Thursday, December 13, 2012

Que(e)rying Queer Stud-ies

 “As I have sought to reread these representations of fascist era Italian masculinity, I have been made acutely aware of how my own historical identity as a self-identified gay man has acted as a lever into these texts. This awareness has required me to contend with the specter of homofascism, to question my own investment in masculine beauty to revisit such nagging questions as the cultural and psychic meaning of queer sexuality.”"

Ah, contending with specters, revisiting nags. Levering into texts. (?) Rough life.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Aesthetic Modernism and Masculinity in Fascist Italy’ - Washington Times: "

An almost cartoonishly stereotypical PoMo English/Cultural/Critical studies prof --that is, one who, like Ex Cathedra, can mouth off about any topic he wants to, but for pay-- seeks to enlighten us about these burning questions. And his 200 page book costs $130! You get ExC for free, without all those specters and nags and levers. And I know all about homofascism; I live in the Castro.

Given his unfolding historical identity in Erie, Pennsylvania, any doubt about where he'll land on these issues?


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