fear of your overdone reprisal.

Without that certainty and fear, he will constantly test your boundaries, expand his field and eventually come to look upon you as prey. Which you will in fact be.

Some things that are now looked upon as barbarism were actually quite rational.



There's a new Tom Hanks (pfeh) film out which dramatized the takeover of a merchant ship by Somali pirates.

When I saw the stills, it pictured four skinny Somali guys in a tiny boat. And they captured a huge tanker?

Turns out that by "international law" merchant ships are not allowed to have armament. Even though Somali pirates by the thousands have been capturing them, for years.*

So instead, companies pay out millions in ransom per ship, to say nothing of hostages harmed or killed.

And they won't let merchant ships carry a complement of soldiers to protect them?

Am I missing something?

*I remember reading an article predicting this, back in the 1990's when The Atlantic was not a piece of liberal crapola.


On Columbus Day, I am greeted with this charming notice

Treasonous blindness and lies

Could the Kenya mall jihad attack happen here? It did -- in Salt Lake City, in 2007 - Jihad Watch:

Muslim immigration post 9/11. What a great idea.

19 of them killed 3000 of us (plus the Flight 93 and Pentagon death), so let's have more of them.

Forest of gallows.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lacrimae rerum

That's a phrase from Virgil's Aeneid.

Sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt
There are the tears of things and mortal things touch the mind.

For a man of my character, the beauty of an autumn afternoon can provoke this melancholy. The impermanence of things, of love, of memory, and all of life's dissatisfactions and failures. It is odd that a Sunday of sunshine and the pleasures of city life can bring it on, even more acutely than a gloomy Monday full of rain.


Lest we forget

that Ex Cathedra has moved beyond the regard to our nation's most massively lied about issue, I've added another page to the left-hand column listing Some Basics, with the consciously offensive title Why I Don't Give A Shit About Trayvon Martin.

No other issue makes ExCathedra's readers into ex-readers or makes his current readers more uncomfortable than this issue. I get it. It certainly made ExC very uncomfortable when the scales started falling, bit by bit, from his eyes over the last several years.

That was because he confused the individual with the group. He mistakenly felt that seeing the group as it is would be disloyal to some of the individuals in it. Once he accepted that individual exceptions are just that, exceptional, he could let himself see the group as a group. Midge Decter was right about that. (And it's true of all groups, hers included. Mine, too.)

Refusing to see what's happening on the ground on a regular basis and --most importantly-- continuing to be manipulated into self-erasure because of the utterly fraudulent "racism" narrative is what make Ex Cathedra view his own fellow Whites as The Most Foolish People On The Planet. (c)


Saturday, October 12, 2013

For the sake of tradition

Mr B reminded me the other day that I have been lax in posting the first part of the "naked men and angry Muslims" theme of my blog.  Hence:


View from the throne

What's a country for?

If it's a White country, its current purpose is to exemplify a space of land inhabited by as many differing, competing, opposing and mutually distrustful, inimical and irreconcilably hostile groups as possible.

This is called "multiculturalism", where Diversity Is Our Strength.

The older notion of a country as a place for people of similar race, language, culture, religion, etc. is clearly mistaken.

(Unless it's a non-White country. In this case it must be preserved at all costs.)

Have I got this right?


Newton's Third Law politicized

The moral outrage inherent in the Oppressor-Victim narrative that drives Liberalism justifies all sorts of totalitarian control. Liberalism has no internal critical brake. College campuses are examples of these mini-states where the paranoid or vengeful feelings of the Officially Protected Sacred Victim Classes are used in order to stifle and criminalize opposition. In Bill Whittle's words, they become liberal madrassas, uttterly deaf to irony or argument, like the British "Equalities Minister" who said that in order to achieve equality we must treat people unequally.   Trevor Blake's list of First Amendment crimes is dominated by liberals, not by "the religious Right." It makes for grim reading.

Ex Cathedra thinks that, eventually, if Liberalism is not completely triumphant, it will provoke a response from the Right that will have to be at least as rigidly controlling if it is to succeed. They'll call it fascist but it will simply be a survival-driven traditionalist version of their own totalitarian urge, brought on by their own excesses.


PS  This stuff reminds me of the actual Liberals I have known through work, etc. They would find the word "liberal" an insult since they were self-consciously farther to the Left. My recollection is that the worst of them, the most coldly and impersonally ideological were the women. Madam Mao was no accident.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

California dreamin

A warm and bright mid October afternoon on the Pacific coast, about 35 miles south of San Francisco, near Half Moon Bay. The Cowell Ranch State Beach and Park. After a shrimp and crab lunch at Duarte's in Pescadero with Mr B.

You see lots of layers of geological history in the cliffsides. Plenty of sea birds of various kinds. Standing on this elevation, there's also a warning sign that this is a tsunami belt and that in such an event, it would be good to seek even higher ground...


thought crime du jour

Not original with ExC, but pretty telling.

