Saturday, December 15, 2012

On Race

Why the Ex Cathedra focus on race in the last years?

To paraphrase another site I read,
In the last fifty years, American Blacks have become the sacred victim minority at the center of the oppressor-victim narrative that fuels the Liberal religion. 
It is a role they do not deserve, being in fact the principal authors of their own costly and manifold pathologies and dysfunctions.

The reigning Liberal regime (including "decent" conservatives) creates constant anxiety in Whites lest they be charged with the most heinous crime in history, "racism" (which they are all considered to be guilty of anyway). They are therefore required to ignore, cover up, minimize or deny the facts of Black dysfunction, shifting responsibility to Whites (past and/or present), who are constantly blamed for it and taught to feel continually ashamed about it. Forever.

Which guilt is the most powerful tool in manipulating White Americans into national and racial suicide.

If the last line were not the case, I wouldn't pay that much attention.



Anonymous said...

I have no guilt for what happened in my country before me, after all, I am one of those "Redneck Republicans" you referred to in a previous blog and it was those liberal Democrats who fought for slavery in America.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

My only problem with Redneck Republicans is that they are not Redneck enough. If they were more Redneck, they'd be blunt in speech and action, not care what other people say and take their country back from the lefties.

As I have written, it is considered just fine to trash and insult Rednecks because they are stand-ins for all White American Christians. Delicate little Mexicans, however, must be treated like Cinderella.

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