Sunday, October 27, 2013

Liberal patho-passtimes

Self-cutting: ritual blood atonement by condemning yourself (theatrically, superficially, somewhat painfully but not mortally) for the culture you belong to.

Bulimia: gorging on the goods of the White West --its freedom, prosperity and stability--and then barfing it up in disgust at its racism, sexism, capitalism, homophobia, nationalism, religion, violence and consumerism. Until the next super meal.

How many Liberals --and especially the Liberal elites-- do you know who do not seek status, power and wealth?  Then, at their cocktail parties, faculty meetings, or political conferences, they badmouth it all without giving up an inch of it. 
Reb Tim Wise, for example, a treasonously ungrateful Jew*, makes his money as an anti-White "anti-racist" and lives in a comfortable and safe White suburb.

Moral autopsy: cutting open the history of your ancestral culture and diagnosing in its corpse all sorts of moral diseases (most of which you have recently invented). This is like the part of therapy where a patient may decide to blame all of his present ills on mommy and/or daddy, in order to turn himself into a noble victim of their tragic flaws.
The moral autopsy's underlying cause is exhibitionist narcissism. Narcissists, as any therapist will tell you, are often overcompensating for a damaged sense of self-worth by their grandiosity. As the addicts in recovery say, "The piece of shit at the center of the universe."  These pseudo-ethical coroners feed both dynamics at once: they grieve over the sins of their ancestral culture (and race, of course, since race is the matrix of culture) and then they pronounce judgment on it. This allows them to inhabit the self-hating region of their sick souls (How terrible we were!) and then to puff up with superior pride at their ability both to recognize the sin and to celebrate their conversion (How much better am I!). They are, in their secular faith, the mirror image of the theatrical salvation rituals of the tent-revivalists, a group they hold in utter contempt.

*This is my Alinsky-Zinn-Chomsky Reflex, when certain Leftist Jews make it their life's work to dismantle a Christian country that has been more welcoming to their people than any in history. People like them, in my fantasy, join the mitered heads of the American bishops in my Forest of Gallows.

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