Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's a country for?

If it's a White country, its current purpose is to exemplify a space of land inhabited by as many differing, competing, opposing and mutually distrustful, inimical and irreconcilably hostile groups as possible.

This is called "multiculturalism", where Diversity Is Our Strength.

The older notion of a country as a place for people of similar race, language, culture, religion, etc. is clearly mistaken.

(Unless it's a non-White country. In this case it must be preserved at all costs.)

Have I got this right?



Anonymous said...

One night, I mentioned at the dinner table that John Jay had given the first demographic definition of America: essentially, an ethnically-diverse, primarily-English European country across the ocean from Europe proper. I then wondered out loud if people who were from civilizations with basic assumptions and ideas of governance that were not in alignment with America's could ever truly integrate into American society.

Based on the facial expressions of everyone present, you would've thought that I had just said that Hitler was right about something.

This coming from people who identify themselves as "conservatives."


OreamnosAmericanus said...

One of the reasons I no longer describe myself as conservative.

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