Try out these three factual sentences on someone.

"It's pretty clear that men commit far more crimes than women."

          Likely response: Duh.

"And stats show that young men commit far more crimes than older men."

          Likely response: Makes sense.

"And also that young Black men commit disproportionately more crimes than any other group."

          Likely response: Racist!

Statement #3 is what is known as a "hate fact", something which is "factually" true but which makes an Officially Protected Sacred Victim Group look bad, or worse, feel bad. In The Republic of Virtue, aka, Canada, their Supreme Court recently ruled that someone can be penalized for hate speech even if what they are saying is true...Tru dat. Really.

Now that I have dug myself a little deeper in the Hell of the Outer Depths, I'm off to the gym and then this afternoon to a beach trip to Pescadero with B and lunch at an unlikely award-winning little eatery off the beaten path.

Vlad and me

Speaking to a Russian traditionalist group, former KGB officer Vladimir Putin schools Westerners on the importance of traditional Christian values.

Even taking his remarks with a full salt mine, he correctly understands that without a national identity a country cannot handle its stresses and that "minorities must be respected but the rights of the majority must not be put into question." How often has ExC made just this point?

His recent laws aimed at gays are not nice. But I have to ask, if you look at what eventually results when you turn the LGBTQ folks into Officially Protected Sacred Victims, you have a tiny tiny minority altering the structure of a basic institution like marriage, the natural and necessary differences between the two sexes become pathologized and eventually criminalized, and the reign of PCNewspeak spreads like a virus. As unpleasant as the Russian attitude is, it is realistic.

For all his faults, Vlad certainly has bigger balls than Barry.


Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Brit obsession

It is amazing how often in contemporary British crime series we have insane religious people or groups or cults involved in murder because of some Biblical obsession. Fascinating to watch a completely secular and anti- post-Christian culture project both their hatred and their wilful ignorance of their own past, knowing there will be no pushback.

What you never see is Islamic murder and mayhem.

If you check the demographics of Britain's prisons, you'll see who it's really full of and it's not psychotic native* Christians.

*African and Caribbean Black Christians in the UK, however, have been known to behave abominably.

2010 Stats on Prison Population in England and Wales

% of pop race n in custody % of prisoners %prison to %pop
83.4% white 61,229   72% -12%
1.8% mixed 2,995   4% x2
5.9% asian 6,042   7% almost equal
2.8% black 11,639   14% x5
0.8% chinese or other 1,202   1% almost equal
  unk 1,895   2%
  total 85,002   100%


How the game is played

Fear white influx will erase West Oakland history - SFGate:

Consider the above headline. It's about the gentrification (White-ifying) of a Black neighborhood.

Now consider this one:

Fear black influx will erase Castro history.

What do you think would be the likelihood that such a headline would ever make it past an editor, if such a demographic change were to happen?

There'd be screaming from here to...West Oakland.

Fear? Why should we fear? That's racist! Influx? It sounds like a disease. You are dehumanizing African-Americans!

To speak in the gay-Ebonic patois so beloved of many of the Castro queens,
--why, btw, do White homos think it's cool to talk like ghetto girls?--

I am sooooo over this.


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It's hard to be consistent

Whilst enjoying my breakfast today on a bright fall morning, I was treated to an audio rendition of Whitney Houston's hit song, The Greatest Love Of All.

It ranks up there with John Lennon's Imagine as epic super-twaddle.

"Greatest Love Of All"

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody's searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs
A lonely place to be
And so I learned to depend on me

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

And if, by chance, that special place
That you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place
Find your strength in love

She drowned in a bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hilton at age 48, due to a heart attack brought on by years of cocaine use. Her trainwreck of a marriage to rapper and criminal Bobby Brown was well known.

It's hard to live up to your songs,
especially the bad ones.


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Star struck

I ran into the Blokey Werewolf on Castro Street today. I've seen him on Being Human and Sherlock. I was very mature and polite. Nice strong grip in his handshake. And better looking in real life than on the screen.


An old fashioned rabbi

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, in his own words

Even though this recently deceased Sephardi patriarch in Israel said that Gentiles exist only to serve Jews, that women were mean to sew and make stew, that Muslims are as ugly as their religion and that homos are completely evil, uberlefty possible NYC mayor Bill de Blasio* (a fellow Columbia graduate) memorialized him as "a man of legendary sensitivity and wisdom."

And people think Ex Cathedra is a curmudgeon.

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*He's married to a Black ex-lesbian separatist...God, could it be that I'll miss Nanny Bloomberg one day?


The Irish Savant: Rudd's "Abology":

The anthropology data in this item left Ex Cathedra's jaw dropped. All I ever heard about Australian aborigines from psych workshops was that they had rich dream lives and played the didjeridoo very well. We even had a didjeridoo workshop once. They luvvvvv them some Noble Savages.

