Saturday, December 22, 2012


The politically conservative Dominican whose blog I read has a summary of some recent arguments in England about the basics of politics. The conservatives read the liberals as "anti-realists."

Of course, everyone thinks that they are being realistic. It was the lefties who dubbed themselves The Reality Based Community during the Bush years.

Given my own points of view, I think anti-realist is a good generalization about Liberalism, which seems to me to be the moralistic fallacy writ large and turned into a totalitarian program. It imagines a certain kind of utopian Ought To Be and then tells us that this is how things really are and it is only the ignorance and meanness of conservatives which stand in its way. And have apparently stood in its way since time began.

Friar OP described this worldview as fascist. Only in the sense that both fascism and Marxism expand the State so much. But fascism at least recognizes a prior natural and social order, which is why it is much more likely to be nationalist. Communism expands the State in the name of an imaginary group, a solely class-based group without familial, tribal, racial or religious ties. Liberalism is eventually totalitarian rather than fascist.

I would take a Franco over "The Republic" any day.


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