Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vlad and me

Speaking to a Russian traditionalist group, former KGB officer Vladimir Putin schools Westerners on the importance of traditional Christian values.

Even taking his remarks with a full salt mine, he correctly understands that without a national identity a country cannot handle its stresses and that "minorities must be respected but the rights of the majority must not be put into question." How often has ExC made just this point?

His recent laws aimed at gays are not nice. But I have to ask, if you look at what eventually results when you turn the LGBTQ folks into Officially Protected Sacred Victims, you have a tiny tiny minority altering the structure of a basic institution like marriage, the natural and necessary differences between the two sexes become pathologized and eventually criminalized, and the reign of PCNewspeak spreads like a virus. As unpleasant as the Russian attitude is, it is realistic.

For all his faults, Vlad certainly has bigger balls than Barry.



Anonymous said...

I wonder. Would the Russian hostility towards homosexuals be as great if homosexuals were not such fervent foot soldiers of liberalism? If the humane request for safety and toleration that you once spoke of was truly the end of it, would this law have been enacted? Would there be a public policy of "We don't like what you do, but don't flaunt your behavior and there won't be trouble."? If I had to, I could live with that. Your thoughts?


OreamnosAmericanus said...

As for Russia, no way to tell.

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