Thursday, October 17, 2013

Got Privilege?

MSNBC’s Wagner Apologizes to Guest for ‘Boring White Guys’ in US Senate | Independent Film, News and Media:

The jovial contempt of the elites, in the person of a mixed race female, who insults White males to a White male's face and assumes, rightly, that rather than call her on her double standard, he will smile and play along like a neutered pet.

Status, wealth and power: the three basics of group survival and flourishing. Whites have most of the wealth and some of the power, but as Whites, zero status. Status means recognized place in the social hierarchy, with consequent deference shown by others. And like it or not, part of what creates deference is fear. No one is afraid of Whites anymore.  No other racial group, or women as a group, would put up with this kind of genial put-down.

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