Friday, December 21, 2012

Occasions of sin, again

Reported sex assaults leap 23 percent at US military academies - U.S. News:

I again find useful the Baltimore Catechism notion of occasions of sin, situations which, while not evil in themselves, are likely to tempt to evil.

In lingo that even brain dead morally-preening (but basically heartless) liberals might understand, they're like triggers, those situations likely to induce bad behavior such as substance abuse, etc. Anyone knows that you don't knowingly place people near their triggers.

Except when Equal Rights are in play. This is The Most Important Thing In The Whole Effing World.

The basic problem behind the sex assaults in the academies is that there are women there, in the first place.
Place females in a hugely young male, testosterone-fueled environment, and then be shocked and appalled when sexual aggression takes place, and then, of course, blame the men.

Nah. And you wonder if ExC is being a little extreme in saying that at the heart if feminism is a hatred of males?

As in so many ways, our anti-realist culture puts human beings in situations likely, likely, dare I say inevitably, tempting them to evil...and then blames them for it.

What did I read the other day about feminism (from a woman)? Ah yes. "Galloping self pity combined with driving ambition."

So many candidates for that forest of gallows. So many.

Oh, btw, congratulations on surviving the Mayan Apocalypse.

And Happy Solstice.


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