I wonder if the fact that they have the lowest average IQ of any human group has something to do with this?

(Aboriginals, not Jungians,)

And while I'm at it, fishing off the end of the Consensus Reality pier, this bit of "info." Which is the hoax? (Not that it makes any difference. As the final line on the page understand, Obama is not the problem but the symptom. The American electorate put him in office. Twice.)

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Stereotypes are offensive

and must be proscribed only because they strike so close to home.

This long and data-thick piece demonstrates the hugely disproportionate rate of criminality by persons of African descent, not only locally but globally and not only recently but as far back as we have records, under all sorts of varying conditions.

Those Who Can See: Why We Profile

And he points out that the last fifty years of the "civil rights era" have produced not less but more criminality in this group, which still enjoys Most Favored Sacred Victim status. As Ex Cathedra has impolitely pointed out.

This article is a very good example of why suspicious attitudes and behaviors of non-Blacks in the presence of young Black males are not "racist" but are rationally self-defensive, based on likelihood and probability. Which is how all of us, unless we are foolish, live our lives.

Young Black males are the most criminal racial/ethnic cum gender and age group in this country. By far.

It is painful and humiliating for young Blacks who are not of the criminal class to be looked at or responded to in this way. My ex has this experience all the time and he would no more rob or assault anyone than my grandmother would.

I sympathize on a personal level, but it's not really my problem, yet another manifestation of "White racism." It's his group's problem. As the T-shirt goes, It's a Black Thang. Only you people can solve it. And don't blame me for seeing it.

But the fact is that he belongs to a visible group whose levels of criminality outdo every other group. No one else comes close. And everyone knows this.

Including him.

He once chastised me for wandering too close to group of young Black males while we were over in the East Bay (a much Blacker part of the world than UltraLiberal but only 6% Black San Francisco). It was a fascinating moment. He implicitly affirmed the "stereotype" that a group like this is more than usually risky to be around, but what he called me on was my White Privilege. He criticized me for, in his view, thinking that my skin color would protect me from them. I remember his exact words, "You just think you can go anywhere."

I certainly learned my lesson. But not the one that he wanted me to.

(That last sentence sums up a lot of our relationship, by the way.)

BTW. DID YOU KNOW? That while the US Census makes exquisitely clear who is White not Hispanic, Hispanic Any Race, plus Hispanic with a mix of other races, the DOJ make no distinction at all between Whites and Hispanics when it compiles crime statistics.

For the purposes of counting crimes, all Hispanics are George "White Hispanic" Zimmerman. Funny how that happens, eh?

PS. Here's a site that tries to compare the rates at which Whites murder, 1960 vs 2010.


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Monday, October 07, 2013

Speaking of dead ends

The politically conservative Dominican whose blog I check has a link to a story of the downfall of once Golden California into its current sorry state.

He blames Democrats.

And rightly.

But hugely incompletely.

Whatever group of forces has been at work here, one central change is the massive influx of illegal Mexicans.

As VDH described it, Mexifornia, where Whites are now a minority, entirely due to the increase in illegal Mexicans and White flight from CA. VDH's valley, once full of family owned farms, now resembles North Africa in the 5th century, as St Augustine penned his final words and the Vandals were burning down the city gates.

And in that, the transformation of an American State into a Mexican colony, the friar's Church has been massively complicit and enabling.

He, of course, cannot admit this and there's no use mentioning it to him.

So much of Catholic "social doctrine" is infected with post-WWII liberalism that it can only see "migrants" or "racial minorities" as victims who must be served, never as existential threats who must be challenged and resisted. The "mind-forg'd manacles".

And in the US, of course, it doesn't hurt that the "migrants" are pretty well all Catholics.

Although I was fairly classical in my doctrinal estimate of the hierarchy in my Catholic days, that rarely translated into personal appreciation. Now, when I think of the US Catholic bishops and their "social justice" blathering, well, guess what comes to mind?

Unsolved mystery

Back around 2006 or so, I got a phone call at home one Sunday morning from the Sheriff's Department in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

It seems that they'd been called during the previous night when neighbors saw someone wandering around in the dark. It turned out to be an elderly woman in her nightgown, apparently suffering from dementia.

When they got her back home, on her night table they found a piece of paper with a name and a phone number on it. Mine.

I have never been to Idaho. The woman's name was completely unknown to me.

I do actually know two people who live in Coeur d'Alene. Two women, a mother and daughter I knew had moved up there. One of them is a psychologist and so I thought maybe this woman might be the patient. I tracked her down but, no, she never heard the name either.

I called the cops back a few days later --which at least proves it wasn't a prank on someone's part-- but that's all the info they had. Dead end.

That goes in the folder marked either X-File or WTF?


