Sunday, October 20, 2013


A breathlessly high-minded video about the invasion of Israel by Africans.

The editorial POV seems to be that if strangers are in trouble, it's your responsibility to erase yourself.

When faced with an incursion of aliens, a lot of Jews in Israel sound like "anti-Semites" elsewhere. But I guess we all have different rules for strangers and for ourselves.

Both the common sense and the ironies abound.



Anonymous said...

So, I commented on a Manosphere blog, in which the author asserted that the Manosphere should make overtures to gay men who have rejected the feminist narrative or embrace traditional masculinity, as part of a tool to end the gay-feminist alliance, adding that gay men often fall victim to feminist policies as much as straight men. I thanked him for the post and offered my input. The blogger thanked me for my input. And then he said:

"Now... go out and start the first Gay Manosphere blog. Don't make me put a spell on you."

I'm a little intimidated by the thought, but intrigued. The thought of "getting in on the action," of offering an admittedly rare viewpoint to the Manosphere, is nice, but I think I'm a little inexperienced in the Game and Life department. I've observed and noticed things, which I could present, but I'm a little worried that I would just end up regurgitating other people's opinions.

But at the same time, I do think that adding a homosexual voice to the Manosphere would be a good thing. If we are ever going to separate male homosexuality from feminism, it will take concerted effort from both the Tribe of Man and the Lost Tribe of Gay Men.



OreamnosAmericanus said...

Haven't visited the Manosphere for quite some time. The man who can give you advice is Jack Donovan, who spent a lot of time there.

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