Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dining with the Ritz

Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx explains why he is sensitive about being African American | Mail Online:

Poor boy.

As an even more Rightish blogger than I explains that, for sensitive African-American multi-millionaire celebrities like L'il Jamie (net worth, about $80 million):
 (1) race—meaning how are blacks doing, and how are whites oppressing blacks—is always their primary interest; (2) their resentment of whites and America is unappeasable; and (3) therefore there is no point in trying to appease it.

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Anonymous said...

The headline is incorrect. He does not explain WHY he is so sensitive, just THAT he is so sensitive. The WHY might have to do with his being an example of a coddled, whiny, entitled, and irreparably resentful jerk. He is what "oppressive and racist" America has taught him to be and richly rewarded him for it.

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