Sunday, October 06, 2013

The shoulders of giants

22 years ago this week I arrived in SF from Toronto, all my belongings in a rented truck, driving 3000 miles across America, returning to live in my home country after 18 years abroad. An easy ride on US-80, made possible by all the pioneers and builders who first crossed the continent on foot, in wagons. What took me 9 days took them most of a year. That trip gave me a visceral sense of the vastness of the country and their stunning pluck and toughness. They were far better men.

The Sack of Baltimore

is not the current state of 2/3 Black Baltimore, Maryland, and its 3x higher than national crime rate, but a raid on the Irish village of Baltimore in 1631. By Muslims. Who took the whole village as slaves. Betcha never heard of it.

Just one incident in the centuries long predation of the White Christians of Europe by the Muslim slave trade. Over a million were taken...

Betcha you never heard of that, either.


Saturday, October 05, 2013

A post-Liberal republic

Personally admirable and politically ambiguous president Teddy Roosevelt* made a historical observation that I have found very telling.

(What is even more telling is that the idea of an American president making a historical observation, at least since John Kennedy, is laughable.)

“The Roman Republic fell, not because of the ambition of Caesar or Augustus, but because it had already long ceased to be in any real sense a republic at all. When the sturdy Roman plebeian, who lived by his own labor, who voted without reward according to his own convictions, and who with his fellows formed in war the terrible Roman legion, had been changed into an idle creature who craved nothing in life save the gratification of a thirst for vapid excitement, who was fed by the state, and directly or indirectly sold his vote to the highest bidder, then the end of the republic was at hand, and nothing could save it. 
The laws were the same as they had been, but the people behind the laws had changed, and so the laws counted for nothing.”

I fear that, for all its genius, the American Constitution, having assumed rather than defined a quite specific meaning for "We, the People", is showing itself unable to withstand the ongoing corrosive effect of the Liberal project. No form of government, no matter how delineated on paper, can function apart from the people involved. Demography and culture will always precede any constitution.

As an extreme but clarifying example, imagine taking all the members of the Crips and the Bloods and all the members of the various Latino gangs and removing them to a large, newly discovered island and then giving them the US Constitution as their governing structure. Even if many of these barbarians had been "educated" in American schools, that document is founded on principles and values which they neither understand, respect or embrace. What fool would imagine it would have a ghost of a chance of being implemented? On the contrary, the outcome would be entirely predictable.

One of the flaws in the American constitution has turned out to be its (understandable) assumption that the demography and culture of the country would remain stable and could be relied upon as the background bedrock of the Union. In the Federalist Papers, John Jay wrote of Americans as

 "a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.
That has long ceased to be the case. Liberalism virtually identifies "the People" with its designated Victim Groups and their elite advocates. And in fact, the founding peoples --Northern European males of Protestant faith**, speaking English-- have become objects of derision and scorn by the New Americans, who contemptuously pathologize them as "angry White males."

Any post-American country with any chance of success would have to be resolutely, unapologetically and constitutionally anti-Liberal, or it would simply repeat the pattern. It would have to make The Seven Spokes of the Liberal Wheel --multiculturalism, feminism, redistributionism, secularism, pacifism, transnationalism and environmentalism-- near impossible within its borders.

Since most American conservatives actually share many of the basic beliefs as Liberals, especially about the unquestionable value of "equality" --differing from them mostly on priority, emphasis and implementation-- such an anti-Liberal country, if it ever comes into being, would be considered monstrous, probably "fascist", by Liberals and Conservatives alike. But then, from the viewpoint of contemporary Liberalism, the entire history of the nation prior to 1964 --hell, from the moment Columbus' foot hit dry land--was largely a fascist nightmare anyway.

On the other hand, the kind of trauma and cataclysm necessary for the United States to formally dissolve into more than one country might change the benchmarks for the meaning of "monstrous."


*I have found this quote all over the Net but no one links it to an original text, so I am suspicious of its sourcing. But regardless of who said it, the last sentence is manifestly true. UPDATE: A very kind librarian at the Teddy Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State U in ND, verified this quote for me in Dec 2013. It is genuine, and dates from a 1911 article of his in The Outlook, "Nationalism and Democracy", p 625.

**I am speaking here of ethos; clearly many of the Founding Fathers were quite un-orthodox, but the country itself was very religious, something they respected. And although there were Catholics involved in the Founding, (including signing the Declaration and the Constitution), they were a tiny minority,

Friday, October 04, 2013

More papal bull

Pope Francis is marking the feast of his patron saint in his patron saint's hometown of Assisi. And he is making his usual grandiose and bloviating statements about "the savage world" which doesn't "care" or "give employment" --as if it's just sitting all hoarded up in a warehouse--and about how --well, not how, since no details are forthcoming-- about that the Church should give up this and that and serve this and that instead.

And yet one more sob about the "migrants" who drowned off Lampedusa.



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